A to Z Review List of releases

0 – 9 / Symbols

& Others – Gargle-Garble
(o)thers – BEAUTY
(o)†hers – Drag Addiction
(o)†hers – NEEDS
(o)thers vs. Flat Affect – Schizotypal/Uptown
(o)†hers – Wʜᵼ†ᴐҥ Fɪc†ɪоɴ
(o)†HERS – What happened to Laurie Burk.? (AS)
(o)†HERS – What happened to Laurie Burk.? (LB)
+DulT+ – dult vidyo
✞een queen – say no 2 the police
⁅sヨ – Noise es Amor
ζ function – H
1 + 1 = A Window – Shapped Off
1/2 Southern North – Noise the Ether John (exp. rec.)
10 Questions you never wanted to ask to the GIFgirls of GIFgrond
18 Carat Affair – N. Cruise Blvd [EP]
2nnt – Portal of Psyclopsidae
2nnt – Universpace
30[eks] – Everybody Shake Your Ass (EP)
3dtorus – impact winter ep
404 page – condensate
4-4-2 Music – reclaim melody
4lungboy – Becoming More Task Oriented
5 music makers you should know about
52 Commercial Road – Communion
7inchWave – 1.44 MB Floppy Disc Single
7u? – Yeah
9Planets – The Ass
…Quite Simply… Cunt — Cuntamination
…quite simply…CUNT – Grinding Autumn Crust
░†_▲NTI_†░▌- Dislexia
■ – The Choice


Aaron Cooper – Electronic Frown//Tibetan Buddha Jukebox Circuit Bent Blues
A Beautiful Lotus & 120% says you’re going to explode – split floppy disc
Acrid Lemon – Acrid1
A Day Without Speaking – 6 Sonatine

A Day Without Speaking -Teaches You How To Sin
A Future For Mutants – Lie Machine
A Larkly Quoon: The James Worse Public Address Method
AAVV – Natale Letale
Abscess – Abscess EP
Achecorporation – Viewprofeno
Adam Thorton – the Human Being Machine

Adrián Juárez & Alter Breitenbach – Split Series #6
Advance Base – Our Cat
AFA Presents… – Roncheras

Agatunet, Somnium & RH – Split
AG Davis – Bent Bible
AG Davis – Bionicism
Agnes Pe – Barbarian Pathfinder
agnès pe – esputo aastal fraggle n’rock
agnes pe – EZ-ACTIVATOR
Agnes Pe – De Eurodance
agnès pe – kiki bonbon
Agnès pe – Odem Hiton
agnès pe. – Rob Herwig
ahelanthropus – The primitive path
ahnaiya Russell – Nostalgica
Akane Hosaka
Akane Hosaka – Loop Music
Ak’chamel – The Man Who Drank God

Ak’chamel, the giver of illness – My Form Has Been Extinguised
Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness – Old Norse Mara
Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności – Dżon
Alain Jans – Après Moi, Le Déluge
Alan Lauris – Dedicate (Official Video with handlettering by Arianne Notenboom)
Alan Lauris – Jezebel (single)
Alan Lauris – No Matching Socks / Following Albert
Alan Lauris – Q3 (The Quest Part 3) (EP)
Alaska in Winter – Memorex Floppy Disk 7″
Alavux – ADHD
a letter by The Pink Blob
Alex – A Vinyl Record For Someone I Care About
ALEX 14 – Cadet School
Alex (57) – Desktop
Alex Chester – Art Is Made Of Freedom, Vintage Dreams And Honey Tears EP
Alexey Kovalenko & Elena Galitsina – Early Summer Morning
Alex Picone – Furby FLoppy EP
Alex Spalding – 2hrsh
Alex Spalding – Amos In Flames
Alex Spalding – Cupid’s Basin
Alex Spalding – Dead Pulse
Alex Spalding – End Love Acid
Alex Spalding – Feelings
Alex Spalding – Grossa Nova
Alex Spalding – I’m Going To Die
Alex Spalding – Mindfucking You
Alex Spalding – Nightshade
Alex Spalding – No Mistaking (video)
Alex Spalding – Obelisk EP One
Alex Spalding – Obelisk EP Two
Alex Spalding – Themes From Toxic Chicken
Alexei Borisov + Sergey Filatov + Jelena Glazova – Plus
Alextron – Boys Don’t Cry
Alice Lues – Patrimony of Decay
ALIEN LOVE – Jupiter
Alien Operator – Acid Planet 2 uberon
Alien Operator – Crystal Portal
Alien Operator – Realms Are Unlimited
Alien Pop Band – Fuck You
Alien Pop Band – Lucky Day (coz you’re here)
Alien Pop Band – Pink Pussy
Alien Pop Band – Strange Public
Alien Pop Band – Visit from a Young Girl (music video)
Alison G. Madrigal – (Rec).Start_01 (ep)
Alisú – Nave Afrodita
All Machine / Emerge – …beyond…

Allneedrug – Allneedrug
Almark – -ATD-
Almark – A-Test
Almark – Implode
Almark Interview, I Choose YOU!!!
Almark – Tape Head
Almark – The “Nineteen Eighty Four’ Show 1.22.2013
Almark – Thought Patterns In ‘Documentary’ Form
Alphastare – Early Works
Alphastare – New Amerikan Folk EP
Alphastare/Wings of an Angel – Just Psychopathics
Alt255explosive – Clerk Impulse
Alyiann – Gravity Escalation
Alyiann – Journey
Alyiann – Sensual Sign
Amity In Fame – Through
Amma Jononsense – All The Candles Say I’m Crazy
Amma Jononsense – In Circles
Amo – Hepi klaun song
Amorality – New Millennium Cyanide Madonna
Amputacija Ruke – Digital Man
An interview with Hanin Elias in Cannes
Anal Discharge / kill a Celebrity – Floppy Dicks Split
Anastasia Vronski – Cold Night
Anastasia Vronski – The Sputnik EP
anata wa sukkari tsukarete shimai – the lost charles underscore
Anatomy0273 – Entartete Breakbeat Single
Anatomy#0273 – The Lakis Project
Ancient Funeral Cult – I fucked god when he was drunk
Ancient Lasers – You In The Future
André de Saint–Obin – Sound On Sound
André Rieu – Klompendans
Andy and Jake from ‘Weirdest Band In The World’ interviewed by KN
Andy Ortmann & John Wiese – recorder out of tune
Andy Rantzen – Let Them All In
Andy Rantzen – The Factory Of Unhappiness
Angel Lust – Breathing Helix Ring
Animals In Denial – Malicious Intent EP
Animal Machine & Exedo – Alice In Rottenland
Anklepants – Amilia-facé-é-on e.p (10 inch vinyl version)
Antarctica – Genetic Process Distorsion
Anthony Cecchetti – Pastel Poppies
Antoine Trauma – Horrorscopes
Antoine Young – Childhood In The Wood
AODL/ODAL – Split 3″CDR – 2008
a peek in a metal-scene by a metal-scene-insider (D.R.E.A.D. , Rottred & Kultivater)
A Peek Into The Future.
APF – Asket
APF – Que Vivan Los Muertos EP
Aphex Twin – Syro
Apolline D’Ash – Candeur EP
Apolline D’Ash – Waiting EP
Apollo Architect – The Wanderer EP
Applescal & Ryan Davis – Creatures EP
Archaic Earth – Hiraeth
Arctica – Tabatiel (IIIidriel Continue)
Arkhana – Ghosts
Arktis / Air – Arktis Air
Army of 2600 – Cronenberg Nightmares
Arnaud my old friend! (interview with Arnaud Barbe (Pollux) by Justin Thomas Squires
Arnold Faber – Lounge For Lizards
Arnvs – LCFR or: A Triptych of the Dawn Bringer
Ars Sonor & Co. – The End Of A Road (L1mbo Central)
Ars Sonor & Co – The Outer Limits (LP)
Ars Sonor & Meklabor – Box Of Matches
Ars Sonor – 124C 41+
Ars Sonor – Cause And Effect
Ars Sonor – Loco
Ars Sonor – Sjöarna
Ars Sonor – Sticking Together Moonlight Torn Apart
Ars Sonor – The Second Circle
ART ELECTRONIX – Mental Damage
Art Electronix – Meta
Artificial Memory Trace – Vibrunami Wave
Arthur – Kapitein Smikkelbaard
Arytnelanuko – Synechtrie
A super TOXIC fun interview with Mr. Jason EVIL Covelli
Asaguare – Failin Gawds
Ashley Reaks – Cold Body Pussycat
Ashley Reaks – Power Failure
Ashley Reaks – This Is Planet Grot
Asian Airplane Music
Asian Women on the Telephone – Awott
Ask An Adult – Ask An Adult
Ask An Adult – Brain Food
ASSUAJE – E kest va’pe kell
Astral & Shit – demiurge
Astral & Shit – spiritus vitae
A top 5 of high grossing underground music videos
Atom80mb – ma55 3nergy
Atomnation – Aniversary Compilation ’10’
Attic Ted – So It Goes
Audio Destruction – Earth
Aureola Electrika – Pleyades
Austeya – Teach Me
AustraliA – Robot
Autharktos – God Speed
Autharktos – Static
Autopsy protocol – teltbr
Autosomal – Beyond
Auxiliary Mammals – (Demo)
Aviator – I’m Not The Lonely One
Avoid Dave – Erasing Frames EP
Avs_Silvester – An Emptiness
Avs_Silvester – Collection of fantasies
Avs_Silvester & Shine Lethargy & ulguma & Vlad Shegal – 4-Way Split
Avs_Silvester – The Gypsum Album
A.W. Backhouse – Metallic Drones

Awwas – The Quagga Killers
Axel Schwunck – Love and Passion
Aya and Tyler – Oshuns of Love


b.burroughts / Justin scott gray / the One (family) – ONE TO SUCK, ONE TO FUCK
B3TAS – Ease EP
B8 – Computer Voice
Back To The Fucking Future – Death To Clubs
Bad ideas – 2014
balloonsex – an amazing saturday morning involving sea creatures
Balogh – Irrelevant Future
Baptiste Boiron & Chris Silver T – soliloque
Barry Soetoro – I Want Your Guns
Bash Nova – Apeiron
Bash Nova – Ferox Equus
Bash Nova – I Wont Help
Bash Nova – Yoruk
Bash Nova Vs Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Self-Titled
Bass-O-Matic – The First Issue
BASSOUND – Noise Of Warehouse
Bastard Child – A Cool Night Air
Bastard Child – Easter-bortion
Bastard Child – Thriving To Fail
Basura – 32kbps
Bath Toys – Bath Toys EP
Battle of the drones
BCBG – Noces d’Argent 7″
bc – Gathering Sparks
Beachers – Riga: Christmas Eve to Christmas Day 2014
Beat Radio – Singles 2014
Bedroom – In My Head
Behind The Gun – BTG 2012 Demo
Being a fan of Will Glaser
Being – I: Odes to Nothing
Being Mark Markovich
Beira – Carillon
Beira – Dying Bits
Beira – Pixelinx
Bejevoe – Umbi EP
Belinda Bedekovic
Benge – Sulieo
Bernd Geßler  – sehr kuschlig
BERTIN – mini
BERTIN – Toonbare figuren (Sounding shapes) (2015)
Beutenwaffen – Apocalypse
Bickley – Rainbow TV Fuzz
Biff Thuringer – Peace of Mind
Big Brother On Acid – Big Brother On Acid
Big Debbie – AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA
Big Debbie – Desert Transmissions
Bill Gates / Lord Slug – Bill Gates / Lord Slug
Bindanox – Total Freedom
Biom-Use – Biom-Use
Bit Laden – PORN-OH-RAMA
ビオラン3 – exits
bjerga iversen – The Cholesky Decomposition Method
b-knox – say anything into your phone
Black Boss – EP1
Black Matter Phantasm – )°(
BlackONwhite – Vision of Oblivion
Black Pony – Funeral for Lazarus
Black Rabbit – Olde King Ass-Knuckle
Blank Sphere – Blank Sphere
Blank Sphere – Darkness EP
Blakbody vs C.Mantle – In the Mouth of the Sindrome
Blastculture – Remain Relaxed (AS)
Blastculture – Remain Relaxed (KN)
Blastculture – Technojesus Refix
Bless in Noisy – Make Peace Not War
Blue Hands – Blue Hands
Blitzkrieg Baby And The Squealing Piglet Ensemble – Porcus Norvegicus
Blok – Самый Первый Альбом
Blood On The Dance Floor – Evolution
Bloody Romero – I Remember The Rain
Bloody Romero – Jazzzzz
Bloom ❤ inter-wieuw by KN
Bloom – Animal Spirit
Bloom – Animal Spirit (2)
Bloom – The World For You
Boards Of Canada – Reach For The Dead (Single)
Bobby Shakespeare – F*ck The Industry Standard
Body13 – Those Who Dream By Day Are Cognizant Of Many Things
Body Morph – Pussy For Breakfast B/W Medical Fame Double Cassette
Bofirax – Uncountable Dots
Bogong In Action / Ne Travaillez Jamais – (Split c15) [HysM?015]
BOM [Bass-O-Matic] – Live @ Hut (Vienna)
Boogie Monster – Castle In The Clouds (Digi-7″)
Bookwar – deconstruction
Borealis – Aurora
Bored Spies – Summer 720
Borstal Boy – They Gave The Children Drugs
Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani – Football Is Life
Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani – Jemenfous
Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani – MOON ON FIRE
Bottlesmoker – Hypnagogic
Bottlesmoker ft Little Penguin – Last Christmas
Bo & Slimonosaures – Explorations in wonderland EP
BOOM! – BOOM! Singles
Bouwakanja – escape
Boycunt – Boycunt
Boy+Girl – Boy+Girl
Brain – Circus Lions
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan – Deep // Dark + Please + Trip Metal
Breaking Traditions – Vanity
Brett Naucke – The Visitor
bricksKILL – Badly Designed
Broads – Care & Handling EP
Broads – Omno
Bronze Eye – Sleep Studies
Brother Android – Black Gate 3.5” Floppy Disk
Brown Eyed Boys – Where Did You Go?
Brownian Motion – Midnight Vawk In The Park
Bruwka – Bruwka
Brztot’s Throne – Hail Satan Hail Brztot
Buben – Kernel
Bug – Data#Chaos
Bug – Major Mindglitch
BUG – sediment
Bulletins – Human Music
Bull Of Heaven – I Watched You Enter Your Home From Inside A Dumpster
Bull of Heaven – Lemniscate 1
Bunai Carus – Indigo
Burial – Rival Dealer
Burning House – Burning House
By This River – Lantern
Bye-Product – Closet Generation – Single (KN)
Bye-Product – Closet Generation – Single (AS)
ВИА Пампасная Трава – Звезда


