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Sam and the Womp – Zeppelin (video)

Artists: Sam and the Womp Title: Zeppelin (video) Keywords: makes you feel like a zeppelin Happiness, joy, animals, trumpets, smiling faces, birthday and unbirthday parties. Oversized pants, no matching socks, eyes in your sockets, strong lemonade, fruitcakes, wiggling tails, glitter … Continue reading

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irrlicht project – OPUlent Strangers

Artist: irrlicht project title: OPUlent Strangers cat: mbr193 keywords: chiptune, chip-punk, chip-melodies, chiprave, chip-ska, chiptunes, lobit, opus, opus format label: Microbit Records Because of a drastic need for a celebration with party music, it is about time to tell … Continue reading

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2nnt – Portal of Psyclopsidae

Artist :2nnt title: Portal of Psyclopsidae cat: Siro730 keywords: psychedelic, trance, IDM, electronica, breakbeat label: Sirona-Records words by: Acid Pete People gather in fields, open lands in a dense forest, somewhere on an island and at other places.. It … Continue reading

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Randomatik Blast – Ecclectik

Artist: Randomatik Blast title: Ecclectik cat: Siro009 keywords: acid, breakbeat, breakcore, drum & bass, electronic, experimental, techno label: Sirona-Records reviewer: Acid Pete First things first. Welcome at this so called review of praise. The second thing is ‘welcome to party awesomeness! … Continue reading

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Le Leprechaune – Kitsch Adventure

Artist: Le Leprechaune title: Kitsch Adventure cat: DDD003 keywords: 8bit, DIY, electronic, bass musci, bassline, booty bass, breakcore, chiptune, club, experimental, electronic, glitch, maxmsp, Paris label: Darling DaDa reviewer: Repelsteeltje An golden oldie released back in the days on the … Continue reading

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Various Artists – The 8kbps Compilation

Artist: Various Artists title: The 8kbps Compilation cat: Siro746 keywords: lobit, 8kbps, extreme lobit, low-bit, lowbitrate, compilation, electronic, acoustic, electro, techno, minimal, chiptune, classical, noise,  experimental, ambient, label: Sirona-Records The lobit rate comes in various degrees.. But the 8kbps … Continue reading

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Munter S Thomson – WASTE

Artist: Munter S Thomson Title: WASTE keywords: electronic, breakcore, cockrockdisco, electronic, jungle, rave label: Nam Shub Of Enki When Munter S Thomson claims to have wasted one year on making ‘WASTE’, you’d better pay attention. It’s like when people … Continue reading

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irrlicht project – dat fuzz

artist: irrlicht project title: dat fuzz format: CD-r / digital keywords: 1-bit, 8-bit, electronic, beeper, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, chiptunes, chiptune, Z80, low-fi A selection of dark, speedy 1-bit works, written for and recorded from the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K home … Continue reading

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Flácido Domingo – U’re A Fooken Jerk!

Artist: Flácido Domingo  title: U’re A Fooken Jerk! keywords: Spanish Breakcore / Mashupcore reviewer: Doctor Ugs Are you ready for a colorful rainbow of sound diarrhea? Then you really should check out this breakcore mash potato mix of chopped up … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 23

Artists: various title: Midnight Radio Compilation 23 keywords: ambient, experimental, rock, craziness, electronic, label: Midnightradio-compilation Desh Alb has the absolute honor to be the creature of the first track on the latest edition of the midnight compilation series. It is … Continue reading

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