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Yeah I know it Sucks

Wanna have your stuff reviewed?
are you in need for a honoust review of your act/ band”s latest release?
Is your stuff unconventional and normally ignored at other review places?
We from “Yeah I know it Sucks” have cut off our ears and are open for any piece of “audio” product that comes our way.

We do not discriminate, we are open for all genre”s and beyond.
We welcome physical releases in all kind (if you manage to press music on a roll of toiletpaper, send it over and we will probably review it), obscure bitrates and formats, aswell as digital netreleases, you name it! BUT!
1too many people sending in stuff coming out next month, next year, next life.
it’s cool, but not in our stool. Please do not send in ‘music’ not available to the public. Thank you…

(For digital releases, we require a link to where your music is hosted on the web so we can link people to you)

For requesting a review at YIKIS, please fill out the following form:
official YIKIS review request

for other inquiries contact: giftige_kip @
(be aware of the spaces surrounding the @)

Wanna be on the payroll as a reviewer?
Yeah I Know it Sucks, but if you want to write reviews yourself
and help underground artists out,
you are very welcome to join our team!
just send us a mail with who you are ( if we dont know you that is),
and if the cap fits the enthousiastic head
you are soon to be a pro member of Yeah I Know it sucks!
we totally accept people with bad taste, idiots and grammar mistakes !

be your fucking self and have fun!

16 Responses to get in touch

  1. thanx for the “green” review, wonder what you think about:

  2. anti says:

    Hey people
    I got a label with some releases please feel free to review them, all can be found @

    In the meantime, toxic chicken are you still doing live shows? I moved to bangkok and want to try to promote some more alternative music here so if you are interested in an exchange of minds feel free to hook up.


  3. It seems to me that you (the staff of this website) are British, so I would like to say that myself, Fratelli Stellari and most of the Italian people love United Kingdom! A dear regard from Italy! 🙂

  4. Got a bounceback from that email–maybe too many links? Anyway, thought I’d try this:

    Hey gang at YIKIS. I’m an independent artist from the Denver area and yes, I’m high right now. I just wanted to present my first album, released just last month (people seem to like the last three tracks, since I know your time is limited). It’s a dark noisy progressive electronic heavy rock thing and isn’t for everyone, but thanks for your consideration in any case.


  5. Hello, We are an electronic band from Denver, CO, USA called Keldari Station.

    I just heard about “Yeah, I know it sucks” from a friend, and saw a number of friend’s projects on there, explored a bit…we like your site!

    Would like to submit our newest release, it’s pretty much still warm…. it JUST came out around an hour ago. LOL

    I suppose it can’t hurt to try, right?

    I am putting this here, because I am unable to send a message to “giftige_kip @”

    Darren D.Danahy, (Keldari Station)

    Here is the link, let me know if you need anything else! 😀

    • kainobuko says:

      for all the people trouble sending messages. try putting the @ next to the p and move the whole ‘’ thing to the other side of the @. it’s our sucky test to proof people are human. 🙂

  6. Chops says:

    Hello, here’s some strange sounds.


  7. Hello. I’m a pretentious magic eightball. Ask me if I care. I bet I’m elusive. Was I dead on or was I cloudy? You should probably check back later that is the consensus among the fortune seekers. Anyways sinners got to burn and love is a walking billboard. This is digital vandalism.

    • AndyTithesis says:

      Only an asshole would reply to himself. Want to trip balls kids? Do kids still read these days? A few do. Okay, then try this. Drink the liquid inside the magic eight ball. Trust me. I live in a hospital with doctors. So I’m very qualified likely. I get my own spit mask too. Now do as I do. Go break balls and slurp!

  8. Kyera Keenne says:

    Hi. This is a Kyera Keenne (Kye the Artist) and my music was just reviewed by this site. I’m going to look again to see if there is actually a name. Thank you. The duplication of me as an artist was spot on. I literally squealed when I read it. I love creating effects like that on listeners — that’s my product! Thank you again!

  9. Necznu says:

    My micro label Dziewięćdziesiąt Sześć Procent and its first cassette Neczny – “Świnie i Szarańcze” ( )

  10. Mysie Music says:

    I was getting some Soundcloud messages and just decided check out my Artist name on Google…when suddenly I discovered this!

    I want to thank you so much for your “Amazing” Review of my music! I love the UK! Always have and always will. Thank you again.My Artist Life is Alive again!
    Cheers from the USA,


  11. You reviewed some Od Rot Me! albums.
    This is Maggie Facepaint.
    Hope you enjoy.
    My email is
    There was this kid from France I can’t remember the name of who made lethargic black metal-ish bedroom music. He posted tons of releases on Bandcamp by the month. You always gave him nice reviews. He was a fan of Od Rot Me! but sadly I lost contact due to password-loss. I’d love it of you could link me to him.
    Also here’s the old-new album. Maggie Facepaint, in correspondence with Od Rot Me! but not intimately involved. And there’s more to come.
    Thanks for your support in the past. It means a lot.

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