Woven In – Profess

Artist: Woven In
Title: Profess
Keywords: baltimore r&b dance dark wave experimental house
Label: Grimalkin Records

Woven In makes me very happy, I can’t explicitly say why or how, but this artist definitely haa something that stirs around in my happy generators. I guess it’s mostly because Woven In is very real. I know this because I feel it. In every song, every melody, every rhythm or groove, every word, every loop, every sound, every melody… the reality is spread out in such a way that you can put your head in the sand, but its realness will still roll into your buttcheeks, reaching your soul from the inside out, while still miraculously reaching your ears…

The album that I have been listening is Profess. I can’t get enough of it. It doesn’t matter how I feel, where I am or what time it is. Profess by Woven In got me hooked each and every time. I have been listening to it daily for a month or so and still come back to it every day. A reason why this blog hasn’t been updated it might be, but what a good reason it is. I can’t even really put my finger on it what it is, but it’s very addictive that is for sure.

I guess because it is clearly the material that is daringly real, but also keeps everything compact and fun. Even the sad themes are so compact that it manages to elevate a listener up for great replay situatuons. Woven In makes real issues become digetable. When you hear these tunes you know that there is nothing pretentious going on, no pretend play, everything is honest and real, truly rolled out like every tune is a chapter of a personal diary that belongs to a greater picture of other storjes. Ones that are bravely exposed to anyone who is interested, but done in such a way that you rock out on the perfect combination of minimal Melody and groove mixed with the really pitch perfect, no-nonsense vocals.

And so I plunge into Woven In’s world day in and day out. everytime I think; I need to write about this artist. I need to let the world now about this album, how perfect it is, how ridiculously addictive it all is… I need to express what Woven In does to me, how the catchiness of these tunes have nailed themselves into my head and play them out like the perfect material to come back towards on a multiple times daily experience. But I have no words, no proper things to say… Every time I just keep silent, listening to these bits of reality music and enjoying each and every time they voluntarily plop into my hearing sections.

I love every single bit of it, their homegrown low fidelity, their no nonsense to the point material that  even idiots like myself can grasp, understand and rely upon. Woven In has the art of perfection in the act of making everything from the heart, needing no fancy dolby surround expensive studio effects to speak from the heart. After multiple sessions of attempting to write about them, I can only conclude that its impossible to find the right words that hit the nail on the head or do any of it the real justice that it deserves. Everything is complex, honest and personal & very pure. I’m still too busy listening, enjoying and feeling every single bit of it to be worthy of a picture perfect ‘review’. But let me tell you this: YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS BEAUTY OF AN ALBUM!!!

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1 Response to Woven In – Profess

  1. Linda says:

    I has comment! Not on the album but for whoever comes here and thinks it’s a bit quiet lately. Yes it is and no it isn’t. Reviews on albums is maybe a bit slow (due to technical reasons one could say), but the Yeah I Know It Sucks mastermindiness is taking up Fundergouding again https://beachyheadradio.com/listen/

    Well most regular undergrounders are probablly fully aware of that, but for me as a halfundergrounder or underground-wannabee or well does it matter? I just hope I’m not the only one that is enjoing Fundergroundz so much 😀

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