A to Z Review List of releases


Our 0 -A to Z list hasn’t been updated since 1961 .. (well actually since: 30 April 2015!!) so sorry about that… too much work! Instead of wasting time updating this list, we have been busy writing ‘reviews’… So if you want to know if we have featured you, or an artist of your choice, you can use the SEARCH option (on the top right of the screen..) and type in whatever you hoped to see and indeed search for it… If it isn’t there, please come back and try it the next day or the day after, till infinity! Best way to keep in track with new reviews is to follow us on the shitter.


0 – 9 / Symbols

& Others – Gargle-Garble
(o)thers – BEAUTY
(o)†hers – Drag Addiction
(o)†hers – NEEDS
(o)thers vs. Flat Affect – Schizotypal/Uptown
(o)†hers – Wʜᵼ†ᴐҥ Fɪc†ɪоɴ
(o)†HERS – What happened to Laurie Burk.? (AS)
(o)†HERS – What happened to Laurie Burk.? (LB)
+DulT+ – dult vidyo
✞een queen – say no 2 the police
⁅sヨ – Noise es Amor
ζ function – H
1 + 1 = A Window – Shapped Off
1/2 Southern North – Noise the Ether John (exp. rec.)
10 Questions you never wanted to ask to the GIFgirls of GIFgrond
18 Carat Affair – N. Cruise Blvd [EP]
2nnt – Portal of Psyclopsidae
2nnt – Universpace
30[eks] – Everybody Shake Your Ass (EP)
3dtorus – impact winter ep
404 page – condensate
4-4-2 Music – reclaim melody
4lungboy – Becoming More Task Oriented
5 music makers you should know about
52 Commercial Road – Communion
7inchWave – 1.44 MB Floppy Disc Single
7u? – Yeah
9Planets – The Ass
…Quite Simply… Cunt — Cuntamination
…quite simply…CUNT – Grinding Autumn Crust
░†_▲NTI_†░▌- Dislexia
■ – The Choice


Aaron Cooper – Electronic Frown//Tibetan Buddha Jukebox Circuit Bent Blues
A Beautiful Lotus & 120% says you’re going to explode – split floppy disc
Acrid Lemon – Acrid1
A Day Without Speaking – 6 Sonatine

A Day Without Speaking -Teaches You How To Sin
A Future For Mutants – Lie Machine
A Larkly Quoon: The James Worse Public Address Method
AAVV – Natale Letale
Abscess – Abscess EP
Achecorporation – Viewprofeno
Adam Thorton – the Human Being Machine

Adrián Juárez & Alter Breitenbach – Split Series #6
Advance Base – Our Cat
AFA Presents… – Roncheras

Agatunet, Somnium & RH – Split
AG Davis – Bent Bible
AG Davis – Bionicism
Agnes Pe – Barbarian Pathfinder
agnès pe – esputo aastal fraggle n’rock
agnes pe – EZ-ACTIVATOR
Agnes Pe – De Eurodance
agnès pe – kiki bonbon
Agnès pe – Odem Hiton
agnès pe. – Rob Herwig
ahelanthropus – The primitive path
ahnaiya Russell – Nostalgica
Akane Hosaka
Akane Hosaka – Loop Music
Ak’chamel – The Man Who Drank God

Ak’chamel, the giver of illness – My Form Has Been Extinguised
Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness – Old Norse Mara
Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności – Dżon
Alain Jans – Après Moi, Le Déluge
Alan Lauris – Dedicate (Official Video with handlettering by Arianne Notenboom)
Alan Lauris – Jezebel (single)
Alan Lauris – No Matching Socks / Following Albert
Alan Lauris – Q3 (The Quest Part 3) (EP)
Alaska in Winter – Memorex Floppy Disk 7″
Alavux – ADHD
a letter by The Pink Blob
Alex – A Vinyl Record For Someone I Care About
ALEX 14 – Cadet School
Alex (57) – Desktop
Alex Chester – Art Is Made Of Freedom, Vintage Dreams And Honey Tears EP
Alexey Kovalenko & Elena Galitsina – Early Summer Morning
Alex Picone – Furby FLoppy EP
Alex Spalding – 2hrsh
Alex Spalding – Amos In Flames
Alex Spalding – Cupid’s Basin
Alex Spalding – Dead Pulse
Alex Spalding – End Love Acid
Alex Spalding – Feelings
Alex Spalding – Grossa Nova
Alex Spalding – I’m Going To Die
Alex Spalding – Mindfucking You
Alex Spalding – Nightshade
Alex Spalding – No Mistaking (video)
Alex Spalding – Obelisk EP One
Alex Spalding – Obelisk EP Two
Alex Spalding – Themes From Toxic Chicken
Alexei Borisov + Sergey Filatov + Jelena Glazova – Plus
Alextron – Boys Don’t Cry
Alice Lues – Patrimony of Decay
ALIEN LOVE – Jupiter
Alien Operator – Acid Planet 2 uberon
Alien Operator – Crystal Portal
Alien Operator – Realms Are Unlimited
Alien Pop Band – Fuck You
Alien Pop Band – Lucky Day (coz you’re here)
Alien Pop Band – Pink Pussy
Alien Pop Band – Strange Public
Alien Pop Band – Visit from a Young Girl (music video)
Alison G. Madrigal – (Rec).Start_01 (ep)
Alisú – Nave Afrodita
All Machine / Emerge – …beyond…

Allneedrug – Allneedrug
Almark – -ATD-
Almark – A-Test
Almark – Implode
Almark Interview, I Choose YOU!!!
Almark – Tape Head
Almark – The “Nineteen Eighty Four’ Show 1.22.2013
Almark – Thought Patterns In ‘Documentary’ Form
Alphastare – Early Works
Alphastare – New Amerikan Folk EP
Alphastare/Wings of an Angel – Just Psychopathics
Alt255explosive – Clerk Impulse
Alyiann – Gravity Escalation
Alyiann – Journey
Alyiann – Sensual Sign
Amity In Fame – Through
Amma Jononsense – All The Candles Say I’m Crazy
Amma Jononsense – In Circles
Amo – Hepi klaun song
Amorality – New Millennium Cyanide Madonna
Amputacija Ruke – Digital Man
An interview with Hanin Elias in Cannes
Anal Discharge / kill a Celebrity – Floppy Dicks Split
Anastasia Vronski – Cold Night
Anastasia Vronski – The Sputnik EP
anata wa sukkari tsukarete shimai – the lost charles underscore
Anatomy0273 – Entartete Breakbeat Single
Anatomy#0273 – The Lakis Project
Ancient Funeral Cult – I fucked god when he was drunk
Ancient Lasers – You In The Future
André de Saint–Obin – Sound On Sound
André Rieu – Klompendans
Andy and Jake from ‘Weirdest Band In The World’ interviewed by KN
Andy Ortmann & John Wiese – recorder out of tune
Andy Rantzen – Let Them All In
Andy Rantzen – The Factory Of Unhappiness
Angel Lust – Breathing Helix Ring
Animals In Denial – Malicious Intent EP
Animal Machine & Exedo – Alice In Rottenland
Anklepants – Amilia-facé-é-on e.p (10 inch vinyl version)
Antarctica – Genetic Process Distorsion
Anthony Cecchetti – Pastel Poppies
Antoine Trauma – Horrorscopes
Antoine Young – Childhood In The Wood
AODL/ODAL – Split 3″CDR – 2008
a peek in a metal-scene by a metal-scene-insider (D.R.E.A.D. , Rottred & Kultivater)
A Peek Into The Future.
APF – Asket
APF – Que Vivan Los Muertos EP
Aphex Twin – Syro
Apolline D’Ash – Candeur EP
Apolline D’Ash – Waiting EP
Apollo Architect – The Wanderer EP
Applescal & Ryan Davis – Creatures EP
Archaic Earth – Hiraeth
Arctica – Tabatiel (IIIidriel Continue)
Arkhana – Ghosts
Arktis / Air – Arktis Air
Army of 2600 – Cronenberg Nightmares
Arnaud my old friend! (interview with Arnaud Barbe (Pollux) by Justin Thomas Squires
Arnold Faber – Lounge For Lizards
Arnvs – LCFR or: A Triptych of the Dawn Bringer
Ars Sonor & Co. – The End Of A Road (L1mbo Central)
Ars Sonor & Co – The Outer Limits (LP)
Ars Sonor & Meklabor – Box Of Matches
Ars Sonor – 124C 41+
Ars Sonor – Cause And Effect
Ars Sonor – Loco
Ars Sonor – Sjöarna
Ars Sonor – Sticking Together Moonlight Torn Apart
Ars Sonor – The Second Circle
ART ELECTRONIX – Mental Damage
Art Electronix – Meta
Artificial Memory Trace – Vibrunami Wave
Arthur – Kapitein Smikkelbaard
Arytnelanuko – Synechtrie
A super TOXIC fun interview with Mr. Jason EVIL Covelli
Asaguare – Failin Gawds
Ashley Reaks – Cold Body Pussycat
Ashley Reaks – Power Failure
Ashley Reaks – This Is Planet Grot
Asian Airplane Music
Asian Women on the Telephone – Awott
Ask An Adult – Ask An Adult
Ask An Adult – Brain Food
ASSUAJE – E kest va’pe kell
Astral & Shit – demiurge
Astral & Shit – spiritus vitae
A top 5 of high grossing underground music videos
Atom80mb – ma55 3nergy
Atomnation – Aniversary Compilation ’10’
Attic Ted – So It Goes
Audio Destruction – Earth
Aureola Electrika – Pleyades
Austeya – Teach Me
AustraliA – Robot
Autharktos – God Speed
Autharktos – Static
Autopsy protocol – teltbr
Autosomal – Beyond
Auxiliary Mammals – (Demo)
Aviator – I’m Not The Lonely One
Avoid Dave – Erasing Frames EP
Avs_Silvester – An Emptiness
Avs_Silvester – Collection of fantasies
Avs_Silvester & Shine Lethargy & ulguma & Vlad Shegal – 4-Way Split
Avs_Silvester – The Gypsum Album
A.W. Backhouse – Metallic Drones

Awwas – The Quagga Killers
Axel Schwunck – Love and Passion
Aya and Tyler – Oshuns of Love


b.burroughts / Justin scott gray / the One (family) – ONE TO SUCK, ONE TO FUCK
B3TAS – Ease EP
B8 – Computer Voice
Back To The Fucking Future – Death To Clubs
Bad ideas – 2014
balloonsex – an amazing saturday morning involving sea creatures
Balogh – Irrelevant Future
Baptiste Boiron & Chris Silver T – soliloque
Barry Soetoro – I Want Your Guns
Bash Nova – Apeiron
Bash Nova – Ferox Equus
Bash Nova – I Wont Help
Bash Nova – Yoruk
Bash Nova Vs Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Self-Titled
Bass-O-Matic – The First Issue
BASSOUND – Noise Of Warehouse
Bastard Child – A Cool Night Air
Bastard Child – Easter-bortion
Bastard Child – Thriving To Fail
Basura – 32kbps
Bath Toys – Bath Toys EP
Battle of the drones
BCBG – Noces d’Argent 7″
bc – Gathering Sparks
Beachers – Riga: Christmas Eve to Christmas Day 2014
Beat Radio – Singles 2014
Bedroom – In My Head
Behind The Gun – BTG 2012 Demo
Being a fan of Will Glaser
Being – I: Odes to Nothing
Being Mark Markovich
Beira – Carillon
Beira – Dying Bits
Beira – Pixelinx
Bejevoe – Umbi EP
Belinda Bedekovic
Benge – Sulieo
Bernd Geßler  – sehr kuschlig
BERTIN – mini
BERTIN – Toonbare figuren (Sounding shapes) (2015)
Beutenwaffen – Apocalypse
Bickley – Rainbow TV Fuzz
Biff Thuringer – Peace of Mind
Big Brother On Acid – Big Brother On Acid
Big Debbie – AB-RA-CA-Deb-RA
Big Debbie – Desert Transmissions
Bill Gates / Lord Slug – Bill Gates / Lord Slug
Bindanox – Total Freedom
Biom-Use – Biom-Use
Bit Laden – PORN-OH-RAMA
ビオラン3 – exits
bjerga iversen – The Cholesky Decomposition Method
b-knox – say anything into your phone
Black Boss – EP1
Black Matter Phantasm – )°(
BlackONwhite – Vision of Oblivion
Black Pony – Funeral for Lazarus
Black Rabbit – Olde King Ass-Knuckle
Blank Sphere – Blank Sphere
Blank Sphere – Darkness EP
Blakbody vs C.Mantle – In the Mouth of the Sindrome
Blastculture – Remain Relaxed (AS)
Blastculture – Remain Relaxed (KN)
Blastculture – Technojesus Refix
Bless in Noisy – Make Peace Not War
Blue Hands – Blue Hands
Blitzkrieg Baby And The Squealing Piglet Ensemble – Porcus Norvegicus
Blok – Самый Первый Альбом
Blood On The Dance Floor – Evolution
Bloody Romero – I Remember The Rain
Bloody Romero – Jazzzzz
Bloom ❤ inter-wieuw by KN
Bloom – Animal Spirit
Bloom – Animal Spirit (2)
Bloom – The World For You
Boards Of Canada – Reach For The Dead (Single)
Bobby Shakespeare – F*ck The Industry Standard
Body13 – Those Who Dream By Day Are Cognizant Of Many Things
Body Morph – Pussy For Breakfast B/W Medical Fame Double Cassette
Bofirax – Uncountable Dots
Bogong In Action / Ne Travaillez Jamais – (Split c15) [HysM?015]
BOM [Bass-O-Matic] – Live @ Hut (Vienna)
Boogie Monster – Castle In The Clouds (Digi-7″)
Bookwar – deconstruction
Borealis – Aurora
Bored Spies – Summer 720
Borstal Boy – They Gave The Children Drugs
Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani – Football Is Life
Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani – Jemenfous
Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani – MOON ON FIRE
Bottlesmoker – Hypnagogic
Bottlesmoker ft Little Penguin – Last Christmas
Bo & Slimonosaures – Explorations in wonderland EP
BOOM! – BOOM! Singles
Bouwakanja – escape
Boycunt – Boycunt
Boy+Girl – Boy+Girl
Brain – Circus Lions
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan – Deep // Dark + Please + Trip Metal
Breaking Traditions – Vanity
Brett Naucke – The Visitor
bricksKILL – Badly Designed
Broads – Care & Handling EP
Broads – Omno
Bronze Eye – Sleep Studies
Brother Android – Black Gate 3.5” Floppy Disk
Brown Eyed Boys – Where Did You Go?
Brownian Motion – Midnight Vawk In The Park
Bruwka – Bruwka
Brztot’s Throne – Hail Satan Hail Brztot
Buben – Kernel
Bug – Data#Chaos
Bug – Major Mindglitch
BUG – sediment
Bulletins – Human Music
Bull Of Heaven – I Watched You Enter Your Home From Inside A Dumpster
Bull of Heaven – Lemniscate 1
Bunai Carus – Indigo
Burial – Rival Dealer
Burning House – Burning House
By This River – Lantern
Bye-Product – Closet Generation – Single (KN)
Bye-Product – Closet Generation – Single (AS)
ВИА Пампасная Трава – Звезда


