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John Geilo – Charles is in da House

Artist: John Geilo title: Charles is in da House keywords: lobit slow tribal breakbeat track label: 20kbps John Geilo seems to be a real happy slapper, being able to slap around on his lap, the table and perhaps on … Continue reading

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d\ruffnik – Hatred

Artist: d\ruffnik title: Hatred keywords: idm, broken beats, thrill’n’bass, illbient, lobit label: 20kbps The Swiss IDM artist d\ruffnik has some skill to envy. You can compare d\ruffnik ‘s latest release on the most epic mothership of internet labels (get … Continue reading

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Alex Spalding – One (Alex Spalding 56kbps Drum Remix)

Artist: Alex Spalding Title: One (Alex Spalding 56kbps Drum Remix) Keywords: lobit, electro The exact replica of myself made one day a concept album named ‘One’. ( The idea was simple; my exact replica used one sample for all the … Continue reading

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Deafness – Space Tourism

Artist: Deafness Title: Space Tourism Keywords: lobit, electronica Label: Counting Clouds Reviewer: Leo Obit “deafness is the lobit (low bitrate) electronic project of the prolific Russian musician Mad God, who is also behind the high-quality ambient washes of Steamflow and … Continue reading

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ormand211 – Data Stigmata Rigata

Artist: ormand211 Title: Data Stigmata Rigata Keywords: experimental, psychedelic, 8kbps, lobit Label: 8ravens What a great and well needed surprise to see a brand new release on the ever trustworthy source for classy lobit music 8ravens. And they might … Continue reading

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Pollux – Lossy Data Compression

Artist: Pollux Title: Lossy Data Compression Keywords: lobit, electronics, ambient The fine collection of lobit classics is one that brings back memories and good times; a reason for me to talk to you in the hope to convince you to … Continue reading

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Black Boss – Hood Stories

Artist: Black Boss title: Hood Stories keywords: electronic, lobit, dance, rave label: 20kbps As the world is going to the shits and devils are ruling the masses, it’s good to know that our loyal friends over at the 20kbps … Continue reading

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mhz_ – an ounce of postmodern

Artist: mhz_ title: an ounce of postmodern keywords: mhz_, piano, etudes, 8ravens, 8 kbps, lobit label: 8Ravens Sometimes it’s not only the music but also the surroundings that you are listening the music in that enhanced the music enjoyment. … Continue reading

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Mhz_ – death noise drone set 001

Artist: Mhz_ title: death noise drone set 001 keywords: mhz_, noise, 8ravens, lobit, 8 kbps label: 8Ravens Mhz_ brings in the dead drone sessions that consist of very lengthy dead drones with all the better aspects of the 8kbps … Continue reading

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Anal Malevich – fucking depressed

Artist: Anal Malevich title: fucking depressed keywords: techno, antitechno, lobit, 8ravens, dark ambient, 8 kbps label: 8Ravens reviewer: Leo Obit Depression is one thing, but being in a ‘f*cking Depression is a whole different level of depression. Let me … Continue reading

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