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Professor Pump-Un-Shlump – What Came First? (Single)

Artist: Professor Pump-Un-Shlump title: What Came First? (Single) keywords: EDM, pop, comedy, video Funniest thing happened this morning… I woke up… yeah I Know, that already on its own is hilarious… I don’t really enjoy the act of waking up, … Continue reading

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TFG – Marathon Gay Sex For Manly Men

artist: TFG title: Marathon Gay Sex For Manly Men keywords:metal comedy rock electro grindcore homocore pop queercore New York Perhaps you have always wondered; what is it that manly men do? What is it that makes manly men so manly? … Continue reading

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Braveryjerk – Braveryjerk Sings: Volume VI

Artist: Braveryjerk title: Braveryjerk Sings: Volume VI keywords: comedy meme memes Washington reviewer: Simon Hit Braveryjerk must be one of the most underrated golden voices of the new millennium. Braveryjerk has the groove, the volume and the sense of rhythm, … Continue reading

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henry j walmsley – lovely cup of tea

Artist: henry j walmsley title: lovely cup of tea keywords: tea, lovely, cups, comedy, singer songwriter, video, totally shit English Tea time, the only good thing that had been left from the opium trade. Man and woman, from all layers … Continue reading

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Dont die before hearing Miss Von Trapp

Miss Von Trapp is a performing individual that you can’t and shouldn’t miss out on. She performs her story telling folk material in full detail, making the average listener sit up and listen to every detail that walks (or crawls) … Continue reading

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Depeche Choad – Pain After Sex

artist: Depeche Choad title: Pain After Sex keywords: alternative comedy rap rock synthpop weird Aberdeen label: Ice Cream For Crow Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity is a very interesting condition beautifully explained by the song with the same title. If English … Continue reading

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NCN – Poultry in Motion – The Great Big Chicken Show

artist: NCN title: Poultry in Motion – The Great Big Chicken Show keywords:experimental animals chicken chickens collage collages comedy food humor mix poultry program psychedelic remixes strange San Jose Words by: Toxic Chicken Coockekdoodeldoo! As a sneaky toxic chicken I’ve … Continue reading

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