c-c – King Boy + Girl Kong ((Remixes))
c4 – 7 of 9
C4 – Nuclear Families
c4 – Opticus
c4 – Power Pack
Cacti Curator – Railroad Downshifting
Caelicus Pugna – And There Was War In Heaven
Caelicus Pugna – Manducans Et Universi
Caelicus Pugna – Rain
Caelicus Pugna – remixed by Toxic Chicken
Caelicus Pugna – The Sweetest Thing From Holland
Caffeinate – CCC
Caffeinate – In C8H10N4O2 We Trust
Caffeinate – Substitute
Cagey House – Medicine Hats
Cagey House – Stations-Alive
Can Can Heads – Butter Life
Can Can Heads – Can Can Heads is Ruining the Classics
Candyman – Goodbye, Goodbye Baby (LTR 72456)
Candy Teeth – Seven Days Of Manic
Canopy – Echoes
Canopy – The Healing Seasons
CANS – Central Asian Nervous Systems
Canvax – Anomaly
Canvax – Condense
Capital Umano – Babies EP
Captive Bolt – Rape, Slaughter, Slavery and Vivisection
Careless Messenger Recordings✆ (division under Comtex) – A5 (single)
Carlos Ramirez & Chris Silver T. – Artifact
Carlos Ramirez – Time Travelers
Carol – for me
Casa del Mirto – Taxus Baccata (None)
Cash Pony – Zero Charisma
Cássio Figueiredo – Diário
Caténine / Funeral Advantage Split EP
Cate Wurtz – April
CDR – Idol Idiots
Celestial Waters – Geometrical Witchcraft
Chameleon Jersey – Alone As One
Chameleon Jersey Featuring Liliam – Everything Is Nothing
Chameleon Jersey – Interlude
Charlton – Intelligent Life EP
Chav Stabber – Dual Channel Assault (Video)
Чокнутый Пропеллер – Глазами Детей (Single, 2014)
Cheon kim – Cheon kim
cheon kim – eat dogs drink cats
Cher – Woman’s World
Chibre / Trou – Split
Chimney Crow – Band Meeting #1
Chimney Crow – Bucks Bike Ride Bride
Chimney Crow – Maggots
Chimney Crow – Sarah Kristina
Chipzel – Super Hexagon EP
Chlorine – Downer Notes
Chochos y Moscas – Chochos y Moscas
Chochos Y Moscas – Puli Mi Yonki
Chornosnig – Атавизм Рая
Chris Silver T – Last Day Damage View
Christopher Alvarado And Jack Hertz – Revealing The Arcane
Christopher Alvarado With Mystified – Through Liminal States
Chronos – Improvisations
Chuckpersonseccojams – Relocated! [[ 煙 の 兄 弟 EP ]]
Circle of Shit – Death to Nu Metalcore!
Circle of Shit – Rape Culture
Circle of Shit – Vittumaista Kohinaa
Circuit Demon – Porn Anthems
City Dragon – dogs dogs
Clara and the Great Goddamn – Asking for It (And Other Songs that will Disappoint my Parents)
Cleaners From Venus – Denmark Street
Clockwork Orchestra – A Fish For A Heart
Clockwork Orchestra – Percy
Clockwork Orchestra – The Generator Girls (video)
Clockwork Orchestra – The Man With The Golden Nose
Clubs For Boardgames – IXTLI / Ollin
Cmn Ineed Yr Hlp – It Came
Colonel Red & White Eagle Jones – When A Man (2TR)
Colton Phillips – 2
Comando Bruno – South Side
Common Citizens – Singles
Computer Suspect – Aʞrótata (Miniature)
Concealed Sequence – Aural Unrest
Concealed Sequence – Digital Blasphemy EP
Concealed Sequence – The Entropy EP
Connor Cruise – Closer To Heaven
Conrad Schnitzler – 10.10.84
Consistency Nature & Flat Affect – A Dream Of Anopsia
Consistency Nature – Coulee Made Flesh
Consistency Nature & Graffiti Mechanism – Split
Consistency Nature – Malignant Mollusk Milieu
Consistency Nature – Moving
Consistency Nature – There Will Be No Silence After Death
Consistency Nature – The Tunguska Event
Consumer – rB>C
Contraktor – Private Contractor
Contraktor – Turn Down For Merzbow
Convulsia Darklove – Bedroom Demo
Corkscrew № 4453556 – Philoctomy
Corporate Pornography – Beauty [single]
Corroded Master – Distorted Conception
Cosmic Shenggy – Untitled
Cousin Silas – Dronescape 022
Covolux – Why
Creation Through Destruction \ The Haters – Split (7” Vinyl)
C.Reider & C.Hodges – Four Improvisations
Croak – Croak
Crooked Compass – As Low As You Are High
Crooked Weather – Long Garden
Crossdirt – Crossdirt
Crowave – S A D N E S S, L A U G H S A N D D R U G S
Crowd Control – GAME OVER! EP
Crown Larks – Blood Dancer
Crown Larks – Catalytic Conversion
Crows Labyrinth – Travels
Crunchy Person – Take Me To Yer Leader
Cryovolcano – 005
Cryovolcano – 008
Cryovolcano – 009
Cryovolcano – 010
Crysknife007 – Every Super Mario Brothers Sound Effect At Once
Crywank – Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday And Everyday Is Stupid
Cspot – Spot #1 / Spot #2
Cullllt – Attached
Culto – Culto II
Cunt Fuckula – Welcome back, slut!
Curious – Days (Single)
Cyborgs On Crack – 66D Mutations
Cyborgs on Crack – Microprocessed: 2012
Cyborgs On Crack – Tapeworm
Cyril M. – Attraction & Répulsions
Cyril M. – Démesure Du Vide
Cyril M. – Ombres (None)
Cyril M. – Vertiges


Daizy – Aramat
Dalot & M.Cadoo – Phantom Strains
Dancing Headless Pig – EP
Daniel J. Davis – Cycles
Dancing Deadlips – Song of the Flight
Danger Alert – Psycho Cat Killer
Dangerous Beat – XE33 Raped by pop culture
Dani House – Alien Kidd / When I Was 19 / Forgive / I Want To Be A Cyclops
Dani House – Guitar Songs
Dani House – Pow! (Bam Boom Bang)
Darkbox – Hold Me
Darkstar83 – don’t seek the truth
Dark Orchard – Blossom
Dark Willow – Platinum
Dark Willow – Supercool
Dank Tony – You could have stopped this…
Datacrashrobot – Disassembler
David Nemeth – A Noise Life
David Somló – Movement
David Van Tieghem – ‘Ear Drums’
Dayin – Letting Go of People
D. Carbone meets Honzo – In a Bipolar Disorder
De Drie Dieren – Van Dier Tot Dier
Dead Bait – KHW
Dead In Sacramento – Over Tbe Fiery Wall Of The Horizon
Deafness – Mutation I, II, III
deafness – Unknown Depths
Dear Mark Owen,
DEAR STRANGE – The Unicorn
Death Register – Phonaesthesia
Decaf Percussion – Clay Pots And Cars And Birds
Decenyl – X
Deep Fried Embryo – Life And Dead
Deep Fried Radio Static – Deep Fried Radio Static
Deffektegg – Weightless
Deformister – 1004 Noises
DeLorean.88. – Sleepwalking
Dentist John – Dogwalker
Dentist John & Flat Affect – Professional Fieldrecorders At Work
Depression at Denny’s – The Underwear Grrrls
Depressurizzazione – Circolo
Der Domestizierte Mensch – =Nerven=
Der Domestizierte Mensch – Dodge City
Der Domestizierte Mensch – Not Today
Der Kvnstler – Der Kvnstler EP
Destiny’s Child – Destiny Fulfilled
D.F.E.T. – Doublevel
Die Society Die – Fake
Die Society Die – One
Die Society Die – Plague
Digitally Fuct – Eclectic + Depakote – Mania
Dingle – Bitches Get Glitches
Dingle Of Flaccid Plastic Records (Interview)
Dino Felipe – ampithetique
Dino Felipe – Bang Chain Gang
Dino Felipe – Friends
Dino Felipe – Friends (official video)
Dino Felipe – Lip Glossed
Dino Felipe – Personality Crisis
Dino Felipe – The Seq.’s
Dino Felipe – Wet Dreams
Diode Milliampere – Psychic Pizza Connection
Diode Milliampere – YMF262
Dirt Complain – Nutella Gurl
Discombobulated Gringo Postpeople – Murmurs From A Faraway Planet
Disgruntled Boy Wonder / Psychosomatic Constipation – Split
Diskrepant – Vibratoratus
Divan Rouge – Divan Rouge
Dizzonanz Domestic – Daily Frustrations
Djanan Turan interviewed by KN
Djanan Turan kickstarting the MAZE EP
Djanan Turan – Maze
Djanan Turan – Maze (video)
Djanan Turan – What She Wants
Djanan Turan – Why Don’t You Do Right
DJ Basura – Migo Gang
DJ Black Guy – Black Guy Electronic Circus / Burnt Out / Beats by DJ Black Guy
DJ Humiliation – Love Child
dj physique magnifigue – ep 1
Djozr – The Construction Of Reality In The Mind Of The Cognizing Subject
DMDN – Sling Trip 2
dmh – prayers
Doc Wör Mirran – A Tale Of Two Titties
DogCookingEggs – Cat Pizza
Dogprodz – Please Escape
Dominik T – Demo
Dona Davos – Say Goodbye to the 90’s
Donna Donka – Crazy Kids
Doombox – Doomsday(s)
Doombox – Temple Of Doom
Doomettes – Christmas Is For Capitalism
Doomettes, Crown Fire Regime, Skopt, & S.L. – No Shelter
Doomettes – Into The Next Dimension / Ten Minutes To Fill
Doomettes / Joel Nobody – With A Flashlight ‘Neath My Chin
Doomettes – Our Bodies Are Vessels – Their Pitch Is Poor
Doomettes – Presidents’ Day
Doomettes – Tight Spaces
Doomettes – Windows/Mirrors
Doomettes – You Come Around Once A Year
Doornen – Caveman Prototype
Đỗ Tấn Sĩ – Demo EP
Dot – EP
Dr. Almeja – RMXD
Dramavinile – the summer forced isolation
Dream League Soccer – Thank You, Juan Valdez
Dreka Dreka Dreka – Existench
dreKu – Andes invaders
DreKu – Cumbia Dub Single
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde – Leaving Marrakech
Dr. NoiseM – A
Dr.NoiseM / Duality Micro – Hard Wired
Dr.NoiseM – Earthquake
Dr. NoiseM – Harsh X-Ray
Dromedário Bicicleta – Todos os Dias em Que Estive Aqui (blablablabla)
Drvg Cvltvre – My Blood Runs Black
Droppings – Davey Bellows EP
Duke S. – ○Ж۩ﺚ◘Ψ•
Durastatic – Unfortunate realizations
Dva Zagorodnyh Doma – Mir 10”
Dva Zagorodnyh Doma – Self-Titled
Dysylumn – Conceptarium EP <KN 1 sep 2013>
Dysylumn – Conceptarium EP <KN 10 march 2014>


Earth Girls – Earth Girls
Ech(o) interviewed by The Pink Blob
Ech(o) & Swin Deorin – This Has Nothing To Do With Anything

Ech(o) – The Grace Of The Appalling
Ed Gein Motherfucker – Demo (2006)
Eduardo Zambrano – Music for Alien Ships
Egil The Eagle – Ulvsunda
Ehafh – Big Empty Light
Eisenlager – Crazy English Summer
eisenlager #featuring (Philippe Gerber John 316) (Wings of an Angel) – Himmelhozteg (video)
Eisenlager – Wanderweg
Ekoplekz / Drvg Cvltre
Electrosexual – Automatic People (Ft. Hanin Elias) [Single]
Electrosexual – Fetish [ASFR]
Electrosexual – Tempelhof (single)
Elektro Flux – On My Own Way
Elektrojudas – Something Like Underworld
Elektrojudas / XNDL – Split
Elekrosandy – Raketa
Elena Rose – Remix 11
Eliot Cardinaux – Either/Or
Elizabeth Veldon – A Map Of Privilege / A Map Of Pain
Elizabeth Veldon, Ars Sonor And Sean Derrick Cooper Marquart – Her Her Hers
Elizabeth Veldon – Glen Tanar
Elizabeth Veldon – Music For Dead Factories 1 – 3
Elk – Chase Me
Elliot Moss – Big Bad Wolf
Emaciated Waste – Door To Door Drug Dealer
Emanuele Fais – Confusione post-depressiva
Emanuale Fais – Detuned Lullabies for Unborn Children
Emanuele Fais, Stefano Balice, Tommaso Busatto – The unlistenable dub project
Emmanuel Holterbach – The Horizon is yet to come
Emanuele Muro – Brokenline
Emerge – Crack
Emerge feat. Don Vomp – retention
Emerge – Minuscule
Emerge – oneirism
Enko – Air Gss
Eoforwine & Chochos y Moscas – Split
Eoforwine / Raven – Split
Eoforwine – Ruins
Eoforwine – The flood
Epiphany 42
Equitant – Kompressor
Equitant – Zurich
Eren Silence – Eren I
Eric Arn – Points of Fissure
Eric Laurence – Broken Vision
Erin Sexton & Julie Rouse – Décalage Ascendant
Ermo – Single
E-Shine – 9
Ethnomite Pux – Death Trance
Ethyl Snowman – The Restaurant
EugenKha – Atmosphere
EugeneKha – Close Space / December 9th
EugeneKha – Jam 2 EP
EugeneKha – Pride & Prejudice (Single)
EugeneKha – VOLGA
EUS – Sol Levit
Evan Marien – Koslov Club
Evgenij V. Kharitonov – DW8KBPS
Ev Xanadu – Purple Rain
Execution Support Act – As The Inhabitants Slept
EXEDO – Stuprum
Exit Oz – Împământenit
Expert Toneless – YNZ
extra-tourist – Adventure Time
Ex You – Ex You