c-c – King Boy + Girl Kong ((Remixes))
c4 – 7 of 9
C4 – Nuclear Families
c4 – Opticus
c4 – Power Pack
Cacti Curator – Railroad Downshifting
Caelicus Pugna – And There Was War In Heaven
Caelicus Pugna – Manducans Et Universi
Caelicus Pugna – Rain
Caelicus Pugna – remixed by Toxic Chicken
Caelicus Pugna – The Sweetest Thing From Holland
Caffeinate – CCC
Caffeinate – In C8H10N4O2 We Trust
Caffeinate – Substitute
Cagey House – Medicine Hats
Cagey House – Stations-Alive
Can Can Heads – Butter Life
Can Can Heads – Can Can Heads is Ruining the Classics
Candyman – Goodbye, Goodbye Baby (LTR 72456)
Candy Teeth – Seven Days Of Manic
Canopy – Echoes
Canopy – The Healing Seasons
CANS – Central Asian Nervous Systems
Canvax – Anomaly
Canvax – Condense
Capital Umano – Babies EP
Captive Bolt – Rape, Slaughter, Slavery and Vivisection
Careless Messenger Recordings✆ (division under Comtex) – A5 (single)
Carlos Ramirez & Chris Silver T. – Artifact
Carlos Ramirez – Time Travelers
Carol – for me
Casa del Mirto – Taxus Baccata (None)
Cash Pony – Zero Charisma
Cássio Figueiredo – Diário
Caténine / Funeral Advantage Split EP
Cate Wurtz – April
CDR – Idol Idiots
Celestial Waters – Geometrical Witchcraft
Chameleon Jersey – Alone As One
Chameleon Jersey Featuring Liliam – Everything Is Nothing
Chameleon Jersey – Interlude
Charlton – Intelligent Life EP
Chav Stabber – Dual Channel Assault (Video)
Чокнутый Пропеллер – Глазами Детей (Single, 2014)
Cheon kim – Cheon kim
cheon kim – eat dogs drink cats
Cher – Woman’s World
Chibre / Trou – Split
Chimney Crow – Band Meeting #1
Chimney Crow – Bucks Bike Ride Bride
Chimney Crow – Maggots
Chimney Crow – Sarah Kristina
Chipzel – Super Hexagon EP
Chlorine – Downer Notes
Chochos y Moscas – Chochos y Moscas
Chochos Y Moscas – Puli Mi Yonki
Chornosnig – Атавизм Рая
Chris Silver T – Last Day Damage View
Christopher Alvarado And Jack Hertz – Revealing The Arcane
Christopher Alvarado With Mystified – Through Liminal States
Chronos – Improvisations
Chuckpersonseccojams – Relocated! [[ 煙 の 兄 弟 EP ]]
Circle of Shit – Death to Nu Metalcore!
Circle of Shit – Rape Culture
Circle of Shit – Vittumaista Kohinaa
Circuit Demon – Porn Anthems
City Dragon – dogs dogs
Clara and the Great Goddamn – Asking for It (And Other Songs that will Disappoint my Parents)
Cleaners From Venus – Denmark Street
Clockwork Orchestra – A Fish For A Heart
Clockwork Orchestra – Percy
Clockwork Orchestra – The Generator Girls (video)
Clockwork Orchestra – The Man With The Golden Nose
Clubs For Boardgames – IXTLI / Ollin
Cmn Ineed Yr Hlp – It Came
Colonel Red & White Eagle Jones – When A Man (2TR)
Colton Phillips – 2
Comando Bruno – South Side
Common Citizens – Singles
Computer Suspect – Aʞrótata (Miniature)
Concealed Sequence – Aural Unrest
Concealed Sequence – Digital Blasphemy EP
Concealed Sequence – The Entropy EP
Connor Cruise – Closer To Heaven
Conrad Schnitzler – 10.10.84
Consistency Nature & Flat Affect – A Dream Of Anopsia
Consistency Nature – Coulee Made Flesh
Consistency Nature & Graffiti Mechanism – Split
Consistency Nature – Malignant Mollusk Milieu
Consistency Nature – Moving
Consistency Nature – There Will Be No Silence After Death
Consistency Nature – The Tunguska Event
Consumer – rB>C
Contraktor – Private Contractor
Contraktor – Turn Down For Merzbow
Convulsia Darklove – Bedroom Demo
Corkscrew № 4453556 – Philoctomy
Corporate Pornography – Beauty [single]
Corroded Master – Distorted Conception
Cosmic Shenggy – Untitled
Cousin Silas – Dronescape 022
Covolux – Why
Creation Through Destruction \ The Haters – Split (7” Vinyl)
C.Reider & C.Hodges – Four Improvisations
Croak – Croak
Crooked Compass – As Low As You Are High
Crooked Weather – Long Garden
Crossdirt – Crossdirt
Crowave – S A D N E S S, L A U G H S A N D D R U G S
Crowd Control – GAME OVER! EP
Crown Larks – Blood Dancer
Crown Larks – Catalytic Conversion
Crows Labyrinth – Travels
Crunchy Person – Take Me To Yer Leader
Cryovolcano – 005
Cryovolcano – 008
Cryovolcano – 009
Cryovolcano – 010
Crysknife007 – Every Super Mario Brothers Sound Effect At Once
Crywank – Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday And Everyday Is Stupid
Cspot – Spot #1 / Spot #2
Cullllt – Attached
Culto – Culto II
Cunt Fuckula – Welcome back, slut!
Curious – Days (Single)
Cyborgs On Crack – 66D Mutations
Cyborgs on Crack – Microprocessed: 2012
Cyborgs On Crack – Tapeworm
Cyril M. – Attraction & Répulsions
Cyril M. – Démesure Du Vide
Cyril M. – Ombres (None)
Cyril M. – Vertiges


Daizy – Aramat
Dalot & M.Cadoo – Phantom Strains
Dancing Headless Pig – EP
Daniel J. Davis – Cycles
Dancing Deadlips – Song of the Flight
Danger Alert – Psycho Cat Killer
Dangerous Beat – XE33 Raped by pop culture
Dani House – Alien Kidd / When I Was 19 / Forgive / I Want To Be A Cyclops
Dani House – Guitar Songs
Dani House – Pow! (Bam Boom Bang)
Darkbox – Hold Me
Darkstar83 – don’t seek the truth
Dark Orchard – Blossom
Dark Willow – Platinum
Dark Willow – Supercool
Dank Tony – You could have stopped this…
Datacrashrobot – Disassembler
David Nemeth – A Noise Life
David Somló – Movement
David Van Tieghem – ‘Ear Drums’
Dayin – Letting Go of People
D. Carbone meets Honzo – In a Bipolar Disorder
De Drie Dieren – Van Dier Tot Dier
Dead Bait – KHW
Dead In Sacramento – Over Tbe Fiery Wall Of The Horizon
Deafness – Mutation I, II, III
deafness – Unknown Depths
Dear Mark Owen,
DEAR STRANGE – The Unicorn
Death Register – Phonaesthesia
Decaf Percussion – Clay Pots And Cars And Birds
Decenyl – X
Deep Fried Embryo – Life And Dead
Deep Fried Radio Static – Deep Fried Radio Static
Deffektegg – Weightless
Deformister – 1004 Noises
DeLorean.88. – Sleepwalking
Dentist John – Dogwalker
Dentist John & Flat Affect – Professional Fieldrecorders At Work
Depression at Denny’s – The Underwear Grrrls
Depressurizzazione – Circolo
Der Domestizierte Mensch – =Nerven=
Der Domestizierte Mensch – Dodge City
Der Domestizierte Mensch – Not Today
Der Kvnstler – Der Kvnstler EP
Destiny’s Child – Destiny Fulfilled
D.F.E.T. – Doublevel
Die Society Die – Fake
Die Society Die – One
Die Society Die – Plague
Digitally Fuct – Eclectic + Depakote – Mania
Dingle – Bitches Get Glitches
Dingle Of Flaccid Plastic Records (Interview)
Dino Felipe – ampithetique
Dino Felipe – Bang Chain Gang
Dino Felipe – Friends
Dino Felipe – Friends (official video)
Dino Felipe – Lip Glossed
Dino Felipe – Personality Crisis
Dino Felipe – The Seq.’s
Dino Felipe – Wet Dreams
Diode Milliampere – Psychic Pizza Connection
Diode Milliampere – YMF262
Dirt Complain – Nutella Gurl
Discombobulated Gringo Postpeople – Murmurs From A Faraway Planet
Disgruntled Boy Wonder / Psychosomatic Constipation – Split
Diskrepant – Vibratoratus
Divan Rouge – Divan Rouge
Dizzonanz Domestic – Daily Frustrations
Djanan Turan interviewed by KN
Djanan Turan kickstarting the MAZE EP
Djanan Turan – Maze
Djanan Turan – Maze (video)
Djanan Turan – What She Wants
Djanan Turan – Why Don’t You Do Right
DJ Basura – Migo Gang
DJ Black Guy – Black Guy Electronic Circus / Burnt Out / Beats by DJ Black Guy
DJ Humiliation – Love Child
dj physique magnifigue – ep 1
Djozr – The Construction Of Reality In The Mind Of The Cognizing Subject
DMDN – Sling Trip 2
dmh – prayers
Doc Wör Mirran – A Tale Of Two Titties
DogCookingEggs – Cat Pizza
Dogprodz – Please Escape
Dominik T – Demo
Dona Davos – Say Goodbye to the 90’s
Donna Donka – Crazy Kids
Doombox – Doomsday(s)
Doombox – Temple Of Doom
Doomettes – Christmas Is For Capitalism
Doomettes, Crown Fire Regime, Skopt, & S.L. – No Shelter
Doomettes – Into The Next Dimension / Ten Minutes To Fill
Doomettes / Joel Nobody – With A Flashlight ‘Neath My Chin
Doomettes – Our Bodies Are Vessels – Their Pitch Is Poor
Doomettes – Presidents’ Day
Doomettes – Tight Spaces
Doomettes – Windows/Mirrors
Doomettes – You Come Around Once A Year
Doornen – Caveman Prototype
Đỗ Tấn Sĩ – Demo EP
Dot – EP
Dr. Almeja – RMXD
Dramavinile – the summer forced isolation
Dream League Soccer – Thank You, Juan Valdez
Dreka Dreka Dreka – Existench
dreKu – Andes invaders
DreKu – Cumbia Dub Single
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde – Leaving Marrakech
Dr. NoiseM – A
Dr.NoiseM / Duality Micro – Hard Wired
Dr.NoiseM – Earthquake
Dr. NoiseM – Harsh X-Ray
Dromedário Bicicleta – Todos os Dias em Que Estive Aqui (blablablabla)
Drvg Cvltvre – My Blood Runs Black
Droppings – Davey Bellows EP
Duke S. – ○Ж۩ﺚ◘Ψ•
Durastatic – Unfortunate realizations
Dva Zagorodnyh Doma – Mir 10”
Dva Zagorodnyh Doma – Self-Titled
Dysylumn – Conceptarium EP <KN 1 sep 2013>
Dysylumn – Conceptarium EP <KN 10 march 2014>


Earth Girls – Earth Girls
Ech(o) interviewed by The Pink Blob
Ech(o) & Swin Deorin – This Has Nothing To Do With Anything

Ech(o) – The Grace Of The Appalling
Ed Gein Motherfucker – Demo (2006)
Eduardo Zambrano – Music for Alien Ships
Egil The Eagle – Ulvsunda
Ehafh – Big Empty Light
Eisenlager – Crazy English Summer
eisenlager #featuring (Philippe Gerber John 316) (Wings of an Angel) – Himmelhozteg (video)
Eisenlager – Wanderweg
Ekoplekz / Drvg Cvltre
Electrosexual – Automatic People (Ft. Hanin Elias) [Single]
Electrosexual – Fetish [ASFR]
Electrosexual – Tempelhof (single)
Elektro Flux – On My Own Way
Elektrojudas – Something Like Underworld
Elektrojudas / XNDL – Split
Elekrosandy – Raketa
Elena Rose – Remix 11
Eliot Cardinaux – Either/Or
Elizabeth Veldon – A Map Of Privilege / A Map Of Pain
Elizabeth Veldon, Ars Sonor And Sean Derrick Cooper Marquart – Her Her Hers
Elizabeth Veldon – Glen Tanar
Elizabeth Veldon – Music For Dead Factories 1 – 3
Elk – Chase Me
Elliot Moss – Big Bad Wolf
Emaciated Waste – Door To Door Drug Dealer
Emanuele Fais – Confusione post-depressiva
Emanuale Fais – Detuned Lullabies for Unborn Children
Emanuele Fais, Stefano Balice, Tommaso Busatto – The unlistenable dub project
Emmanuel Holterbach – The Horizon is yet to come
Emanuele Muro – Brokenline
Emerge – Crack
Emerge feat. Don Vomp – retention
Emerge – Minuscule
Emerge – oneirism
Enko – Air Gss
Eoforwine & Chochos y Moscas – Split
Eoforwine / Raven – Split
Eoforwine – Ruins
Eoforwine – The flood
Epiphany 42
Equitant – Kompressor
Equitant – Zurich
Eren Silence – Eren I
Eric Arn – Points of Fissure
Eric Laurence – Broken Vision
Erin Sexton & Julie Rouse – Décalage Ascendant
Ermo – Single
E-Shine – 9
Ethnomite Pux – Death Trance
Ethyl Snowman – The Restaurant
EugenKha – Atmosphere
EugeneKha – Close Space / December 9th
EugeneKha – Jam 2 EP
EugeneKha – Pride & Prejudice (Single)
EugeneKha – VOLGA
EUS – Sol Levit
Evan Marien – Koslov Club
Evgenij V. Kharitonov – DW8KBPS
Ev Xanadu – Purple Rain
Execution Support Act – As The Inhabitants Slept
EXEDO – Stuprum
Exit Oz – Împământenit
Expert Toneless – YNZ
extra-tourist – Adventure Time
Ex You – Ex You


