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Thorin Loeks – Thirsty Hearts

Artist: Thorin Loeks Title: Thirsty Hearts Keywords: americana folk alternative folk folk folk rock indieindie folk indie pop indie soul singer-songwriter Canada website: Thorin Loeks comes across as the traveling adventurous musician & friend who is one with nature … Continue reading

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Matt Confusion – Else

Artist : Matt Confusion Release : Else Label : No Label keywords: blues diy alt rock home recording jazzy lo-fi night singer-songwriter Monza Release date : Oct 2016 reviewer: Wayne Rex Well, well, well, what do we have here then? … Continue reading

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Harry Cloud – Indian Pussy

artist: Harry Cloud title: Indian Pussy keywords: black metal metal doom metal experimental electronic experimental rock punk rock Los Angeles reviewer: Spicky Lee Jones (the hamster) Eep eep eep, eep. Eep. Eep eep. Eep? Eep eep eep eep eep. Eep. … Continue reading

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singles by Ypopo , Zubotripobabotuponipomutogutosutoputocutolutozutorutomutogutovuto & Я 2

Hellie Allo dada Ielo my Name Is Whoopsiedoopsypoopsy, Lookodilook lets pogo loco dopa looki kookie at some swingle swindle singles free peely sweely single singles on the generative genetic trance pants netlabel: are you wollie booly dada donkers with me? … Continue reading

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Various Artists – FOOF YOURSELF VOL 3

Artists: Various title: FOOF YOURSELF VOL 3 keywords: alternative, label, sampler, free download label: FOOF RECORDS Suddenly FOOF tweeted the poof with the directions to a free downloadable compilation, aka label sampler with handpicked tunes from the releases released by … Continue reading

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{AN} Eel – {EeL}~ Ixer – Vol 1 ::Performance Relic

Artist: {AN} Eel title: {EeL}~ Ixer – Vol 1 ::Performance Relic keywords: avant-garde country death metal experimental experimental vocal technique glitch improvised noise rock improvised music noise Toronto “This album was conceived around a relatively straight forward process. Participants would … Continue reading

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FLAUNT – The Antics of More Youthful Times

Artist: FLAUNT Title: The Antics of More Youthful Times Keywords: Indie, Rock, Pop, Acoustic, Electronic, Alternative After the lengthy release named RAVE NOIR (18 songs & videos!) the mysterious band named Flaunt has been cooking up the perfect gift for … Continue reading

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