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Athyrium – Letting Go (EP)

Artist: Athyrium title: Letting Go (EP) keywords: electronic darkwave downtemp electronic electronica futurepop indie-pop trip hop trip-hop Seattle website: reviewer: WIllem van O. Let’s be drowsy and sink into the sad downiness of the trip-hop by Athyrium. Their ‘Letting … Continue reading

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POulBO – Fob Watch, Lipstick, Warless (the videos)

artist: POulBO title: Fob Watch, Lipstick, Warless (the videos) keywords: videos, electronic, electronica, gay, kissing, love, snogging, phobia, Sofia Leal, Jonas Börjesson, poulbo words by: Mark X Sometimes Youpoop sucks, not because the videos on it are suck-y, but because … Continue reading

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artist: ЗОЖНЫЙ title: КЛОВАНЫ [EP] (2015) keywords: hip hop, underground label: Popsakal Records Underground hip-hop is even more underground if the artist is hip-hopping in a language that isn’t your own and you aren’t able to decipher its meaning. Still … Continue reading

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Black Boss – EP1

Artist: Black Boss title: EP1 keywords: lobit, hip-hop, experimental, ghetto, trap, hardcore, mainstream, 8ravens, lobit, 8kbps label: 8Ravens reviewer: Leo Obit Black Boss’s EP1 is a fresh sounding new release on one of the most adored lobit netlabels; 8Ravens. … Continue reading

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Premiere: Subburbia – Purple Weed

artist: Subburbia title:  Purple Weed ft. Matthew Molna keywords: tropical goth, electronic, stoner, alternative, hip-hop Ladies and gentle people, but most of all ‘You’ a warm welcome at Yeah I Know It Sucks. So glad you could make it. Welcome … Continue reading

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IceJJfish – the youtube superstar

Artist: IceJJfish keywords: pop, youtube superstar, rnb, hip-hop words by: Armanda Bernands Just like Justin Biebler ‘IceJJFish’ started his music career through the video sharing website YouTube. Since people are discovering his talented singing and dancing, he has continued to … Continue reading

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Self-Medication – Belie the allies

Artist: Self-Medication Title: Belie the allies keywords: electronic, hip hop, downtempo, electroacoustic, electronic, music, glitch, idm, experimental, down-tempo, indie ,leftfield ,poetry ,trip hop ,Toronto Sometimes we stumble upon some great stuff, and I’m not talking about banana peels in this case. … Continue reading

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