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Siksa – „Punk Ist Tot”

artist: Siksa title: „Punk Ist Tot” keywords: alternative girls just wanna have fun punk live performance performance performance poetry punk riot grrl riotgrrl spoken word Poland Review By: Jan Strach Why the German title? Because this is a (great quality) … Continue reading

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The special relation between the music of Renée van Trier and the eccentric dancing Herr Warmblüter

artist: Renée van Trier & Herr Warmblüter keywords: music, video, dance, improvisation, experiment, performance artist website: If the eccentric Herr Warmblüter isn’t dancing, poking around with a stick, or secretly going for lonely fun fair rides; he turns into a … Continue reading

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Beatrix Carlotta – Building The Perfect Man

Artist: Beatrix Carlotta title: Building The Perfect Man keywords: performance, art, video, building, perfect man, live performance, What do you need to build the perfect man? – A man – A brain – A heart – A satisfying ‘you know … Continue reading

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Mr Sterile Assembly – It’s All Over

Artist: Mr Sterile Assembly Title: It’s All Over Lable: Skirted Records Keywords: Bass!, Angry, Moshpit Reviewer: Johan Nederpel Finally I’m back to stay for good at YIKIS. After a hiatus because of house moving, cleaning up an old house, diverse … Continue reading

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Heidi Unterpantsch

artist: Heidi Unterpantsch keywords: performance, punk, electronic, hardcore, hot, Heidi Unterpantsch is the person you will see when you search the meaning of ‘Hot’ in the dictionary. She will be there waving to you, and if lucky rubbing your eyes … Continue reading

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