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Beatrix Carlotta – Building The Perfect Man

Artist: Beatrix Carlotta title: Building The Perfect Man keywords: performance, art, video, building, perfect man, live performance, What do you need to build the perfect man? – A man – A brain – A heart – A satisfying ‘you know … Continue reading

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Broads – Hellas

artist: Broads title: Hellas keywords: electronic, experimental, norwich ,drone, folk, lo-fi, Norwich We have been covering so much relaxing ambient music at this moment in time that you would think we would be relaxed in a lethal way; but somehow … Continue reading

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Niekotine – Het Langverwachte Liedje Waar Niemand Op Zit Te Wachten

Artist: Niekotine title: Het Langverwachte Liedje Waar Niemand Op Zit Te Wachten keywords: experimental, eighties, lo-fi, psychedelic, surf, Tascam, Netherlands reviewer: Willem van O. 10 seconds of the sound of your holiness and ‘Het Langverwachte Liedje Waar Niemand Op Zit … Continue reading

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Susan Matthews – SirenWire69

Artist: Susan Matthews title: SirenWire69 keywords: ambient, classical, experimental, other, avant-garde, industrial, United Kingdom The first track ‘Hegemony’ comes in like a thrilling piece in which a possessed typewriter types by itself to create a panicky disturbing horror story. This … Continue reading

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Serafina Ouistiti – Malocchio’s puppetshow

artist: Serafina Ouistiti Title: Malocchio’s puppetshow keywords: movie, animation, electronic, electroacoustic, experimental, babylon label: The Dream Society words by: pssst 2008 was a year in which like many other years, many things happened. The passing of months, hours and seconds, … Continue reading

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Selma Raziel – Ontologia I

Artist: Selma Raziel title: Ontologia I format: cassette / digital keywords: alternative, experimental, binaural, beats, ritual, spoken word, Krakow, Poland The first track on this album is named ‘parasomnie’ and transports us instantly inside a boiler room in which an … Continue reading

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