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Twink (Mr. Mike Langlie) interview

Hello there. My name is Graham and for the past few years I have been avidly reading YIKIS, so it’s a real thrill to start writing features for it. I am looking forward to sharing some wonderful music and musicians … Continue reading

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Twink’s ‘Dust Bunny on vinyl campaign

artist: Twink title: Dust Bunny keywords: toytronic, cute, toypiano, campaign, Hello there dear reader, my name is Jim… Can I borrow some of your time? Ah, you were in search for some music? Wait, let me think… might we calm … Continue reading

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zheimeer & norka – mice

Artist: zheimeer & norka title: mice keywords: lo-fi, pop, electronic, dance, mice, nice, cute, video You can’t deny that Mice are nice.. That’s what the first pop song & fitting music video are propagandizing and it actually works very, very … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Girls Alive

Artist: Various title: Girls Alive cat: m015 keywords: electronic, experimental label: Modismo This compilation seems to be one made out of electronic artists who happen to be of the female gender, but most importantly it is a fine collection … Continue reading

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artist: STRAKTOBEAM title: Melange keywords: synthpop, cosmic, vintage, synthesizer, electronic, reviewer: Willem van O. STRAKTOBEAM is a group of self claimed stargazers from Finland who built their own spaceship out of vintage synthesizers in order to make cosmic synth-pop, and … Continue reading

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The Dead Heads – C:\>PROMPT_RESTART

Artist: The Dead Heads title: C:\>PROMPT_RESTART format: CD, digital keywords: experimental, animals, comedy, crazy, electronic, food, funny, goth, keyboard, pop, rock, space, video game, weird, United States reviewer: Mark X After a crap intro that functions as a filter to … Continue reading

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Self-Medication – Belie the allies

Artist: Self-Medication Title: Belie the allies keywords: electronic, hip hop, downtempo, electroacoustic, electronic, music, glitch, idm, experimental, down-tempo, indie ,leftfield ,poetry ,trip hop ,Toronto Sometimes we stumble upon some great stuff, and I’m not talking about banana peels in this case. … Continue reading

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