Fabiorosho / PL433 – Interesting Music
Fabrizio Cacciamali – When In A Crowd I Feel Lost
Failure – Akonit
Failure – First Performance Without A Harp
Failure – NGC 2024
Fäkalien – Mineral Series vol. 3
Fantome – Love
Farthest South – Spheres & Constellations
Fastest – Theme
Fatal Jamz – One Of The Girls
Fatal Jamz – Young Bitches In Love
Fatcocktail – Winnie da Dead
Fault Worship – 0/0
Faunlet – Fauna of the heart Flora from beyond
Fecal Fetal – Mechanisms of the Hissing Field
Fekal Terror – Black Copro Noise
Felicity Mangan – Emu
Female – Dreemer (single)
Fernando Carvalho – Painting
FETTER – FETTER (The Ego Album)
Filthy Turd – My Name Is Filthy
Fire To The Stars – Keep You Safe
Fist Full o’ Snacks – Climb the Glass Mountain
Five golden voices you should know about.
Flácido Domingo – U’re A Fooken Jerk!
Flat Affect & Alexander Bianco
Flat Affect / Bastard Child (Shaun Phelps) interviewed by KN
Flat Affect – Cleaving Unto Silence
Flat Affect / Jason “Evil” Covelli – Untitled
Flat Affect & Krll – Peeled Sessions
Flat Affect – Music For Muscle Relaxers
Flat Affect, &Others, Proud//Fathers – A First Time for Everything
Flat Affect & Ritval Addikt – untitled (Microcassette)
Flat Affect / Spacings – Split
Flat Affect – Supplemental Verses
Flat Affect – Transition
Flat Affect VS Bastard Child
Flesh / Meat – Muzak For Dying Batteries
Floppy Kick (The floppy label) interviewed by KN
Floppy Porn – Floppy Drive
Floppy Totaal (The Floppy Diskette Festival) / report/
Floyd Kelly – HeliosXII the epic
Floyd Kelly – The Doorway: A Sonic Journey
Flyafter – Demo
Fm-ra – experimenting 24/05/2014
Fm-Ra – Timeless
Fm-Ra & jjoth – Impossible Worlds
Fonnia – Nediv
Forever Lesbians – Sherry
for Lunar Dust – Simple things
Former Descent – The State Of In-Between
Former Utopia – Collapsar
Fortier – someday i’ll be as weird as you
FortyOne – Swinging’ single
Francisco Meirino – The Back Of My Skull
Frank Vis VS Stephen Doyle – FVVSSD Tape
Frans de Waard – One Hour As Party People
Fred Daphne – Cellphone XXI
Freddy t. and the people (featuring David Harris) – dime will shine / on stage
Fresh Water Girls / Herukrat
Fresh Water Girls / Sissisters
Friends and enemies – Frenemy
Friends and enemies // Sequencer Prototype – Split
From the Willowmeadow – Overcity Dreams
Frontcore – One Of Us
Frontyards – ¿Adónde Vas?
Fross – Ausencia en Claroscuro LP
Froze.Hatech – FLoppy Promo
Frozenlost – Winter Never Dies
funeralopolis – To: Bonnie
Funturistic – Rural Kerfuffle
Furball – Annie
Future – Abyss EP


Galactic Kaleidoscope – Revolutions Of The Modern Age
Galactic Kaleidoscope – Wild is The Winter

Galati – Wide Open Spaces

Galaxy Soundwave Project – Space Gator
Gamble, Gamble, Die – Badman EP
Gary Mother Fucking Oak – Rebirth
Gastón Cereceda – Black Rainbow (EP)
GayAndy – End of New Year
Genetic Trance – Tha Acid Walkah
Genlevel – Back 2 Basics
Genlevel – Patience EP
Gehinnom – Eis Geennan
Geolm – It Won’t Happen Again EP
George Junk & Auston K – 1990
Gerald Fiebig / Pierce Warnecke – Split (ACE 1003
GHOST – Cursed Forever
Ghost Nebula – Whispers And Cries In The Abyss
Gica Craioveanu – Romani techno
Gifgrond – Oh No
Gila Monster – ‘Fuck Girls’ Single
Gimcrack / Subversive Intentions – Trash Test Dummy EP
Girl Scouts – Loud? – Secret Plot To Destroy The Entire Universe – Kilgore Trout – Split
Glanko – Telekommand EP
Gloucester & Lauraine C. – Rendered Useless
Gluid – The Metamorphosis EP
Gnesa – Wilder
Go Gun – Solar Poweress
God Pussy – Domínio Planetário
god’s lovely asteroid – Freaks of Nature Nurture (noise remix)
Golden Gurls – Typo Magic
Golden Leap – Preludium Nuit EP
Golgotha Communications – Wine, Women and Song Pt2
Gomae – Separated Differences
Go No Go For Launch – Re-Entry
Good Romans – Open This Door, Never Look Back
Google Glass
Gooze – Delirious
Gordon – Dios Es Amor
Goreky – Bootze Bass Errors
Goreky Park – Trashoiid Foam
Gotard – Green Heart
Ghryzly Atoms – Cassandra Complex: Episode 1
Graffiti Mechanism – a
Graffiti Mechanism – Chicken Classics Volume 2
Graffiti Mechanism – Drop-Out
Graffiti Mechanism – In vitro
Graffiti Mechanism – noise set in miniature
Graffiti Mechanism – plebian
Graffiti Mechanism – Skun
GRAI – ГРАЙ – Язь (single 2014)
Grandmother – Family Time
Green Shadow – Green Shadow sings goodbye song
Gregaldur 7″
Greg Borgardts – In Good Spirits
Grey Pale Sinister – Obscure
Grigoriy Nedelko – Let Them All Hear (single)
Gromska – Zabava
Gumbel – 8-bit Love Machine EP
Gumbel – Cavan
Gumbel – Huracanado EP (AS)
Gumbel – Huracanado EP (KN)
gvozdi gnilyh grobo – ĦƱŁƱD₦▲¥▲ ŁU₦▲ (raw shit SĦUR▲ cover) [single]


HADAR – Jordan IS Palestine
Haddaway – What Is Love
Hahaha Etc – Hahaha Etc
Haha! What The Fuck? – Calculated Monstrosities

Haiiyuuko – Post noise
Haiku (a poem by just a Dude)
Haiku 2 (another poem by just a Dude)
Hal McGee & The Moog Theremin Performances
Half A Jelly Turtle – Rainbow In My Head
Handwriting! – …and?
Hanin Elias & Noia – Scream (Fantome Remix)
Hank Harry – The boy of your dreams
Hank Mobley – …Streaming From Meaningful Stares
Hank the Think Thank – Just Hmm.. it
Hanoe Ish – New Bad Life
HappyGhost – IN 1996
Harco Rutgers from esc.rec. (interviewed by KN)
Harry Merry – The Sky-Fun Reels And Angelica Kneels
Harry Merry – Village Life In 1905
Hassan K. – Decadance of Ispahan
Hassan K. – Talab
Hatari Power Wind
Hate-Male – I Want Your Sex
Haut&Court – La vie
Head Joint – Inspired By
Heavy Metal – Cadillac 69
Hectic Head – Slim Gravy
Hectic Head – World Wide Consciousness
Hectic Head – XX FAIL XX
Heinous Noise – Live Single
Henry C. Rial – The Chernobyl Mistake
Herman Bilderberg – Bluebirds, Blackbirds (single)
Hertzcanary – Birds just wanna have fun fun fun
Hexagon Sun – Subtle Growth <AS>
Hexagon Sun – Subtle Growth <KN>
Hey Exit – Anura
hfae presko – untitled
Hi! – 23:32
Hilde Holse – Krossane
Hiyohiyoipseniyo – €! (Single)
Hiyohiyoipseniyo – al ARMA
Hiyohiyoipseniyo – Arritmia Del Meu Cor
hiyohiyoipseniyo – Drawtorture 01
hiyohiyoipseniyo – homemadecontactZ
hiyohiyoipseniyo – la dinamo turgent mou els príaps de foc
Hollow Phobos – Get High And Kill Yourself
Høly Vøid – )))
Holzkopf – Sharp like a broken bone
Holzkopf / Puh Quh – Winter Germz
Homme – Caverna
Honeyfuzzmole – The Lo-Fi Adventures Of Honeyfuzzmole
Hong Kong loves losers in love.
Hoodie Woody Freaky – Self Titled
Hu Creix – Far from my lost history
Hu Creix – The Last Door
Hugs Bison – Flying in V formation
HUH – Holy Shit
HUMANFLUIDROT – view from the floor
HUMANHATE666 – constructive destruction
HumanHate666 / GOOZE – Two Ways of Pain
HumanHate666 / WeAreAllSlaves – HumanHate666 / WeAreAllSlaves Split
HumanHate666 – Zerfall
HUMANS – Obsolete Medicine
H.U.N.X. – I Vant To Suck Your C**k”
Hyaena Fierling – Lunar Road
Hynra – Super Mandrive
HuorrouH – Bunk 1
HuorrouH – Lobit Madness
Hybernation & Rainbow Valley – Parcel 02
Hybernation – The Old Waterworks
Hynra – Sound of Jasmine
Hyphens – Islands
Hypnozyl – Topsyturvydom “Best Off”


i AM esper – Ecotone EP (KN)
i AM esper – Ecotone EP (AS)
i Am Esper – the arc of a tree, and the shape of a cloud
iampervert – nemophilistica
iamyank – Lost Sounds
I, Cactus – I, Cactus
IceJJFish – On The Floor
IceJJfish – the youtube superstar
il culo di Mario – All you can Hitler
I Get Hiv On Television / Dædal Sphallðlalia – Invoking Chaos Gods Around The Bonfire
I Get Hiv On Television – Dub Experience
I Get Hiv On Television – Nikki Belle [EP]
I Get HIV On Television – Phase Praise EP
ihanen – Hitom-himlen
Iker Omazabal – The Opposer
IL Culo Di Mario – Il Tamburo Della Jungla (video)
I Love Monsters – Two Words
I TORGUEMADA – The Book, The Eye, The Scourge
iampervert – Hexenwahn
Instagon – Live At Witch Room
Ichtyor Tides – Cellars Descqent (The First Recordings)
Ichtyor Tides – Eever Schapes
Ichtyor Tides – Eever Schores
Ichtyor Tides – Mortisle Elytrion
Icolmkill – Constant Being
Idklang / Cordyceps – Split
Ihy – Light & Shadows EP
Ifang – Delusion
Ike Harold – Firenze Rehab Week
Ike Harold – Red EP
Ike Harold – White EP
Iker Ormazabal & Oier Iruretagoiena – La Solana
iky iky – Collection 2011-2012
IL CULO DI MARIO – Alito Brazil
Il Culo di Mario – Osvaldo (video)
Incubate festival (review / report sunday 21 sept 2014 by Linda & friend)
Indifferrent Spaces – IS?
Indifferent Spaces – IS9.ADHD
INDU MEZU – When motherboard burns out
Industry Rivals – White Fur Trader
Infinite Quazar – Journey
Infinity Girl – Just Like Lovers
Ingrid – Long Thin Monster Single
Inside the mind – Goodbye friend
Instagon – 6 6 6
Instagon – live at outsound summit
Interview With Graham Boosey, the director of Wrieuw Recordings
INTI – Cuerdas (EP)
intouch – dummy
Introspectral – The Weird Side of the Mundane
InZaine – Opaqus Recordings
Iohannes – Soundscapes
Iranon – Painting The Sound
Irr. App. (Ext.) / Panicsville – Split EP
irrlicht project – Bit Shit Vol. 1
irrlicht project – dat fuzz
irrlicht project – OPUlent Strangers
irrlicht project – tekknomixx16k
irrlicht project – uygur forests
Isteronproject – Furniture Music #2
IT052 Project – Forgotten Accords
Ivar Sigurbergsson – Fly to the sky
I.v.Martinez the alien sound producer (interviewed by KN)
Itzhak Volansky – My Parachute Won’t Open


