thinkthomas – Bury instrumentals

Artist: thinkthomas
Title: Bury instrumentals
Keywords: electronic experimental piano electronic piano Nottingham

I know, this isn’t about me or the fact that I had my ears wrapped in a pair of brand new headphones, but woohoo I was extremely happy and lucky to have this album by thinkthomas playing through it! It started with a track named ‘Genesis’ which truthfully made my ears fall into some kind of revelation, with full on stereophonic effects and a whole assortment of music all stuck together within one single track; it felt like a entire story full of incredible wonders, material that pimped up my believe system of fairies and other imagery all the way up to be true and forthcoming again. Does that sentence makes any sense? Who cares?!you should really check out the music on this release and check if you, yourself could make any descent sentences to describe it; it’s such a emerging masterpiece!

But back to ‘genesis’ as with ease this track brought what sounded like a whole album in less than 5 minutes, it sparkled my imagination towards glorious heights and made me realize that music doesn’t need to go from A to Z, but that anything goes as long as creativity and sensible senses are working together. Not that I had them working together, but the music certain seemed to have it all under control.

That said, The album delivers a more straightforward work named ‘Bury’ as a second track, one which comes with a nice round bass, spacious piano tinkling, a firm beat and a collage style setting to form a adventurous breathtaking adventure. It felt better than walking around somewhere in the middle ofnature, which is a thing I wouldn’t normally write or say. But common; being in the real life shadows or hearing ‘Shadows’ on this album is a easy choice! The music shimmers amazingly away in there with a warm groove, heavy bass, fingerlicking ticks and tocks, sounds that are snapping away like a lush person that is utterly cool and confinement, one that keeps an eye out for you and holds your hands as it quietly brings you toward the trippy spaced out zones of a unknown jungle.

Listening to a track titled ‘Blackshorts’ is bringing another moment in which we can get pushed into coolness that is of a Devine kind. Everything sounds kind and warm, funky, tight and playful at the same time. There is nothing here that sucks a slightest bit, everywhere it’s beautiful and wonderful over here. The only thing that breaks my mind is why this audio wonderland is called ‘blackshorts’, it might be that thinkthomas really really really loves black shorts as otherwise to drop such a beautiful track titled like this wouldn’t make much sense; what a hauntingly great world that they had created over here!

Ad Infintuum is another amazing track that completely had absorbed me so much as a listener that I had tried to listen to it as a reviewer, notebook in my hand and all that.. but instead of listening to details and penning up things to describe how it sounded like i was just on board of the music and floated away into a time continuum in which everything was perfect. I flew all the way into ‘Moon and Earth’ which also made me lose track of days, time and whatever it was that I was supposed to be doing.

It all came to a end, but not before there was a audio pleasure titled ‘Full circle’ which was absolutely stunning, with a calm sincerity, kind piano wanderings, sweet artifacts of sound, lovely choice of rhythmic sounds, lots of mystery in audio bits all working together to generate a sentiment that is utterly wonderful to hear and experience. Let’s say it’s the flag on the cake, the cream on the ice! What a great way to experience the miracle that is ‘headphones’ when you have ‘bury instrumentals playing through it! Come on, give it ago, it’s pretty fantastic!

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Intenso – The Stars Are Cold Toys

Artist: Intenso
Title: The Stars Are Cold Toys
Keywords: experimental rhodes sp404 alternative art brut art punk art rock experimental rock improvisation instrumental noise noise rock psychedelic Perth

Losing my brain while on the train to nowhere, going along with my eyes closed and the music by the Australian band Intenso up to the max. In fact I’m not sitting in a actual train, but the intenso music made me fantasize about sitting on one. Not on the roof or something, but at first just nicely on the seat like a civilized civilian. Staring out of the window like a patient traveler that enjoys the sights like it had never done so before.

However it didn’t take all too long before the music of intenso made me go through the roof all the way into the sky, floating along with the speed of the train through spacious landscapes, tripping over fields as green as the color could possible be. It would make the impossible possible and it did it I such a way that I didn’t even see it coming. Oh I wish you’d be here so we could experience this together; out of her heads and into freaking flight mode!

Exciting psychedelic music is the engine that made me not so much lose my mind; it expanded it, gone with the wind thanks to sound based lucid style dreaming. Traveling with a vast amount of speed all over these interesting and beautifully intriguing landscapes that felt like a ride of a lifetime. A outer train and body experience that only got better and better as the ride went along, becoming a rumbling brain opener that would never wanted to be closed again.

