Greg Nieuwsma- Elephant

Artist: Greg Nieuwsma
Title: Elephant
Genre: elephant style with a big touch of new Greg Nieuwsma style
Label: wormhole world

Its been a while that i wrote anything, but i promised myself to slowly get back to it. Why not start with this lovely piece of a release that even though sober as hell, certainly brought nice images to my mind:
Playful elegant elephants playing in a field as Greg gives them a organ that made me think of the organist in The Doors, that is if hè was influenced by the sunny sight of happy elephants dancing and prancing around. A melodica might bring you the sparkling elements, perhaps its a accordeon, a digital didgeridoo or a violin of some kind.. whatever Greg is playing; its a miraculous melodic brew that makes sure you wil respect the Elephant, but also the artist as the composer. Yes: i bow to you Greg! Not to be confused with the cookie sausage roll chain Greggs, but yes to the music making skills of Greg Nieuwsma. But dont bow too long as that might be uncomfortable.

This is not some shit that places a stone on a keyboard and calls it ambient, Greg is playing melow mellodies of various kind that are like a well made dream to get lost in. You might think that elephants are big and heavy, but in Gregs world they seem so light and floaty, majestic even. As if we had taken some special substances to witness elephants in a totally different light. This music takes us higher than the invention of melodic notes have to offer. Thats a nice one to quote if your name was Greg Nieuwsma and wanted a little snippet of good words about your creation.

It is somehow making me think of a scène in which colorful elephants wearing pink tutu-things. I see them as they are weightlessly tip toeiing on the organic melodies of Greg Nieuwsma who goes through various hippy-esque moments. At a certain point it surprisingly wouldnt be out of place as a soundtrack for a movie featuring the one and only Bela Lugosi, but in most part its like a enlightened melodic path of lucy in the sky without the Beatles pop idiotery. We dont bow to octopus gardens or yellow submarines with the creator of this Elephant around!

Its intense and beautiful, very listenable, like a miniature adventure in which the composer kindly embraces electronic fluffs to quickly brush away the dusty reputation that musical organs usually have. Everything fits together and there is no dull moment, which is great news for people like myself with a attention spam of almost zero. I guess the biggest elephant in the room is that we didnt hear them toot their trunks and that Greg Nieuwsma gave them interesting happy melodic moments you would probably not have imagined when thinking of elephants as we mostly see them. Big and chunky with a great memory.

This artist clearly honors the Elephant much more with a load of respect and tons more of beautiful inspiration and musicality. Thanks to Greg the Elephant might finally get the well deserved respect that it so deserves & we should applaud that. But not too loud as it would annoy and disturb the music. Best is to make no own noises as you hear and experience Greg’s Elephant, it would help to get it all better in your ears and mind.

This elephant of music is like a bunch of balloons, musically liberated from previous elephant-stigma, telling a story through melodies in a  what-i-would-say lovely bunch of well played psychedelica. The more you listen to Elephant by Greg Nieuwsma the more you feel like you have been beautifully lost in a trance in which carefully crafted melodies take you out of your mind, so you could join these tip toeing floating elephants in the air & never think of elephants in the same way again.

So if we place all silliness aside, this elephant is a melodic trip-adventure that would allow even the most sober anti-drug person in the world feel as if they had been on a wonderfully satisfying music-high! Absolutely wonderful! Somehow i think of a scène in dumbo the flying elephant in which the cute elephant is losing its mind, but this Elephant here is no panic attack triggery madness, but a trip you can take over and over again. Or if you have the memory of a actual elephant, even once: as its so good!

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