JAAJA on gifgrond
Jacob Brant – Rainmaking

Jack Anderton – Vale
Jacker Seppeli – das isch no musig
Jack Hartmann – Valentine’s Day Party Dance
Jack Hertz – Nataraja
Jacowe – Het Matriarchaat
Jacq Sporadic – Spore Haddock EP

jaewon jawan – saturday night palsy
J Alan Wallace – MIDI
James Blake – Klavierwerke EP
James Breeze – What Is It You Would Have Me Do?
James Ian McKenzie – Capital
James Kiwi – Brand New Car Wreck
James Watts – Beautiful Monster
Jankenpopp – Chemtrail
Jankenpopp – Zombie Media
Janne Nummela – Movements
Jansky – Immersione
Jan Strach – Trawiaste Miasto
Jan Terri – Journey To Mars / Excuse My Christmas
Jared C. Balogh – Bass Bliss
Jared C. Balogh – Simplistic Future
Jason “Evil” Covelli & Doomettes – The 51st Release Of SPNet
Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli & Joel Nobody
Jason “Evil” Covelli / RedSK / Flat Affect – Three Way Floppy Fuck
Jean Frusaglia & The Amazing Moms – Untitled Untouchable Unlistenable Bastard Release
Jean Nine – Whispers And The Storm
Jelena Glazova – Ilia Belorukov – Split Tape
Jelle Buma – Sweach
Jesse Brinkerhof – Uninstal iPad Firmware iOS 5.0.1
Jessica Williamson – Resurgence (Single)
Jesus. It’s A Musical! – a thoroughly modern nativity
jez PA Speelman & Adam Hunt – Classic Pop EP
Jii-Music – The Realms Mourne
Jimmy Penguin
jjoth – 4ervie
Jjoth – academaniac
jjoth – Kohanka & Nebo
Jjoth / Razxca – Split
Jjoth – Sprites. 1
Jjoth – ve4nost ilisa
jjoth – Whiterape
Jmark – Somewhere Towards Home
Joan of Arse – I’m Fucked
Joe Bone & The Dark Vibes – Voodoo Blood
Joe DeGeorge and J.S. Bach – In Glove With Bach
Joe DeGeorge: Sax Machine – Made To Be Lovin
Joel Nobody & Franklin 32 – All the way live
Joel Nobody, ✡!! & Others – 3 Way Split
Joel Nobody – Rest Easy, Pilgrim
Joel Nobody – Weedy’s Last Ride
Joey Boy – Fun Fun Fun
Joey Molinaro
Johan Dykstra – Three Horns
Johan Ess – Vltrahex (Sirona Edition)
Johanna Warren – Fates
Johanna Warren – My Storm (video)
John Bassett – Stay Away From The Dark
John Ov3blast – Yours Faithfully
Jonas The Plugexpert – Electra EP
Jon Coop – The A-
Jorg – Esc.Rec.36
Jorge Bernstein & The Pioupioufuckers – A Taste Of Win
Joseph Anton – Infiltrator
Josh Paton – Untitled Pieces
Josh Quillen – Steel Drums
JOUX JOUX vs. Gerald Fiebig & Alexander Möckl – Private Transport (Angstroehre RMX)
Jr. Flynn – 2013.5.14
Juan Antonio Nieto And Chris Silver T – Memories Of A Bedroom Toy Clock
Juan The Alchemist – Principles Of Alchemie
juice machine – hot rainbow
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen – extensor hallusis longus
Julia Van Der Piller – Alternative Awakening
Junk! – The Dead Format EP
Jung An Tagen – Live, Ö1 Funkhaus
Jupiter After Death – None (Samples)
Jupiter After Death Samples (Part Deux) + Axl Killx Guitar Riffs Quiz!
Jury Sway – Planets EP
Just AUM – Frozen EP
Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience
Just Plain Ant – Love(d)
Justin Scott Gray – Adult Music
Justin Scott Gray – Something That I Don’t See (Video)
Justin Scott Gray – the radius of the innermost circle is One


K2 / Allan Zane – Split
K..K. Companerinho Fast

K..K. – premigrante
k..k. – Región de escorias liquidas
Kaagootaabaa – The Sensitivity Sessions

Kai Beckman – Case File
Kai Nobuko – French Compost
Kai Nobuko – Last Night SP Saved My Life

Kai Nobuko – My Wired Soul
Kai Nobuko – One
Kamikaze Ambulance – Exit
Kamikaze Deadboy – Ghosts On Tape II
Kamikaze Deadboy – Until Death Do Us Part
Kamikaze Deadboy – Year 13
Kanellos – Destroy Music
Kapotte Muziek – #103: Tilburg
Kapotte Muziek – The Malevolent Ear
Karambol Bolno – the YOUTH [1970 – 1996]
Karambol Bolno – Wishnya ep
Katarrhaktes – Everything Tastes Like Blood
Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill
Katie Glasgow – Third Sight
KDMQ – White Noise
Kendall Brush – BitchBarbieDreamhouse
Kenji – Nuroshi
Kenny G
Képzelt Város – Anatolij
Kessenchu – Never Let Your Feelings Die Because I Love A Girl And Even Though The
KFDDA – Glitch EP
USA Sux But I Gotta Keep On Living

Keven Brodenheimer – Wall Of America
Kieron James – Be EP
Kikiriki – Kikiriki EP
KINE – Meditations In April Green
Kink Shit – alpha sum
Kingdom of Agony – Signs Of Life : None
kippfest – Het Wilhemus (burped)
Kisszanto – Dajkaim
Klaus Marten – EP
Klaus Marten – Honey
Klaus Marten – In A Dream
Klaus Marten – Master Tape
Knight in Mourning – Picking Daisy Petals
Knight in Mourning – Pour More
Knolios – Amorous
Know One Special – Bumgalls
Knoxious – gagarin
Kohdai Hirabayashi – I’m Very Happy EP
KoKo – KoKo EP
Kolomoev & Rita Bzigi – Personal Dada
Kontroljet – MIXMAX
Kostoglotov – Louis Althusser Knows Why My Heart Is Asunder.
Kostoglotov – The Worst Love Songs Ever Written
Kotiomkin – Maciste Nell’Inferno Dei Morti Viventi (Peplum Holocaust)
Kotta – Dance this shit
krāllār – dying is an art
Krayons – Vaag EP
Krisma Ordo – Live:3/9/14
Krovavaya Soska – Spermatoxicosis Vol.2
KRYNGE – Spd Kld Spd Rcr
Krzysztof Mlynczak – Something in Between EP
kultiv8tor – N/A


La Bella Violencia – Pedida
Lachrylic – Sundrown
Lady Gaga – Artflop
Lady GaGa – Little Monster
Lady Noise – Lady Noise
Lanfax – Saturn Express

Lanuk – o)O
Late Nite Howl – Insomnia
Laudan – Дефект (Defect)
Laundry League – Fed (None)
Laundry League – Visualized
Laura Weixelbaum – Terra Tremuit
L.C.B – Cochinos
Leaked Period – Where Are Ya
Lee Rosevere – Nacre
Lee Rosevere – Symphony For Monotron: 1st Movement
Lee Rosevere – Twitter Will Kill Us All
Lee Rosevere – Xeno
Leiche Rustikal – Atra Bi…
Leira Kabuki – Broken Pianos (E.P)
Lekiddo ‘Lord of The Lobsters!’
Le Leprechaune – Kitsch Adventure
Lezet – Accord
Lezet – Dabblings 4
Lezet – Inorgánico
Leon Lamont – I Look Funny
Leon Lamont – She Wore Dolce & Gabana
Leon Lamont – Yesterday Was Weird
Lerin / Hystad – Amaterasu
LeRouge – Examen Obstetrique Des Ruines D’Apres (None)
Lesbopop – We Don’t Need No…
Leveleight – Eclectro
Life Like Thunderstorms – Awkward Balance
Lightfarer – Strike a light
Like Junk – Dolly Dolly
Limbo – X
Linda – Garan No Kago EP
Linda – Karma Clinic
Linda – Linda
Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza – In Construction
Lindy Vision – Pink + Black
Little Devils – My Perfect You
Little interview with Andy W.
Little Penguin – Chromosphere
Living Ghosts – Falling Apart (Ft. Jazzmine Brazil)
Living Ghosts – Forever & A Day
Lo – Fi Woman – Gorod Piratov
Locкboж Цnion – Thirst
Logos – santa susana blues
Logosamphia – eLASTIQUE
Logosamphia – Unmasked!
Lokist – Noise
Lokotrón – Snow Brows
Lola Bellman – Wild / Blind
LONE ECHO – Temporary
Lonesome Panda Society – Ending And Beginning
Long-Sam – Shout
Loopool – Egolosses
loopool & The One (Family) – Allpass The Bugs And The Breeze
Loose Link And Option Command + Friends – Karramantha
Lord Sonervol – OFGSGID
Lost Harbours – The Frozen Land
Lost Harbours – Wooden Wires
Lost In Kiev – Motions
Lost In Japan – Nacreous
Lost Kadeth – Monochromatic Regression
Lost Kadeth – Oscillating Apparitions
Lowtee – Thuggin… feels good
L.S.O. (Lost Soul Organization) – LD1
Lucas Brode & Bubba Crumrine – ‘doggone’ // Shedding Those 11ft Wings
LUDZIE Z DUPY – o, Polsko!
Luis Resquin – <333345678&”;[;=~ç9FUCK!1
Lullatone – While winter whispers
Luminous – Young Hit
Lust Era & Dino Felipe – The Lifestyle (single)
Luxurious Dagger – Glue Factory
Luxurious Dagger – Return to Willowbrook
Lxnnnie – Playing Spades With Satan
Lykanthea – Telos (video)


Mabafu – Little Boy
Mach Fox – The Sky Is Falling
Machinefabriek – Kluwen
Machinefabriek – The Hilary Jeffery Tape
Madl Qurina – Don’t Make a Sound
Madoka Ogitani – Take a Walk
Madonna – Rebel Heart
Mafe & Mark Kelly – Let Love
Maga – The Speechless
Maga – The Wired One
Maggot Theraphy – Ghast
Magnetone – NP
Major 7 – Heavy Doses E.P.
Malevolent Alien Being – The Arrival (Reissue)
Maltez – A Korg Monotribe, Monotron Delay and Micro Cube Experience
Maltez – po-16 symphony
Mama Tits – Bad Girls (EP)
Mambo Melon – Metro Jungle
Manakal – Goodbye my life
Mandatory Suicide – DEMO-NIAC
mangoSleeves – montereypopEP
Mann kackt sich in die hose – Demo 3.5 Floppy
Manu – Imagine Dragons – Warriors piano cover
Mapleview Lounge – Half-Off-Pigs-In-A-Blanket-Every-Thursday
Marc Broude – Dead On Arrival Demo
Marcel Hoekstra – Cameloa / Tekno (Demo Tracks)
Marcin Molendowski – POP!POP!POP!
Maria Move – Untitled
Marie Davidson – Un Autre Voyage
Marieta – Yeah, Yeah Utah
Marino69 – Intergalactic EP
Mario Conte – Overtones
Marion – Thug Youth
Marisol Celestia – A never ending promise
Marjen – Rubies & Rust
Mark – Acceptance (acoustic)
Mark Akerboom – Hydrosymphony
Mark Archer – Flections
Mark Bray – Dark Illumination
Mark Browne – The Prejudices of History
mArk – clear
Mark Dago – Style It Out / Rocketship
Mark D Pencil – CLEANUP ROBOT Song
Mark Franklin – Beyond
Mark Gormley – Little Wings
Mark Knopfler – Are We In Trouble Now?
Mark LaFountain – Machine Man
Mark – Liberia
Mark Lowry – Hyperactivity
Mark McGee – Apartment Music 19 improvisation
Mark McGuire – Tidings III
Mark McLaren – more than everything .ep
Mark Meino – Monocolor
Mark N – live P.O.R.N. Belgium 2004 / Speedcore
Mark.Nine – Asleep in the Kingdom
Mark ‘Oh
MARK – Piece of shit
Mark P – It’s Crap!
Mark Reinhardt – Fuck Monday Ep
Mark Starr – Jeremiah Zentz
Mark Templeton – Ballads
Mark Williams – Just A Memory (None)
Mark Williams – Romantically Obsessed <AH>
Mark Williams – Romantically Obsessed <KN & AS>
MarK With a K – Music Is My Alibi
Mark Wynn – Might Try Some Shoes On, Maybe I Won’t Try Some Shoes On’ – A Single By Mark Wynn
Marlo Eggplant – Crisis As Opportunity
Mars-96 – Mars-96 Meets Markwart EP
Marvin – Barry
Marvin Ferguson – Falling Down
Marvin Ferguson – Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum
Marwolaeth Cymdeithasol – Poeni
Martitia – Martitia
Mas&Delayer – Hotel Esistenza
Mas&Delayer – Northern Line Dreamin’ EP
mascara – Budapest/Chicago
Master Hunci Punci – this first warm night is quite cold
Master Margherita – Edmond
Master Toad – Chaos EP Floppy
Masticx – Room To Inspire
Material Action – Another Emotion
Material Action – Dance
Material Action – Latin Vibe (Jazztech Version)
Material Action – Lobith Sessions
Material Action – Mekanomikon [Instrumental]
Material Action – Mixed Emotions
Material Action – Politics Of Touch
Material Action – Process Void (video)
Material Action – Sexify (Shake It Version)
Material Action – Tears In Spring
Material Action – Vault Trax 01 – AEMS – Totemic Abyss
Matt Builds Character – My Bedroom Revolution
Matt Burnett – CatX
Matthew Barlow – Product
Matthias Boss and Chris Silver T – Deep Love At First Sight
Matthias Boss, Paulo Chagas, Rogelio Nobara, Christos Sakellaridis, Mauro Sambo, Chris Silver T – a gathering place
Matt Howell – Matt’s Happy Good Time Bible Hour
Matt Confusion – Satori, Take Me Away
Matt Confusion – songs in the night
Mauro Sambo – cani sciolti
Mauro Sambo – Presto (dicono) giungerà la neve…
Maxime Robin – the Lo-fi grandeur deluxe edition of DIY swag
Maxime Tanguay – synsyn
MC Downz – Peas and Carrots
McFiredrill – Floppy Disk Single
McGARNAGLE – Phantom Vibrations
Mc Trachiotomy – GUSTAV
mdwstrnr – di-ˈsem-bər/ˈjan-yə-wer-ē
Mechaddoar – Dreist
Meeko Cheech – Miss Bolivia
Meitje – Narwhal no. 1
Meklabor – Prima Vara
Meklabor – Spectator EP
Mental Escape Pod – The Morning
Mentz – Lines
mere fever – maybe summer, maybe something, maybe someone
merx & nystada – Turbulence
Merzbow – Collection 4 & Collection 5
Merzmonth (or; A Merzbow A Day Keeps The Mind At Bay)
METALLEG – Hit of the Week
METEK vs. nordBeck – METEK vs. nordBeck
Metonima / Meima – MeimaC0sKailmi
mhz_ – 03/09/2013
mhz_ – CD49301
mhz321 – Cobwebs EP
mhz_ – Eris Tsubasa Con Carne
mhz_ & жертва талидомида – Split
mhz_ – Where the wind blows
mhzesent – Erratic
mhzesent – in memory of ish
mhzesent – kind love ep
mhzesent – Rabbit Hide Tapestry
mhz_ – Steep Lines 2
Michael Ridge – One Second / One Heartbeat
Michael Skib – On The Variances…Horn Trio #2
Microbit Project – Android Dreams
Microbit Project – Acid Colors
Microbit Project – Dreams of My Tape Cassete
Microbit Project – Electro-Flopper
Microbit Project – Gently Buzz
Microbit Project – INTELLIGENT POP
Microbit Project – Rural Discoteque
Microbit Project – Songs For Android
MicroSol – How to Destroy Engels
MicroSol – Raider’s Löve
Microwolf – You Are The Everything
Midget Sings – Worldwide Lobotomy
Mikr Tonalwsky – End Of The Rat
Mimi Kawouin – TruNy
Mimi Kawouin (video)
Mind Teardown – Flashbacks
Mirum Mulier – Metaphysical Spectra
MIsko Czeskas – FIRE
Miss Von Trapp – Grave Folk
Mist – You Blew My Mind, ik mag niet klagen & Go
Mitä? – Noise / Obscure Dark Ambient
Mitä? – Unlike Music To Your Ears And Rectum Summer Song Single
Mitch Murder – Savage (None)
Mitch Murder – Television EP
Mitski – Retired From Sad, New Career In Business
Mmöner – Misty Skin
Mmöner – Training Saga
Modelbau – Blade
Modelbau – Cataract
Mold – Mold Demo (GK485)
Moloch – apathisches licht von einem rotschwarzen horizont
Moloch – Человечье слишком овечье (Humane too sheeps)
Moloch – Verwüstung
MOMBOYDADBOY – Dionysus 3//mental clarity [cloud Ruler temple]
Monotrio – illli
monSATAN – GENEcide
Monster Weird – Another, Another Dimension
Montebourg – Singapore Express / Réindustrialisation
Monquiboy – Boo – Almoço
Moodoïd – Moodoid EP
Moonbell – supernumerary e.p.
Moon – Like A Day On A Distant Planet
Moonslice – Cat
Mooseheeaad – Floppy
mother spit – carve
Motor 166 – Sell Your Soul To The One You Love Most
Moshka – Psychic
mr.Bull vs. Static Noise Bird – Audio from a Forgotten City
Mr Eurodisco – Wanna Make You Dance
Mr.Flag – Never Say No To Panda Set
Mr. Kindhoover – Vacances A La Plage
Mr Mogotby – Get Married
Mr Pregnant – Manboobs
Mr. Rosso – Doom On Denton
Mrs Jynx – Atlanta EP
Mu.Alpha – Mu VIII
Munter S Thomson – WASTE
Murkyu vs. Glasscarpenter – Clearest Sprang
murmurists – I Cannot Tell You Where I Am Until I Love You (ALRN049)
Murmurists – jude.us turd-up ohowlaugh
MushroomWavved Collar – Contra Tussim
MushroomWavedcollar – Distillation
MushroomWavved Collar – Everything Ends
MushroomWawed Collar – I’d Rather Be Sleeping
mutaHERTZ – Fantastic Planetscapes
MutanT.R.I. – Obscurection
Mutate – Wrench
Mvsic plays with Alice
MVSN – Fuoco Cammina Con Me
My Gloomy Machine – CSR 001
My Gloomy Machine – Aura Activation
“My name is not Mark and I wish to be reviewed!”
Mykl Perkins – Welcome To My World (None)
My Little Shit – I Love Shit
Myrdal – Arise
Myrdal – Please, come in.
My Semipermeable Membrane – 12 Years And 1 Day
Mystified & 3dtorus – Urban Silence
Mystified and Daniel Barbiero – Numinous Transmissions
Mystified – Brannon And Chippewa
Mystified – Eschate Thule
Mystified – Plunderman 4
Mytrip – Scattered I


