Various Artists – Dwert

Artists: various
Title: Dwert
Keywords: experimental
Label: dog park

How are you today? Hope you are fine. Now that we have the fine chit chat out of the way, smalle we poke our noses into what this is really all about? Maybe not our noses, but our ears might be a much better tool to use today on this fine expedition into the deepest depths of Western Australia. What can a visitor expect? Wil they be falling over koalas crossing the road while riding the latest robot dogs as they text their friends on their brand new designer flip phones? Or… Will the western side of Australia be filled with cowboy hats and warriors in pretty skirts made out of hay? The things we see in our mind when we think of Western Australia is pretty wild, eh? Wild wild western australia! But is any of this based on reality?

I guess the only way to find out (especially in these covid days) is to travel there through the now already instantly legendary dog park compilation mayhem. This one is filled with very typical Australian names like Azariah Felton. Azariah Felton is also the one who colours in the beginnings of our journey thanks to giving everyone a most welcoming feeling. There is room enough for everyone’ is seemingly the message that this artist is giving us. And indeed Azariah gives us a giant space to pace in, to float around with and be simply bewildered by. Here massive audio nature sees to reveal itself around us, one with a fresh windy breeze, pleasant soothing water structures and a sensuality of something that reeks of a higher spiritual ground. To decipher it you might have to be enlightened spirit, but to enjoy it you simply must have ears, a heart and perhaps a brain to process it all.

Here within this piece of western australian art your blocked chakra points might open up, hopefully letting the relaxing welkome vibes of peaceful wiseness deloghtfylly crack your head, just to the point that you might feel like a guru without a bad cult following. The space of warm pleasure is simply put all around us over hete and it might fade all modern technology out of the window by replacing it with the sounds and melowness that wil stretch out for miles on end. No longer wil you feel claustophobic or are you being filled with an anxious trrtot in a world full of hasty people… no, here its social distancing in all the best relaxing ways.

With music like this by Azariah Felton, western australia simply sees like a warm wealth of pretty horizons that you could chill in without any worry whatsoever. I dony know about you, but hearing this, i would in fact press some kind of ‘hold and repeat’ button in order to stay for a while. Unfortunately if i would opt for that option, i would have never been able to hear and experience the rest of Western australian, which in truth; would have been a damn shame! As there is more. So much more! Which in all frankness is ridiculous as one warm welcome like this should be enough to satisfy any traveler going this way. But i guess the people and dog at dog park love to spoil their listeners and so we all should accept it and move on forward in this audio journey. Also equally going along this madness that is this ‘review or write up. So lets not waste even more time as
on second base we find the very western australian name in the history books: Chris. Yes, Chris is a very typical western australian name, but the Chris featured on this compilation is not your average western Australian Chris, no this one is: Chris Cobilis. Who hasnt heard of Chris Cobilis? I mean you can only hide away from Chris Cobilis for so long… but escape? Never!

It is simply the name to be tattooed on your hand, just so you not forget about this terrific journey through time and space, one that is so lovingly guided by the sounds of music the Chris Cobilis way. Let this name be your eve of distraction as this person wil take your mind of things as soon as you spin its sounds. Oh the glory, the twinkling pretty sensations that come across as rays of wonderful sunrays that heat up your soul from belly, toes to the top of your head. You might have a feeling as if you are covered into a veil of hypnotic goodness, one that is generated by a wise melodic shaman whose intelligent mind wil soon take over your openness and trust, instantly loading it up with the fine taste of a designed madness that is positively brilliant, yet cheekily kicking the sane. It really seeks to shove all the trustworthy elemenents to the side and park a instant baffling experimental sensation into it. Its like taking away the comfy chair that you sit on and replacing it with bewildered awesomemess. Before you go and throw your butt out of an open standing window, the peace wil eventuallt return and all you are left with is the urge to look on your hand to seek out the interesting wonders of Chris Cobilis again! Is it music or magic? Probably both! And you know what? Its great!

