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Chip the Black Boy exclusive ‘Black Candles’ premiere + interview!

Ah, welcome dear readers. Welcome at this very special episode! As you can see (or not, it doesn’t matter!) we are gathered here today in a local cinema, on a very secret location, especially reserved to launch an exclusive brand … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Motion Recordings Compilation 2014

Artists: Various Title: Motion Recordings Compilation 2014 Keywords: devotional bucha boys dj 0.000001 dogmaster enis johnny fuckface jonah brown something else th’ mole Oakland 2014 was a good year & I remember listening to this Motion Recordings Compilation in that … Continue reading

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David Liebe Hart – Astronaut

Artist: David Liebe Hart title: Astronaut format: CD / Digital keywords: pop, rap, electronic, alternative, experimental, fun, soul, romance This is not only a very feel good album; it is also a helpful album. A bit like a self-help program … Continue reading

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enlarged garbage – ♥ HOLY DEATH ♥

artist: enlarged garbage title: ♥ HOLY DEATH ♥ keywords: hip hop hip-hop/rap beats lofi weird Virginia Within a time frame of 9 minutes enlarged garbage sets the mood of laid back chilling hip-hop. The beats presented might be super sleek … Continue reading

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NoTalent – some shit

artist: NoTalent title: some shit keyords: grand rapids hip-hop/rap experimental experimental electronic experimental hip-hop Grand Rapids reviewer: Simon Hit You don’t need to study psychology to know that when someone names itself ‘NoTalent’ that the person is of course the … Continue reading

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Donnie Ozone – Something To See

artist: Donnie Ozone title: Something To See keywords:nelabelday, hip-hop, rap, electronic label: Bloc Sonic reviewer: Puffy Poppy P Donnie Ozone “Something To See” is a so called ‘dope’ release for the groovy hop hip hip-hop-yippadeedoda friends out there. It … Continue reading

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Chip The Black Boy – Am I Weird?

artist: Chip The Black Boy title: Am I Weird? keywords: rap, hip-hop, bass, beat, words, vocals, poetry, word-art, weird, electronic, experimental, spoken word, video Am I Weird by Chip The Black Boy asks the question, you as a viewer and … Continue reading

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Depeche Choad – Pain After Sex

artist: Depeche Choad title: Pain After Sex keywords: alternative comedy rap rock synthpop weird Aberdeen label: Ice Cream For Crow Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity is a very interesting condition beautifully explained by the song with the same title. If English … Continue reading

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Mikie Mayo as “Meezus” – Prayer Hand Emoji

artist: Mikie Mayo as “Meezus” title: Prayer Hand Emoji keywords: emo rap self love opera dedicated to Kanye West artist on the web: Most people have something to believe in, it can be anything, from a Greek god to … Continue reading

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pavleisdead – Liebestod

Artist: pavleisdead title: Liebestod keywords: experimental abstract hip-hop ambient drone noise underground hip hop Augsburg label: Attenuation Circuit Oh yes, when you hear this stuff you don’t want to hear any other music of the rapper kind again. Son … Continue reading

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