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Pollux – Naked Lights

Artist: Pollux title: Naked Lights cat: [Siro771] keywords: Ambient, Experimental label: Sirona-Records The Naked Lights by Pollux are seen shimmering over the dark lands, they appear to come from deep under the ground, now zooming over the landscape like … Continue reading

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BOGUS PIPELINE – The Melt Solution

Artist: BOGUS PIPELINE title: The Melt Solution format: digital / limited cassette keywords: experimental einsturzende neubauten sightings experimental rock noise prurient psychedelic rock shit and shine sludge whitehouse. sutcliffe jugend wolf eyes UK label: Riot Season Records On a … Continue reading

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Jan Strach – 2016

artist: Jan Strach title: 2016 keywords: polish rock experimental lo-fi odd meter polska pop post-punk progressive Poznań Jan Strach is leveling his music up a lot of notches with the release of his latest EP. In general it’s a hot … Continue reading

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J.E.L. – Teknokratisk Svängom EP

Artist: J.E.L. title: Teknokratisk Svängom EP keywords: experimental sweden blog fanzine repartiseraren zine Sweden label: Repartiseraren Music might be concrete, vague or a little bit to the point; and sometimes it touching these boxes perhaps all at the same … Continue reading

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Jesus the Carpenter – Jesus Loves You

artist: Jesus the Carpenter title: Jesus Loves You keywords: experimental acoustic guitar ambient american primitivism avant-garde drone free improvisation minimalism modern classical netlabel noise outsider music label: Piety Circuit Productions Jesus The Carpenter (Christophe Bassett) seems to have stopped … Continue reading

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Funeral Art – La Belleza Oculta

artist: Funeral Art title: La Belleza Oculta format: tape / digital keywords: black metal, blackgaze, diy ,experimental ,ambient, avant-garde ,doom metal ,electro ,oustsider music ,poetry ,shoegaze ,singer-songwriter, Kraków label: Weakie Discs reviewer: WIllem van O. Funeral Art is an … Continue reading

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Graffiti Mechanism – the coconut voyage

Artist: Graffiti Mechanism title: the coconut voyage cat: 8R105 keywords: lobit, 8 kbps, downtempo, vaporwave, IDM, electronica, experimental label: 8Ravens The experimental music feels like an instant injection of yourself into the mind of a raving techno inking high … Continue reading

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Chlorine – Guitar 1

artist: Chlorine title: Guitar 1 keywords: Bauhaus, experimental, sunderland, guitar, subterranean sounds, Leiden labe;: Smikkelbaard reviewer: WIllem van O. Chlorine’s Guitar 1 is a short album which features 5 tracks with a high sentimental value. Titles like ‘cats’ , ‘the … Continue reading

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Syrian music makers that kick ass

While the USA press is showing their president celebrating Halloween (as a peace prize winner), the news of the sign for an illegal invasion of the American army in Syria goes strangely unnoticed. America who vowed to have no boots … Continue reading

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Logosamphia : a ‘quick’ look at his career in the music industry

Logosamphia has been more than 3 decades active in the music industry, from behind the scenes, to very much busy buzzing on the forefront of things; Logosamphia always had (and still has) his finger on the pulse, innovating music that … Continue reading

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