Fabiorosho / PL433 – Interesting Music
Fabrizio Cacciamali – When In A Crowd I Feel Lost
Failure – Akonit
Failure – First Performance Without A Harp
Failure – NGC 2024
Fäkalien – Mineral Series vol. 3
Fantome – Love
Farthest South – Spheres & Constellations
Fastest – Theme
Fatal Jamz – One Of The Girls
Fatal Jamz – Young Bitches In Love
Fatcocktail – Winnie da Dead
Fault Worship – 0/0
Faunlet – Fauna of the heart Flora from beyond
Fecal Fetal – Mechanisms of the Hissing Field
Fekal Terror – Black Copro Noise
Felicity Mangan – Emu
Female – Dreemer (single)
Fernando Carvalho – Painting
FETTER – FETTER (The Ego Album)
Filthy Turd – My Name Is Filthy
Fire To The Stars – Keep You Safe
Fist Full o’ Snacks – Climb the Glass Mountain
Five golden voices you should know about.
Flácido Domingo – U’re A Fooken Jerk!
Flat Affect & Alexander Bianco
Flat Affect / Bastard Child (Shaun Phelps) interviewed by KN
Flat Affect – Cleaving Unto Silence
Flat Affect / Jason “Evil” Covelli – Untitled
Flat Affect & Krll – Peeled Sessions
Flat Affect – Music For Muscle Relaxers
Flat Affect, &Others, Proud//Fathers – A First Time for Everything
Flat Affect & Ritval Addikt – untitled (Microcassette)
Flat Affect / Spacings – Split
Flat Affect – Supplemental Verses
Flat Affect – Transition
Flat Affect VS Bastard Child
Flesh / Meat – Muzak For Dying Batteries
Floppy Kick (The floppy label) interviewed by KN
Floppy Porn – Floppy Drive
Floppy Totaal (The Floppy Diskette Festival) / report/
Floyd Kelly – HeliosXII the epic
Floyd Kelly – The Doorway: A Sonic Journey
Flyafter – Demo
Fm-ra – experimenting 24/05/2014
Fm-Ra – Timeless
Fm-Ra & jjoth – Impossible Worlds
Fonnia – Nediv
Forever Lesbians – Sherry
for Lunar Dust – Simple things
Former Descent – The State Of In-Between
Former Utopia – Collapsar
Fortier – someday i’ll be as weird as you
FortyOne – Swinging’ single
Francisco Meirino – The Back Of My Skull
Frank Vis VS Stephen Doyle – FVVSSD Tape
Frans de Waard – One Hour As Party People
Fred Daphne – Cellphone XXI
Freddy t. and the people (featuring David Harris) – dime will shine / on stage
Fresh Water Girls / Herukrat
Fresh Water Girls / Sissisters
Friends and enemies – Frenemy
Friends and enemies // Sequencer Prototype – Split
From the Willowmeadow – Overcity Dreams
Frontcore – One Of Us
Frontyards – ¿Adónde Vas?
Fross – Ausencia en Claroscuro LP
Froze.Hatech – FLoppy Promo
Frozenlost – Winter Never Dies
funeralopolis – To: Bonnie
Funturistic – Rural Kerfuffle
Furball – Annie
Future – Abyss EP


Galactic Kaleidoscope – Revolutions Of The Modern Age
Galactic Kaleidoscope – Wild is The Winter

Galati – Wide Open Spaces

Galaxy Soundwave Project – Space Gator
Gamble, Gamble, Die – Badman EP
Gary Mother Fucking Oak – Rebirth
Gastón Cereceda – Black Rainbow (EP)
GayAndy – End of New Year
Genetic Trance – Tha Acid Walkah
Genlevel – Back 2 Basics
Genlevel – Patience EP
Gehinnom – Eis Geennan
Geolm – It Won’t Happen Again EP
George Junk & Auston K – 1990
Gerald Fiebig / Pierce Warnecke – Split (ACE 1003
GHOST – Cursed Forever
Ghost Nebula – Whispers And Cries In The Abyss
Gica Craioveanu – Romani techno
Gifgrond – Oh No
Gila Monster – ‘Fuck Girls’ Single
Gimcrack / Subversive Intentions – Trash Test Dummy EP
Girl Scouts – Loud? – Secret Plot To Destroy The Entire Universe – Kilgore Trout – Split
Glanko – Telekommand EP
Gloucester & Lauraine C. – Rendered Useless
Gluid – The Metamorphosis EP
Gnesa – Wilder
Go Gun – Solar Poweress
God Pussy – Domínio Planetário
god’s lovely asteroid – Freaks of Nature Nurture (noise remix)
Golden Gurls – Typo Magic
Golden Leap – Preludium Nuit EP
Golgotha Communications – Wine, Women and Song Pt2
Gomae – Separated Differences
Go No Go For Launch – Re-Entry
Good Romans – Open This Door, Never Look Back
Google Glass
Gooze – Delirious
Gordon – Dios Es Amor
Goreky – Bootze Bass Errors
Goreky Park – Trashoiid Foam
Gotard – Green Heart
Ghryzly Atoms – Cassandra Complex: Episode 1
Graffiti Mechanism – a
Graffiti Mechanism – Chicken Classics Volume 2
Graffiti Mechanism – Drop-Out
Graffiti Mechanism – In vitro
Graffiti Mechanism – noise set in miniature
Graffiti Mechanism – plebian
Graffiti Mechanism – Skun
GRAI – ГРАЙ – Язь (single 2014)
Grandmother – Family Time
Green Shadow – Green Shadow sings goodbye song
Gregaldur 7″
Greg Borgardts – In Good Spirits
Grey Pale Sinister – Obscure
Grigoriy Nedelko – Let Them All Hear (single)
Gromska – Zabava
Gumbel – 8-bit Love Machine EP
Gumbel – Cavan
Gumbel – Huracanado EP (AS)
Gumbel – Huracanado EP (KN)
gvozdi gnilyh grobo – ĦƱŁƱD₦▲¥▲ ŁU₦▲ (raw shit SĦUR▲ cover) [single]


HADAR – Jordan IS Palestine
Haddaway – What Is Love
Hahaha Etc – Hahaha Etc
Haha! What The Fuck? – Calculated Monstrosities

Haiiyuuko – Post noise
Haiku (a poem by just a Dude)
Haiku 2 (another poem by just a Dude)
Hal McGee & The Moog Theremin Performances
Half A Jelly Turtle – Rainbow In My Head
Handwriting! – …and?
Hanin Elias & Noia – Scream (Fantome Remix)
Hank Harry – The boy of your dreams
Hank Mobley – …Streaming From Meaningful Stares
Hank the Think Thank – Just Hmm.. it
Hanoe Ish – New Bad Life
HappyGhost – IN 1996
Harco Rutgers from esc.rec. (interviewed by KN)
Harry Merry – The Sky-Fun Reels And Angelica Kneels
Harry Merry – Village Life In 1905
Hassan K. – Decadance of Ispahan
Hassan K. – Talab
Hatari Power Wind
Hate-Male – I Want Your Sex
Haut&Court – La vie
Head Joint – Inspired By
Heavy Metal – Cadillac 69
Hectic Head – Slim Gravy
Hectic Head – World Wide Consciousness
Hectic Head – XX FAIL XX
Heinous Noise – Live Single
Henry C. Rial – The Chernobyl Mistake
Herman Bilderberg – Bluebirds, Blackbirds (single)
Hertzcanary – Birds just wanna have fun fun fun
Hexagon Sun – Subtle Growth <AS>
Hexagon Sun – Subtle Growth <KN>
Hey Exit – Anura
hfae presko – untitled
Hi! – 23:32
Hilde Holse – Krossane
Hiyohiyoipseniyo – €! (Single)
Hiyohiyoipseniyo – al ARMA
Hiyohiyoipseniyo – Arritmia Del Meu Cor
hiyohiyoipseniyo – Drawtorture 01
hiyohiyoipseniyo – homemadecontactZ
hiyohiyoipseniyo – la dinamo turgent mou els príaps de foc
Hollow Phobos – Get High And Kill Yourself
Høly Vøid – )))
Holzkopf – Sharp like a broken bone
Holzkopf / Puh Quh – Winter Germz
Homme – Caverna
Honeyfuzzmole – The Lo-Fi Adventures Of Honeyfuzzmole
Hong Kong loves losers in love.
Hoodie Woody Freaky – Self Titled
Hu Creix – Far from my lost history
Hu Creix – The Last Door
Hugs Bison – Flying in V formation
HUH – Holy Shit
HUMANFLUIDROT – view from the floor
HUMANHATE666 – constructive destruction
HumanHate666 / GOOZE – Two Ways of Pain
HumanHate666 / WeAreAllSlaves – HumanHate666 / WeAreAllSlaves Split
HumanHate666 – Zerfall
HUMANS – Obsolete Medicine
H.U.N.X. – I Vant To Suck Your C**k”
Hyaena Fierling – Lunar Road
Hynra – Super Mandrive
HuorrouH – Bunk 1
HuorrouH – Lobit Madness
Hybernation & Rainbow Valley – Parcel 02
Hybernation – The Old Waterworks
Hynra – Sound of Jasmine
Hyphens – Islands
Hypnozyl – Topsyturvydom “Best Off”


i AM esper – Ecotone EP (KN)
i AM esper – Ecotone EP (AS)
i Am Esper – the arc of a tree, and the shape of a cloud
iampervert – nemophilistica
iamyank – Lost Sounds
I, Cactus – I, Cactus
IceJJFish – On The Floor
IceJJfish – the youtube superstar
il culo di Mario – All you can Hitler
I Get Hiv On Television / Dædal Sphallðlalia – Invoking Chaos Gods Around The Bonfire
I Get Hiv On Television – Dub Experience
I Get Hiv On Television – Nikki Belle [EP]
I Get HIV On Television – Phase Praise EP
ihanen – Hitom-himlen
Iker Omazabal – The Opposer
IL Culo Di Mario – Il Tamburo Della Jungla (video)
I Love Monsters – Two Words
I TORGUEMADA – The Book, The Eye, The Scourge
iampervert – Hexenwahn
Instagon – Live At Witch Room
Ichtyor Tides – Cellars Descqent (The First Recordings)
Ichtyor Tides – Eever Schapes
Ichtyor Tides – Eever Schores
Ichtyor Tides – Mortisle Elytrion
Icolmkill – Constant Being
Idklang / Cordyceps – Split
Ihy – Light & Shadows EP
Ifang – Delusion
Ike Harold – Firenze Rehab Week
Ike Harold – Red EP
Ike Harold – White EP
Iker Ormazabal & Oier Iruretagoiena – La Solana
iky iky – Collection 2011-2012
IL CULO DI MARIO – Alito Brazil
Il Culo di Mario – Osvaldo (video)
Incubate festival (review / report sunday 21 sept 2014 by Linda & friend)
Indifferrent Spaces – IS?
Indifferent Spaces – IS9.ADHD
INDU MEZU – When motherboard burns out
Industry Rivals – White Fur Trader
Infinite Quazar – Journey
Infinity Girl – Just Like Lovers
Ingrid – Long Thin Monster Single
Inside the mind – Goodbye friend
Instagon – 6 6 6
Instagon – live at outsound summit
Interview With Graham Boosey, the director of Wrieuw Recordings
INTI – Cuerdas (EP)
intouch – dummy
Introspectral – The Weird Side of the Mundane
InZaine – Opaqus Recordings
Iohannes – Soundscapes
Iranon – Painting The Sound
Irr. App. (Ext.) / Panicsville – Split EP
irrlicht project – Bit Shit Vol. 1
irrlicht project – dat fuzz
irrlicht project – OPUlent Strangers
irrlicht project – tekknomixx16k
irrlicht project – uygur forests
Isteronproject – Furniture Music #2
IT052 Project – Forgotten Accords
Ivar Sigurbergsson – Fly to the sky
I.v.Martinez the alien sound producer (interviewed by KN)
Itzhak Volansky – My Parachute Won’t Open


