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Black Boss – Hood Stories

Artist: Black Boss title: Hood Stories keywords: electronic, lobit, dance, rave label: 20kbps As the world is going to the shits and devils are ruling the masses, it’s good to know that our loyal friends over at the 20kbps … Continue reading

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100th School – Mentally III (single)

artist: 100th School title: Mentally III (single) keywords: electronic, dubstep, edm, filthstep, horrorcore, instrumental, noise, noisecore, post-zombierave, trap, zombierave, Russia reviewer: Simon Cowbell 100th School’s Mentally III is probably the sickest and ill-est thing that had come out of my … Continue reading

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DJ Gymswap – Pearl Necklace / Velveteen Rub

Artist: DJ Gymswap title: Pearl Necklace / Velveteen Rub keywords: 90s, comedy, cover, mashup, vaporwave, breakcore, joke,jungle,remix,rave,soundclown,tekno,Netherlands DJ Gymswap is a bit like that French Chef from the muppet show without being French. He scoops his ingredients from all over … Continue reading

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DJ Humiliation – Love Child

Artist: DJ Humiliation title: Love Child keywords: seafood acid, bit breaks, breakz, idm, electronica, lgpz, lsdj, lobit label: 20kbps reviewer: Leo Obit DJ Humiliation had quite a reputation, from humiliating deejay sets, humiliating outfits, humiliating missteps in life and … Continue reading

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Pink Punk Boy – What The Fuck Is Sweetcore?

artist: Pink Punk Boy title: What The Fuck Is Sweetcore? cat: DCRPS065 keywords: sweetcore, hardtek, rave, horrorcore, dancecore, mashcore, rave, gabber, happy hardcore, sad hardcore label: Dance Corps reviewer: Mark X What the fuck is sweetcore? I guess Pink … Continue reading

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irrlicht project – Bit Shit Vol. 1

artist: irrlicht project title: Bit Shit Vol. 1 keywords: 1 bit, bit music, chiptunes, rave, electronic, rock, experimental, ZX Spectrum, 1-bit irrlicht project is considered among my bit friends quite a genius, his knowledge of technical workings, his fascination for … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Lobit Music Festival

artists: various Title: Lobit Music Featival Cat: Siro450 Keywords: lobit, low bitrate, live performances label: Sirona-Records Reviewer: Leo Obit Let’s go down memory lane, skipping the years of 2014, 2013 and coming to a halt in the year of … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga – Artflop

artist: Lady Gaga title: Artflop format: Floppy Diskette keywords: experimental, audio art, art, sound collage, pop label: Hollywood Records reviewer: Leo Obit Once upon a time we received a mysterious envelope from a certain ‘Hollywood Records’ with two pink floppy … Continue reading

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Various Artists – New Year Compilation 2015

Artist: Various Artists title: New Year Compilation 2015 cat: intox173 keywords: electronic, techno, ambient, breakbeat label: Intox Noise reviewer: Mark X It’s the time of the year that the human race poisons the air at midnight with fireworks, completely … Continue reading

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Maga – The Wired One

Artist: Maga title: The Wired One cat: esc.rec.7 keywords: electronic, adventurous, beats, dance, maga, marc fien, techno, Deventer label: esc.rec Because we are all ready with flags, firecrackers, party hats and balloons; it is an excellent opportunity to dig … Continue reading

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