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Michał Turowski – Wormwood And Flame

Welcome everybody to this tour on the site where on 26th April 1986 a great disaster struck and changed life in a big part of the former Soviet Union and Europe. We are here in the city of Pripyat which … Continue reading

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Furchick – Soggy Moggy

Furchick lives on a island in the sea, She is a scientist, the kindest that can be. She experiments with science, Glues electric wires, plants and kitchen appliance. She goes out walking, singing songs. Exploring life: finding out why boys … Continue reading

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Emily Jones – Geeches of the Sea / Paper Bees

artist: Emily Jones title: Geeches of the Sea / Paper Bees keywords: alternative experimental pop folk geech geeches indie pop melodic ocean pop psychedelia psychedelic sea silly strange surreal Truro Emily Jones Is so kind and nice to give us … Continue reading

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Various Artists – EurNoVision 2016

Artist: Various title:EurNoVision 2016 keywords: alternative Welcome, welcome! Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls and all others! We are gathered here today for the 2016 edition of the contest show that we all have been waiting for! Welcome at Euronovision … Continue reading

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Kamura Obscura – Kamura Obscura Speleology

Artist: Kamura Obscura title: Kamura Obscura Speleology keywords: Japan, Noise, Improvisation, experimental In Japan they have had a little accident with a tsunami and a nuclear power plant, after that the things simply haven’t been the same. From making it … Continue reading

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Various Artists – WILD LIFE

Artists: Various title: WILD LIFE keywords: experimental, Perth label: Dog Park Blasarius Yonder delivers a stunning piece that has nothing to do with the stunning phasers as in Startrek. This stunning piece is all glittery and glowing like a fresh … Continue reading

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Lebu Della – Gastrite Sonora

Artist: Lebu Della title: Gastrite Sonora Keywords: experimental analogic concrete disembowelment feedback loop harsh noise violence Salerno reviewer: Simon Hit Leby Della is clearly cleaning out a hoarders paradise, a place filled until the ceiling with stuff that will make … Continue reading

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