Things became bizarre in al the good ways, the train might have gone under water for a traveling tour to places previously unknown. There we could see things like ‘spiders on the ocean floor’ they became amazing sightings, seriously wonderful encounters to open up the third eye as wide as possible, makes the hairs on the human skin stood up from the pure sensational experiences. With lengthy flights of melodies the buildups became as intriguing as the original contents, washing the soup away with a perplexity full details that all made sense to head toward epic directions.

I might sound like a rambling poet on acid, trying to find words for the undisputed indescribable, but don’t blame me; blame Intenso intensiveness for taking away my mind for a amazing musical journey to never ever return to ‘normality’ ever again. A state of being in which everything gets seen through the ears and even bringing revelations of ‘false kings’ in some kind of euphoric exciting way.

This is no music, it’s a journey that surpasses any normal way of commuting. I noticed toward the end of the trip that the train had been long gone, but also the body itself had been reduced to nothing; only some kind of flowing thought I had became, one that could see and hear without the senses that are normally attached to a face.

Does any of these words make sense? Probably not when you read them, but when you go into the world that this album provides you with, it might become a bit more clear and sensible. Don’t thank me for pointing this free holiday from one self out to you, thank Australian artist Furchick for the recommendation and bless Intenso for delivering this sensational sensation! Come on, join the wonderful trip if you dare:

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Marta Sap – Live soft session Kożyczkowo 2018 Green Circles Festival

Artist: Marta Sap
Title: Live soft session Kożyczkowo 2018 Green Circles Festival
Keywords: electronic world chill chill out chillwave ethnic ethnotrip ethnotronica kalimba Gdańsk

After really enjoying ‘breaths’ by Marta Sap and revisiting this electronic didgeridoo album many times in a fondly matter, I got this incredible urge to hear something different coming out of this artist’s inventory. With a few clicks there my answer was; a live session!

I drank some wine, closed my eyes and heard Marta play. She opened up the gates of dreams, with something that sounded like a well tuned kalimba. Something that got a magical touch with the help of spacious effects that really made reality look far and surreality nearby. There I say and listened in silence, cheered with brainwaves the upcoming peacefulness that this music was providing. I sipped the content of the glass and stroked my own ears fondly as Marta Sap did her magical pling ploing sounds.

Yes, there was no didgeridoo here, something that I loved so much and got me into this artist’s realm. Yet, the same trickery of getting swept in by Sap’s talent was being played out here. She made time goes by quick and smoothly, infused it with a laid back rhythm and some last minute synth pads. She ended the trip with her voice whispering in my brain in a room full of silence. I haven’t a clue what the words meant, but it felt as if she had given a massage through the ears and that felt pretty good if you’d ask me.

I raised my glass in her honor, mumbled something like a soft spoken ‘salute’ and enjoyed the surrealistic realism that she provided afterwards. A groovy dance to celebrate, brought in a severe form of kindness with spacious sounds that might be minimal but certainly not unmissable. She added a animalistic spirit to the live set and became a mind reading pleaser by giving that well loved didgeridoo sound a feature. If I closed my eyes I envisioned myself sitting in the middle of the savanna with wild friendly lions and lionesses around me, all sipping wine in the sun on a relaxed and acceptable friendly way.

I already knew that Marta Sap is a great music maker, but her live set as capture here proofs to me that she can single handily takes your mind away on a lengthy trip that feels like a act of being good to yourself, a treatment more relaxing than aroma therapy & a groove worth to align your heartbeat with. My wine is finished but the love that this music gave me still rings through my body… so nice!

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Projekt Luty – Grzybnia

Artist: Projekt Luty
Title: Grzybnia
Keywords: alternative krautrock lofi rock noise rock noiserock poland polish polska post-punk poznań psychedelic underpolen Poznań

It’s time to instantly put everything aside and get ready to party! The reason is? Does there ever really has to be a reason to party? … well, if it’s really necessary than I would say we can party because the incredible artist and it’s upbeat experimental party punk album has dropped and that is on its own enough reason to go full on berserk in a happy hotter than hot way!

You will feel enough reasons to go and dance, destroy, hop around and pretend to be a kangaroo when you pull yourself into track numbero uno on this album. It’s one titled ‘W. Skafandrze’ but don’t let that fool ya; it’s a instant bulge of energy, raw and original. Old school and new school at the same time. To me it was as if the music had that attitude of someone who wears ripped and studded jackets and strategically puts shoe wax in the hairs of the head; it’s crazily excited to hear and I admitted that I felt as if the music had energized me enough to light up a parliament.

The bulging vibe of energy gets more bold with a song named Tak Samo, it comes with synth singing ladies and rough guitar and lucid drums to compliment the cowbell. We can hear our hero sing passionately his heart out, it’s fragile and half drowning with emotion into the work. Word wise I have no idea what it is about but I can feel it in my guts that it is more real than real & that he means every word of it.

