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100th School – Mentally III (single)

artist: 100th School title: Mentally III (single) keywords: electronic, dubstep, edm, filthstep, horrorcore, instrumental, noise, noisecore, post-zombierave, trap, zombierave, Russia reviewer: Simon Cowbell 100th School’s Mentally III is probably the sickest and ill-est thing that had come out of my … Continue reading

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Phantasm Nocturnes (Betty Koster) interview

Hello dear reader; good to see you here! I’m KN and on my way to the house of Betty Koster for an interview. In case you have been hiding away under a gravestone; Betty Koster is the music producer fairly … Continue reading

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(o)†hers – Wʜᵼ†ᴐҥ Fɪc†ɪоɴ

artist: (o)†hers title: Wʜᵼ†ᴐҥ Fɪc†ɪоɴ keywords: devotional, ambient, electronic, drag, drone, horror, witch house, Germany label: Whi†e Ron D’Andrea’s (o)†hers is back with one of the strangest releases on the Whi†e label yet. It’s name is Wʜᵼ†ᴐҥ Fɪc†ɪоɴ  and … Continue reading

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Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin

artist: Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin keywords: expérimental, avant-garde, cabaret, dark, psychedelic, singer, pumpkins, songwriter, fish, lofi label: Electric Phantom if you had been strolling around the weird corners of the internet, you might have come across the curiously interesting world of … Continue reading

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Mimi Kawouin (video)

artist: Mimi Kawouin keywords: strange beast, lullabies for colored nightmares, noise, weird, video The name of ‘Mimi’ is one that is quite popular among the cuter side of pets. Mimi Rabbits, Mimi hamsters, fluffy Mimi cats.. but Mimi is a name … Continue reading

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Flat Affect, &Others, Proud//Fathers – A First Time for Everything

Artists: Flat Affect, &Others, Proud//Fathers title: A First Time for Everything cat: FSCD 08 format: CDr keywords: experimental, avant-garde, free improvisation, noise, Panama City label: Fora and Spoon Records Under the cover of this great artwork shoots out a … Continue reading

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Shibboleth – Farewell

Artist: Shibboleth title: Farewell keywords: experimental, expressive, post-noise, folk, rock, spooky, ireland Most music releases that go through some formalities go for a intro track, but Shibboleth is truly alternative and starts with a proper ‘Farewell’. A mysterious ending for … Continue reading

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Flat Affect / Bastard Child (Shaun Phelps) interviewed by KN

–Flat Affect / Bastard Child (Shaun Phelps) interviewed by KN– Today is a special day as we have arranged a very special and exclusive interview with dear guest: Shaun Phelps. 
He is active in all kind of fields, from being … Continue reading

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Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience

artist: Justin Timberlake title: The 20/20 Experience title: pop, music, rock, r&b, soul, contemporary, dance label: RCA Records Somewhere in a private forest full of trees and lumber activity, next to a vast deep fishy lake we can find a … Continue reading

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El Xicando – La Grande Paura

Artist: El Xicando Title: La Grande Paura Keywords: horror-pop reviewer: Hammock Harry We received a very short mail with the subject ‘horror pop’ from a project named El Xicando. I left the soundcloud link and the social FBI book page … Continue reading

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