Frequent questions

Q: Did you even actually listen to my album?
A: No. Or… yeah, probably, we think we’ve listened to everything so chances are we just didn’t like your album and wrote a stupid review, sorry.

Q: I was searching for porn featuring giant cocks and stumbled across this site, but there’s no porn, what’s going on?
A: Sorry, this happens a lot. You could try looking for porn on another site, but we hope you’ll stay and listen to music with us!

Q: Thanks for the review, but you forgot to mention [the catalog # / the music video I sent you / how enormous my penis is / all of the music], could you edit the review to include this information?
A: We aim to please! Chances are good that we will do this if you ask, especially if you’re really cute, but even sometimes if you aren’t!

Q: I don’t like the review you wrote.
A: That’s not a question. Also, Yeah, I Know It Sucks.

Q: I need nice words for a album that will come out tomorrow/next week/next month/next life, can you please provide?
A: No. We only *tr*y to listen to ‘music’ available to the public.

Q: Will you please review my album!?
A: Maybe! I mean, YES! Just check out the Get In Touch page for information related to having your music reviewed!

Q: Why do you guys not respond to my email? How do I know if you received my request?
A: You cannot know. You will have to assume we received it and are ignoring you. Or GO FUCK YRSELF! 🙂

Q: Where are you from?
A: We’re from an uncertain time in the future, in which the earth has been replaced by the internet.

Q: My name is mark, but I read that you do not review artists and projects with the name Mark anymore, why is that?
A: Because we reviewed all the Marks we could stand a few weekends ago and we’ll never do it again.

Q: What if I’m not Mark, but for example called Nomark, would this also be considered as Mark?
A: Yes. Go away. 😛

Q: I would like to send in my physical release for review but cannot find an address.
A: just send us an email, and if you are lucky you’ll receive the address per email

Q: I want to publish my own reviews about my music project/label on Yeah I Know It Sucks. why do you not reply?
A: Because you’re really good at this and we can’t have you stepping on our egos

Q: Why are you called Yeah I Know It Sucks?
A: because our reviews suck

Q: I read a nice review, but when i follow the link i hear terrible shit. what’s up with that?
A: You’ll have to ask the person who made it.

Q: I commented on a review, but my comment isn’t showing up, what happened?
A: Try writing and posting the exact same comment a few hundred more times until it works.
A2: we either thought your comment sucked and as we are a dictatorship made out of a regime of anarchists we decided to oppress your freedom of speech / or we just have to approve it which costs time.
A3: we don’t have time to approve it.
A4: your space was already occupied / reserved for our official head commentator, our dearest ‘Linda’.

Q: Is it possible to suggest a reviewer who can review my request?
A: No. You get whatever reviewer isn’t too busy taking a shit to review something.

Q: Do you guys review Christmas albums / compilations?
A: We don’t review music, this is a porn site

Q: What kind of music do you review?
A: We review only polka.

Q: Why do you not read my biography?
A: Ain’t nobody got time for that shit! (It was long and boring and made me nauseous.)

Q: You completely missed the whole point of my conceptual album, can you please remove your review?
A: We thought that missing the point was the whole point! Also, no, fuck you, goodbye.

Q: Does Yeah I Know It Sucks accept donations?
A: If you’d like to send us used tampons and soiled toilet paper, just email us for an address!

Q: Why did you trash my album, I thought it was really good!?
A: It wasn’t.

Q: I made Yeah I Know It Sucks flyers, stickers, posters and postcards. What now?
A: Put them up in bathrooms, give them to your mother.

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