Nadrient – /Search/
Nadrient – Future International™
Nadrient – Mall Hangar Home
NAHN – Varvara Still Breathes
Naimi – Paddmusik
Nameless Dancers – Summer Solstice
Nanaki – Afterlight
nancylovesgerms – quasi
Nathan Gilds – Astrarium
Naturial – Journey into space of God
Nearfield – Human Error
nefasto celiba – senza titolo col faccione
Neighbours Hunters – Self-Titled ((ACP 1024)
Nekophiliac – Where Am I? EP
Nell Gross – the Sweet underneath of your houses
Nelsetron – Floppy Disk
Nelsetron – Something For A Change
Neon Fires – Traces (EP)
Neon Lushell – Tramadol Beach
Nerdsmasher – Nerdsmasher EP
Nesey Gallons – Boston, 1999
Netorare – EP

Neurosampler & Microprocessor – trash files (remixes collection)
neuroSampler – phlegmatic dirty dances
NeuroSampler – Transforming
Neutron Flare – Lo-Fi Lullaby
Niamh Starkey – Fuzzy Piano
Nick + Noah – Bells Are Ringing (video)
Nick + Noah – open for consideration (single)
Nick Rivera – The Wasp and the Butcher…and the Bird / Coma” (Single)
Nicole Magdalena – Exit The Lagoon
Niek Hilkman – Connie / St. Polaroid – Matthew Webb
Niek Hilkmann – Knak (floppy version)
Niek Hilkmann – Selected Film Scores (2012-2014)
Night Window – exits exist
Nihilistic Delusion & Failure – Chaotic Worship To Inner Demons
Nihilistic Delusion & Failure – Time Of The Final Torment
Nihilistic Delusion – Mould
Nihilistic Delusion – Overthrown
Nihilistic Delusion – Scraps Of Dark Past
Nihilistic Delusion – Succubus
Njiqahdda – Almare Dosegaas Fyaltu
Niku Senpuki – Küken 1: 命
Ninshubar – From The Above To The Below
nnaai – hdphnswrshp
No Future Kids – nix18
Noia – 999
Noise Arcade – Static Faded Even Further
Noisavoisa – Bad Dreams
Noisavoisa – Buri
Noisavoisa – DAKHREE
Noisavoisa – SRAM
Noise Machine & Dental Work – Split EP
Noise Machine & Pomba – Split
Noise Nazi Featuring Bagman – Mind Altar
Noise of Intestines – Melody ?
Noise of Intestines – Triangle
Noisegekanker A Gogo – Mijn Paradijs
Noises From The Void – Mist
Noisesurfer – ADSL
none-existing artist – none-existing title
No Peafowls – Knowledge Is Power (Demo)
Nora & Gnoll
Nordic Soul – Grey Spring
Normal Gergely – YIKIS T-Shirt
Norss – Avondhemel
Norwood Grimes – Breathe Properly (video)
Norwood Grimes – I Hate Myself and Want Bono to Die
Norwood Grimes -Trying To Reason With You
NOS Project – Mud, Me
No Strings – No Strings
NOW – An Introduction To NOW
NOW – Liminal Mix
Null : Void – “So…Can I Date Your Daughter?”
Nuno Maltez – Psyche
nuoh – nuoh’s hands in flat affect’s guts
Nyhos – Nyhos


Obama Care – The Extreme Health Care EP
Oberlin – the amb-tapes
Obsolète Broadcast Système – Le Portail Du Nucleaire EP

Obsolète Broadcast Système – The Betelgeuse Gateway
Obsolète Broadcast Système – Bris de Concept
Obsolète Broadcast Système – Carmen and the faceless future
OCD Soundsystem – Wayne
Octopus Finger – Mistakes
Odessey And Oracle – Odessey And Oracle And The Casiotone Orchestra
Offensive:winter – Bring back the Pain [SSR​​-​​RR​​-​​0064]
Ogata Tetsuo / Shhh… – Split
Ogata Tetsuo / Shhh… – Split (2)
Ogun Oru – Lost and forgotten mental places
Øjne – Undici/Dodici
Øjne / Улыбайся Ветру – Split
OK Putrid – Dino Nugs
O.K. Putrid – O.K. Putrid floppy
old oldman – the tender ass EP
Olelé Brut – Album Di Merda
Omega Dub Experience – The Bankruptcy Jazz
Once Where Ghosts – Transient Silence
Oncle Herbe – Plusieurs Jours Avec Monsieur Crack [Birdsong Concept]
One Eyed Jack – Sea plants pollen
Onmacht – s/t – 7″
open invitation for the Floppy Fetish meeting
Opine Ko$insky – Seven Inches
Order Of Killing – Broken Arrow
ORiFiCE – Katarakt
Origami Repetika – Bicycle Basket
Origami Repetika – 2 high fidelity songs 4 headphones
Origami Repetika – Lady Meme
Origami Repetika – Lines (A.S.)
Origami Repetika – Lines (K.N.)
Origami Repetika – Little Bumble
Origami Repetika – Microphone Brush
Origami Repetika – Mini Oubum
Origami Repetika – The Odor of Team Spirit
Orphax – Live In Venlo
Orphax – Undone
Orville Wilcox – Oceans, Glowing
OsO4 – Orgasmic Obedience
Ostrich von Nipple – Quantifies Absurdity
Отстой – как не положено
Outdated 3D – I can’t stop crying
Outsider Leisure – Сны Митасова
Overthruster – Revursels
Overwerk – Conquer
Owain Lewis – Seven E.P
Owlbinos of Northfield – Cinnamon Fog
Омутъ Мора / Feldgrau – Split


Pablo Reche – Horizonte
Pablo Ribot and Chris Silver T. – Painful
Pachangagha – Weirdhead
Palsecam – We Are Just Borgs…
Panic Button – Foxygen
Panicsville / Lovely Little Girls – ‘Split 7″
Panq Ng – Conquering The Knot
Panq Ng – Goo Log, Jr
Pamela Mortensen – 12 Didgeridoo Solos
Paperback Walrus – Battle Potato
Papier Tigre – Papier Tigre 7″
Paradeigma – Paradeigma A Special Mood
PARDO – Medicamento
Parenthetical Girls – (((GRRRLS)))
Paris Hilton – Good Time
PAS Musique – Abandoned Bird Egg
PAS – Pure Energy Output Sessions
Patej, Sonervol, Sonvol, VeDaKR – Undervater EP
Paulo Chagas, Mauro Sambo, Chris Silver T – FIREWORKS
Pawspaws – Shiny Old Songs (single)
Pawspaws – Want You Die (Single)
Pawspaws – White Walls
Payaso Cagar Trompada – Prosper
Penny and Ashtray – Bonus Stage
Penny and Ashtray – Petworks
Pen Parker – I’m Level Four
Peppermint Pony + Pogohm – Split The Spliff (Siro464) = *Iforgotmymathformulas*
Perfect Pussy – I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling
Period Bomb – Yes ! I’m Bleeding !
Perpetual Darkness – Rape
Personal:Killing:Agenda – Core Explosion (single)
Personal:Killing:Agenda – Nightwatch EP
person/people – Internet Love Music
Perturbator – I Am The Night
peterplague – myfuckingpony
Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin
Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin interviewed by KN
Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin – Rose (Flower’s Garden)
Peza – Nachthorn
Phantasm Nocturnes (Betty Koster) interview
Phantasm Nocturnes – Cannibal Rites
Phantasm Nocturnes – Ehoes From The Abyss
Phantasm Nocturnes – Maniac
Phantasm Nocturnes – May Cause Death
Phantasm Nocturnes – Memories In A Broken Mind
Pharmakon – live at MOCAT
Philipp Bückle – Drawings
Phil Reynolds And The Dearly Departed – If My Feet Were Fingers, I’d Stab You In The Eye..
phloq – compilation twelve
Pijo – Pijo
Pink Punk Boy – What The Fuck Is Sweetcore?
Pioggia d’ambra – Il triste inverno animico
Pictures – Same EP
Pipiripip – Pip
PJE – Distant Rest
PK Jazz Collective & Alex Fry – I’m Changing Myself
Pk Jazz Collective – Things We Need To Do (Maxi Single)
PL433 – Disagio
PL433 – Proto Me
PL433 – The China Syndrome
Plankton Dada Wave – Haus of Dada
Plasst – Hrrrrrrhrrrrh
Plastic Carcass – Bonnie Corpse EP
Plastic Surgery Icon – Roughly Human
Playing For Oblivion – Avatar Collection
Playing for Oblivion – Ne EP
Pleko – Pleko
Pllxsk – EP
Plonk Moist – Plonk Moist
PN LOBIT – Killer Clowns
Pobedia & Nebyla – Good Morning EP
pocketbrain orchestra – i am angry
Pod Blotz / Auk Theater
Poetryamenita – Divination
Pogohm – Dr. Faget
Pogohm – Funky Drunk
Pogohm – Hologram
Pogohm – Kidz In Space
Pogohm – The Cross
Pogohm – This is slowmotion
Pollux – Absence
Pollux – Aurora Borealix
Pollux – Blue Grass
Pollux – Broken Wing
Pollux – Broken Wing Remixed
Pollux – Buddhardcore
Pollux – Clearness
Pollux & Consistency Nature – They Fill The Ocean
Pollux / Doomettes – Photography of Nothing
Pollux / Elechronica / Mock The Masses – The 3Way Split Single
Pollux & Flat Affect – Scrapbook 3
Pollux – I Miss You
Pollux – Kai
Pollux – Lies Of Your God
Pollux & Lullabynight – Morsure
Pollux – Medusa
Pollux – Mist
Pollux – Old Stuff
Pollux – Rain

