Harley Cream – Sweet Baby

Artist: Harley Cream
Title: Sweet Baby
Keywords: electronics, music video,

Harley Cream has been making personal electronic music with a touch for a while now, putting his personality in the music that gives it that nice bedroom recording sound that only people that are confident within their own skin and identity can create. Now of course this is good, but when this is combined with a video of Harley Cream in his personal habitat with a glitter wig to top it off; we should be in for a extreme goody of it’s very own kind.

Thanks to the invention of the music video and it being possible to be made on a low budget, Harley Cream simply made the most out of it, without overdoing it ; he just puts himself out there in all it’s spontaneousness. The result is a close up front encounter in which the artist shines in his own skin, full with sweet sensuality and a touch of eccentric mystery; it’s a pleasure to see and hear. I can’t get enough of it, hitting that repeat button as if I’ve just stumbled upon some golden nugget in a abandoned gold mine. What a excitement it is to find this goody & how much joy it gives me to share it with you and the world! Hope it will be as good as it was for me and possibly the artist himself.


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Ethereal Talks – SST

Artist: Ethereal Talks
Title: SST
Keywords: electronic house ambient atmospheric breakbeat ethereal hauntology lo-fi mixtape raw soundscapes tape techno Smolensk
Label: Ethereal Talks

No need for a lousy voice over as performed by a radio or a modern day podcast host? Just want to hear incredible electric music all intertwined to open the mind into directions you couldn’t imagine to explore when you woke up this morning? Well, this release might be exactly what you had been waiting for! It’s a mixtape featuring tracks by experimental musicians / projects that are (in my book of underground notes) pretty legendary. A big name like for example ‘MushroomWavved Collar’ is present, but also evgthug1, both have never disappointed my hard judgements of music loving ears & stubbornness of my sound loving mind.

Other artists like bejesus & flatulent swamps I’m less familiar with, but hearing how compelling this mixtape is & how it all seem to blend together for a perfect showcase of the fine electronic music that they and the Ethereal Talks netlabel has to offer; they all seem to stand strong on similar heights, delivering a content feeling with energy and melodies, drums and synth expressions. It is all so good that it almost feel intimidating to me (as a music maker), making me glad to have gone on the roads of abstraction so these producers could fully pave the way of concrete music that feels ready for a party, but also suits a fine backdrop for the engaged listener that needs some action-music to get some things done!

It’s a perfect mixtape for all kind of things, really. I would use it to do taxes (I’ve never done taxes in my life as it is against my religion..) but listening to this I feel it could be fun combined with these good vibes. Or perhaps better; painting things, cleaning up the house, delivering mail or boxes of pizza (making it not only a bearable job, but also a cool thing to do) .. there is just something very powerful and cheerful with these electric fat bass sounds, big beats, rhythms and melodies; from house to breakbeats and even the more grim sounding pieces have this ‘go and get out there and get ‘it’ done’ vibes! No distractions, no fillers, no drama; just a neat free mix of excellent electronica:

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Artist: Glass Famine
Keywords: rock avant-pop baroque aspirations experimental ballads Chicago

Shalala lala shala lala… you got to love the shalalas when they appear in songs, it’s the vocal bits that makes anyone with a voice want to ‘sing’ along. This one single by this Glass Famine certainly has those rich shalalas and somehow makes the other words seem pretty, makes us feel pretty, makes life feel pretty… I don’t know what I’m saying so I just add some more shalala to cover this fact up: shalala shalala shalala.

So what is this song about? Even though the artist has added a handy song text on the single release page over at the busy market place named Bandcamp, I can’t really seem to understand it; which is alright with me. It reads away like poetry but as you could hear it in the song itself; it’s obviously a good fitting one that lends to sing something that feels sunny and pretty. A voice can make, break or bake a song and in this case it defines it.

Without the voice, the sang lyrics and the shalalas there would simply be no song. So it’s handy that there is one over here so I could blabla away in less poetic style & above all shalala all the way to pinpoint this link that will bring you towards it. It’s up to you if you want to click it or not, the world will not end if you do and neither will it disappear when you don’t: so no pressure at all, just pure temptation…

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Logosamphia – PRINCE

Artist: Logosamphia
Keywords: experimental punk acid anarchy breakcore chipcore circuit bending electroacoustic germany iran jungle logosamphia neopolka noise rotterdam Rotterdam

In case you have been pressing the reload button a few too many times and didn’t notice any updates on YIKIS you can be assured that it wasn’t a technical error on your side of the internet. Truth is, we have been holed up with Logosamphia’s Prince. The days that we had gone missing was simply because we had been dancing on this album on repeat, couldn’t find a reason or a way to turn it off, heard it on repeat and probably will have to deal with permanent brain damage as a result of it.

But you know what? It has been worth it! Yes, We have probably missing out on seeing you and reporting on the many albums that sucked (or didn’t suck) , but oh well PRINCE has been so supportive to captivate us with its energetic rambling sounds & wonderful technology of sharp hitting of pure bonkers melodies. Like a game of Atari teenage pong mixed with left wing punk politricks, the one and only pleasure of a talent ‘Logosamphia’ simply had thrown out a plaque of goodness for the masses, with enough party kickers to go loopy with & so we did.. after three days? Was it three? Let’s say that it was many days of pure online absence we ended up in a lunatic asylum. There our music device used for playing PRINCE on repeat was confiscated, unleashing us from our shackles of non stop dancing on these breakbeats and idiotic clown folk beep freak cases of fine madness!

