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Lyra Project – God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Artist: Lyra Project title: God Put A Smile Upon Your Face keywords: alt pop, acoustic, video website: reviewer: Simon Hit Where do we go to draw the line? Where do we go to put a smile back on the … Continue reading

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Pluto Party – 生日快樂!

Artist: Pluto Party title: 生日快樂! Keywords: pop, fun, interesting, weird, Hong Kong reviewer: Psychic Peter Hello reader!!! Happy Birthday!! It’s your party today, my psychic abilities have shown me that today is the day that you have been born. Don’t … Continue reading

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FLAUNT – The Antics of More Youthful Times

Artist: FLAUNT Title: The Antics of More Youthful Times Keywords: Indie, Rock, Pop, Acoustic, Electronic, Alternative After the lengthy release named RAVE NOIR (18 songs & videos!) the mysterious band named Flaunt has been cooking up the perfect gift for … Continue reading

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Vitas – Made In China

Artist: Vitas title: Made In China keywords: pop, fun, duck The internet’s favorite meme and the world’s bests tongue maneuverer with the voice of an angel known as Vitas is back with a brand new video and tune. Previously I’ve … Continue reading

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Elk – Iceberg – In The Attic (Live Studio Session)

Artist: Elk Title: Iceberg – In The Attic (Live Studio Session) Keywords: alternative, video, rock, pop, Elk is preparing us all for a brand new upcoming release by making our ears and eyes drool with an excellent teaser in the … Continue reading

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Dendera Bloodbath – m i a m b i a n t

Artist: Dendera Bloodbath Title: << m i a m b i e n t > > Keywords:experimental, autoharp, noise, chamber pop, gothic, dark wave, electronic This album starts of like a cozy pastry of firework, they don’t explode but do … Continue reading

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Bill Mumy – Johnny Boy Got His Drum

artist: Bill Mumy title: Johnny Boy Got His Drum keywords: Bill Mumy, raindance, environmental action, video website: In parts of the world there have been a huge drought. Lakes are being pumped up by Nestle for profit and the … Continue reading

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Noelle Tannen & The Filthy No​-​Nos

Artist: Noelle Tannen  Title: Noelle Tannen & The Filthy No-Nos Keywords: indiesoul neo-soul r and b r&b r&b/soul rock soul soulpop funk horns jazz jazzpop singer-songwriter New York website: Noelle Tannen & The Filthy No are putting the hand … Continue reading

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La Tigresa del Oriente & friends

I know we have been acting rather serious around here lately, and this post will simply underline our seriousness just one more time. I have fallen in love, not in the traditional sense of the word, but in love in … Continue reading

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TFG – Marathon Gay Sex For Manly Men

artist: TFG title: Marathon Gay Sex For Manly Men keywords:metal comedy rock electro grindcore homocore pop queercore New York Perhaps you have always wondered; what is it that manly men do? What is it that makes manly men so manly? … Continue reading

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