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Almark – Opposite end of the Poles

Artist: Almark Title: Opposite end of the Poles Keywords: electronic abstract avant-garde cinamatic cut up ebm experimental left-field minimal Tulsa If you came here to hear music for pole dancing dancers it is best to make a turn around, if … Continue reading

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Almark – A-Test

Artist: Almark Title: A-Test Keywords: electronic, avant-garde Reviewer: Carrie N. “This is a test”… Almark is a musician from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The music gives very weird feeling when being listened first time, but after many times on repeat everything starts … Continue reading

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Almark – The “Nineteen Eighty Four” Show 1.22.2013

Artist: Almark Title: The “Nineteen Eighty Four” Show 1.22.2013 Label: None Cat#: None Keywords: Abstract, Avant-garde, Cut-up, EBM, Experimental Reviewer: Alex Spalding We said we would not Review another Mark here But this happened, so…

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Almark – -ATD-

Artist: Almark Title: -ATD- keywords: electronic, newwave, abstrait, ambiant, avant-garde, ebm, electro, eperimental, hypnotic, retro, trippy, melodic 32bit starts with a wonky stumbling drunk beat that invites back the sound of the eighties. When the eighties has arrived and Almark … Continue reading

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Almark – Implode

Artist: Almark title: Implode keywords: electronic Reviewer: Mark Applemans Almark is creating or has created an album called -ATD-, we are all here waiting like children under the chimney around Christmas time for it to drop. We hoped it will … Continue reading

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Almark Interview, I Choose YOU!!!

Welcome, readers, to another special interview edition at YIKIS! I was just a lonely pocket monster, snaking my way through life, when suddenly I was captured by Pokelahoma native Almark for a loquacious interview at Yeah I Know It Sucks! … Continue reading

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Almark – Tape Head

artist: Almark title: Tape Head keywords: electronic, experimental, new wave, retro label: Fwonk Almark’s music has been featured in a recent review by my professional colleague Alex Spalding, leaving me in doubt as a non knowledgeable music lover, if … Continue reading

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Almark – Thought Patterns In ‘Documentary’ Form (None)

Artist: Almark Title: Thought Patterns In ‘Documentary’ Form Label: None Cat#: None Keywords: Electronic, Experimental, House, Techno, Abstract, Avantgarde, Darkwave, Dreamy, EBM Reviewer: Alex Spalding Happy new year!!! *blows into a large, ridiculous party blower thing* … oh, it’s the … Continue reading

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Yeah I Know It Sucks Awards

Hello and welcome dearest readers, guests of honor and other characters that stumbled upon this monumental moment on the sucky side of the internet. Today it is a celebration, a time to look back what has been achieved, a time … Continue reading

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23 hours ago on facebook… Almark: Hello there wondered if you have heard about #WEATNU it’s a movement I started in aug 2014 for electronic artists, thought you might want to be part of it? one of your artists are … Continue reading

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