Things go a bit eccentric when Śród Ogrodu pops in to provide its content. At first it felt as if a witch on a broomstick had flown by with a crying black cat on its back. It’s just the introduction to pay up your attention, so to make room for a seriousness most Devine; Jan Strach singing a ballad that feels like it has the power to elevate higher than the highest mountain, sweeps us up among the gods right above the clouds with words sang like a true passionate believer, a artist who believes in its own art strong enough to make you feel like a loyal follower that wants to hold onto projekt Luty like nothing else, carving the way of freedom out of blockades setup by society’s normality and waves the bored a firm set of goodbyes.

Of course such a escape deserves a fruitful case of music liberation; one celebrated here by Mianowicie instrumental, a track that feels like a moment of truth as performed mainly on a holy organ. It’s a festive melodically charger moment in which we can find a partner, dance away slowly into the bright lights of the universe! It’s as if Jan Strach had found the holy grail by biting its way out of society, only to see that it does also have nice things to offer culture wise; projekt Luty for example!

With the black cat doing a meowing meow for good old sake, more euphoria is being brought in on the project’s behalf. With Comrobyć we can enjoy the fantasy of a beavis character (from Butthead) being the vocalist for this experimental avant-garde rock synth epicness. It’s hard to describe it any other way, but sometimes musical moments just need to be heard, felt and discovered to be fully appreciated & I firmly press you to check this album out for goodness sake!

The party might have reached out to the point of high emotions & that’s where the grueling work of Będzie Skok comes in. It’s surprisingly catchy melody wise, it also has the bulging power to never to be pushed over, to stand up to bullies, get your crap together and be who you wanted to be! They say ‘what you reap is what you sow’ and in this case it’s a track named ‘Sowa’, heavy on the wooden drum stick and casio org hit sound aswell as the raw guitar to infiltrate your ears. The retro synth layers give the final balance for Jan Strach to sing and howl cry it’s song out on. It’s like listening to a bunch if happy slapping washing machines stuck in a church for a possessive in order for a rock god to be resurrected; it has something ritualistic of a high peculiar order!

What do we need more on a sensational album like this? Of course a moment for all of us to light our lighters, hold each other’s hands and shed some tears! This can be done with the ear pleasingly ‘Samolot, Pociąg, Autobus’ which is dense and tense in all the aromatic tragedy ways, yet brings us the thematic comfort of a real human being being one with its instruments and itself to express its self and bring a exciting comforting shoulder for all its listeners to lean on! A bunch of fun gunshots at the end just will sort out any surviving problems; projekt Luty got it all sorted.

The finished touch is coming at last with a kumbaya track that shoves all what’s ethically wrong together ; panflute, Christmas shakers and slap bass & makes it into a out of tune form of masterful mastery! Jan sings with organ, topping it off for a orgasms of music pleasure, liberating our souls like a gift from the liberated itself. His work sounds real, elevated and makes you feel strong enough to face the life among people that might not be ready to be on the same level of excellent taste in music! Go get them, join this party and feel those emotions bubbling! Another strong album on the case of freedom!

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MrZarp – Grannadina OST

Artist: MrZarp
Title: Grannadina OST
Keywords: experimental, Russia

Sensible and emotional is how this ‘isn’t a clown’ seems to clown about. It’s like a Perot, one that is dramatic and full sadness, yet it is expressed with such melodic grace that you want to hold it close to your heart and squeeze the life out of it. I feel like playing it on repeat until the MP3 wears off its ability to work.

What a composition, what a score that is been channeled over here!

The moment that the clown realizes that it is in fact indeed a clown, the dramatic dramatization even becomes more loaded with sensational realization. The melody tumbles like a emotional rollercoaster, a modern Satie who has its fingers dance on the keys of what is expected to be a synthesizer that stands somewhere lonely in a trailer in some far away dusty circus.

To top off this release there is the moment that the clown realizes that the ‘toilet is wrong’; a short ending that felt like looking down the toilet bowl while crying. With the sounds of tear drops dropping kindly into the water for a nice dramatic effect. Probably mixed with colors that came from the face-painted individual whose snot had been probably be gathered in its fake red nose; what a terrific visual scene and a gorgeous end to a short but special EO

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tiny horse – Birth Day

Artist: tiny horse
Title: Birth Day
Keywords: experimental ambient dark ambient drone electroacoustic electronica noise Wellington

I don’t know why, but I got suddenly into horses. Not really, cause they terrify me. I think they are cute from a distance, but their muscles always seem to me a bit too intimidating; they shouldn’t be ridden by humans, they should ride on top of humans as they are easily stronger than us silly beings. But that’s not what I’m here for, not that I won’t like to discuss ‘horse phobia’ it’s just that this might not be the right time or place to do it.

