Bilg – Rain

Artist: Bilg
Title: Rain
Keywords: experimental
Label: Dog Park

Yes, it’s been awhile. Ages even. But I gave to rise from the temporary burial grounds to go in frontal gibberish mode; this music simply deserves a resurrection. So if you are laying low like the most of us, maybe it’s time for a listen and get back up again. So let me finger your eyes with some complimentary words of praise, only done when it is honest & you know: it can’t be more honest if it’s on yeah I know it sucks!

This album over here hits home like an orchestra in heath, ready to rinse and rise their strings to sound like they had never sounded before. You can hear their respected textures raising the roof of any imaginary theater, opera house or simply a person’s head. All the marbles are sparkling in all their receiving ways.  These sounds, warm and fine, ripe and pure all wrap themselves in a atmosphere of sheer harmonic delights, they wring themselves out in the ether, zooming around in our multiple minds in order to play wonderful audio games within it. 

This music is simply rearranging the way we look at it, sparkling away with pretty mystery in all it’s subtle glory. Here there is no ego or time to go full on berserk, but here it is a glimpse of delight. It feels at first as if its colorfully warmed up like a violinist with tons of experience, readily trained, yet truly on the path of new explorations and not afraid to go beyond possible expectations. Who cares about billions, mars and whatnot if you can’t see that the true beauty of traveling lays in front of us within the music of the incredible Bilg.

Now That we are shimmering in all this beauty, drooling away from the unbiased culture that flows out of here, we are simply still being kept up on our simple toes to keep the unexpected as close to our ears as possible. That is part of the beauty over here, all is serene and beautiful, yet there is the aspect of rawness, like the perfect cookie with here and there still some raw dough. It makes everything much more interesting, allowing us to slip away in a neath state of ear delivery, while also getting our brain a nice bamboozled edgy feeling.

Is it all a wonderful  dream? Or is it perhaps a recording of a  establishing a high definition phone call towards a perfect concert in pandemic times? Who knows? Maybe this post isn’t even real as it’s been a while. But I must come out of the blog graveyard and let these words flow as the music seems to ultimately speak to the soul and mind & you must be well dead in order to not respond in some way to it.  You don’t have to listen, but if you do you will not need to squeeze your cheeks in order to feel that you are alive again, as even though the kindness captured here, it is the sound of life and not the one of misery, pain and sadness, but one that makes you feel like it’s all okay, better, prettier, hopefully a reason to find 2021 to not be so shitty afterall! Might this bit of ‘rain’ flush all your troubles away:

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