Pavorama – Bitter Futuro

Artist: Pavorama
Title: Bitter Futuro
Keywords: bitter futuro

Hello and welcome at another amazing write up that tries to tell you how the things are that you could hear all along for yourself. This time a free downloadable release by the noisy sounding Pavorama. What a nice name “Pavorama”, it makes me automatically think of ‘panorama’ but with a ‘v’ instead of a ‘n’. It’s a fitting link as these soundscapes might be described as panoramas with offbeat happenings in them. Most of them are fuzzy, others more shaky but all not the most mainstream things you would find. But still Pavorama has included a hit, so that is where I’ll start this nonsense with:

The ‘hit’ is something that shakes the bones like a funky toothbrush hold in a busy shaking hand that’s attached to a armband decorated shaman in the middle of a psychedelic inducing ritual. That’s something special, isn’t it? But f you think that’s already something, you might be surprised to hear what comes after the “hit”. It’s a work named “Era jovem e já trabalhava na forja” and is a larger than life name for a track that sounds fuzzy like a fresh fish suffering for its life on a hot plate, owned by a knife sharping chef that can’t wait to chop it all up.

What’s next you might wonder? A tea party? A weirded out lady with a beard jumping on a trampoline? No, no, nothing like that… it’s just another track that is a bit on the harsher spectrum of the sound festival. This one is called “Eu quero ser naif” and is like a more grueling alien and it’s alienating instrument that plays it while being completely soaked under a loud waterfall. It’s the instrumental session that is loud enough to go through the colossal hiss and that’s good to know, after all who doesn’t want to hear alien artistic happenings?

Let’s say that the next track named “Bitter Futuro” is more sounding like a pimped up window wiper that swipes harshly eternal thick falling snow from a car window. It also might remind of a chopper, a helicopter blade that circles around making the dust on the ground fly up like it’s nothing. The last part served by Pavorama is a more smooth one, taking the time to provide the sound of a delicious good “Psycho Saturday Morning”. Nice and heartless, cold and emotionally absent; something to sit in and let the time pass.

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Marilyn Roxie – Devil’s Own Luck

Artist: Marilyn Roxie
Title: Devil’s Own Luck
Keywords: electronic, experimental, ambient

Marilyn Roxie Devil’s Own Luck has all that might frighten you so much that there might be a possibility that you’ll jump up like a trapped cat & be stuck in the awkward position of a high tree. Make sure you have a working mobile phone in your pocket in case something like this happens & you need to call the handy people at the fire station to come over with their long ladder.

From the killer sound of a silent nature to the dangerous sounding steps of a devilish creep who had been possessed by a bass-loving hollowness. These creepy minutes shimmer over the ground and hold your breath like a pure choker, soundtracks that can strike you out of nowhere and trigger a banger of diarrhea if you are one of those people that are easily frightened…

Luckily Marilyn Roxie Devil’s Own Luck comes with the perfect escape vehicle, a dangerously farting motorcycle that you could jump on and drive away from the danger zone… it will take you to a automatic spin into a safe zone in which church friendly organ material does its herbal thing to bring comfort and safety. I guess it’s a classic case of a church being a holy safety place, a fable perhaps but apparently not in this Marilyn Roxie’s world…’s+Own+Luck+-+04+Raphael.mp3

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Verme – W0rW [EP]

Artist: Verme
title: W0rW [EP]
keywords: drone experimental hnw harsh noise industrial noise noise br noisecore power electronics anti-music brasanoise harsh noise Brazil
label: Exhaust Valve Records

Alarm bells ring as if they are horny frogs in the pool, making their advanced lover-seeking sounds out of their squeaky mouths in the hope to engage in a sexual encounter. A whole load of eggs might be made that night, investing the entire water place with wires full of future frog baby fishes, that is if it weren’t just fragments of the imagination that appeared while listening to W0rW by a certain Verme.

I was tagged to hear this, don’t know by who or why, maybe it was Verme or perhaps a touch of the universe that wanted me to envision this wet pool scene of green wort loving sexy froggies, but whatever it was; it was good enough to share it with you. This W0rW EP didn’t only made me fantasize about these jolly friends in need for a hookup in the water, it also made me think of… indeed… water itself.

Especially W0rW2 (the W0rW EP comes in three tracks) which sounded like a sweet rainfall near the pool that truthfully had a lot of romance into it. W0rW3 also continued this rainy coziness, nicely painted in a harsh noise palette that felt super natural, as if Verme had taken its recordings equipment into the rain (obviously with an umbrella) and recorded the whole scene for us to enjoy.

The frogs might only join in the first part of the EP, but that made the other parts more as if they indeed had ‘cum’ , as if they had reached their climax & could now simply be silent enjoyers while smoking a cigarette in the rain… Yep, W0rW has captured a nice imaginative moment & you don’t need to be a horny frog to be able to enjoy it.

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Yellowhead – Life-Wasting Vest

Artist: Yellowhead
Title: Life-Wasting Vest
Label: 56 Stuff
Genre: Electronica, IDM
Reviewer: RTF

How long has it been? How many dynamics have shifted and stases endured since I last put audio to ear, fingers to keys to examine another missive from the underground? After countless culturally-appropriated spiritual journeys, this wanderer has returned from his travels with accounts of the outré and obscure; the first is Yellowhead’s 2016 album Life-Wasting Vest.

Now, a garment that purports to waste one’s life might not initially seem that desirable, but with a tagline like “a bundle of wasteworthy bass roaring, mid-range rustling and treble chirping,” I must admit my interest was piqued. Further examination of this article of clothing reveals the label, 56 Stuff, whose description is full of uplifting phrases such as “Life offers us a countless number of (…) ways to waste [our lives]. (…) Whatever is your own special choice, Yellowhead is here to support the idea.” It goes on, calling the item “a vest which makes the process of life wasting more effortless.” All this angst had me prepared for some ear-splitting harsh noise meditation, but, much to my surprise, this vest is cut from a wholly different cloth.