Pollux / Rainbow Valley
Pollux / Razxca – Split
Pollux – Saliva
Pollux & Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Sleep Academy
Pollux – Sirona EP
Pollux – Skullscape
Pollux – Tension
Pollux / The Intellectual Anarchist – Split
Pollux – tribesDream
Pollux – TV Destroying Your Brain (And You Love That)
Pollux – Zero Landscape
poppy nogood – leftover noise
Porcelain Raft – Silent Speech EP
Porya Hatami – Mej
Potabilizadora,Melanocetus Murrayi,Funeral Mongoloids & Colico – 4 way split cdr #4
Postcode – Losing The Battle
Postcode -This Day Will Come (video)
Postcode – Year Of The Zebra
Postcode – ZebrATP EP
Post-Materialists – Junky Tapes
Post-Materialists – Moist Rita & Glyptique {single}
p0stm0rtem and Raymond Cummings – We Don’t Exist, This Is Only A Dream
p0stm0rtem – My Obsession With Forever
p0stm0rtem – My Obsession With Forever (None)
p0stm0rtem – Noisebleed
p0stm0rtem – p0stm0dern p0stm0rtem
Post Mortem / loopool – In/Finite III
POulBO – Fob Watch, Lipstick, Warless (the videos)
Poulbo – Stringed Civilisation (Sirona-Version)
Pregnant Lloyd / Team Phosphenes – Split
Premiere: Subburbia – Purple Weed
Prepare For The Mindscan – Prepare For The Mindscan EP
prepare for the mindscan – Split Tape with Shitnoise Bastards
Pretengineer – EP for the Holidays
PrismViews – Youth
Problema – Apocalisse
Pro Mark – Shit Mark [EP] (POPSAKAL563)
PS – A Moment Demystified
Pseudocide – Elevator Music
Psychic Friends – Blissed Out (single)
Psykiatriks – Hop Hop Free Your Mind Mix
Pu22L3 – Broken Synth Wave
Puke Skywalker – Coma EP
Pulsar – Under The Wing Of An Angel (mix)
Pulveratricious – Opera For Assholes
Pumpking – Nightmare B-sides
Purple Mountain Peal – A Basketful of Shattered Dreams
Pushing Task – Royal Regicide
PxNxJx – Do not mourning if natural take your property away from you


Qz – Fabelandia


R. Lobster – Dada Is Empty, Me Too
R. Lobster – Particles
Rabbitsquirrel – Moths Ate The Ballast While The Captain Slept
Radchild – Stuck in the Bathroom EP
Radio For The Daydreamers – Denouement
Radio For The Daydreamers – Praying For The Be(a)st
Radiostatic – House Of The Rising Sun (Single) – EP
Rainbow Valley – Antisolar
Raison D’être – Prospectus I [re-mixed]
RALP – 100% Kinetic
Randomatik Blast – Ecclectik
Randomform – Furtherfield
Random Toast Generator – Sunhacore
ranthon – Evolution is a noise
Rapoon – Cultural Forgeries
Rarek – Modular Room EP
Rasplyn – Scenes Through the Magic Eye
Raven – Hadron Collider
ReALalTEr.Ego – Kara
Rebekka – Playing Bongos EP
Rebeliat the Misanthropic Beardo – Rebelithropic
Re-Drum / Emerge / Joux Joux – Drone Strike Tour MMXIV
Redsk – 8 10 2013 Cleveland Taxidermy Palace
RedSK – ☠Fuck
RedSK – Surgical Fetish
RedSK – Zilch
Red Sky – Origami Rmx
Red Trees – Give Love (Side A)
Reed Burnam – To The Gates
Refrain & Lefterna – Split
Re: Gainer – Punked
Reisebüro86 – A Hereditary Monarchy
Reisebüro86 – Legitimate Sacrifice
Reisebüro86 – Lepisma Saccarina
Reisebüro86 – Ontogeny
REISEBURO86 – years of the reign
Remedies – Inanimate EP
Remedies – Trap
Remo De Vico – Pitch Bender Schubert
Rhanee – Catch the sun
Richard Ramirez – Caught
Richard Ramirez/Crucifix Eye
Richard Ramirez / XV Parówek – Split
Ricky de Sire – De Vreemde Psyche
Ricky de Sire – Nevelen der toekomst
Rikki Sho – Drift Away
Rion – ホタル
Risch – The Stars Fell From The Sky
Ritual Disfigurement – Surgical Consult
Rivertairs – Jack (official video)
Rmine – Panopticon
Roberto Maldoror Manfredini – Berio Beyond Necropsy
Robert Witt – Midazolam (tracks 1-7)
Robodrum – Robot Invader
Robotic Joe – Animal Communicationz
Robotic Joe – Best Of The Rest Album Bee
Robotic Joe – Hot Seroquel Burner Video Advice
ROCAMBONUX – Observer Le Veau Tourner
Roel Goovaerts – We zullen wel zien e
Rog – Too Sexy EP
Rogue Spore – Ghost Injera Dialogues
roMeow – Stoner Keyboard Love (Tape)
Ronny Ragtroll – Greatest Club Hits From Beyond
Room Nine Unlimited – Panacea
RO-or – New GameRO-or – New Game
Rory Storm – Dot Matrix : Amber
Rory Storm – Mind
Ross Wallace Chait – Routine Symptoms
Ross Wallace Chait & loopool – Digressive Generation
Rothera Point – Isen
Rotslow – Rotslow
Royal Hungarian Noisemakers – Downside
rozovoje ghetto – zavtra stany hajdeggerom
Rudolph West – anti cinema pictures’ special
Rust – Chicago – California Goldball
Rust – Missouri River -Texas Redball
Rust – Rust
RPM Orchestra – Three uses of the knife
Ryuno – brynhildr
rzo the singer – freedom… (tribute to Maidan)
Rzo The Singer – Owner Of The World
rzo the singer – sometimes you have to go a long way to discover something that you knew a long time ago
RzrBldesNCndyBrs – 8R4D


Sahelanthropus – s/t

Saint Effects – Liminal Magic
Salt Supply – A Lighter Weight, A Stronger Back

Salmon Pacific Gutted – Extraordinary adventures in cellars of consciousness
Sam and the Womp – Bom Bom (remixes)
Sam and the Womp – Ravo
Sam and the Womp – Zeppelin (video)
Sam from Sam and the Womp interviewed by KN
SaneFiftyFOur – Ivey EP
Sanfeel – Gravity
Sangduen ‘Lek’ Chailert – Tai Rom Malalee
Sans Nom – Unconscious Bliss
Santiago Adkins – asking for a friend – EP
Sacha Muller – Loop Mode
Santiago Paskuda – Cradle my Rock
Sara Goodman – Airplanes No Longer Exist
Sarp Yilmaz – Kitten The Rebel EP
Sacha Müller – 8k Techno
Sacha Müller – Der Läufer
Sascha Müller – The AKS Experience
Sascha Muller – Untitled
Sascha Muller – Untitled (7-INCH Vinyl)
Sasha Darko – Awaken In The Woods
Sasha Darko – The Odyssey 2010
Sasha Dark0 – Underwater
Sashash Ulz – karelian balsam
Sasha Zapadnyi – 0.33
Saturn Form Essence – 6equj5
Saturn From Essence – SPT-CLJO546-5345 C62
Satanatum – Joyful Convulsions
Satanatum – omniimpotentia dei
Satunuriv Sola – AnteNazara
Savage Sound System – Compromise Is Not Forgiven
Savage Sound System – Liars And Thieves Will Have It All (None)
Scanner Unit – Live At King Kong Klub
Scared of Spiders / Tooth Eye / Koobaatoo Asparagus – Home Invasion
Scars From Last Fight – Sons Of Midas
Scary Dub Monster – Anabioz EP
Schemawound – Terraform Mars
Scorpion Frequency – Prey For Alle E.P.
Scott Lawlor – Drone.excersion.001
Scott Lawlor – Drone Excursion 008
Scott Lawlor – Rain 1
Screaming Stephen And The Semen Demons – Ebola For Christmas
SCUM – Demo
séancé – feels-ing
Sean Connolly – Bass
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Amid the ancient stones lay their spirits as well as their bodies
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Music for the Dead
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Consistency Nature – Space Between All That Is And Is Not
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Consistency Nature – Space Between Scorpions
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Ech(o) – Songs for Picasso (KN)
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Ech(o) – Songs For Picasso (AS)
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Fake Nefertari
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Frozen Chosen
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Into The Shadow
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquadt – Selestina / Amarin
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – The Fear Of Flying
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – We can do everything, We can be heroes
Secret South – Dark Days EP
Selfmachine – Breathe to Aspire (video)
Self-Medication – Belie the allies
Selma Raziel – Ontologia I
Selvans – Selvans
Senpai Suicide Club – Expansion Pak
Senpai Suicide Club / I Killed Techno! – Senpai Suicide Club / I Killed Techno! split
Sentidos Aquestos – Santo Clos
Separation Device – Exoskeleton Removal Machine
Sequentialwork – Monkey Say Monkey Doo EP
Serafina Ouistiti – Malocchio’s puppetshow
Sergio Castelletto & Andrea Cervesato – Over Your Ruin
Sergio Castelletto – Psycotic Distortion
Sermo III & Cult .45 – Sex Yeast
Seth Graham – Goop
Shane Morris & Mystified – Emergence
Shane Morris & Mystified – Epoch
Shattered Hymen – Surrounded By Wolves
Shaun Phelps & Kyle Clements – Zombie Stories for People with Short Attention Spans
ショッピングワールドjp & SAINT PEPSI – Winner’s Circle
she – Self-Titled
Shibboleth – Crooked Frame
Shibboleth – Farewell
Shibboleth – The Death of Shibboleth
Shifts – Sonates and Interlude
世界 / きゃり エロ グロ – Split
Shikabala – Calor do Deserto
Shinji – Myst
Shit – Im pretty and I know it
ShitPhone – Demo
Shit – Poop Extravaganza
Shit – Possessed By The HNW
Shooting Birds Out The Sky – Stomach Cancer
Shoulders Of Giants – Caught In The Middle
Sideation – Insomnia
Sid Yiddish
Sightlines – Our Demands
Siiilas – Lobster Island EP
Silence The Earth, Fog & Shadowgrave – Split EP
Silent Cicada – Pear of Anguish
Silke Berlinn – Silke Berlinn EP
Silver Arm – He Of The Slow Creep EP
Silver Arm – Hippies / Man The Falcons / Dead Tongues (Singles)
Silver Arm – Scatterbrainzz
Silver Arm – Steady Like A Vein
Simon Kent – Where I Stand
Simon Slator – Forward
Simon Slator – Philharmony
Simon Slator – Piano in the rain
Simulyakr – Espionage Radio
Sina Khani – Shrek
Sindre Bjerga – Original Replica (live)
Sir MadTrouble – Sir MadTrouble 2013
Sir – Opifwok !!!
SIKSA – Modelka
SIKSA – Módlmy się o matki + Dym na Ukrainie (Live @ Miasto płonie 2015 / Gniezno]
Sisters – Rapewave (EP)
Sister Soleil – Haunted EP
Sister Soleil – Soularium
Skaj Da Waidah – The Most Epic Chillout Album Ever!
Skull Face – Gore Demo “Before Zarach ‘Baal’ Tharagh”
Sleepless Space Crap Galaxy Girl – Galaxy Girl
Slo Blo – Humboldt (EP)
Smart Young Cunt – Faggotry is quite alright
SMASH THE BOX – Addicted
Smider – ep_exp101010101010101_0
Smooth McGroove – Tetris – Theme ‘A’ Acapella
Smooth McGroove – VGM Acapellas volume 1
Snail Rainbow – Never In Tune
Snowfeeder & Lezet – Chrome Void
☭S☊☯WF∑∄D⨊R❅; – Snowfeed your heart
Snowfeeder – The Melting Orchestra
Snow Wite – …As Psychedelic Days Go By
Snow Wite – Dirge Hole
Snow Wite – Dry Humping Stage Monitors I Am An Indestructible Master
Snow Wite – Luv U Like Limeade / Sweet Black Angel
Snow Wite – Psychedelic Days DX Cassette
Societys Cumshot – EP & Chubby Pop
Soch – The Silent River
Socracht – Meticulous Obliteration of the self one painstaking molecule at a time
Sokasokasoka – untitled
Solano – Concrete
soma vs floating mind – /main dna/
Son Of Salami – Videos
Sonic Karma – Machines (Video)
Sonologyst / No Way Out – Geometrical Phenomenons
Sonologyst – The Waiting
Sonologyst – Unexplained Sounds
SonoreFiction – The Machinist
Sophie Lillienne – Immigrants EP
SOQR – Dispute with internal flaw (single)
Sorry – Weird
Sound Awakener – Be whole
Sound Awakener – Five Chapters
Sound Awakener – hidden
Sounddog65 – The Hidden Tribes Of Hinterland
Sound 8 Orchestra – Single
Sp3ct3rs – Gather (EP)
Space Alien Donald – Must Be Funny
Space Bear – Goof Afternoon
Spacebirds – Machine Day
SP ALL-STARS – We Did It Our Way : SP Tribute To Sinatra
Spaghetti Blacc – Paper Jam 2k14 tha conspiracy
Spice Burguer – The burguers HITS
Splitter – B-Sides
SPOIWO – Salute Solitude
Spoken Nerd – Forbidden
SPOptic (Interview With Arnaud Barbe)
Spore Spawn – Eat Bit
SPRag02 (24 pages, Compilation CD-r, 160 print)
SROS Lords – For Gas And Vinyl
SRVVLST – The Seven Year Inch
SSTFM – Synthetic Sound To Fit Mind
Stab Something – Stab Something
Standard Issue Press – 2014 Sampler
Static Noise Bird – [helixploitation]
Static Park – Apartment Therapy
Steamflow – Dying Angel
Steamflow – Karelia
Steamflow – Life Is Short
Stefano Balice – four fails for piano
StepChild – Stages E.P.
StephenFox – Found
Stephen Paul Taylor – People Tonight
Stereo Surrealist – So Many Spiders, So Little Time
Stone Titan – Scratch ‘N Sniff
St-Petersbourg – EP
Stinky Picnic – Hamster World
Stirner – Craptastic Low-Live 2012 AB
STRANGE – Amnesia EP
Street Sects and Hex Cult w/ May 1968 and DJ Vicki @ The Green Desert (11/23/2014)
Strictures – Gloom Wave Klassicks
StruKtur – Bent Party
StruKtur – Homecoming
StruKtur – Non Ame
Sustained Development vs. elektrojudas – water – remix
Subburbia – MaLIFE
Subchannels – Subchannels
Subterrestrial – Insert Coin
Subterrestrial – Map Of The Interior World
Subterrestrial – Plasma Weapon
Suburban Howl – Suburban Howl
Subversive Intentions – You Can’t Win
Subway – Subway
suck. – untitled.
Sueisntfine – S/T
Suffer In Vietnam – Kristsmashed
Suffer in Vietnam / Trocomordedor – split
Suicide Kicked In – Hung Out To Dry Remixes
SUMUPOSAUTTAJA – Puhdistuskasetti I
Supaypadadá – La Sien De Cioran
Supaypadadá – Untitled
Superhand – Bass And Guns
SuperSonic Beehive
SuperKillRobot – Mission Complete
Super Manticore – Super Manticore
Super Scientists – B E R L I N 3 A V E P
SuperSonic Beehive
Survival Tactics – Megafauna (Single)
Sustained Development vs. Elektrojudas – Water – Remix
Suzanne Burdorf – In Time
Svan Darc – Purge EP
Sven Meyer – Yellow Snow EP
Sven Meyer – Yellow Snow EP 2
Swamp White Oak – Gray Skies Over Logan Airport
Swarup & I.V.A. – Improvization
Sweaty Palms – The Sweats
Swin Deorin & Total E.T. – Birthday Treats And Big Bouncy Teats Split
Swin Deorin – Life In A Bubble EP
Swin Deorin – Minimal Girn EP
Swin Deorin – Mistral EP
Swin Deorin – No Dog Fouling EP
Swin Deorin – Penchew EP
Swindron – Constanze EP
Swun – Brush Strokes
Syncretic – Break, Recover, Repeat
Syntactic – Eventide
System 09 – 8kbps