JAAJA on gifgrond
Jacob Brant – Rainmaking

Jack Anderton – Vale
Jacker Seppeli – das isch no musig
Jack Hartmann – Valentine’s Day Party Dance
Jack Hertz – Nataraja
Jacowe – Het Matriarchaat
Jacq Sporadic – Spore Haddock EP

jaewon jawan – saturday night palsy
J Alan Wallace – MIDI
James Blake – Klavierwerke EP
James Breeze – What Is It You Would Have Me Do?
James Ian McKenzie – Capital
James Kiwi – Brand New Car Wreck
James Watts – Beautiful Monster
Jankenpopp – Chemtrail
Jankenpopp – Zombie Media
Janne Nummela – Movements
Jansky – Immersione
Jan Strach – Trawiaste Miasto
Jan Terri – Journey To Mars / Excuse My Christmas
Jared C. Balogh – Bass Bliss
Jared C. Balogh – Simplistic Future
Jason “Evil” Covelli & Doomettes – The 51st Release Of SPNet
Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli & Joel Nobody
Jason “Evil” Covelli / RedSK / Flat Affect – Three Way Floppy Fuck
Jean Frusaglia & The Amazing Moms – Untitled Untouchable Unlistenable Bastard Release
Jean Nine – Whispers And The Storm
Jelena Glazova – Ilia Belorukov – Split Tape
Jelle Buma – Sweach
Jesse Brinkerhof – Uninstal iPad Firmware iOS 5.0.1
Jessica Williamson – Resurgence (Single)
Jesus. It’s A Musical! – a thoroughly modern nativity
jez PA Speelman & Adam Hunt – Classic Pop EP
Jii-Music – The Realms Mourne
Jimmy Penguin
jjoth – 4ervie
Jjoth – academaniac
jjoth – Kohanka & Nebo
Jjoth / Razxca – Split
Jjoth – Sprites. 1
Jjoth – ve4nost ilisa
jjoth – Whiterape
Jmark – Somewhere Towards Home
Joan of Arse – I’m Fucked
Joe Bone & The Dark Vibes – Voodoo Blood
Joe DeGeorge and J.S. Bach – In Glove With Bach
Joe DeGeorge: Sax Machine – Made To Be Lovin
Joel Nobody & Franklin 32 – All the way live
Joel Nobody, ✡!! & Others – 3 Way Split
Joel Nobody – Rest Easy, Pilgrim
Joel Nobody – Weedy’s Last Ride
Joey Boy – Fun Fun Fun
Joey Molinaro
Johan Dykstra – Three Horns
Johan Ess – Vltrahex (Sirona Edition)
Johanna Warren – Fates
Johanna Warren – My Storm (video)
John Bassett – Stay Away From The Dark
John Ov3blast – Yours Faithfully
Jonas The Plugexpert – Electra EP
Jon Coop – The A-
Jorg – Esc.Rec.36
Jorge Bernstein & The Pioupioufuckers – A Taste Of Win
Joseph Anton – Infiltrator
Josh Paton – Untitled Pieces
Josh Quillen – Steel Drums
JOUX JOUX vs. Gerald Fiebig & Alexander Möckl – Private Transport (Angstroehre RMX)
Jr. Flynn – 2013.5.14
Juan Antonio Nieto And Chris Silver T – Memories Of A Bedroom Toy Clock
Juan The Alchemist – Principles Of Alchemie
juice machine – hot rainbow
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen – extensor hallusis longus
Julia Van Der Piller – Alternative Awakening
Junk! – The Dead Format EP
Jung An Tagen – Live, Ö1 Funkhaus
Jupiter After Death – None (Samples)
Jupiter After Death Samples (Part Deux) + Axl Killx Guitar Riffs Quiz!
Jury Sway – Planets EP
Just AUM – Frozen EP
Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience
Just Plain Ant – Love(d)
Justin Scott Gray – Adult Music
Justin Scott Gray – Something That I Don’t See (Video)
Justin Scott Gray – the radius of the innermost circle is One


K2 / Allan Zane – Split
K..K. Companerinho Fast

K..K. – premigrante
k..k. – Región de escorias liquidas
Kaagootaabaa – The Sensitivity Sessions

Kai Beckman – Case File
Kai Nobuko – French Compost
Kai Nobuko – Last Night SP Saved My Life

Kai Nobuko – My Wired Soul
Kai Nobuko – One
Kamikaze Ambulance – Exit
Kamikaze Deadboy – Ghosts On Tape II
Kamikaze Deadboy – Until Death Do Us Part
Kamikaze Deadboy – Year 13
Kanellos – Destroy Music
Kapotte Muziek – #103: Tilburg
Kapotte Muziek – The Malevolent Ear
Karambol Bolno – the YOUTH [1970 – 1996]
Karambol Bolno – Wishnya ep
Katarrhaktes – Everything Tastes Like Blood
Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill
Katie Glasgow – Third Sight
KDMQ – White Noise
Kendall Brush – BitchBarbieDreamhouse
Kenji – Nuroshi
Kenny G
Képzelt Város – Anatolij
Kessenchu – Never Let Your Feelings Die Because I Love A Girl And Even Though The
KFDDA – Glitch EP
USA Sux But I Gotta Keep On Living

Keven Brodenheimer – Wall Of America
Kieron James – Be EP
Kikiriki – Kikiriki EP
KINE – Meditations In April Green
Kink Shit – alpha sum
Kingdom of Agony – Signs Of Life : None
kippfest – Het Wilhemus (burped)
Kisszanto – Dajkaim
Klaus Marten – EP
Klaus Marten – Honey
Klaus Marten – In A Dream
Klaus Marten – Master Tape
Knight in Mourning – Picking Daisy Petals
Knight in Mourning – Pour More
Knolios – Amorous
Know One Special – Bumgalls
Knoxious – gagarin
Kohdai Hirabayashi – I’m Very Happy EP
KoKo – KoKo EP
Kolomoev & Rita Bzigi – Personal Dada
Kontroljet – MIXMAX
Kostoglotov – Louis Althusser Knows Why My Heart Is Asunder.
Kostoglotov – The Worst Love Songs Ever Written
Kotiomkin – Maciste Nell’Inferno Dei Morti Viventi (Peplum Holocaust)
Kotta – Dance this shit
krāllār – dying is an art
Krayons – Vaag EP
Krisma Ordo – Live:3/9/14
Krovavaya Soska – Spermatoxicosis Vol.2
KRYNGE – Spd Kld Spd Rcr
Krzysztof Mlynczak – Something in Between EP
kultiv8tor – N/A


La Bella Violencia – Pedida
Lachrylic – Sundrown
Lady Gaga – Artflop
Lady GaGa – Little Monster
Lady Noise – Lady Noise
Lanfax – Saturn Express

Lanuk – o)O
Late Nite Howl – Insomnia
Laudan – Дефект (Defect)
Laundry League – Fed (None)
Laundry League – Visualized
Laura Weixelbaum – Terra Tremuit
L.C.B – Cochinos
Leaked Period – Where Are Ya
Lee Rosevere – Nacre
Lee Rosevere – Symphony For Monotron: 1st Movement
Lee Rosevere – Twitter Will Kill Us All
Lee Rosevere – Xeno
Leiche Rustikal – Atra Bi…
Leira Kabuki – Broken Pianos (E.P)
Lekiddo ‘Lord of The Lobsters!’
Le Leprechaune – Kitsch Adventure
Lezet – Accord
Lezet – Dabblings 4
Lezet – Inorgánico
Leon Lamont – I Look Funny
Leon Lamont – She Wore Dolce & Gabana
Leon Lamont – Yesterday Was Weird
Lerin / Hystad – Amaterasu
LeRouge – Examen Obstetrique Des Ruines D’Apres (None)
Lesbopop – We Don’t Need No…
Leveleight – Eclectro
Life Like Thunderstorms – Awkward Balance
Lightfarer – Strike a light
Like Junk – Dolly Dolly
Limbo – X
Linda – Garan No Kago EP
Linda – Karma Clinic
Linda – Linda
Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza – In Construction
Lindy Vision – Pink + Black
Little Devils – My Perfect You
Little interview with Andy W.
Little Penguin – Chromosphere
Living Ghosts – Falling Apart (Ft. Jazzmine Brazil)
Living Ghosts – Forever & A Day
Lo – Fi Woman – Gorod Piratov
Locкboж Цnion – Thirst
Logos – santa susana blues
Logosamphia – eLASTIQUE
Logosamphia – Unmasked!
Lokist – Noise
Lokotrón – Snow Brows
Lola Bellman – Wild / Blind
LONE ECHO – Temporary
Lonesome Panda Society – Ending And Beginning
Long-Sam – Shout
Loopool – Egolosses
loopool & The One (Family) – Allpass The Bugs And The Breeze
Loose Link And Option Command + Friends – Karramantha
Lord Sonervol – OFGSGID
Lost Harbours – The Frozen Land
Lost Harbours – Wooden Wires
Lost In Kiev – Motions
Lost In Japan – Nacreous
Lost Kadeth – Monochromatic Regression
Lost Kadeth – Oscillating Apparitions
Lowtee – Thuggin… feels good
L.S.O. (Lost Soul Organization) – LD1
Lucas Brode & Bubba Crumrine – ‘doggone’ // Shedding Those 11ft Wings
LUDZIE Z DUPY – o, Polsko!
Luis Resquin – <333345678&”;[;=~ç9FUCK!1
Lullatone – While winter whispers
Luminous – Young Hit
Lust Era & Dino Felipe – The Lifestyle (single)
Luxurious Dagger – Glue Factory
Luxurious Dagger – Return to Willowbrook
Lxnnnie – Playing Spades With Satan
Lykanthea – Telos (video)


Mabafu – Little Boy
Mach Fox – The Sky Is Falling
Machinefabriek – Kluwen
Machinefabriek – The Hilary Jeffery Tape
Madl Qurina – Don’t Make a Sound
Madoka Ogitani – Take a Walk
Madonna – Rebel Heart
Mafe & Mark Kelly – Let Love
Maga – The Speechless
Maga – The Wired One
Maggot Theraphy – Ghast
Magnetone – NP
Major 7 – Heavy Doses E.P.
Malevolent Alien Being – The Arrival (Reissue)
Maltez – A Korg Monotribe, Monotron Delay and Micro Cube Experience
Maltez – po-16 symphony
Mama Tits – Bad Girls (EP)
Mambo Melon – Metro Jungle
Manakal – Goodbye my life
Mandatory Suicide – DEMO-NIAC
mangoSleeves – montereypopEP
Mann kackt sich in die hose – Demo 3.5 Floppy
Manu – Imagine Dragons – Warriors piano cover
Mapleview Lounge – Half-Off-Pigs-In-A-Blanket-Every-Thursday
Marc Broude – Dead On Arrival Demo
Marcel Hoekstra – Cameloa / Tekno (Demo Tracks)
Marcin Molendowski – POP!POP!POP!
Maria Move – Untitled
Marie Davidson – Un Autre Voyage
Marieta – Yeah, Yeah Utah
Marino69 – Intergalactic EP
Mario Conte – Overtones
Marion – Thug Youth
Marisol Celestia – A never ending promise
Marjen – Rubies & Rust
Mark – Acceptance (acoustic)
Mark Akerboom – Hydrosymphony
Mark Archer – Flections
Mark Bray – Dark Illumination
Mark Browne – The Prejudices of History
mArk – clear
Mark Dago – Style It Out / Rocketship
Mark D Pencil – CLEANUP ROBOT Song
Mark Franklin – Beyond
Mark Gormley – Little Wings
Mark Knopfler – Are We In Trouble Now?
Mark LaFountain – Machine Man
Mark – Liberia
Mark Lowry – Hyperactivity
Mark McGee – Apartment Music 19 improvisation
Mark McGuire – Tidings III
Mark McLaren – more than everything .ep
Mark Meino – Monocolor
Mark N – live P.O.R.N. Belgium 2004 / Speedcore
Mark.Nine – Asleep in the Kingdom
Mark ‘Oh
MARK – Piece of shit
Mark P – It’s Crap!
Mark Reinhardt – Fuck Monday Ep
Mark Starr – Jeremiah Zentz
Mark Templeton – Ballads
Mark Williams – Just A Memory (None)
Mark Williams – Romantically Obsessed <AH>
Mark Williams – Romantically Obsessed <KN & AS>
MarK With a K – Music Is My Alibi
Mark Wynn – Might Try Some Shoes On, Maybe I Won’t Try Some Shoes On’ – A Single By Mark Wynn
Marlo Eggplant – Crisis As Opportunity
Mars-96 – Mars-96 Meets Markwart EP
Marvin – Barry
Marvin Ferguson – Falling Down
Marvin Ferguson – Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum
Marwolaeth Cymdeithasol – Poeni
Martitia – Martitia
Mas&Delayer – Hotel Esistenza
Mas&Delayer – Northern Line Dreamin’ EP
mascara – Budapest/Chicago
Master Hunci Punci – this first warm night is quite cold
Master Margherita – Edmond
Master Toad – Chaos EP Floppy
Masticx – Room To Inspire
Material Action – Another Emotion
Material Action – Dance
Material Action – Latin Vibe (Jazztech Version)
Material Action – Lobith Sessions
Material Action – Mekanomikon [Instrumental]
Material Action – Mixed Emotions
Material Action – Politics Of Touch
Material Action – Process Void (video)
Material Action – Sexify (Shake It Version)
Material Action – Tears In Spring
Material Action – Vault Trax 01 – AEMS – Totemic Abyss
Matt Builds Character – My Bedroom Revolution
Matt Burnett – CatX
Matthew Barlow – Product
Matthias Boss and Chris Silver T – Deep Love At First Sight
Matthias Boss, Paulo Chagas, Rogelio Nobara, Christos Sakellaridis, Mauro Sambo, Chris Silver T – a gathering place
Matt Howell – Matt’s Happy Good Time Bible Hour
Matt Confusion – Satori, Take Me Away
Matt Confusion – songs in the night
Mauro Sambo – cani sciolti
Mauro Sambo – Presto (dicono) giungerà la neve…
Maxime Robin – the Lo-fi grandeur deluxe edition of DIY swag
Maxime Tanguay – synsyn
MC Downz – Peas and Carrots
McFiredrill – Floppy Disk Single
McGARNAGLE – Phantom Vibrations
Mc Trachiotomy – GUSTAV
mdwstrnr – di-ˈsem-bər/ˈjan-yə-wer-ē
Mechaddoar – Dreist
Meeko Cheech – Miss Bolivia
Meitje – Narwhal no. 1
Meklabor – Prima Vara
Meklabor – Spectator EP
Mental Escape Pod – The Morning
Mentz – Lines
mere fever – maybe summer, maybe something, maybe someone
merx & nystada – Turbulence
Merzbow – Collection 4 & Collection 5
Merzmonth (or; A Merzbow A Day Keeps The Mind At Bay)
METALLEG – Hit of the Week
METEK vs. nordBeck – METEK vs. nordBeck
Metonima / Meima – MeimaC0sKailmi
mhz_ – 03/09/2013
mhz_ – CD49301
mhz321 – Cobwebs EP
mhz_ – Eris Tsubasa Con Carne
mhz_ & жертва талидомида – Split
mhz_ – Where the wind blows
mhzesent – Erratic
mhzesent – in memory of ish
mhzesent – kind love ep
mhzesent – Rabbit Hide Tapestry
mhz_ – Steep Lines 2
Michael Ridge – One Second / One Heartbeat
Michael Skib – On The Variances…Horn Trio #2
Microbit Project – Android Dreams
Microbit Project – Acid Colors
Microbit Project – Dreams of My Tape Cassete
Microbit Project – Electro-Flopper
Microbit Project – Gently Buzz
Microbit Project – INTELLIGENT POP
Microbit Project – Rural Discoteque
Microbit Project – Songs For Android
MicroSol – How to Destroy Engels
MicroSol – Raider’s Löve
Microwolf – You Are The Everything
Midget Sings – Worldwide Lobotomy
Mikr Tonalwsky – End Of The Rat
Mimi Kawouin – TruNy
Mimi Kawouin (video)
Mind Teardown – Flashbacks
Mirum Mulier – Metaphysical Spectra
MIsko Czeskas – FIRE
Miss Von Trapp – Grave Folk
Mist – You Blew My Mind, ik mag niet klagen & Go
Mitä? – Noise / Obscure Dark Ambient
Mitä? – Unlike Music To Your Ears And Rectum Summer Song Single
Mitch Murder – Savage (None)
Mitch Murder – Television EP
Mitski – Retired From Sad, New Career In Business
Mmöner – Misty Skin
Mmöner – Training Saga
Modelbau – Blade
Modelbau – Cataract
Mold – Mold Demo (GK485)
Moloch – apathisches licht von einem rotschwarzen horizont
Moloch – Человечье слишком овечье (Humane too sheeps)
Moloch – Verwüstung
MOMBOYDADBOY – Dionysus 3//mental clarity [cloud Ruler temple]
Monotrio – illli
monSATAN – GENEcide
Monster Weird – Another, Another Dimension
Montebourg – Singapore Express / Réindustrialisation
Monquiboy – Boo – Almoço
Moodoïd – Moodoid EP
Moonbell – supernumerary e.p.
Moon – Like A Day On A Distant Planet
Moonslice – Cat
Mooseheeaad – Floppy
mother spit – carve
Motor 166 – Sell Your Soul To The One You Love Most
Moshka – Psychic
mr.Bull vs. Static Noise Bird – Audio from a Forgotten City
Mr Eurodisco – Wanna Make You Dance
Mr.Flag – Never Say No To Panda Set
Mr. Kindhoover – Vacances A La Plage
Mr Mogotby – Get Married
Mr Pregnant – Manboobs
Mr. Rosso – Doom On Denton
Mrs Jynx – Atlanta EP
Mu.Alpha – Mu VIII
Munter S Thomson – WASTE
Murkyu vs. Glasscarpenter – Clearest Sprang
murmurists – I Cannot Tell You Where I Am Until I Love You (ALRN049)
Murmurists – jude.us turd-up ohowlaugh
MushroomWavved Collar – Contra Tussim
MushroomWavedcollar – Distillation
MushroomWavved Collar – Everything Ends
MushroomWawed Collar – I’d Rather Be Sleeping
mutaHERTZ – Fantastic Planetscapes
MutanT.R.I. – Obscurection
Mutate – Wrench
Mvsic plays with Alice
MVSN – Fuoco Cammina Con Me
My Gloomy Machine – CSR 001
My Gloomy Machine – Aura Activation
“My name is not Mark and I wish to be reviewed!”
Mykl Perkins – Welcome To My World (None)
My Little Shit – I Love Shit
Myrdal – Arise
Myrdal – Please, come in.
My Semipermeable Membrane – 12 Years And 1 Day
Mystified & 3dtorus – Urban Silence
Mystified and Daniel Barbiero – Numinous Transmissions
Mystified – Brannon And Chippewa
Mystified – Eschate Thule
Mystified – Plunderman 4
Mytrip – Scattered I


