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IDVex & E.A.R.S. – Split Album 1/2SN & E.A.R.S.

Artists: IDVex & E.A.R.S. title: Split Album 1/2SN & E.A.R.S. keywords: black metal, noise, doom experimental, avant-garde ,drone, black, Kalamata IDVex delivers a dramatic sounding start to the split with E.A.R.S. It’s a mix of culture that slips through in … Continue reading

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Funeral Art – La Belleza Oculta

artist: Funeral Art title: La Belleza Oculta format: tape / digital keywords: black metal, blackgaze, diy ,experimental ,ambient, avant-garde ,doom metal ,electro ,oustsider music ,poetry ,shoegaze ,singer-songwriter, Kraków label: Weakie Discs reviewer: WIllem van O. Funeral Art is an … Continue reading

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Ryyka – BLACK FRIDAY – Black Metal Parody Song

artist: Ryyka title: BLACK FRIDAY keywords: black metal, parody, video words by: A. Alien No, not green, not red, not blue and certainly not orange; it’s apparently Black Friday today. A day that in some Human civilizations (mainly the USA, … Continue reading

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Joey Molinaro

Artist: Joey Molinaro keywords: black metal, solo grind, violin meet and hear Joey Molinaro: Joey Molinaro is what members of the royal orchestra are wanting to be, but will never have the guts to be. Joey Molinaro’s violent violin black … Continue reading

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Moloch – Verwüstung

Artist: Moloch title: Verwüstung format: CD, tape, vinyl, digital keywords: ambient, black metal, Ukraine A dark but warm surrealistic glow shines of from ‘Todestille’, is slowly ebbs away in a ambient way that has a dark core, yet comes across … Continue reading

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