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Various Artists – Seippelabel Vol. 6

Artist: Various title: Seippelabel Vol. 6 keywords: electronic experimental bass drone Beijing label: Seippelabel GOOOOOSE gooses around with a nice stable beat that has the possibility to make a person feel like they are a sportive character with the … Continue reading

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Elena – Immortal

Artist: Elena Title: Immortal Keywords: experimental, dark ambient , bro classical, vocals, voice, soundscape Label: Petroglyph artist website: Behind walls that needs to be broken down by hand, at the end of a field full of sharp rose … Continue reading

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Stephanie Merchak – Der Spott

Artist: Stephanie Merchak Title: Der Spott Keywords: none Label: Merchak Rats that have been chewing on the electronic cords and devices, nibbling through them while making exciting noises as they try to explain their tailed friends which electric wire is … Continue reading

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Lorenzo Gómez Oviedo – (((((

Artist: Lorenzo Gómez Oviedo ‎ title: ((((( format: Floppy Diskette keywords: Experimental, Noise, Sound Collage, electronic label: Floppy Kick Think of a mix tape but then as a floppy, what you will get is ‘A floppy mix on a … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Motion Recordings Compilation 2014

Artists: Various Title: Motion Recordings Compilation 2014 Keywords: devotional bucha boys dj 0.000001 dogmaster enis johnny fuckface jonah brown something else th’ mole Oakland 2014 was a good year & I remember listening to this Motion Recordings Compilation in that … Continue reading

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Myriam Bleau – Soft Revolvers

Artist: Myriam Bleau title: Soft Revolvers keywords: experimental, electronic, live music, lights, video, performance website: Modern deejays twirling discs or vinyl in round circles, twisting nobs on mixing desks and some play with effects on the side. The rich … Continue reading

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irrlicht project – The Great Escape

Artist: irrlicht project title: The Great Escape keywords: electronic, chiptune, dance, lo-fi, pop, drone, alternative, space, label: Proc-Records artist on the web: Everyone who needs some time off should go and listen to The Great Escape by irrlicht … Continue reading

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Kordian Trudny – Dobry pedofil

artist: Kordian Trudny title: Dobry pedofil keywords:alternative avant-pop electronic experimental indie lo-fi outsider music plunderphonics po polsku polish post-punk psychedelic psychedelic rock Katowice artist on the web: Kordian Trudny, from Katowice Poland. As description of his music on his … Continue reading

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Scheerling / Thaumaturgist – Vertoeven LVI / Mysteries van de Droom

artists: Scheerling / Thaumaturgist title: Vertoeven LVI / Mysteries van de Droom format: cassette /  digital keywords: electronic experimental drone experimental electronic oggy records oggy017 scheerling thaumaturgist Ghent label: OGGY RECORDS Never thought the day would come to hear a … Continue reading

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CYBORGS ON CRACK – Industrial polka classics

artist: CYBORGS ON CRACK title: Industrial polka classics keywords: croatia electronic greece acid coldwave cyberpunk dark synth darkwave ebm electro experimental electronic industrial new beat post-punk retrosynth synthwave label: Werkstatt Recordings Cyborgs On Crack are at it by pretending … Continue reading

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