Nadrient – /Search/
Nadrient – Future International™
Nadrient – Mall Hangar Home
NAHN – Varvara Still Breathes
Naimi – Paddmusik
Nameless Dancers – Summer Solstice
Nanaki – Afterlight
nancylovesgerms – quasi
Nathan Gilds – Astrarium
Naturial – Journey into space of God
Nearfield – Human Error
nefasto celiba – senza titolo col faccione
Neighbours Hunters – Self-Titled ((ACP 1024)
Nekophiliac – Where Am I? EP
Nell Gross – the Sweet underneath of your houses
Nelsetron – Floppy Disk
Nelsetron – Something For A Change
Neon Fires – Traces (EP)
Neon Lushell – Tramadol Beach
Nerdsmasher – Nerdsmasher EP
Nesey Gallons – Boston, 1999
Netorare – EP

Neurosampler & Microprocessor – trash files (remixes collection)
neuroSampler – phlegmatic dirty dances
NeuroSampler – Transforming
Neutron Flare – Lo-Fi Lullaby
Niamh Starkey – Fuzzy Piano
Nick + Noah – Bells Are Ringing (video)
Nick + Noah – open for consideration (single)
Nick Rivera – The Wasp and the Butcher…and the Bird / Coma” (Single)
Nicole Magdalena – Exit The Lagoon
Niek Hilkman – Connie / St. Polaroid – Matthew Webb
Niek Hilkmann – Knak (floppy version)
Niek Hilkmann – Selected Film Scores (2012-2014)
Night Window – exits exist
Nihilistic Delusion & Failure – Chaotic Worship To Inner Demons
Nihilistic Delusion & Failure – Time Of The Final Torment
Nihilistic Delusion – Mould
Nihilistic Delusion – Overthrown
Nihilistic Delusion – Scraps Of Dark Past
Nihilistic Delusion – Succubus
Njiqahdda – Almare Dosegaas Fyaltu
Niku Senpuki – Küken 1: 命
Ninshubar – From The Above To The Below
nnaai – hdphnswrshp
No Future Kids – nix18
Noia – 999
Noise Arcade – Static Faded Even Further
Noisavoisa – Bad Dreams
Noisavoisa – Buri
Noisavoisa – DAKHREE
Noisavoisa – SRAM
Noise Machine & Dental Work – Split EP
Noise Machine & Pomba – Split
Noise Nazi Featuring Bagman – Mind Altar
Noise of Intestines – Melody ?
Noise of Intestines – Triangle
Noisegekanker A Gogo – Mijn Paradijs
Noises From The Void – Mist
Noisesurfer – ADSL
none-existing artist – none-existing title
No Peafowls – Knowledge Is Power (Demo)
Nora & Gnoll
Nordic Soul – Grey Spring
Normal Gergely – YIKIS T-Shirt
Norss – Avondhemel
Norwood Grimes – Breathe Properly (video)
Norwood Grimes – I Hate Myself and Want Bono to Die
Norwood Grimes -Trying To Reason With You
NOS Project – Mud, Me
No Strings – No Strings
NOW – An Introduction To NOW
NOW – Liminal Mix
Null : Void – “So…Can I Date Your Daughter?”
Nuno Maltez – Psyche
nuoh – nuoh’s hands in flat affect’s guts
Nyhos – Nyhos


Obama Care – The Extreme Health Care EP
Oberlin – the amb-tapes
Obsolète Broadcast Système – Le Portail Du Nucleaire EP

Obsolète Broadcast Système – The Betelgeuse Gateway
Obsolète Broadcast Système – Bris de Concept
Obsolète Broadcast Système – Carmen and the faceless future
OCD Soundsystem – Wayne
Octopus Finger – Mistakes
Odessey And Oracle – Odessey And Oracle And The Casiotone Orchestra
Offensive:winter – Bring back the Pain [SSR​​-​​RR​​-​​0064]
Ogata Tetsuo / Shhh… – Split
Ogata Tetsuo / Shhh… – Split (2)
Ogun Oru – Lost and forgotten mental places
Øjne – Undici/Dodici
Øjne / Улыбайся Ветру – Split
OK Putrid – Dino Nugs
O.K. Putrid – O.K. Putrid floppy
old oldman – the tender ass EP
Olelé Brut – Album Di Merda
Omega Dub Experience – The Bankruptcy Jazz
Once Where Ghosts – Transient Silence
Oncle Herbe – Plusieurs Jours Avec Monsieur Crack [Birdsong Concept]
One Eyed Jack – Sea plants pollen
Onmacht – s/t – 7″
open invitation for the Floppy Fetish meeting
Opine Ko$insky – Seven Inches
Order Of Killing – Broken Arrow
ORiFiCE – Katarakt
Origami Repetika – Bicycle Basket
Origami Repetika – 2 high fidelity songs 4 headphones
Origami Repetika – Lady Meme
Origami Repetika – Lines (A.S.)
Origami Repetika – Lines (K.N.)
Origami Repetika – Little Bumble
Origami Repetika – Microphone Brush
Origami Repetika – Mini Oubum
Origami Repetika – The Odor of Team Spirit
Orphax – Live In Venlo
Orphax – Undone
Orville Wilcox – Oceans, Glowing
OsO4 – Orgasmic Obedience
Ostrich von Nipple – Quantifies Absurdity
Отстой – как не положено
Outdated 3D – I can’t stop crying
Outsider Leisure – Сны Митасова
Overthruster – Revursels
Overwerk – Conquer
Owain Lewis – Seven E.P
Owlbinos of Northfield – Cinnamon Fog
Омутъ Мора / Feldgrau – Split


Pablo Reche – Horizonte
Pablo Ribot and Chris Silver T. – Painful
Pachangagha – Weirdhead
Palsecam – We Are Just Borgs…
Panic Button – Foxygen
Panicsville / Lovely Little Girls – ‘Split 7″
Panq Ng – Conquering The Knot
Panq Ng – Goo Log, Jr
Pamela Mortensen – 12 Didgeridoo Solos
Paperback Walrus – Battle Potato
Papier Tigre – Papier Tigre 7″
Paradeigma – Paradeigma A Special Mood
PARDO – Medicamento
Parenthetical Girls – (((GRRRLS)))
Paris Hilton – Good Time
PAS Musique – Abandoned Bird Egg
PAS – Pure Energy Output Sessions
Patej, Sonervol, Sonvol, VeDaKR – Undervater EP
Paulo Chagas, Mauro Sambo, Chris Silver T – FIREWORKS
Pawspaws – Shiny Old Songs (single)
Pawspaws – Want You Die (Single)
Pawspaws – White Walls
Payaso Cagar Trompada – Prosper
Penny and Ashtray – Bonus Stage
Penny and Ashtray – Petworks
Pen Parker – I’m Level Four
Peppermint Pony + Pogohm – Split The Spliff (Siro464) = *Iforgotmymathformulas*
Perfect Pussy – I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling
Period Bomb – Yes ! I’m Bleeding !
Perpetual Darkness – Rape
Personal:Killing:Agenda – Core Explosion (single)
Personal:Killing:Agenda – Nightwatch EP
person/people – Internet Love Music
Perturbator – I Am The Night
peterplague – myfuckingpony
Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin
Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin interviewed by KN
Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin – Rose (Flower’s Garden)
Peza – Nachthorn
Phantasm Nocturnes (Betty Koster) interview
Phantasm Nocturnes – Cannibal Rites
Phantasm Nocturnes – Ehoes From The Abyss
Phantasm Nocturnes – Maniac
Phantasm Nocturnes – May Cause Death
Phantasm Nocturnes – Memories In A Broken Mind
Pharmakon – live at MOCAT
Philipp Bückle – Drawings
Phil Reynolds And The Dearly Departed – If My Feet Were Fingers, I’d Stab You In The Eye..
phloq – compilation twelve
Pijo – Pijo
Pink Punk Boy – What The Fuck Is Sweetcore?
Pioggia d’ambra – Il triste inverno animico
Pictures – Same EP
Pipiripip – Pip
PJE – Distant Rest
PK Jazz Collective & Alex Fry – I’m Changing Myself
Pk Jazz Collective – Things We Need To Do (Maxi Single)
PL433 – Disagio
PL433 – Proto Me
PL433 – The China Syndrome
Plankton Dada Wave – Haus of Dada
Plasst – Hrrrrrrhrrrrh
Plastic Carcass – Bonnie Corpse EP
Plastic Surgery Icon – Roughly Human
Playing For Oblivion – Avatar Collection
Playing for Oblivion – Ne EP
Pleko – Pleko
Pllxsk – EP
Plonk Moist – Plonk Moist
PN LOBIT – Killer Clowns
Pobedia & Nebyla – Good Morning EP
pocketbrain orchestra – i am angry
Pod Blotz / Auk Theater
Poetryamenita – Divination
Pogohm – Dr. Faget
Pogohm – Funky Drunk
Pogohm – Hologram
Pogohm – Kidz In Space
Pogohm – The Cross
Pogohm – This is slowmotion
Pollux – Absence
Pollux – Aurora Borealix
Pollux – Blue Grass
Pollux – Broken Wing
Pollux – Broken Wing Remixed
Pollux – Buddhardcore
Pollux – Clearness
Pollux & Consistency Nature – They Fill The Ocean
Pollux / Doomettes – Photography of Nothing
Pollux / Elechronica / Mock The Masses – The 3Way Split Single
Pollux & Flat Affect – Scrapbook 3
Pollux – I Miss You
Pollux – Kai
Pollux – Lies Of Your God
Pollux & Lullabynight – Morsure
Pollux – Medusa
Pollux – Mist
Pollux – Old Stuff
Pollux – Rain

