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an interview with Sam Langley of Timotay & Void of Ovals

Right, first off, hello, could you please introduce yourself? My name is Samuel Langley one half of Timotay and managing director of Void of Ovals I always like to know what peoples first foray into music was, mine was in … Continue reading

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Professor Pump-Un-Shlump – What Came First? (Single)

Artist: Professor Pump-Un-Shlump title: What Came First? (Single) keywords: EDM, pop, comedy, video Funniest thing happened this morning… I woke up… yeah I Know, that already on its own is hilarious… I don’t really enjoy the act of waking up, … Continue reading

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Raw Moans – Safe Sex

Artist: Raw Moans title: Safe Sex keywords: electronic, synthesizer, pop, love, sexy Oh my goodness, synthpop orgasms are coming your way when plugged into the music of Raw Moans. The satisfaction of those synthesizer melodies pumping, slowly arousing your pleasure … Continue reading

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Pluto Party – 生日快樂!

Artist: Pluto Party title: 生日快樂! Keywords: pop, fun, interesting, weird, Hong Kong reviewer: Psychic Peter Hello reader!!! Happy Birthday!! It’s your party today, my psychic abilities have shown me that today is the day that you have been born. Don’t … Continue reading

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Vitas – Made In China

Artist: Vitas title: Made In China keywords: pop, fun, duck The internet’s favorite meme and the world’s bests tongue maneuverer with the voice of an angel known as Vitas is back with a brand new video and tune. Previously I’ve … Continue reading

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David Liebe Hart – Astronaut

Artist: David Liebe Hart title: Astronaut format: CD / Digital keywords: pop, rap, electronic, alternative, experimental, fun, soul, romance This is not only a very feel good album; it is also a helpful album. A bit like a self-help program … Continue reading

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irrlicht project – The Great Escape

Artist: irrlicht project title: The Great Escape keywords: electronic, chiptune, dance, lo-fi, pop, drone, alternative, space, label: Proc-Records artist on the web: Everyone who needs some time off should go and listen to The Great Escape by irrlicht … Continue reading

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