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Phantasm Nocturnes (Betty Koster) interview

Hello dear reader; good to see you here! I’m KN and on my way to the house of Betty Koster for an interview. In case you have been hiding away under a gravestone; Betty Koster is the music producer fairly … Continue reading

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Djanan Turan interviewed by KN

Hi there dear reader, welcome to YIKS and welcome to London. I’m here with Djanan Turan, a fabulous London based singer songwriter from Turkish origin and we are basically doing a touristic sightseeing day; and you are invited to walk … Continue reading

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A super TOXIC fun interview with Mr. Jason EVIL Covelli

You may, or may not know Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli. He is one of the strong characters that move around in the underground with strong words and a ‘tell it like it is’ attitude. He is clear and to the point … Continue reading

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Tooth_Eye / Christopher Will interviewed by KN

Welcome dear readers, today we have a very special episode for you (and us) to enjoy. We have cleaned up the dusted interview studio to receive a very special guest; Christopher Will, better known around here as Tooth_Eye! He began … Continue reading

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An interview with Hanin Elias in Cannes

Hello dear readers, today you are in for a very special review… As look around! 
Okay look around again but look beyond your screen… Can you see it now? We are in Cannes! You didn’t see that one coming, he? … Continue reading

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10 Questions you never wanted to ask to the GIFgirls of GIFgrond

If you search in the dictionary the word ‘Gifgrond’ you will read something along the lines like this: GIFGROND is an independent podium (in Tillywood, The Netherlands) for outlaw music and sound improvisations, away from every day mainstream sounds. Independent … Continue reading

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Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin interviewed by KN

Hello and welcome at a special edition of YIKIS. You might wonder why everything is in unreadable burned orange. It’s because I’m sitting here inside a pumpkin, inside another pumpkin, located in yet another pumpkin. I’m here to bring you … Continue reading

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Sam from Sam and the Womp interviewed by KN

Today in this very special YIKIS post, we sit down for an unconventional little chat with Sam from ‘Sam and the Womp’. It doesn’t happen a lot that we have a real musician as a guest, so please keep your … Continue reading

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Ech(o) interviewed by The Pink Blob

foreword: the following interview is a wordily exchange between experimental artist, writer , music maker and awesome American personality ‘Ech(o)’ (Tracey Fitzgerald) and the mexican experimental reggae star The Pink Blob. (Pink Blob). It was an interview ready to be … Continue reading

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Floppy Kick (The floppy label) interviewed by KN

Floppy Kick is a reasonably new record label based in Hungary and is specialized in releasing records on cute looking floppy diskettes!  This is good news for lobit lovers and sound lovers with a floppy fetish. Judging from their discography … Continue reading

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