Pollux / Rainbow Valley
Pollux / Razxca – Split
Pollux – Saliva
Pollux & Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Sleep Academy
Pollux – Sirona EP
Pollux – Skullscape
Pollux – Tension
Pollux / The Intellectual Anarchist – Split
Pollux – tribesDream
Pollux – TV Destroying Your Brain (And You Love That)
Pollux – Zero Landscape
poppy nogood – leftover noise
Porcelain Raft – Silent Speech EP
Porya Hatami – Mej
Potabilizadora,Melanocetus Murrayi,Funeral Mongoloids & Colico – 4 way split cdr #4
Postcode – Losing The Battle
Postcode -This Day Will Come (video)
Postcode – Year Of The Zebra
Postcode – ZebrATP EP
Post-Materialists – Junky Tapes
Post-Materialists – Moist Rita & Glyptique {single}
p0stm0rtem and Raymond Cummings – We Don’t Exist, This Is Only A Dream
p0stm0rtem – My Obsession With Forever
p0stm0rtem – My Obsession With Forever (None)
p0stm0rtem – Noisebleed
p0stm0rtem – p0stm0dern p0stm0rtem
Post Mortem / loopool – In/Finite III
POulBO – Fob Watch, Lipstick, Warless (the videos)
Poulbo – Stringed Civilisation (Sirona-Version)
Pregnant Lloyd / Team Phosphenes – Split
Premiere: Subburbia – Purple Weed
Prepare For The Mindscan – Prepare For The Mindscan EP
prepare for the mindscan – Split Tape with Shitnoise Bastards
Pretengineer – EP for the Holidays
PrismViews – Youth
Problema – Apocalisse
Pro Mark – Shit Mark [EP] (POPSAKAL563)
PS – A Moment Demystified
Pseudocide – Elevator Music
Psychic Friends – Blissed Out (single)
Psykiatriks – Hop Hop Free Your Mind Mix
Pu22L3 – Broken Synth Wave
Puke Skywalker – Coma EP
Pulsar – Under The Wing Of An Angel (mix)
Pulveratricious – Opera For Assholes
Pumpking – Nightmare B-sides
Purple Mountain Peal – A Basketful of Shattered Dreams
Pushing Task – Royal Regicide
PxNxJx – Do not mourning if natural take your property away from you


Qz – Fabelandia


R. Lobster – Dada Is Empty, Me Too
R. Lobster – Particles
Rabbitsquirrel – Moths Ate The Ballast While The Captain Slept
Radchild – Stuck in the Bathroom EP
Radio For The Daydreamers – Denouement
Radio For The Daydreamers – Praying For The Be(a)st
Radiostatic – House Of The Rising Sun (Single) – EP
Rainbow Valley – Antisolar
Raison D’être – Prospectus I [re-mixed]
RALP – 100% Kinetic
Randomatik Blast – Ecclectik
Randomform – Furtherfield
Random Toast Generator – Sunhacore
ranthon – Evolution is a noise
Rapoon – Cultural Forgeries
Rarek – Modular Room EP
Rasplyn – Scenes Through the Magic Eye
Raven – Hadron Collider
ReALalTEr.Ego – Kara
Rebekka – Playing Bongos EP
Rebeliat the Misanthropic Beardo – Rebelithropic
Re-Drum / Emerge / Joux Joux – Drone Strike Tour MMXIV
Redsk – 8 10 2013 Cleveland Taxidermy Palace
RedSK – ☠Fuck
RedSK – Surgical Fetish
RedSK – Zilch
Red Sky – Origami Rmx
Red Trees – Give Love (Side A)
Reed Burnam – To The Gates
Refrain & Lefterna – Split
Re: Gainer – Punked
Reisebüro86 – A Hereditary Monarchy
Reisebüro86 – Legitimate Sacrifice
Reisebüro86 – Lepisma Saccarina
Reisebüro86 – Ontogeny
REISEBURO86 – years of the reign
Remedies – Inanimate EP
Remedies – Trap
Remo De Vico – Pitch Bender Schubert
Rhanee – Catch the sun
Richard Ramirez – Caught
Richard Ramirez/Crucifix Eye
Richard Ramirez / XV Parówek – Split
Ricky de Sire – De Vreemde Psyche
Ricky de Sire – Nevelen der toekomst
Rikki Sho – Drift Away
Rion – ホタル
Risch – The Stars Fell From The Sky
Ritual Disfigurement – Surgical Consult
Rivertairs – Jack (official video)
Rmine – Panopticon
Roberto Maldoror Manfredini – Berio Beyond Necropsy
Robert Witt – Midazolam (tracks 1-7)
Robodrum – Robot Invader
Robotic Joe – Animal Communicationz
Robotic Joe – Best Of The Rest Album Bee
Robotic Joe – Hot Seroquel Burner Video Advice
ROCAMBONUX – Observer Le Veau Tourner
Roel Goovaerts – We zullen wel zien e
Rog – Too Sexy EP
Rogue Spore – Ghost Injera Dialogues
roMeow – Stoner Keyboard Love (Tape)
Ronny Ragtroll – Greatest Club Hits From Beyond
Room Nine Unlimited – Panacea
RO-or – New GameRO-or – New Game
Rory Storm – Dot Matrix : Amber
Rory Storm – Mind
Ross Wallace Chait – Routine Symptoms
Ross Wallace Chait & loopool – Digressive Generation
Rothera Point – Isen
Rotslow – Rotslow
Royal Hungarian Noisemakers – Downside
rozovoje ghetto – zavtra stany hajdeggerom
Rudolph West – anti cinema pictures’ special
Rust – Chicago – California Goldball
Rust – Missouri River -Texas Redball
Rust – Rust
RPM Orchestra – Three uses of the knife
Ryuno – brynhildr
rzo the singer – freedom… (tribute to Maidan)
Rzo The Singer – Owner Of The World
rzo the singer – sometimes you have to go a long way to discover something that you knew a long time ago
RzrBldesNCndyBrs – 8R4D


Sahelanthropus – s/t

Saint Effects – Liminal Magic
Salt Supply – A Lighter Weight, A Stronger Back

Salmon Pacific Gutted – Extraordinary adventures in cellars of consciousness
Sam and the Womp – Bom Bom (remixes)
Sam and the Womp – Ravo
Sam and the Womp – Zeppelin (video)
Sam from Sam and the Womp interviewed by KN
SaneFiftyFOur – Ivey EP
Sanfeel – Gravity
Sangduen ‘Lek’ Chailert – Tai Rom Malalee
Sans Nom – Unconscious Bliss
Santiago Adkins – asking for a friend – EP
Sacha Muller – Loop Mode
Santiago Paskuda – Cradle my Rock
Sara Goodman – Airplanes No Longer Exist
Sarp Yilmaz – Kitten The Rebel EP
Sacha Müller – 8k Techno
Sacha Müller – Der Läufer
Sascha Müller – The AKS Experience
Sascha Muller – Untitled
Sascha Muller – Untitled (7-INCH Vinyl)
Sasha Darko – Awaken In The Woods
Sasha Darko – The Odyssey 2010
Sasha Dark0 – Underwater
Sashash Ulz – karelian balsam
Sasha Zapadnyi – 0.33
Saturn Form Essence – 6equj5
Saturn From Essence – SPT-CLJO546-5345 C62
Satanatum – Joyful Convulsions
Satanatum – omniimpotentia dei
Satunuriv Sola – AnteNazara
Savage Sound System – Compromise Is Not Forgiven
Savage Sound System – Liars And Thieves Will Have It All (None)
Scanner Unit – Live At King Kong Klub
Scared of Spiders / Tooth Eye / Koobaatoo Asparagus – Home Invasion
Scars From Last Fight – Sons Of Midas
Scary Dub Monster – Anabioz EP
Schemawound – Terraform Mars
Scorpion Frequency – Prey For Alle E.P.
Scott Lawlor – Drone.excersion.001
Scott Lawlor – Drone Excursion 008
Scott Lawlor – Rain 1
Screaming Stephen And The Semen Demons – Ebola For Christmas
SCUM – Demo
séancé – feels-ing
Sean Connolly – Bass
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Amid the ancient stones lay their spirits as well as their bodies
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Music for the Dead
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Consistency Nature – Space Between All That Is And Is Not
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Consistency Nature – Space Between Scorpions
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Ech(o) – Songs for Picasso (KN)
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Ech(o) – Songs For Picasso (AS)
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Fake Nefertari
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Frozen Chosen
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Into The Shadow
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquadt – Selestina / Amarin
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – The Fear Of Flying
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – We can do everything, We can be heroes
Secret South – Dark Days EP
Selfmachine – Breathe to Aspire (video)
Self-Medication – Belie the allies
Selma Raziel – Ontologia I
Selvans – Selvans
Senpai Suicide Club – Expansion Pak
Senpai Suicide Club / I Killed Techno! – Senpai Suicide Club / I Killed Techno! split
Sentidos Aquestos – Santo Clos
Separation Device – Exoskeleton Removal Machine
Sequentialwork – Monkey Say Monkey Doo EP
Serafina Ouistiti – Malocchio’s puppetshow
Sergio Castelletto & Andrea Cervesato – Over Your Ruin
Sergio Castelletto – Psycotic Distortion
Sermo III & Cult .45 – Sex Yeast
Seth Graham – Goop
Shane Morris & Mystified – Emergence
Shane Morris & Mystified – Epoch
Shattered Hymen – Surrounded By Wolves
Shaun Phelps & Kyle Clements – Zombie Stories for People with Short Attention Spans
ショッピングワールドjp & SAINT PEPSI – Winner’s Circle
she – Self-Titled
Shibboleth – Crooked Frame
Shibboleth – Farewell
Shibboleth – The Death of Shibboleth
Shifts – Sonates and Interlude
世界 / きゃり エロ グロ – Split
Shikabala – Calor do Deserto
Shinji – Myst
Shit – Im pretty and I know it
ShitPhone – Demo
Shit – Poop Extravaganza
Shit – Possessed By The HNW
Shooting Birds Out The Sky – Stomach Cancer
Shoulders Of Giants – Caught In The Middle
Sideation – Insomnia
Sid Yiddish
Sightlines – Our Demands
Siiilas – Lobster Island EP
Silence The Earth, Fog & Shadowgrave – Split EP
Silent Cicada – Pear of Anguish
Silke Berlinn – Silke Berlinn EP
Silver Arm – He Of The Slow Creep EP
Silver Arm – Hippies / Man The Falcons / Dead Tongues (Singles)
Silver Arm – Scatterbrainzz
Silver Arm – Steady Like A Vein
Simon Kent – Where I Stand
Simon Slator – Forward
Simon Slator – Philharmony
Simon Slator – Piano in the rain
Simulyakr – Espionage Radio
Sina Khani – Shrek
Sindre Bjerga – Original Replica (live)
Sir MadTrouble – Sir MadTrouble 2013
Sir – Opifwok !!!
SIKSA – Modelka
SIKSA – Módlmy się o matki + Dym na Ukrainie (Live @ Miasto płonie 2015 / Gniezno]
Sisters – Rapewave (EP)
Sister Soleil – Haunted EP
Sister Soleil – Soularium
Skaj Da Waidah – The Most Epic Chillout Album Ever!
Skull Face – Gore Demo “Before Zarach ‘Baal’ Tharagh”
Sleepless Space Crap Galaxy Girl – Galaxy Girl
Slo Blo – Humboldt (EP)
Smart Young Cunt – Faggotry is quite alright
SMASH THE BOX – Addicted
Smider – ep_exp101010101010101_0
Smooth McGroove – Tetris – Theme ‘A’ Acapella
Smooth McGroove – VGM Acapellas volume 1
Snail Rainbow – Never In Tune
Snowfeeder & Lezet – Chrome Void
☭S☊☯WF∑∄D⨊R❅; – Snowfeed your heart
Snowfeeder – The Melting Orchestra
Snow Wite – …As Psychedelic Days Go By
Snow Wite – Dirge Hole
Snow Wite – Dry Humping Stage Monitors I Am An Indestructible Master
Snow Wite – Luv U Like Limeade / Sweet Black Angel
Snow Wite – Psychedelic Days DX Cassette
Societys Cumshot – EP & Chubby Pop
Soch – The Silent River
Socracht – Meticulous Obliteration of the self one painstaking molecule at a time
Sokasokasoka – untitled
Solano – Concrete
soma vs floating mind – /main dna/
Son Of Salami – Videos
Sonic Karma – Machines (Video)
Sonologyst / No Way Out – Geometrical Phenomenons
Sonologyst – The Waiting
Sonologyst – Unexplained Sounds
SonoreFiction – The Machinist
Sophie Lillienne – Immigrants EP
SOQR – Dispute with internal flaw (single)
Sorry – Weird
Sound Awakener – Be whole
Sound Awakener – Five Chapters
Sound Awakener – hidden
Sounddog65 – The Hidden Tribes Of Hinterland
Sound 8 Orchestra – Single
Sp3ct3rs – Gather (EP)
Space Alien Donald – Must Be Funny
Space Bear – Goof Afternoon
Spacebirds – Machine Day
SP ALL-STARS – We Did It Our Way : SP Tribute To Sinatra
Spaghetti Blacc – Paper Jam 2k14 tha conspiracy
Spice Burguer – The burguers HITS
Splitter – B-Sides
SPOIWO – Salute Solitude
Spoken Nerd – Forbidden
SPOptic (Interview With Arnaud Barbe)
Spore Spawn – Eat Bit
SPRag02 (24 pages, Compilation CD-r, 160 print)
SROS Lords – For Gas And Vinyl
SRVVLST – The Seven Year Inch
SSTFM – Synthetic Sound To Fit Mind
Stab Something – Stab Something
Standard Issue Press – 2014 Sampler
Static Noise Bird – [helixploitation]
Static Park – Apartment Therapy
Steamflow – Dying Angel
Steamflow – Karelia
Steamflow – Life Is Short
Stefano Balice – four fails for piano
StepChild – Stages E.P.
StephenFox – Found
Stephen Paul Taylor – People Tonight
Stereo Surrealist – So Many Spiders, So Little Time
Stone Titan – Scratch ‘N Sniff
St-Petersbourg – EP
Stinky Picnic – Hamster World
Stirner – Craptastic Low-Live 2012 AB
STRANGE – Amnesia EP
Street Sects and Hex Cult w/ May 1968 and DJ Vicki @ The Green Desert (11/23/2014)
Strictures – Gloom Wave Klassicks
StruKtur – Bent Party
StruKtur – Homecoming
StruKtur – Non Ame
Sustained Development vs. elektrojudas – water – remix
Subburbia – MaLIFE
Subchannels – Subchannels
Subterrestrial – Insert Coin
Subterrestrial – Map Of The Interior World
Subterrestrial – Plasma Weapon
Suburban Howl – Suburban Howl
Subversive Intentions – You Can’t Win
Subway – Subway
suck. – untitled.
Sueisntfine – S/T
Suffer In Vietnam – Kristsmashed
Suffer in Vietnam / Trocomordedor – split
Suicide Kicked In – Hung Out To Dry Remixes
SUMUPOSAUTTAJA – Puhdistuskasetti I
Supaypadadá – La Sien De Cioran
Supaypadadá – Untitled
Superhand – Bass And Guns
SuperSonic Beehive
SuperKillRobot – Mission Complete
Super Manticore – Super Manticore
Super Scientists – B E R L I N 3 A V E P
SuperSonic Beehive
Survival Tactics – Megafauna (Single)
Sustained Development vs. Elektrojudas – Water – Remix
Suzanne Burdorf – In Time
Svan Darc – Purge EP
Sven Meyer – Yellow Snow EP
Sven Meyer – Yellow Snow EP 2
Swamp White Oak – Gray Skies Over Logan Airport
Swarup & I.V.A. – Improvization
Sweaty Palms – The Sweats
Swin Deorin & Total E.T. – Birthday Treats And Big Bouncy Teats Split
Swin Deorin – Life In A Bubble EP
Swin Deorin – Minimal Girn EP
Swin Deorin – Mistral EP
Swin Deorin – No Dog Fouling EP
Swin Deorin – Penchew EP
Swindron – Constanze EP
Swun – Brush Strokes
Syncretic – Break, Recover, Repeat
Syntactic – Eventide
System 09 – 8kbps


