Various Artists – Yokine

Artists: various
Title: Yokine
Keywords: experimental
Label: dog park

Hello! Welcome! Or perhaps welcome back? In any case glad to see you having found your way to yeah I know it sucks, the only safe place out there about music that just doesn’t suck. I’ll knock wood on that fact, but you are free to ofcourse not take my words for granted.  While you are here, feel free to go around this place, perhaps click the random link and dive into this giant mess, or… A much better idea: stay here, read along and (even a much much much better idea!) Listen to the music that I’m going to discuss. Why? A spot reserved for me in heaven, that’s why…

But before diving down this review or (let’s say) potential write-up, I would like the brave and utterly courageous readers to know that at this moment in time I’m strangely not utterly all ‘there’. No drinks or ‘medicines’ are floating around my body, yet my brain seems to be as disorganized as a busty tip dancer trying to make some click clack sounds while standing on a floor made out of egg shells. Maybe I do need meds or booze to ease it all out, but for the moment I had chosen to find a spot on top of a green teletubby-hill and tune into the music at full volume… As the good old Karl Heinz ‘beans’ Stockhausen once said: music or medicine. And I would reply to him into his grave: why not both?

Anyway, now that we got the mental state and ‘introduction’ out of the way, shall we go together to the land of Australia? And than specifically to the west? Yeah?! Great, mate!

What do we know about west Australia? I do not know what we as a collective know. From my own perspective I know that the pet shop boys sang ‘go west’ but if that was the west of Australia? Perhaps, as in all fairness the music of west Australia sounds so good, you really want to be a part of it somehow. Maybe if you are in Australia and luckily in the west, you could actually be  THAT lucky, but for all others I reckon that listening to this compilation is the closest to your heart you could get to that real west Australian vibe. And trust me, it’s one not to be able to be pinpointed down. As clearly this West side is very much full of diversity and yet (very surpringly!) a case of when the curtains match the drapes.

First up we have some very typical western Australian names to open this experience. Namely: Adam Brown and Connor Hart. The music title ‘Wake up to yourself’ seems to be totally plugged into my cuckoo mindset of today, but the music is totally different. In fact it is an excellent opener to get me out of the state of personal madness and instantly export me into another sonic realm. One that I’m feeling very cozy and comfortable in, to be terribly honest… it has that hanging piano key and that vocal escapade that makes you instantly think of an outer body experience that is about to happen. It’s like an excruciating pain had taken over the musicians to marvelously create an scene in which even Alfred Hitchcock would peek out his head from his grave for. The bass sounds like the only sensible  being out there, keeping the harmony together as the mood rises into a humane but strange seductive thriller. The visions that I had when hearing this was one of deemed darkness, of students failing their exams, old dirty basements in which things happend that the daylight rays would be completly traumatized by. So in all sufficient realness it is an excellent opener for a trip that will burn into you like a memorable memory.

Another very special West Australian name ‘Scientia’ is the one who had the difficult task to go next. Luckily Scientia brought out something super special… Yes, a Static Frog. Now we don’t need to be a crocodile dundee to know what a static frog is, but it is obvious that if you lick this creatures behind you will be tripping for many days. The static frog makes its own distinctive static frog sounds, which to me sounds like electric hopping mating sounds and indeed (hence the name!) beautiful static. But to proof Karl Heinz wrong again, this time the static noise are defined as music pieces that will make even the Amazon jungle frogs look bewildered. The static frog has that deep spread of sound going on to let its mates know where it is and of course how handsome and ready it is for humping. Of course it’s hard to say, as I’m not a static frog myself, but the call from the static frog as captured by Scientia does sound higly inviting. I wouldn’t mind to hop from pond to pond like a confused kangaroo to get to this one. I’m sure lots of static frog eggs will be made!