Now we are out and spreading the disease! As how else would anyone believe us that we had been seeing tiny blue creatures crawling out of water taps, met mad people spitting out frustrations while dancing brainlessly for days and nights on end? Don’t get hydrated, though! But why not give it a try, press that repeat button and see how many days you’ll be able to keep up & where you’ll end up at the end. If it is the same lunatic asylum that we are writing this update from; let’s hug! And please… please smuggle in a music device with more playable PRINCE on it; we might turn this place so mad that we could easily escape and dance in freedom again!

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Suzanne Peeters – A Very Shorty Introduction to Actually Being

Artist: Suzanne Peeters
Title: A Very Shorty Introduction to Actually Being
Keywords: experimental frederique masquet joop maas meridith black mortengo string quartet siebrand vos suzanne peeters Leiden
label: Smikkelbaard

Suzanne Peeters has done it again; releasing wonderfully composed minimal drama music on the netlabel that bares great risks to a person’s career ; Smikkelbaard. With a whole arsenal of good will, a five-people orchestra sets her music notations into the sceneries of reality. With the platonic sense of emotion they make her compositions come alive, poking into breath taking charming scenes and touching them up with the help of a grand piano (as executed by the hands of Joop Maas), Mallets (as played by a certain Frederique Masquet) , Percussion (by the legendary Meredith Black) electronics (as performed by nobody less than Siebrand Vos) and strings by the unmistakable Mortengo String Quartet. The result? Music that feels like it is made for a movie that is very hard to see & yet (somehow) begs to be seen!

Apparently it is made for a short film titled ‘The life and times of Siddhartha Gautama’ but the soundtrack itself seems to have lived up to the task of living a life on its very own. And gladly so! The minimal structures leave plenty of space to a person’s imagination, constructed as if they kept room for whatever laid visually ahead, politely dancing under it by being there, but not wanting to disturb. It’s all very nice and gentle, some times I wished it stepped up more upfront to hit that emotional snare a bit harder, but than again; the art of being Zen and consistent in what you perform and present is one that seems to be well executed over here. You could make a bird out of a feather, but the art of keeping a feather as a feather; should be the wise wisdom behind this way of composing. It takes meditation and being harmoniously content to a new respectable level & if that make a listener drift into a certain sleep, than you might expect seeing a movie in your own private cinema theater. Suzanne Peeters gives you thankfully the uncredited singing birds at the final end, making sure to make a person’s little musical journey into a happy friendly one. Feel free to dream away by hopping into this supporting soundtrack over here:

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Crystal Eternal – Stories from the Love Motel

Artist: Crystal Eternal
Title: Stories from the Love Motel
Keywords: experimental ambient futurefunk lo-fi vaporwave Cincinnati

Let’s check in at the love motel, where we can enjoy stroking the curtains and the sincere act of making a sensual collect call so sexy that it makes you want to touch yourself. Put on some naughty nighties and make yourself at home, enjoying the nightly rate and make the modest most out of it. There is something about it…

Enjoy the pink and reddish lights, working together to lift the cheesy erotic atmospheric mood that will make you feel like making dreams come true in the romantic love making department. Alone or with a paid friend.. Did someone order a escort and a cheesy synthesizer? Love is real, you know?

We dream away while melting in each other’s imaginary arms. Together as one, sailing on old memorable hits all slowed down to turn them into the engagers of a night of pure paradise! Just listen to the wonderful curves of these tunes, fill up the jacuzzi and empty the minibar! You can do it! Let’s get down tonight!

Make sure to make the towels and sheets dirty, sniff up the rose petals on the bed and enjoy the sweet scent of 1983! Tune yourself in and turn yourself on, cause everyone deserves a bit of self love & where else would be a better place to do so? The love motel is as seedy as it could be, sensually infringing on copyright like no other could possible do! One night only, so move slowly and make the most out of it.

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Monkey Warhol – Bongo Booty

Artist: Monkey Warhol
Title: Bongo Booty
Keywords: electronic electropunk folktronica indie rock synth rock synthpop Minneapolis

There is something you need to drum on, what would it be? A bongo? A booty? Or perhaps the combination of them two? That seems to have been the philosophical question that Monkey Warhol had been breaking his head with. Normally you would think that this would be a waste of a person’s mind, but not in the world of this true alłround artist!

Monkey Warhol turned the whole questionable question into a fun loving family friendly piece of entertaining entertainment! It’s a song, a tune and a incredible music video in which animation and actual real humans are working together in a so called ‘who framed Roger Rabbit’ movie style! It’s pretty incredible what a love and attention Bongo & Booty receives right here, but the result is inspiring! It makes me feel like bending a juicy bummed person & play some fancy rhythm myself! It also seem to create this urgent taste to eat a drill pudding!

To get this song and others, feel free to browse towards the other end of the following kinky link:

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