Table Meeting Music / Rainbow Valley – Autumn Songs
 table music meeting / Little Penguin – Covers
Taigerbery – Dead Bodies

Taigerbery – Soul In Circles
Tails – KIIRO_NO_SORA-1992
Taiwan Bungalow – Le jour de ma mort
Takadatek – Diarrhea 001

Tamayyurakurage (remixed by Maurice_wu) – Rainbow
Tantric Doctors – Tantric City
Tapage – Emerge
Tarantulah – Kedamaian Jalan Hitam
tattvam assi – thee Kali sti current
T.Bird – Karaoke Burnin’ (1996-1998)
TCB TV / 死者の餌 – Split
Teenage Emotions – NetCrush
Telepathic Teddy Bear – The Course Of Empire
Television Sky – أسود BLACK EP
Television Sky – Gorgeous EP
Terapixel – Stay Forever
Tessa Martin – terriblement efficace
Tetsuro – Genetic Disco
tgpo – Do as you’re told
Thanatoloop & Har – El Retrato
Thank You Netlabels ~ Netlabel Day 2015
The Adventues of Tom O – The Hipster Truth (Lyric Video)
The Ambiguity – Departures
the atlas amp – Oscillator
The Attraction – Emma (single)
The Backyard – EP
The Bar-Steward Sons Of Val Doonican – Jump Ararnd E.P.
The Beatles
The Beets Collective – Volume 1
The Bellybuttons – Mump
The Big Drum In The Sky Religion – Songs The Ineffable Taught Us
The Bordellos – It’s Lo Fi! Folk Off
the Bordellos – its lo/fi folk off volume 2
The Bordellos – Nobody’s Listening
The Bordellos – Prime Minister! Remove Your Pork Sword From The Dead Pig’s Mouth!
The Bordellos – Ronco Revival Sound
The Bordellos – The Bordello underground tape vol 3
The Bordellos – the Bordello underground tape vol 1
The Bottomfeeder – Feed The Fix
The Carbuncles – Illusion Of Love
The Caring Babies – Another New Fred
The circulatory System – Country Western Loops Malfunctioning Variation #2
The Children’s Encyclopædia – The Strings That Make The Music
The Coffee Puppets – Someday This Will Be Considered Art Just Look At Avant Garde
The Conet Project – Recordings Of Shortwave Numbers Stations
The Cosmic Setter – 72
The Chewers – Chuckle change and also
The Chewers – The Lurk
The Cryovolcano – 010
The Cryovolcano (Interviewed by KN)
The Crytearions – These Songs Hate You
The CuM Experience – Tools (video)
The Dead Heads – C:\>PROMPT_RESTART
The Dead Heads – The Dead Heads Save America
The DEPuties – Vote For Us
The Eggman – Uncertain
The Elderbranch Campaign – Aural Histories Of The Jovian Survey – Book II
The Electric Cheese – Ass-burgers lul
The Electric Family – Mariopaint
The Ernie 4 – Know More Hertz
The Ernie 4 – One Baskervoid Frottage
The Expelled – BASE POO
The Fake Masters – Stoned wifes unplugged-strumming part II (1995)
The Femme-Mynistiques – Here She Comes… Live @ The Boom Room
The Final Harsh Work – Luca
The Fred Karger Memorial Lump Band – Justin Bieber Having Sex
The Fumigators – Dance Classic
The Future Scares Me – Play Dumb (video)
‘The Future Scares Me’ (Sonia & Eli interviewed by KN)
The Garden – Crystal Clear (Single) (None)
The Gary – Remains
The Godspeed Process – Legend Of The Gold Sphinx
The Grave Wax Orchestra – Adipocere
The Great Musical – Action Figure EP (None)
The Hairy Giant – Poignant EP
The Hairy Giant – Snow Angel Residue
The Hardliner – Suicide Bag Safely Locked Away
The Hardliner – Suicide Bag Safely Locked Away (the videos)
The Haters – Wind Licked Dirt
The Implicit Order – Drifters
The Industrialism – Surrealistic Cityscapes
The Industrialism – Thunderstorm In Magnetic Tapes
The Ink Twins – Apple Of My Eye
THE LAST HOUR – Everything Fades Away
The Longdrone Flowers – Cesare Runs Away EP
The Longdrone Flowers – She’s Strangehead Too EP
The Merricks – 3 Colors Black
The Merricks – Asanas
The Merricks – Hand
The Merricks – Monkey Way
The Monk by the Sea – Leave The World Behind
The Monk By The Sea – Soundscapes II
The Musk-Rat Cult – The Black And White Album
The National Pool – Better
The New Blockaders – Live At Morden Tower
The New Fabian Society – Exhibition Of Love
The New Fabian Society – Melt EP (DB007)
The Odio Kandinsky – Templo Alvarado
The Pink Blob – Everybody Move!
The Pink Blob – on the beach with my best friend
The Radio.
The Reptiles – Manipulator (Single)
The Rub Club – Country Rubbin’
The !S.A.D! – Scattered EP
The Sea Life – Prozac And Merlot (None)
The spirit of Michael Jackson lives on…
The Ssss – Humovision Ep
The Suburban Homes – The Suburban Home E.P.
The Swaggs – Acting Successful
The Tuesday Boys – Heavenly Meetings
The Tara Experiment – Christmas in the Observatory
The Tara Experiment – Noise (KN)
The Tara Experiment – Noise (C)
The Tidswell Noise Collective – Electronic Mangled Tape
The Tidswell Noise Collective – Séance At Orb Studios
The Tidswell Noise Collective – Tin Timbre
The Tobacconists – The Ultra Eczema Sessions
The Unearthly Demagogue – Our Forgotten Psychedelic Infinity And The Absolute Zero
The Universal Noise Unit – Untitled (Live)
The Unknown Tent Musicians
The Unquiet Grave – When The Smoke Cleared
The Use – What’s The Use?
The Weather Channel – Sunset
The Wok – Golgotha with Zanussi
The Wok – Pop & Gum
The Wok – Shit Jazz
The Womb – Sex Club
The Whores – Psychedelic Sunday Morning
their teeth to points – the house has only three walls but the lake is deep enough to drown in
Their Teeth To Points – The Stillborn Evening
THIRD I – Reaching Toward The Light
Thorsten Soltau – spielt Stefan roigk: diffusion & recherche
thorsten sourißeaux & Irrlicht project – floppy jam
Thoughts – Dark Dreams
Thoughts Of Melt – Rootwalla And The Majestic Minstrel Guild Of Quadrant.IV
Thoughts Of Melt – Thoughts Of Melt
Those Damn Bloodsuckers – All That I Have. Nothing That You Want.
Those Damn Bloodsuckers – Songs For The Dead
Three Second Kiss – Tastyville
Three Winters – The Atrocities EP (AS)
Three Winters – The Atrocities EP (KN)
TIFWhitney – Navi Tree EP
TimeCode – AminokislotS
Timmy The Tapeworm – Timmy The Tapeworm Presents Love Songs For Lovers
Tiny Peanut Feat The Sky Patrol – Lightly Salted
tlick – While i
To-Bo – Industrial Field I
Toby Celery – haha yeah
Toiletooth – Bend Mega
Tom & Art / Mostly Damien – Art Is Hard (Split EP)
Tomika – Everything (will come to an end)
Tomika – Good People And Good Night EP
Tommaso Busatto – Crabbin’
Tommaso Busatto – 2vaportronica2
Tommaso Busatto & Pioggia d’ambra – Larve astrali
Tommaso Busatto – annoying landscape
Tommaso Busatto – Flesh Tales
Tommaso Busatto + Laika Facsimile – Glitch Sex Avanguardia
Tommaso Busatto – The undetermined object
Tommaso Busatto – UYUY
Tom Monoto – Nano
Tom Monoto – Neon
Tom Monoto – Wallflower
Tomomi Adachi – Infrared sensor shirt and voice
Tonetta – Dominate
Tony Sit – Secret
TOO MANY ZOOZ – The Internet EP
Tooth Eye – Blood Is An Open Cage
Tooth_Eye / Christopher Will interviewed by KN
Tooth_Eye / Ethnomite Pux – Split
Tooth_Eye / Hlo – Cross-bred Tengu Radio Riot
Tooth Eye – Lost In Onnet Town, USA
tooth_eye – Stocking Stuffcore
tooth_eye – the wheel of fate is turning remix EP
Top Hat Sisters / Blue Dean Carcione – Split
Top Marks
Törst Obborun – Cheap Old Tunes & Harsh Noises
Torturing Nurse – Bleed
Torturing Nurse – The Lowest
Torquem – Ansiktet
Tostado and Dr. NoiseM – Hard Wired 3
Totally Pissed Off – Anarchist Brutality
Total E.T. – Collisionism (Plan 9 From Outer Space Revealed)
Total E.T. – Dimensionalgetic
TOTAL E.T. – impleMENTAL ALIENoise (Unearthly 23SOTV9)
Total E.T. – ParadOxymoron
Total E.T. – Subtunez
Total Normal – Tales Of The Expected
Totalitny Rezim – Closed Ward Memories
Totalitny Rezim – Exit Humanity
Totenlarm – Toten HNW
Toth Kina Hegyfalu – @ Noisy 13, Munich – 10.12.2013
toth kina hegyfalu – live from the Wakuum
toth kina hegyfalu – Tollasbแl (a) live
Tourism – Fresh Future
Toxic Chicken And Pollux – Prolific Bunnies
Toxic Chicken – Biscuits With Jesus
Toxic Chicken – Dog Park Electronix
Toxic Chicken – Make My Day
Toxic Chicken – My Cat
Toxic Chicken – My Musicbox
Toxic Chicken – Pure Playground Acid
Trancers – Blink Out (Single)
Travis Johnson – *d retr
Travis Johnson – Dakl / A-th
Travis Johnson (2) – Deltitnu
Travis Johnson / Jukka-Pekka Kervinnen – Floral Churn
Trigal – Esperanto
Trigal – Freedom of the psychedelic stoned sound
Trio telfær – Close Encounters
T.R.I.v.M. – Subtracks
T.R.I.v.M. – Subtracks Vol.2
T.R.I.v.M. Versus T.R. – Spiralternative
Tryouts – Blood Talk EP
Trocomordedor – Acrilico II
Trocomordedor – Mundo Payaso 悪質な
Trocomordedor – Trocomordedor
tt-vox – Deep Blue Rain
tt-vox – Za-Ku-Ro
Turnpike Glow – Fünke Pop
Tvärvägen – This river so red (video)
TV Messiah – early music/videos –
TV Messiah – Fuck You Up Like LSD
tvmessiah – Trust Us / Handicap Space
TwichGarden – Alpha – Omega
Twilight Abyss – Astral Plane
Twink – Critter Club
Twink’s ‘Dust Bunny on vinyl campaign
Twink – Happy Houses
Twink – Miniatures Volume 2
Twin Tomatoes – The Twin Tomatoes Thurston
Tyrant Flycatcher – Centralia


UFO Phil – Aliens Really Stink / Gravity
Uglisse – Lepperle

Ulguma – Primes (single)

Ulises Labaronnie – Union Analoga
UMBERTO – La Llorona
UMEZ – Good Bye My Friend
Umin – Cool Air Purveyor
Uncle Phil – Lady Jean
undr_nth – DEAD EP
Unicode – Transmission
Unicorn Hole – The Return Of The Revenge Of Unicorn Hole (The Sequel) (KOF 213)
Unknown Rockstar – Found pianos of Capital Hill
UMMAGMA – Lama Remixes
Unplugged Sessions – Unplugged Tape
Urinal Shit – Something Isn’t Quite Right
Urinate & Negodiaev – Untitled
Uschi-No-Michi – Ameratsu
Uské Orchestra