Now if you thought that this was special already, I have plenty of news for you: as after this we have a special name that  sounds as if it’s been exported from Iceland, but is in fact a west Australian household name for many centuries. Heck, this artist is so famous in West Australia that it will ring a bell even if you hadn’t even set a foot in any of these territories. Yep, ofcourse I’m talking about the legendary Lürgid. Bjōrk once names her canary after Lürgid… Unfortunately it died on a volcanic ski trip… anyway, on this wonderful compilation Lürgid (mind you: not the canary!) brings a swinging modern sensation named Icarus to the happening. You can hear the rhythmic groove that makes a person think of dancing on the wooden hallway while the mysterious electronic experiments of a mad scientist are smoking up the same place with utter tension. A sensation that is like a wonderful trip as well as a deep dark experience into the depths of the mental health of the atypical western Australian. Pretty damn special, eh?

Funny thing with west Australia is that sometimes they write capital letters mid sentence. I do this too, but I’ll blame my bad spelling, but in wester Australia it is perfectly normal and totally accepted. But besides of this crucial fact, crONes had delivered a gracious work that seems to flow preciously out of some kind of dream. It’s one of these very special moments on this collection of excellent music as it’s so hard to define or describe. It makes ‘my job’ incredible hard, but also so much more enjoyable and interesting. To me it sounds like a portal had been opened and we don’t even notice that it had happened. crONes simply does this all in front of our faces and yet moves us in so gradually that without much resistance we are suddenly in some lush lucid dreamstate. Personally I feel cozy in here, bewildered but cozy nonetheless.

Now that we might be all into delightful confused happy headspace, I would really shake you all out of it again as now it’s the time to discuss the genius that is Gabbi Fusco. I know, it’s not cool to say genius and can lead to lethal abolishment of an artist’s craft (so please Gabbi don’t read this). But it is true that I did enjoy the music of Gabbi Fusco for many years now. As soon as I first came in contact with it (or rather my ears!) I have been ever thrilled to hear any material of this artist. The truth is that Gabbi simply never disappoints with the ability to surprise and entertain me with her music. And indeed, now happily included in this compilation of west Australian artists Gabbi Fusco simply slays again. Not with violence or bloody mayhem, but with exposing another side of the artist that simply wiped me out at first lissen. Seriously, Gabbi Fusco’s music knocked me out in all the right sentimental ways.  But here with the piece named ‘mess in slow motion’ it was the voice of Gabbi that brought me to my knees straight into the adoring enfant mode. Wow! It just blew me away! With the warmth of an angel who is so true and successfully abandoned the whole destroying-ego bit to transmit a pure moment of voice and guitar that most artists would certainly sell their whole soul for. It’s what I would call a beautifull moment.

And from here on the feast of recognition just keeps on overflowing. As now it’s Samarobryn to take over, speeding our asses towards the dog swamp of west Australia by absolutely tuning into all the aspects of experienced  experimental stereo enhancements. In here the magic of eating an apple can simple be turned into a gigantic happening of futuristic robots biting their electric teeth in these organic delicious pieces, while at the same time delivering a deviant serious piece in which the ears will be attacked from all possible (and impossible!) sides with simply the best that the west of Australia has to offer.

Legend has gone around the clock that when it’s full moon west Australian artist Jean-Michel Maujean transforms into a wolf to howl all hairy in the night. So far no evidence had been available, but here with the provided ‘Wangathaa Papa’ the artist included some really interesting audio evidence of this super natural skill. We can hear clearly the howling, the kind that gives any unexpected listener great shivers of inspiration… The mysterious sound and vibe of it all will be enough X to get agent Mulder and Scully on the case. From the first second to the last you will be doubting all your doubts about the existence of werewolves… And you know what? That is perfectly alright!

Just as it’s very hard to be an opener in being the presentable artist of west Australia, it is also very hard to be the one who closes it as a headliner. This honor here goes to Dan O’Conner. Again a very typical western Australian name that speaks to the local folklore as well as the ones interested on the outer spectrum. Dan O’Conner decided to end the compilation with a controversial statement named ‘human person against human people. Which indeed sounds like a hard battle and a slight mission impossible, but as a sound / music production it is coming across as something perfectionally reasonable. Somehow I think of plastic pipes, Tupperware airflow that goes from one side to another as if they are blown out in a hurry, rushing like a poisonous tea kettle that just needs to be on the edge of borderline-fluting to drive this all to a very satisfying end. I’ll hope you agree!

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