Magic music and plenty of welcoming room for experiment is definiatly a thing western australia is clearly richely filled with. This of cource leads in normaliter circumstances to a whole lot of tourism. But thanks to another typical western australian name in the business: Errol H Tout, we dont need to go travel physically anywhere near the western side of australia to still be able to visit the best hotel in the region. Well, maybe its the best hotel in town, but as we dont know which town it is exactly, its probably best to presume its the best hotel in the entire west. Here in this hotel we are served with tropical cocktails along with kind and gentle strokes of excellent service. Getting a high vallued view on the beach is obviously a done deal over here, but also an indoor swimming Pool with interesting frogs running the luxurious happenings all around seems to be one of the things this hotel is equiped with. Unlike a typical HH Holmes hotel, this one that is so deliciously cerebrated by Erol H Tout is clearly avoiding all angst & simply provides us a quite unique and original experience. Sunshine is laced all over here and the helpful frogs running down the lobby to deliver you great service is simply outstanding. Its fair to say that you wont have an hotel adventure like thid anywhere else in the world…

But its not only polite frogs that rule the polite service orientated western side of Australia… there is also the Checkout Chick! I mean, forget all your checkout experiences or simply toss them in the bin, as it is nothing compared to any of it. Unless perhaps you are the lucky person checking out at the checkout chick on a regular basis. I salute you with your luck! The Checkout Chick for sure makes the act of checking out a highly inspirational happening, a hot pot for experimental ideas, a grand moment in which many Light bulbs of ideas pop on above your head as the artist presses us the utter importantie of washing the Future Girl Dick. A thing that in these times of important hygienic safety is one thing that cant be warned enough about! With strict politeness and in a fresh breeze of hip coolness the Checkout Chick makes this point in a wat that even the stiffest customer would wiggle its hips while thinking about giving that future girl dick a intensly good rinse! All wil be shiny, spotless as Checkout Chick makes sure you wont forget!

Now back to view more of the interesting beauty that is Western Australia..  what is a better place than the tourist hot spot Sandy Circle? One glittering area that is also present for all of us to visit through this special compilation. Indeed it is a cozy hands-on tour in which glass bell twinkles wil lighten up the place of interest. When you step around the Sandy Circle you Will notice the inmediate intimicy that it has to offee. It opens up with a kind of one person-fanfare as a micro start, smartly marching us into a small area of wonder which is outlined and shaped by a typically talented western Australian named Amy Church. With voice and rhythm Amy Church guides us in this intimate zone in a way that it feels like we are loading up on power as we look around. We have no time to take selfies as Amy Church keeps us in a energetic sweet tempo in order for us not to clog up the scène.

Its a very polite thing to do; making way for other tourists to visit all these pretty spots that Western Australia is so evidentually blessed with. The Polite Society of Western Australia is simply outstanding enough to be a future example for polite policies around the world. Great thing is that when we wade our bodies deeper into this trip, the actual representatives of this polite side of Western australia actually are there to welcome us strangers with affectionate wide open arms. Out of these arms flow tremendous overwhelming synthetic landscapes, mysterious and calming,  glorious and mystiquely pleasant. When we are lay our ears in these arms of sound these polite hosts whisper spiritual mumblings in our ears as a bonus gift. The gift of being so welcomed in such a state of warmth makes it almost as if Western Australia is more related to human dignity and nature than anyone could have previously guessed.

But Western Australia is one of wide openness. A side of the world that is open to experiment and internal differences. Also good humor and party times are presented over here. For this reason the Western Australian party pleaser named ‘vetch’ had made its way to the compilation. With vetch as our personal guide we could unplug the corks and fill up our glasses with the finest western australian wines & follow the easy instructions for the typical Australian electric dance. We walk and move in lines as if we are drunk pac-men creaturen that follow the digital dogs that our friend is shooting the needed chips away from. What follows is a moment of hilarity, a stale fun robotica movement that Western Australians call dancing. The fun is easy, as the groove is even doable when you see four bottles even if there are one. In any case it is evident that vetch will make you feel loved and is able to offer a safe party to ‘play’. Gosh, at the end we all love vetch and do not longer want this vacation to ever stop.

But we cant go back or out like this & luckily western australians know exactly what needs to be done to make our stay the best thing we had done. As traditionally the bright inhabitants of western australian end their tours with a highlight on their tourist checkpoint of must sees! Yes, a True visit to the legendary best open secret “The Unseen Horn”. Its a tricky thing perhaps as if you would go and visit it on your own you might not even see it, but thanks to the pleasant guideness of the enthousiastic Scientia the unseen horn is shown in plain sight. Expect a wonder of pure craft, a delightful instrument that is not only a beauty in the eye of thr beholder, but also is played scientifically by Scientia, that we could actually dream and wobble on this sedative groovy bits that Dreams could be made from. Oh yes, mesmerized and intriguided by everything we have heard and seen, felt and experienced… tired but happily inspireren by all the fascinating things that Western Australia clearly has to offer! I dont know about you, but im going to book another visit to this compilation very, very, very, very soon. Maybe even right now! Are you coming too? See you there!

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