Now it’s simply time to chat a bit of nonsense about a tiny horse who made some incredible birthday loops. Yep, you heard it right; not just a horse, but a tiny one! Making better audio than the average rider that hobbles around proudly on a much bigger horse. Impressive indeed as this tiny horse sets up a loop that even though it’s probably a case of repetition, it seemingly doesn’t get at all repetitive, in fact it kept me entertained and intrigued for it’s entire lengthy business. To keep it worldly in style; it took me for a ride, not to be dominated, but more to show off that tiny horses could also be a force of strength, certainly one that doesn’t need to be overlooked.

So how does this birthday loop sounds like? Maybe not very much how you would expect a tiny human birthday loop would expect, there is no cake, joyous singing, the sound of presents opening or blowing up balloons. There is no cake sounds too, but that’s the thing; a tiny horse experienced things differently, especially birthdays. Not that I’m a horse expert, but hearing this tiny horse here doing its thing I feel like I kinda am; how arrogance works in mysterious ways!

The tiny horse seems to spend it’s birthday out in the shed, a windy place that has a nice breeze of fresh air to it. You can hear the birthday shackles cluttering from excitement and it’s tiny manes being blown as if it’s standing outside on a cold day. That might not be a entirely joyous experience for non horses, but if you look away from the whole birthday theme, you must easily admit that considering that this is made by a tiny horse; that it’s more than pretty impressive!

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Rabid Suzuki – Terms Net No Discount

Artist: Rabid Suzuki
Title: Terms Net No Discount
Keywords: experimental royal with cheese sloppy joe trash kingdom defonce noise rock pop post-punk post-rock sunshine pop Hamilton

When I played this album I felt like a bunny who was too late to meet the queen who beheads heads. It had that pulse of being on the go, with streaks of nervousness and shouts that made me think of the possibilities of losing my own head when not making it on time. The nervousness became more joyous and frantic when the track titled ‘vampacuum!’ did its thing. Things got a little insane, with extreme passion that would untangle my rabbit ears just so I could pick it up all a bit better. How in earth can someone describe this music without going poetically loopy in the process’ I wondered as I rested my case and decided to pen up something as vague as possible. Isn’t that nice?

After it came ‘Hornet’s breasts’ which dangled nicely in my face, they sounded like a jolly bunch, a bit manic and on the edge still; but it kept that urge of nervousness, of getting ready to a appointment that might be fatale at its destination. I can’t really decipher what the singing words are chatting about, but it felt like a moaning sensation of someone not being happy with a situation. It’s as if a inner cricket says something to turn around, give up your job before you got to give up to your very own head.

It really got under my furry skin when a track like ‘Terra Fried’ played, it was as if someone menacing shouted army style in my face while taking the piss with a sketchy nervousness to get your legs in motion with. ‘Celery stalker’ rambled a bit, making me feel as if we have stumbled upon our own paws, got them entangled, fell on the floor and are than endangered by pretty lucid visions that had come out of the insane bits of the brainy visual department. I imagined crows jumping on washing lines while holding on to tiny little chainsaws in order to make some kind of point. It felt like a warning, like the music that shouted ‘come on you got no choice’ you got to pick yourself up and get ready to continue your story towards all the craziness that life presents you. The result is a surprisingly fun song in the end, crazily on edge but also powerfully funny; like a Kania Tiefer hit but than without the whole electric thing!

The album goes on with the expressive ‘Pick up the phone’ which got its point over loud and clear. In my case I felt as if the be-header got a hang of my phone to inform me that there is no choice than show up and face whatever will be there to face. Apparently the first thing to face after this is a encounter with Count Cracula; a friendly fellow, sucking reluctant some blood out of your neck as if you had been a virgin from a good year, taste testing it with a self proclaimed authority that seemed a little rusty to me.

Suddenly the music goes into the file cabinet to pick up this dodgy folder of x-viles. Can’t say I wasn’t thrilled as it sounded as if someone was sawing my brainy wires with a wish to make them go a little berserk and incoherent. The vast voice once again seemed to have picked up a megaphone for making pointless points clear into my ears while strings got plucked as if it was a goose whose feathers could be of good use in someone’s pillow. Than finally all the way at the end, there is the moment to meet our end; captain lunch. Captain lunch seems to wish us for dinner, lunch and breakfast & probably that’s where our head will boil in some soup and the rest of the body gets spread with butter on sandwiches and strategically placed in prickly salads… I don’t know what this was all about, neither if any of what I wrote helped to decipher anything over here for a single but, but that’s alright considering that I’ve just become food for thought. Just as this album by Rabid Suzuki is:

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