The fabric of Life-Wasting Vest is soft and inviting, exuding a care-free attitude that would be at home on the catwalk or the sidewalk. Designer Yellowhead shows a keen eye for detail by gently weaving quirky, jagged electronics sounds in and out of his instrumental works. Shrouded in subtlety and repetition, the ten tracks build through addition and subtraction of minor details and simple chord structures. “Cummuting with Lush” is a clear example, where a staccato synth line and clipped percussion carry the tune, accompanied by strategic placement of swells, warbling tones, and small stereo-panning motifs. The beats are often off-kilter and are the stand-out of the material, ranging from the glitchy as on “Weltschmerzdigest” and “Procrastinoccio” to the clever interplay of “Gran Truismo” and “Cabin Pressure.” All through the material, Yellowhead seems most adept when taking a percussive approach, using synths as another rhythmic element, whereas tracks like “Schnappscore” don’t reach the same levels of high fashion, yet still manage to remain enjoyable. Despite the hopeless description, Life-Wasting Vest’s light, flowy quality makes it quite fun to wear, and would feel at home in any nihilist fashionista’s wardrobe, though it might leave them wanting a whole look.

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Feral & Debutante – split

Artists: Feral & Debutante
Title: split
Keywords:alternative drone drone pop noisenoise rock post-punk shoegaze Zurich

Feral’s What’s The Worst That Could Happen’ sounds like a consuming bath of danger that you would like to jump in, just to experience Satan himself sucking up your breath away. A kiss of death, lips locked onto each other and Satan taking your last air supply upon himself, leaving you in the empty position of a lifeless plant that might not make it into next season!

Feral’s Cry Yourself To The Hanging is more like a experience of a suicidal eighties kid, having the miserable misery of a jilted generation completely covered within the music, worldly lyrics and the attitude of all becoming desperately doomed; everything sounds like an meteor would crash onto earth and hungry vampires are hunting down the last humans on earth that are going to die anyway from the outer-space impact.

Debutante is responsible for the last work on this release, also keeping its lid on darkness and depression, depriving us from anything that reminds us of sunlight and eternal brightness, slowly poisoning us with grey mass that turns poisonously dark and deadly. When the song’s lyrics appear, all energy will suck down towards your socks and the joy of life becomes completely joyless; Debutante drains it all out in this moment of sickness in music form. It will turn a healthy person into one with black bagged eyes and a pale unhealthy skin; perfect for if that is the look and feel that you wanted to go for!

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Rûl – Gitarmusik

Artist: Rûl
Title: Gitarmusik
keywords:electronic antwerp ghent gitarmusikmediocre Gent

Throw your sweaters, scarves, mittens and woolen hats away as thanks to this album by Rûl you will be warm enough for a whole winterish season. Rûl simply brings the lovable heath with every stroke on its guitar towards the ears, warming you up so much from the inside out that you might as well go around naked in a freezer; you’ll be immortal from cold with Rûl by your side.

No need for hard liquor, campfires, hot baking ovens and other friendly ways to stay warm as Rûl simply made the album that is all that you would ever need to save you from freezing. The excellence from this album is that it is even attractive for people who aren’t very much into traditional guitar music.

Rûl is one of those fancy creators that use their guitar to pass boundaries and use them in their experiments to create interesting music suitable for all kind of open minded ears. Even the electro freaks might want to join in and serve up this lovely heart-warming album to their own surprise and enjoyment. Too nice that Rûl didn’t make its sound sounding too hot to handle, or too specific in the guitar department as now it’s a joyful journey (even the darker shimmery bits) for all who enjoys the adventures in open minded music land!

Even the darker bits are bright, inducing a right balance to the challenged listener’s mind to be warmed up by & tickle the intelligence side of the brain as well. How nice it is this production of gitarmusic by Rûl. A really nice thing that you could dive into when clicking the following link:

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Ray Kosmische – Neatball

Artist:Ray Kosmische
Title: Neatball
Keywords: ambient art rock crane house recordsexperimental psychedelic sound collageNottingham

Here they come, stepping along on their Imperial Stride. With music they love and awkwardness in their souls, ready to shake their shakers, hit their percussions and blow their horns of magic. With experimental shortly-lived in betweens & Septembers Wind Of Change to calmly blow the strings of a guitar probably owned by a sweet mental person. The notes of the wind passes by in a lovable fashion, just adding more glorious glows on the musical spectacle.

This is the magical Neatball parade of Ray Kosmische, a personal troubadour who isn’t afraid to dwell into the abyss of absurdism and gives it a experimental cosmic empirical jazzy sauce for us to wade through. His tour of sounds are colorful and sometimes even so deep into abstraction that the whole marching view just vaporizes in front of you, creating a illusion of smoke and clouds that will make you feel as if you’d accidentally swallowed a psychedelic experience inducing liquid of some kind. It’s all in the plan of Ray Kosmische and his adventurous showcase of how boundaries of music can be crossed, expended and even shrunk into cloudy particles.

It listens away almost like a psychedelic radio show in which the broadcaster’s task is nothing less than hypnotizing you with unexpected things. Creating a never boring soundtrack that changes for the best, feeding us weird voices, fine rhythms and magical strangeness to trip in. When the twinkling bells appear you might want to prepare yourself to return to the buzzing city by popping some corks and fill up your tummy with the last bite of music. You might even want to rewind the whole bit and start all over & who knows, maybe Ray Kosmische has the power to read your mind and do it for you!

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