Gifgrond #79 party report!!

The flyer for gifgrond #79 (by: Kai Nobuko)

I went to Gifgrond last Saturday and managed to not only survive it, but loved it too. In fact, it was amazing! DJ Krikkrak played all the ridiculous tunes that a grotesque genius clown would have gathered through lots of crazy research, perfectly aiming to get that jolly vibe going, one that would turn any sensible being into a dancing maniac. An eclectic mix of fun that would bring instant joy to anyone’s world! So lucky Gifgrond has Krikkrak deejaying once again! Lots of respect and top notch kudos for bringing such a thoroughly enjoyable session, one that makes you truly want to know each record that Krikkrak honored by giving it a spin!

DJ Krikkrak (photo by: Frank Janssens)

Geier Aus Stahl was incredible. This electronic musician brought a good sounding set of tools to the music’s work flow. The synth bass would resonate the air so much that it could be felt buzzing itself away through the collected bodies of the audience. The artist had an incredible buildup with lots of moments that were intimate and others that rebelled to burst out into a revolutionary act of personal freedom. With this brand, Geier Aus Stahl immediately stole the show, treated the attendees well with a confident, unique twist that seemed to feel like a personal rise from darkness that escaped into rays of light. A well thought out live set of nice sounds, vocal expressions & melodies that went from intimate and personal, to joyful by the means of original unexpected rhythmic moments that would make even a wingless caterpillar fly! 

GEIER AUS STAHL (photo by Jostijn Ligtvoet Fotografie)

RAE seemed to provide a more introverted journey for the attendees and their beloved set of ears. RAE’s tools of the trade seem to have gone for turntableism of the noisy listening-sort. Each sound was played in what came across to me as a special breed of theatrical antics, elegant and very aware of control. The performer showcased a set of what a Gifgrond-veteran described in my ear as “nice Records”. With a brew of noise in noise, it was clearly a perfect gateway for a life-long case of tinnitus, which makes the set one of those that many people will stick by to many for the years to come. Totally worth it and probably more enjoyable than getting a tattoo. The Gifgrond crowd thoroughly enjoyed it, as seen by the many heads that bounced along with approved looks and an applause that hit the noise levels just as hard at the very end. Good energy was highly prevalent this evening & this delivered inner cleansing was clearly needed and appreciated. 

RAE (photo by: Frank Janssens)

The (let’s face it) headliner band of the night was definitely Daisy Daisy. I personally had been listening to their “Fairy Liquid” for a couple of days on repeat and was curious how the sound of the instant party (as captured so well on that release) would resonate when played life and in such a pretty cozy spot as Gifgrond…

DAISY DAISY (photo by: Jostijn Ligtvoet Fotografie)

Wow! It truly surpassed all the high expectations! Surprise, surprise! The sound of this trio was so alive that they lifted an entire level up from their “tooth fairy” hit. Daisy Daisy had put out their flowers, so to speak, and with excellent energy they filled the void in a caffeinated state of bursting punk rock. The voice of the singer had that rotten manic sound without the annoying bits, effectively spearheading every word with pure confidence over the air-tight fanatic tightness of drums and guitar!

DAISY DAISY (photo by: Frank Janssens)

The effect was that the Gifgrond visitors now seemed to be in total extase, they turned into a dancing bunch of individuals, highly dedicated to their various spastic body moves that this band’s uplifting sound excellently triggered! 

DAISY DAISY (photo by: Jostijn Ligtvoet Fotografie)

Gifgrond 79 was a huge success, successfully exchanging energy from performer to crowd and back again! It was a night of giving, getting, receiving and even making the already high expectations raised like there was no tomorrow! Oh and there was music too!

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