Vadim Kotinskiy – Night In Amsterdam
Vaginal Ass – Harsh Noise Attack

Vaginal Ass – Satanic Pombur
Vaginal Ass – Too Much Porn
Valanx – Silver
Vandalaze – Dog Jerk EP (STX 003)
Vandalaze – Dog Jerk (Official Video)
Vandalaze – Fax Head Said (video)
Vandalaze – So Real
Van De Velde – Holograph
Vanth – Mineral Series, volume 5

Variax – Baelg
Varios Artistas – Σшρτγ ◎ λ001
Various – “…It’s Called A Seperation”: 10 Years of Fathers Day.
Various Artists – 10b1t
Various Artists – 1 minute autohypnosis… 29th CD
Various Artists – 200
Various Artists – 2011/2012 Media Sampler
Various Artists – 4:00
Various Artists – AFA presents… – My Invisible Friend Vol. 1
Various Artists – Angry Arnold Records Compilation #1
Various Artists – A.N.T.R.X.X. FW14/15
Various Artists – Astral Data Tape
Various Artists – A Tribute To Satan
Various Artists – A Very Wrieuw Christmas
Various Artists – A Very Wrieuw Christmas Vol. 2
Various Artists – ADHD comp (24 print, 720k 3.5″ floppy diskette)
Various Artists – Alrealon Musique Presents: New Sonic Strategies
Various Artists – Back To Backwards Compilation
Various Artists – Back To The Floppies
Various Artists – ”best of various” a LEM compilation
Various Artists – Both Feet In Heaven
Various Artists – Closing the Year
Various Artists – Compilation SC006
Various Artists – Contact group lobit thread compilation vol 1 & 2
Various Artists – Cooter Records – IV
various artists covering The Flaming Lips’s Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots pt 1
Various Artists – Creatures Vol. 1
Various Artists – Creatures Vol. 2
Various Artists – Dare alla Luce
Various Artists – Depth Of Moribund Mind
Various Artists – Digital Office One
Various Artists – Disc Jockey
Various Artists – Elephant Six Way Shit
Various Artists – Eurnovision 2015
Various Artists – Exercises in Obscurism
Various Artists – Female Soloists in Berlin Vol. 2 (2013)
Various Artists – Flop-Pee
Various Artists – Floppy Kick Vol. 1
Various Artists – Funderground vol. 1
Various Artists – Genetic Transurfin’ 2015
Various Artists – Genre Wheel of Fortune
Various Artists – Gimme A Minute
Various Artists – Girls Alive
Various Artists – Glitter & Bleep – Joystick Pop
Various Artists – Gnashing Of The Teeth Of Time
Various Artists – GOSSSSSSARRRA
Various Artists – Hip & Miss
Various Artists – IFAR Comp One
Various Artists – IFAR Musique Concrète 4’33” Compilation
Various Artists – Impendance
Various Artists – Impressed
Various Artists – Imputed
Various Artists – In Da Blood
Various Artists – Interceded
Various Artists – Interdicted
Various Artists – Interfered
Various Artists – Intermitted
Various Artists – Interposed
Various Artists – Intersected
Various Artists – Interspersed
Various Artists – I Put A Time Bomb In Your Submarine
Various Artists – Irradiated
Various Artists – Irrecoverated
Various Artists – Irrepresated
Various Artists – Irresoluted
Various Artists – Irretrievated
Various Artists – Italian experimental underground 015 survey – volume II
Various Artists – It Was Ephemeral
Various Artists – Kittycore Vol. 2
Various Artists – Kontakt High
Various Artists – KONTINGENT II
Various Artists – La bèl’s friends
Various Artists – Lobit Music Festival
Various Artists – Lobit, Lo-Fi, Low Brow – Our 8kbps Revolution
Various Artists – Lugeri Sonus III
Various Artists – Lugeri Sonus IV
Various Artists – Marginal Stuff For Genuine Dorks
Various Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 1
Various Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 22
Various Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 24.
Various Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 25.
Various Artist – Midnight Radio Compilation 28.
Various Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation Valentines Day Edition 2015
Various Artists – Monstrous Melodies
Various Artists – Musique Pour Mali
Various Artists – Nervous Noise [compilation]
Various Artists – Netlabel Mixtape: Perempuan (Indonesian Netlabel Union)
Various Artists – New 7.0 (2012)
Various Artists – New 8.0 (2013)
Various Artists – NEW 10
Various Artists – New Year Compilation 2014
Various Artists – New Year Compilation 2015
Various Artists – Nightmares And Dreamscapes
Various Artists – Now That’s What I Call Retro-Futurism Vol.3
Various Artists – One Leg At A Time
Various Artists – One Year Of Empty Tales
Various Artists – Outer-Space Improvisation Vol. 2
Various Artists – Panic At The Planetarium
Various Artists – People shit on everything and are surprised that they only see shit – weakie discs audio zine #2
Various Artists – people shit on everything and are surprised that they only see shit – weakie discs audio zine #5
Various Artists – people shit on everything and are surprised that they only see shit – Weakie Discs’s audio zine #7 – Big Issue
Various Artists – Pirate Pop
Various Artists – Polyphonal
Various Artists – Poverty Electronics Volume 1
Various Artists – Poverty Electronics Vol. 2
Various Artists – Poverty Electronics Vol. 3
Various Artists – Retrovision
Various Artists – ROBOTS!
Various Artists – Samhainwork I
Various Artists – SAMIZDAT Floppy Disk #01
Various Artists – SAMIZDAT fLOppy DISK #02
Various Artists – SAMIZDAT FlOppy DISK #03
Various Artists – Sincerity Is The Key
Various Artists – Sirona-Records Mixtape
Various Artists – Sonopsies
Various Artists – Specimen – Featuring Cleveland, Ohio Area Music Experimentalists.
Various Artists – Split – Aires / Rui P.Andrade / Earthly Beasts
Various Artists – SP/Sirona Family Mix (By Toxic Chicken)
Various Artists – States of Morphology – Sonologyst revistited
Various Artists – Strange Terrain
Various Artists – Tape Safe Anthology Vol 6
Various Artists – Tape Safe Anthology Vol 7
Various Artists – Tape Safe Anthology Vol.8
Various Artists – Tape Safe Anthology Vol. 9
Various Artists – The 8kbps Compilation
Various Artists – The BFW Christmas Album 2012
various artists – The Big California Noise Compilation
Various Artists – Big Pennsylvania Noise Compilation
Various Artists – Genetic Transurfin’ 2015
Various Artists – The Death Of Music
Various Artists – The Music Of The Now Age
Various Artists – The Pee Mixes 2012
Various Artists – The Rainbow Conspiracy
Various Artists – The Rainbow Floppy Diskette Box of Joyishness
Various Artists – The Road Ahead
Various Artists – The Shuffle Project Volume 1
Various Artists – The Tribute To Karlheinz Stockhausen ‘Music Or Sound?’
Various Artists – The Unphysical Release
Various Artists – Tinsel Machine & Enter Snowman
Various Artists – Topology
Various Artists – To The Prettiest One
Various Artists – To The Prettiest One, volume 2
Various Artists – To The Prettiest One, Volume 3
Various Artists – To The Prettiest One, Volume 4
Various Artists – TRASHFUCK Chanukomp 2012
Various Artists – Under the Covers
Various Artists – vk_lobit birthday compo
Various Artists – VK LOBIT COMPO
Various Artists – VK_Lobit Comp #5
Various Artists – vk_lobit portable
Various Artists – VK_Lobit Spring Compo
Various Artists – WE ARE WAR [compilation]
Various Artists – Weird Foods
Various Artists – What’s This TV Channel?
Various Artists – World 1-2 (None)
Various Artists – You Might Have Heard Of Us… Vol.1
Varraghor – Butchered in Berlin
Vate – Exotica
Vate – Figuras rotas
Veggieman – In The Light Of Machines Single
Venta Protesix / Ana Venus – Pink Drive
Venus Rose – Venus Rising EP
Verjault – Inner Void Violence
Verjault – Killerself
Vexation Paranoia – Into The Sky
Vi-Fi – Before and After Calm
Vi-Fi – Long Experiment (Single)
vincent koreman – diabolikal kontraptionss
Vio\ator – Our Heaven Of Darkness
Virgo A – Ambient Softworks #1
Virilio – Signature
VISITORS – Hello World / 2012 VISITORS
Visszajáró & Expanded Ears – Split EP
Visszajaro – Lezet – Split
Vitamin Wig C – Anal Yoga
Vlad Shegal – ccbfwafmotgrffys
Vlad Shegal – Dancing On Drugs – 8 kbps
Vlad Shegal – Happy 28th birthday Katy Perry
Vlad Shegal – life, august 14, 2013
Vlad Shegal – live May 1, 2014
Vlad Shegal, KMDP, & Shine Lethargy – 4’33
Vlad Shegal – Night in the Forest of Death
Voai vs Floating Mind – D-view
void&light – papillon
VOK – Mental Disorder
volx – out of time
Vomir – Black Bag
Vomir – Live at Optimus Prime II
Vomir / Nascitari – Sameness
Vote for Bloom
Волк-людоед – Schweigsam

V.S.V. – Les Pierres De Baalbek
Vulthoorn – Suppression prepares for overflow
Vulture Shit – The Joys of Employment
Vulva – Vulva
VWT – Caffeine Tremors
Vyazkiy Sharab – Bite Of Scolopendra
Vziel Project & Flat Affect – Split


ว่างเพลงของฉัน – ว่างเพลงของฉัน
Walt Winston – Move Your Bass
WANDA GROUP – Masculinity is a wonderful thing
Warmer Sucks: An Interview With Vlad Stoian
Warren Schoenbright – Plateaus EP
Wasteland Jazz Unit – Burrows of Indication
WeAreAllSlaves/Third-I/Antitalent – Substitutional Tears
We Are Us – And This Is You
Weed – Intellectualty
Weerthof – Out Of Control
Wehrmacht Lombardo – Whore
Wehwalt & Zreen Toyz – Métamorphoses
We Ride On – have some
Weinberger – abundant emptiness
Weinberger – Eternal Nervousness
Weinberger – Loss And Vertigo
Wendell Harrison – Organic Dream (LHLP067)
Western Skies Motel – Reflections
Wet Dreamer – Demonstration MMXIV
Whiskah – BeetZ
White Eagle Jones – Green
White Tiger A:. A:. – The Nice People
Widiwava – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 5/4
Wild Wild Ambient Boys – We Don’t Rock
Willie Brown and Woody Doing John Legend’s “Ordinary People”
Wind Through Forever – Astronaut Depression
Wings Of An Angel – In This Morbid Dream, I Had A Direct Encounter With A Slow Motion Dissolution Into Nonexistence
Wings of an Angel – Lightworkers Are Us
Wings of an Angel & Tziona Achishena – The Dialogues Of Longing
Witch House (an insider/outsider look + recommendations)
Wizard In Danger – Welcome To Anti-Hop
W!DE Re:Ceiver – Strangers On A Traine
W!RE – Li(f)e
Wire – Wired EP
Wire Werewolves – And The Moon Became A Fang
Wold – Working Together For Our Privacy
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Violin Concertos Nos. 2, 3 & 4
Woodboot – Krang Gang
World Of Metal And Rust – Songs For Prisoners
World Of Metal And Rust – The Big Nothing
Wram – Nescit Homo
Wram – Torn Memory
Wrath Of Alien – Immortal Ancestors


xその宇宙に突出 – I
XORQZ – Electroshit

XP-43 – VIEW
Xtematic – Beautiful Negative
Xtematic – File X
xTremLawyer – New Vision
須 芳英 | Namasu yoshihide – 恐れずきたれ、百合んりんっ!|Do not fear , I want you to come here, Lilloritty!
XVLGHALOTH – Blood Spit War Fucking
Xzvlghaloth – Primitive Kings


Yalls – Vapid Glitch Vow
Yama – Ananta
Yeah I Know It Sucks Awards
Yeah I Know It Sucks – Floppy Diskette reviews Vol. 1
Yeah I Know It’s Slugs
Yeah I Know It Sucks Snack Sound Test!
Yeah I Know It Sucks – Underground Music Reviews Vol. 1
Yeah I Know It Sucks – Underground Music Reviews Vol. 2
Yeah, I Know, There’s Blood Everywhere: An Interview with Leaked Period
Yerunda Projet – I Saw Something Out Of The Corner Of My Eye
Yôko Higashi – Dzera
YONI YUM – Clam Glam
you’re the worst 2393 – 0-90 aaatlantic ocean
Yorihisa Taura – Nocturne
Yoshimi – ぐんまがスキ
Yoshimi! (AKA Niek Hilkmann) interviewed by KN
Yoshimi – Bottelaars en Beesten
Yoshimi! – Ik En Jij, Allebei
You People – Situational Awareness
Yullippe – Lys
Yva & The Toy George – Love Toys & Molotovs


z601 – Essential Mix
Zach and the imaginaries – Millenium balcon
Zach And The Imaginaries – Vieilles Cassettes
zach anner. – Strawberry GlaSS
Zack Christ – Fucking At Disneyland

Zakalm – I Punti Di Pressione
Zanoisect – Italians
Zanye East – Far East (None)
Zanye East – Middle East (None)
Zanye East – Wish House + Teleport Station
Zarach ‘Baal’ Tharagh – Demo V [re-release]

Zarbi Zibou – Zarbi Zibou
Zat – Healing
Zebra Mu / Robert Ridley Shackleton – Split
Zebra Mu – Small Talk
zencats – throwaways
Zke & Justin Gieber – Split
zheimeer & norka – mice
Zom-Belle’s Palsy – Happy Hour
Zombie Zombie – Plays John Carpenter
Zoran – Creations Drive Zero.infinity
Zoran & Lezet – Connected
Zoran – Primitive EP
ZX ELECTRIC – Fixed Unknown
Zyrtax – Outtacontrol

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