K Tel Dancers – The Lost Tape

Artist: K Tel Dancers
Title: The Lost Tape
Keywords: experimental, Perth

The K Tel Dancers might have lost their marbles while having fun back in the days, but luckily their energy tape that had gone away was found again! There the kind of energy of having multiple coffees while poking metallic objects in a electric socket is dumped to the stable of a weasels act, as it’s nothing compared to what listening to this cassette has provided. You can just feel the fun, the adrenaline speeding through your blood, your hairs rising up without the need of high voltage or a jar of gel.

Blast this in a car and you feel like you are driving way past the allowed speed. Iron clothes with it and you will see the steam of burning clothes as a pretty suitable punk rock special effect. The K Tel Dancers are smoking it up with the rawness that keeps you more alert than any energy drink on the market. You feel like you can walk the darkened alleyways where normally the wild alley cats would come to pick your eyes out. You feel on top of the world, as if you are the owner of a burning vehicle that just will never flame up.

You can sniff the youth like a vampire in the folklore books without having to suck blood or being stuck with a colony of half dead groupies that will annoy you wherever you go. Here it’s all about having no worries, even pimples might be an asset to your looks here as in the end the vibes captures here by these K Tel Dancers is that they are carefree, full of life, hope and just wanting to have fun. So move out of their earthspace or join them in this timeless time capsule of good things.

You don’t be an obstacle or hang around them, you must join and feed on that electricity of the times when all you thought of was having a good time, partying with your weirdo friends, tossing the make-up standards out of the window and embrace the (almost) innocent stage of purely having raw fun! Go, step in their shiny car, become the feared alley-cat and mash the government for good old time sake!

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