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Tse’emdeh – Ballad in E-moll

Artist: Tse’emdeh Title: Ballad in E-moll keywords: experimental tolkien carlos castaneda doshirak freak folk gamers hookah max frei progressive psychedelic samurai stylophone ukulele weird Saint Petersburg reviewer: SImon Hit Always wanted to know what the Swedish chef from the muppetshow … Continue reading

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David P. Smith – New Blues

Artist: David P. Smith title: New Blues keywords: devotional accordion songwriter blues folk freak jackass noise outsider roots Victoria Seated naked in a tub of 90 percent alcohol, a head of curly hair full cum stains listening on a roll … Continue reading

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Psychopatyczne – Macica sessions

artist:Psychopatyczne title: Macica sessions format: limited tape / digital keywords: acoustic alternative diy electro folk freak folk live recording oustsider music singer-songwriter Kraków label: Weakie Discs Psychopatyczne is made out of Weakie Discs label owner and artist Convulsia Darklove (who … Continue reading

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Consistency Nature – Silent Thalia

artist: Consistency Nature title: Silent Thalia keywords: experimental, psychedelic, sound, avantgarde, noise, drone, ambient, folk, video, dancing, video, movie, label: Sirona-Records It might have been a very long time since we discussed the music of an extra ordinary character … Continue reading

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Monkey Warhol – EP3

artist: Monkey Warhol title: EP3 keywords: electronic electropunk folktronica indie rock synth rock synthpop Minneapolis Are you ready for some happy upbeat fun? Seek no further! The first power pill pacman kind of energy meets The Cure meets crazy chicken … Continue reading

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Dromedário Bicicleta – Todos os Dias em Que Estive Aqui (blablablabla)

Artist: Dromedário Bicicleta (translating: Bicycle Dromedary) Title: Todos os Dias em Que Estive Aqui (blablablabla) (translating: All days I was here (blablablabla) Release year: 2014 (translating: 4102) Key words: loki, música brasileira, rock anti folk, anti-folk, eita, galinha de borracha, … Continue reading

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MPGexperts – Fucking Donald to Death

artist: MPGexperts title: Fucking Donald to Death keywords: ‘special ed’ ambient grace good hooping nashville songwriters specialed Nashville Real Yawny – ?What Do You Want To Do Today sounds like the moment to pick up a teddy bear and cuddle … Continue reading

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henry j walmsley – lovely cup of tea

Artist: henry j walmsley title: lovely cup of tea keywords: tea, lovely, cups, comedy, singer songwriter, video, totally shit English Tea time, the only good thing that had been left from the opium trade. Man and woman, from all layers … Continue reading

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Wellness – You’re a Nightmare / Earthworm

artist: Wellness title: You’re a Nightmare / Earthworm keywords: punk electropunk folk punk onemanband solo weird Dayton Oh my gosh! We really had a tough time at YIKIS; we had been struck by lightening and had no electricity to write … Continue reading

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Dont die before hearing Miss Von Trapp

Miss Von Trapp is a performing individual that you can’t and shouldn’t miss out on. She performs her story telling folk material in full detail, making the average listener sit up and listen to every detail that walks (or crawls) … Continue reading

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