Party report Gifgrond#75

In a long unwanted covid break (not to be confused with a screwed break-beat), even the illustrous poisonous place named Gifgrond had to do the unthinkable: clossing its doors. Inside the hardcore crew of delicate party people danced and danced, they might not have known that it would be the longest party ever to have attended, but that it would take two years for Gifgrond to open its doors to the toxic outside world again was truly not expected at all.

Finally on the 14th of May 2022 it happend: The inside crowd let the fresh breeze of air from the outside world run through their lungs again, but it wouldn’t take long before they met a flog of curious outsiders that wanted nothing more than to do the polar opposite: to go in with them and celebrate the existance survival of the one and only Gifgrond!

And so it happened; history was yet again made & Gifgrond #75 flourished instantly as a reborn party with strong people that had been glad to drop the survival mode for the one of pure celebration. For this special occasion a star-lineup consisting of Fra Zedde, Nova Guardia, Hassan K aswell as the legendary dj Krikkrak had been beamed in. A crew that had all in their might to be glowing up the auditory earways of all the weirdos that had willingly popped in.

The ground was instantly shaking from the excitement in the air. The wall had been glowing, another wall had spontaniously removed to reveal a mini garden!  Gifgrond had changed and yet its flapor and poisonous charm stayed the same! Old faces and new faces intertwined as they exchanged energy and soon enough a familiar atmosphere made its way all around.

The wall was glowing at Gifgrond!

Gifgrond picked up where it had left before, as if no pandemic had ever happened… The shadows of the past mingled among the new guests while DJ Krikkrak wobbled one unfamiliar hit after the other! Oh, hè wobbled them so nicely, that it felt as the music was the blood and Gifgrond was the heart. Sensation after sensation left even the speakers themselves surprised: is this sound truly coming out of me?

DJ Krikkrak ^ Photo by JostijnLigtvoetFotografie

Fra Zedde was the first live act of the night, blowing the people away with its nifty whole all-hands-on-deck approach. With the undefinable sound-making skills this master of its craft got things twisted, beaten or twirled up as a result. Like a mad inventor who wanted to make sure the spectrum of all frequencies could be yours, Fra Zedde simply pushed them all out in a way that even the deaf could hear again. Many miracles happen on a Gifgrond night and this was certainly no exception! There was a fresh energy in these noise explorations, something of a roaring dragon that had been awokened after a good long sleep.

Fra Zedde – photo by: Frank Janssens

A great match was the live-act that followed; Nova Guardia, who brought a whole space ship of equipement to be sure the walls could crack if hè wanted them to do so. Wires everywhere, things had been lighting up; it was as if the artist had turned the entire Gifgrond erea into a personal aircraft and he was there as the trusted pilot, ready to treat everyone for a bumpy flight in the new night. Would they crash, or fly like a robot bird with epilepsy? With his controlling hands hè blasted one manically excellent vibration out after another, drilling noises so hard that they could be experienced all around.

Nova Guardia ^ Photo by JostijnLigtvoetFotografie

At the end of it all it was the legendary festival and underdog favorite: Hassan K to smash it all up with a freshly dose of adventurous energy. With a Persian sense of melody, hè rocked the place like a outerwordly being who heroically rides music instead of camels! Fanatic riffs hè shook out of his guitar as if the artist was the  jimmy Hendrix of electrifying noise!

Hassan K ^ Photo by JostijnLigtvoetFotografie

Armed with a remote control hè controlled the glitching rhythms as if life was a game, and hè the game-master! Gifgronds audio levels became beyond mayhem and Hassan K shocked it like it was on fire! The heath of it all made it all a sweaty business, but the results had been that all visitors had thinned nicely and that without any dieting! Oh and the smiles all around had been as lid as the sun!

Hassan K ^ Photo by JostijnLigtvoetFotografie

After this it was DJ Krikkrak again, who took away the night with more obscure dope tunes anyone could handle, ready to make sure that this succesful epicness of Gifgrond #75 would go down in the history as the party that wil conquer all! Nothing could stop it! Even if there would be an apocalypse, you could sure count on this special place that it wil keep on blasting and celebrating!

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1 Response to Party report Gifgrond#75

  1. Linda says:

    Ahh, it is so delightful to read the party report on Gifgrond again! With mixed feelings, as I am not crowd, neither in nor out, but yet with a great feeling of happiness that Gifgrond has taken place again!! With such fresh energy, once more delivering that brilliant dish of interesting artists and a super DJ brewing it into the party mix. So, that it is not just artists performing but a real party. With glowing artwork and happy faces. This tastes so good, and I am happy to see it has all came together once more. Thank you, I miss you ❤

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