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an interview with Sam Langley of Timotay & Void of Ovals

Right, first off, hello, could you please introduce yourself? My name is Samuel Langley one half of Timotay and managing director of Void of Ovals I always like to know what peoples first foray into music was, mine was in … Continue reading

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The Best Music Videos of 2016 that will blow your mind

Welcome! So happy you made it! Good to see that you survived 2016; also known as the best year EVER. This is probably our last get together at the final day of the year; in our search for a nice … Continue reading

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interview with EPP

It would be tempting to describe my love of the Eurovision Song Contest as a “guilty pleasure” but I can’t, because I don’t feel guilty about it. Unfortunately in recent years my love has been tested, it has become a … Continue reading

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Daniel Crooks – Phantom Ride

Artist: Daniel Crooks title: Phantom Ride keywords: Two channel video installation, digital video, sound Train-rides always seem so nice and wonderful as an idea. Just sit yourself down next to a window and watch the landscapes passing by. In reality … Continue reading

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Elk – Iceberg – In The Attic (Live Studio Session)

Artist: Elk Title: Iceberg – In The Attic (Live Studio Session) Keywords: alternative, video, rock, pop, Elk is preparing us all for a brand new upcoming release by making our ears and eyes drool with an excellent teaser in the … Continue reading

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Chip the Black Boy exclusive ‘Black Candles’ premiere + interview!

Ah, welcome dear readers. Welcome at this very special episode! As you can see (or not, it doesn’t matter!) we are gathered here today in a local cinema, on a very secret location, especially reserved to launch an exclusive brand … Continue reading

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Sally Wright – You Think You Got It Rough

artist: Sally Wright title:You Think You Got It Rough keywords: love, rock, pop, blues website: reviewer: Simon H. You might think you got it rough and life is oh so tough, but… You don’t know… You don’t know what … Continue reading

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It’s a Cruel Summer (some bananarama covers…)

Hello and welcome at a special episode in which you can find a nice collection of top quality music videos of covers of bananarama’s Cruel Summer song. It wasn’t planned (we will explain the happening somewhere within this post..) but … Continue reading

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Sam and the Womp – East Meets West

Artist: Sam and the Womp title: East Meets West keywords: dreamstep, brass, pop, party, anthem, video website: When actor Clint Eastwood meets up with fashion designer Vivienne Westwood what would they do? Would it turn into a cowboy movie … Continue reading

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Leafy Suburbs – Ledge Break

Artist: Leafy Suburbs title: Ledge Break keywords: experimental, electronic, video label: Dog Park Records Let’s go down below, sniffing the roots and slippery slide over the green grass of someone’s garden. Honey I shrunk the kids comes to mind as … Continue reading

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