Table Meeting Music / Rainbow Valley – Autumn Songs
 table music meeting / Little Penguin – Covers
Taigerbery – Dead Bodies

Taigerbery – Soul In Circles
Tails – KIIRO_NO_SORA-1992
Taiwan Bungalow – Le jour de ma mort
Takadatek – Diarrhea 001

Tamayyurakurage (remixed by Maurice_wu) – Rainbow
Tantric Doctors – Tantric City
Tapage – Emerge
Tarantulah – Kedamaian Jalan Hitam
tattvam assi – thee Kali sti current
T.Bird – Karaoke Burnin’ (1996-1998)
TCB TV / 死者の餌 – Split
Teenage Emotions – NetCrush
Telepathic Teddy Bear – The Course Of Empire
Television Sky – أسود BLACK EP
Television Sky – Gorgeous EP
Terapixel – Stay Forever
Tessa Martin – terriblement efficace
Tetsuro – Genetic Disco
tgpo – Do as you’re told
Thanatoloop & Har – El Retrato
Thank You Netlabels ~ Netlabel Day 2015
The Adventues of Tom O – The Hipster Truth (Lyric Video)
The Ambiguity – Departures
the atlas amp – Oscillator
The Attraction – Emma (single)
The Backyard – EP
The Bar-Steward Sons Of Val Doonican – Jump Ararnd E.P.
The Beatles
The Beets Collective – Volume 1
The Bellybuttons – Mump
The Big Drum In The Sky Religion – Songs The Ineffable Taught Us
The Bordellos – It’s Lo Fi! Folk Off
the Bordellos – its lo/fi folk off volume 2
The Bordellos – Nobody’s Listening
The Bordellos – Prime Minister! Remove Your Pork Sword From The Dead Pig’s Mouth!
The Bordellos – Ronco Revival Sound
The Bordellos – The Bordello underground tape vol 3
The Bordellos – the Bordello underground tape vol 1
The Bottomfeeder – Feed The Fix
The Carbuncles – Illusion Of Love
The Caring Babies – Another New Fred
The circulatory System – Country Western Loops Malfunctioning Variation #2
The Children’s Encyclopædia – The Strings That Make The Music
The Coffee Puppets – Someday This Will Be Considered Art Just Look At Avant Garde
The Conet Project – Recordings Of Shortwave Numbers Stations
The Cosmic Setter – 72
The Chewers – Chuckle change and also
The Chewers – The Lurk
The Cryovolcano – 010
The Cryovolcano (Interviewed by KN)
The Crytearions – These Songs Hate You
The CuM Experience – Tools (video)
The Dead Heads – C:\>PROMPT_RESTART
The Dead Heads – The Dead Heads Save America
The DEPuties – Vote For Us
The Eggman – Uncertain
The Elderbranch Campaign – Aural Histories Of The Jovian Survey – Book II
The Electric Cheese – Ass-burgers lul
The Electric Family – Mariopaint
The Ernie 4 – Know More Hertz
The Ernie 4 – One Baskervoid Frottage
The Expelled – BASE POO
The Fake Masters – Stoned wifes unplugged-strumming part II (1995)
The Femme-Mynistiques – Here She Comes… Live @ The Boom Room
The Final Harsh Work – Luca
The Fred Karger Memorial Lump Band – Justin Bieber Having Sex
The Fumigators – Dance Classic
The Future Scares Me – Play Dumb (video)
‘The Future Scares Me’ (Sonia & Eli interviewed by KN)
The Garden – Crystal Clear (Single) (None)
The Gary – Remains
The Godspeed Process – Legend Of The Gold Sphinx
The Grave Wax Orchestra – Adipocere
The Great Musical – Action Figure EP (None)
The Hairy Giant – Poignant EP
The Hairy Giant – Snow Angel Residue
The Hardliner – Suicide Bag Safely Locked Away
The Hardliner – Suicide Bag Safely Locked Away (the videos)
The Haters – Wind Licked Dirt
The Implicit Order – Drifters
The Industrialism – Surrealistic Cityscapes
The Industrialism – Thunderstorm In Magnetic Tapes
The Ink Twins – Apple Of My Eye
THE LAST HOUR – Everything Fades Away
The Longdrone Flowers – Cesare Runs Away EP
The Longdrone Flowers – She’s Strangehead Too EP
The Merricks – 3 Colors Black
The Merricks – Asanas
The Merricks – Hand
The Merricks – Monkey Way
The Monk by the Sea – Leave The World Behind
The Monk By The Sea – Soundscapes II
The Musk-Rat Cult – The Black And White Album
The National Pool – Better
The New Blockaders – Live At Morden Tower
The New Fabian Society – Exhibition Of Love
The New Fabian Society – Melt EP (DB007)
The Odio Kandinsky – Templo Alvarado
The Pink Blob – Everybody Move!
The Pink Blob – on the beach with my best friend
The Radio.
The Reptiles – Manipulator (Single)
The Rub Club – Country Rubbin’
The !S.A.D! – Scattered EP
The Sea Life – Prozac And Merlot (None)
The spirit of Michael Jackson lives on…
The Ssss – Humovision Ep
The Suburban Homes – The Suburban Home E.P.
The Swaggs – Acting Successful
The Tuesday Boys – Heavenly Meetings
The Tara Experiment – Christmas in the Observatory
The Tara Experiment – Noise (KN)
The Tara Experiment – Noise (C)
The Tidswell Noise Collective – Electronic Mangled Tape
The Tidswell Noise Collective – Séance At Orb Studios
The Tidswell Noise Collective – Tin Timbre
The Tobacconists – The Ultra Eczema Sessions
The Unearthly Demagogue – Our Forgotten Psychedelic Infinity And The Absolute Zero
The Universal Noise Unit – Untitled (Live)
The Unknown Tent Musicians
The Unquiet Grave – When The Smoke Cleared
The Use – What’s The Use?
The Weather Channel – Sunset
The Wok – Golgotha with Zanussi
The Wok – Pop & Gum
The Wok – Shit Jazz
The Womb – Sex Club
The Whores – Psychedelic Sunday Morning
their teeth to points – the house has only three walls but the lake is deep enough to drown in
Their Teeth To Points – The Stillborn Evening
THIRD I – Reaching Toward The Light
Thorsten Soltau – spielt Stefan roigk: diffusion & recherche
thorsten sourißeaux & Irrlicht project – floppy jam
Thoughts – Dark Dreams
Thoughts Of Melt – Rootwalla And The Majestic Minstrel Guild Of Quadrant.IV
Thoughts Of Melt – Thoughts Of Melt
Those Damn Bloodsuckers – All That I Have. Nothing That You Want.
Those Damn Bloodsuckers – Songs For The Dead
Three Second Kiss – Tastyville
Three Winters – The Atrocities EP (AS)
Three Winters – The Atrocities EP (KN)
TIFWhitney – Navi Tree EP
TimeCode – AminokislotS
Timmy The Tapeworm – Timmy The Tapeworm Presents Love Songs For Lovers
Tiny Peanut Feat The Sky Patrol – Lightly Salted
tlick – While i
To-Bo – Industrial Field I
Toby Celery – haha yeah
Toiletooth – Bend Mega
Tom & Art / Mostly Damien – Art Is Hard (Split EP)
Tomika – Everything (will come to an end)
Tomika – Good People And Good Night EP
Tommaso Busatto – Crabbin’
Tommaso Busatto – 2vaportronica2
Tommaso Busatto & Pioggia d’ambra – Larve astrali
Tommaso Busatto – annoying landscape
Tommaso Busatto – Flesh Tales
Tommaso Busatto + Laika Facsimile – Glitch Sex Avanguardia
Tommaso Busatto – The undetermined object
Tommaso Busatto – UYUY
Tom Monoto – Nano
Tom Monoto – Neon
Tom Monoto – Wallflower
Tomomi Adachi – Infrared sensor shirt and voice
Tonetta – Dominate
Tony Sit – Secret
TOO MANY ZOOZ – The Internet EP
Tooth Eye – Blood Is An Open Cage
Tooth_Eye / Christopher Will interviewed by KN
Tooth_Eye / Ethnomite Pux – Split
Tooth_Eye / Hlo – Cross-bred Tengu Radio Riot
Tooth Eye – Lost In Onnet Town, USA
tooth_eye – Stocking Stuffcore
tooth_eye – the wheel of fate is turning remix EP
Top Hat Sisters / Blue Dean Carcione – Split
Top Marks
Törst Obborun – Cheap Old Tunes & Harsh Noises
Torturing Nurse – Bleed
Torturing Nurse – The Lowest
Torquem – Ansiktet
Tostado and Dr. NoiseM – Hard Wired 3
Totally Pissed Off – Anarchist Brutality
Total E.T. – Collisionism (Plan 9 From Outer Space Revealed)
Total E.T. – Dimensionalgetic
TOTAL E.T. – impleMENTAL ALIENoise (Unearthly 23SOTV9)
Total E.T. – ParadOxymoron
Total E.T. – Subtunez
Total Normal – Tales Of The Expected
Totalitny Rezim – Closed Ward Memories
Totalitny Rezim – Exit Humanity
Totenlarm – Toten HNW
Toth Kina Hegyfalu – @ Noisy 13, Munich – 10.12.2013
toth kina hegyfalu – live from the Wakuum
toth kina hegyfalu – Tollasbแl (a) live
Tourism – Fresh Future
Toxic Chicken And Pollux – Prolific Bunnies
Toxic Chicken – Biscuits With Jesus
Toxic Chicken – Dog Park Electronix
Toxic Chicken – Make My Day
Toxic Chicken – My Cat
Toxic Chicken – My Musicbox
Toxic Chicken – Pure Playground Acid
Trancers – Blink Out (Single)
Travis Johnson – *d retr
Travis Johnson – Dakl / A-th
Travis Johnson (2) – Deltitnu
Travis Johnson / Jukka-Pekka Kervinnen – Floral Churn
Trigal – Esperanto
Trigal – Freedom of the psychedelic stoned sound
Trio telfær – Close Encounters
T.R.I.v.M. – Subtracks
T.R.I.v.M. – Subtracks Vol.2
T.R.I.v.M. Versus T.R. – Spiralternative
Tryouts – Blood Talk EP
Trocomordedor – Acrilico II
Trocomordedor – Mundo Payaso 悪質な
Trocomordedor – Trocomordedor
tt-vox – Deep Blue Rain
tt-vox – Za-Ku-Ro
Turnpike Glow – Fünke Pop
Tvärvägen – This river so red (video)
TV Messiah – early music/videos –
TV Messiah – Fuck You Up Like LSD
tvmessiah – Trust Us / Handicap Space
TwichGarden – Alpha – Omega
Twilight Abyss – Astral Plane
Twink – Critter Club
Twink’s ‘Dust Bunny on vinyl campaign
Twink – Happy Houses
Twink – Miniatures Volume 2
Twin Tomatoes – The Twin Tomatoes Thurston
Tyrant Flycatcher – Centralia


UFO Phil – Aliens Really Stink / Gravity
Uglisse – Lepperle

Ulguma – Primes (single)

Ulises Labaronnie – Union Analoga
UMBERTO – La Llorona
UMEZ – Good Bye My Friend
Umin – Cool Air Purveyor
Uncle Phil – Lady Jean
undr_nth – DEAD EP
Unicode – Transmission
Unicorn Hole – The Return Of The Revenge Of Unicorn Hole (The Sequel) (KOF 213)
Unknown Rockstar – Found pianos of Capital Hill
UMMAGMA – Lama Remixes
Unplugged Sessions – Unplugged Tape
Urinal Shit – Something Isn’t Quite Right
Urinate & Negodiaev – Untitled
Uschi-No-Michi – Ameratsu
Uské Orchestra


Vadim Kotinskiy – Night In Amsterdam
Vaginal Ass – Harsh Noise Attack

Vaginal Ass – Satanic Pombur
Vaginal Ass – Too Much Porn
Valanx – Silver
Vandalaze – Dog Jerk EP (STX 003)
Vandalaze – Dog Jerk (Official Video)
Vandalaze – Fax Head Said (video)
Vandalaze – So Real
Van De Velde – Holograph
Vanth – Mineral Series, volume 5

Variax – Baelg
Varios Artistas – Σшρτγ ◎ λ001
Various – “…It’s Called A Seperation”: 10 Years of Fathers Day.
Various Artists – 10b1t
Various Artists – 1 minute autohypnosis… 29th CD
Various Artists – 200
Various Artists – 2011/2012 Media Sampler
Various Artists – 4:00
Various Artists – AFA presents… – My Invisible Friend Vol. 1
Various Artists – Angry Arnold Records Compilation #1
Various Artists – A.N.T.R.X.X. FW14/15
Various Artists – Astral Data Tape
Various Artists – A Tribute To Satan
Various Artists – A Very Wrieuw Christmas
Various Artists – A Very Wrieuw Christmas Vol. 2
Various Artists – ADHD comp (24 print, 720k 3.5″ floppy diskette)
Various Artists – Alrealon Musique Presents: New Sonic Strategies
Various Artists – Back To Backwards Compilation
Various Artists – Back To The Floppies
Various Artists – ”best of various” a LEM compilation
Various Artists – Both Feet In Heaven
Various Artists – Closing the Year
Various Artists – Compilation SC006
Various Artists – Contact group lobit thread compilation vol 1 & 2
Various Artists – Cooter Records – IV
various artists covering The Flaming Lips’s Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots pt 1
Various Artists – Creatures Vol. 1
Various Artists – Creatures Vol. 2
Various Artists – Dare alla Luce
Various Artists – Depth Of Moribund Mind
Various Artists – Digital Office One
Various Artists – Disc Jockey
Various Artists – Elephant Six Way Shit
Various Artists – Eurnovision 2015
Various Artists – Exercises in Obscurism
Various Artists – Female Soloists in Berlin Vol. 2 (2013)
Various Artists – Flop-Pee
Various Artists – Floppy Kick Vol. 1
Various Artists – Funderground vol. 1
Various Artists – Genetic Transurfin’ 2015
Various Artists – Genre Wheel of Fortune
Various Artists – Gimme A Minute
Various Artists – Girls Alive
Various Artists – Glitter & Bleep – Joystick Pop
Various Artists – Gnashing Of The Teeth Of Time
Various Artists – GOSSSSSSARRRA
Various Artists – Hip & Miss
Various Artists – IFAR Comp One
Various Artists – IFAR Musique Concrète 4’33” Compilation
Various Artists – Impendance
Various Artists – Impressed
Various Artists – Imputed
Various Artists – In Da Blood
Various Artists – Interceded
Various Artists – Interdicted
Various Artists – Interfered
Various Artists – Intermitted
Various Artists – Interposed
Various Artists – Intersected
Various Artists – Interspersed
Various Artists – I Put A Time Bomb In Your Submarine
Various Artists – Irradiated
Various Artists – Irrecoverated
Various Artists – Irrepresated
Various Artists – Irresoluted
Various Artists – Irretrievated
Various Artists – Italian experimental underground 015 survey – volume II
Various Artists – It Was Ephemeral
Various Artists – Kittycore Vol. 2
Various Artists – Kontakt High
Various Artists – KONTINGENT II
Various Artists – La bèl’s friends
Various Artists – Lobit Music Festival
Various Artists – Lobit, Lo-Fi, Low Brow – Our 8kbps Revolution
Various Artists – Lugeri Sonus III
Various Artists – Lugeri Sonus IV
Various Artists – Marginal Stuff For Genuine Dorks
Various Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 1
Various Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 22
Various Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 24.
Various Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 25.
Various Artist – Midnight Radio Compilation 28.
Various Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation Valentines Day Edition 2015
Various Artists – Monstrous Melodies
Various Artists – Musique Pour Mali
Various Artists – Nervous Noise [compilation]
Various Artists – Netlabel Mixtape: Perempuan (Indonesian Netlabel Union)
Various Artists – New 7.0 (2012)
Various Artists – New 8.0 (2013)
Various Artists – NEW 10
Various Artists – New Year Compilation 2014
Various Artists – New Year Compilation 2015
Various Artists – Nightmares And Dreamscapes
Various Artists – Now That’s What I Call Retro-Futurism Vol.3
Various Artists – One Leg At A Time
Various Artists – One Year Of Empty Tales
Various Artists – Outer-Space Improvisation Vol. 2
Various Artists – Panic At The Planetarium
Various Artists – People shit on everything and are surprised that they only see shit – weakie discs audio zine #2
Various Artists – people shit on everything and are surprised that they only see shit – weakie discs audio zine #5
Various Artists – people shit on everything and are surprised that they only see shit – Weakie Discs’s audio zine #7 – Big Issue
Various Artists – Pirate Pop
Various Artists – Polyphonal
Various Artists – Poverty Electronics Volume 1
Various Artists – Poverty Electronics Vol. 2
Various Artists – Poverty Electronics Vol. 3
Various Artists – Retrovision
Various Artists – ROBOTS!
Various Artists – Samhainwork I
Various Artists – SAMIZDAT Floppy Disk #01
Various Artists – SAMIZDAT fLOppy DISK #02
Various Artists – SAMIZDAT FlOppy DISK #03
Various Artists – Sincerity Is The Key
Various Artists – Sirona-Records Mixtape
Various Artists – Sonopsies
Various Artists – Specimen – Featuring Cleveland, Ohio Area Music Experimentalists.
Various Artists – Split – Aires / Rui P.Andrade / Earthly Beasts
Various Artists – SP/Sirona Family Mix (By Toxic Chicken)
Various Artists – States of Morphology – Sonologyst revistited
Various Artists – Strange Terrain
Various Artists – Tape Safe Anthology Vol 6
Various Artists – Tape Safe Anthology Vol 7
Various Artists – Tape Safe Anthology Vol.8
Various Artists – Tape Safe Anthology Vol. 9
Various Artists – The 8kbps Compilation
Various Artists – The BFW Christmas Album 2012
various artists – The Big California Noise Compilation
Various Artists – Big Pennsylvania Noise Compilation
Various Artists – Genetic Transurfin’ 2015
Various Artists – The Death Of Music
Various Artists – The Music Of The Now Age
Various Artists – The Pee Mixes 2012
Various Artists – The Rainbow Conspiracy
Various Artists – The Rainbow Floppy Diskette Box of Joyishness
Various Artists – The Road Ahead
Various Artists – The Shuffle Project Volume 1
Various Artists – The Tribute To Karlheinz Stockhausen ‘Music Or Sound?’
Various Artists – The Unphysical Release
Various Artists – Tinsel Machine & Enter Snowman
Various Artists – Topology
Various Artists – To The Prettiest One
Various Artists – To The Prettiest One, volume 2
Various Artists – To The Prettiest One, Volume 3
Various Artists – To The Prettiest One, Volume 4
Various Artists – TRASHFUCK Chanukomp 2012
Various Artists – Under the Covers
Various Artists – vk_lobit birthday compo
Various Artists – VK LOBIT COMPO
Various Artists – VK_Lobit Comp #5
Various Artists – vk_lobit portable
Various Artists – VK_Lobit Spring Compo
Various Artists – WE ARE WAR [compilation]
Various Artists – Weird Foods
Various Artists – What’s This TV Channel?
Various Artists – World 1-2 (None)
Various Artists – You Might Have Heard Of Us… Vol.1
Varraghor – Butchered in Berlin
Vate – Exotica
Vate – Figuras rotas
Veggieman – In The Light Of Machines Single
Venta Protesix / Ana Venus – Pink Drive
Venus Rose – Venus Rising EP
Verjault – Inner Void Violence
Verjault – Killerself
Vexation Paranoia – Into The Sky
Vi-Fi – Before and After Calm
Vi-Fi – Long Experiment (Single)
vincent koreman – diabolikal kontraptionss
Vio\ator – Our Heaven Of Darkness
Virgo A – Ambient Softworks #1
Virilio – Signature
VISITORS – Hello World / 2012 VISITORS
Visszajáró & Expanded Ears – Split EP
Visszajaro – Lezet – Split
Vitamin Wig C – Anal Yoga
Vlad Shegal – ccbfwafmotgrffys
Vlad Shegal – Dancing On Drugs – 8 kbps
Vlad Shegal – Happy 28th birthday Katy Perry
Vlad Shegal – life, august 14, 2013
Vlad Shegal – live May 1, 2014
Vlad Shegal, KMDP, & Shine Lethargy – 4’33
Vlad Shegal – Night in the Forest of Death
Voai vs Floating Mind – D-view
void&light – papillon
VOK – Mental Disorder
volx – out of time
Vomir – Black Bag
Vomir – Live at Optimus Prime II
Vomir / Nascitari – Sameness
Vote for Bloom
Волк-людоед – Schweigsam

V.S.V. – Les Pierres De Baalbek
Vulthoorn – Suppression prepares for overflow
Vulture Shit – The Joys of Employment
Vulva – Vulva
VWT – Caffeine Tremors
Vyazkiy Sharab – Bite Of Scolopendra
Vziel Project & Flat Affect – Split


ว่างเพลงของฉัน – ว่างเพลงของฉัน
Walt Winston – Move Your Bass
WANDA GROUP – Masculinity is a wonderful thing
Warmer Sucks: An Interview With Vlad Stoian
Warren Schoenbright – Plateaus EP
Wasteland Jazz Unit – Burrows of Indication
WeAreAllSlaves/Third-I/Antitalent – Substitutional Tears
We Are Us – And This Is You
Weed – Intellectualty
Weerthof – Out Of Control
Wehrmacht Lombardo – Whore
Wehwalt & Zreen Toyz – Métamorphoses
We Ride On – have some
Weinberger – abundant emptiness
Weinberger – Eternal Nervousness
Weinberger – Loss And Vertigo
Wendell Harrison – Organic Dream (LHLP067)
Western Skies Motel – Reflections
Wet Dreamer – Demonstration MMXIV
Whiskah – BeetZ
White Eagle Jones – Green
White Tiger A:. A:. – The Nice People
Widiwava – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 5/4
Wild Wild Ambient Boys – We Don’t Rock
Willie Brown and Woody Doing John Legend’s “Ordinary People”
Wind Through Forever – Astronaut Depression
Wings Of An Angel – In This Morbid Dream, I Had A Direct Encounter With A Slow Motion Dissolution Into Nonexistence
Wings of an Angel – Lightworkers Are Us
Wings of an Angel & Tziona Achishena – The Dialogues Of Longing
Witch House (an insider/outsider look + recommendations)
Wizard In Danger – Welcome To Anti-Hop
W!DE Re:Ceiver – Strangers On A Traine
W!RE – Li(f)e
Wire – Wired EP
Wire Werewolves – And The Moon Became A Fang
Wold – Working Together For Our Privacy
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Violin Concertos Nos. 2, 3 & 4
Woodboot – Krang Gang
World Of Metal And Rust – Songs For Prisoners
World Of Metal And Rust – The Big Nothing
Wram – Nescit Homo
Wram – Torn Memory
Wrath Of Alien – Immortal Ancestors


xその宇宙に突出 – I
XORQZ – Electroshit

XP-43 – VIEW
Xtematic – Beautiful Negative
Xtematic – File X
xTremLawyer – New Vision
須 芳英 | Namasu yoshihide – 恐れずきたれ、百合んりんっ!|Do not fear , I want you to come here, Lilloritty!
XVLGHALOTH – Blood Spit War Fucking
Xzvlghaloth – Primitive Kings


Yalls – Vapid Glitch Vow
Yama – Ananta
Yeah I Know It Sucks Awards
Yeah I Know It Sucks – Floppy Diskette reviews Vol. 1
Yeah I Know It’s Slugs
Yeah I Know It Sucks Snack Sound Test!
Yeah I Know It Sucks – Underground Music Reviews Vol. 1
Yeah I Know It Sucks – Underground Music Reviews Vol. 2
Yeah, I Know, There’s Blood Everywhere: An Interview with Leaked Period
Yerunda Projet – I Saw Something Out Of The Corner Of My Eye
Yôko Higashi – Dzera
YONI YUM – Clam Glam
you’re the worst 2393 – 0-90 aaatlantic ocean
Yorihisa Taura – Nocturne
Yoshimi – ぐんまがスキ
Yoshimi! (AKA Niek Hilkmann) interviewed by KN
Yoshimi – Bottelaars en Beesten
Yoshimi! – Ik En Jij, Allebei
You People – Situational Awareness
Yullippe – Lys
Yva & The Toy George – Love Toys & Molotovs


z601 – Essential Mix
Zach and the imaginaries – Millenium balcon
Zach And The Imaginaries – Vieilles Cassettes
zach anner. – Strawberry GlaSS
Zack Christ – Fucking At Disneyland

Zakalm – I Punti Di Pressione
Zanoisect – Italians
Zanye East – Far East (None)
Zanye East – Middle East (None)
Zanye East – Wish House + Teleport Station
Zarach ‘Baal’ Tharagh – Demo V [re-release]

Zarbi Zibou – Zarbi Zibou
Zat – Healing
Zebra Mu / Robert Ridley Shackleton – Split
Zebra Mu – Small Talk
zencats – throwaways
Zke & Justin Gieber – Split
zheimeer & norka – mice
Zom-Belle’s Palsy – Happy Hour
Zombie Zombie – Plays John Carpenter
Zoran – Creations Drive Zero.infinity
Zoran & Lezet – Connected
Zoran – Primitive EP
ZX ELECTRIC – Fixed Unknown
Zyrtax – Outtacontrol


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