Turkish Delight – Tommy Bell

Artist: Turkish Delight
Title: Tommy Bell
Keywords: experimental ambient indie noise pop noise rock post rock Boston
label: I Heart Noise http://ihrtn.net/

The fun loving label ‘I Heart Noise’ has a good nose for music, not that the label plays music with this nose, but if it wanted that to happen, I’m pretty sure it actually could. It’s because the label operates from Boston & that means that wherever it points its nose; good music from the Boston area might not be too far away. Now the label has gotten its nose deep into a real treasure; Tommy Bell by Turkish Delight!

The generally energetic enigmatic Tommy Bell record was originally released in 1996 (a really sexy year for dyslectic people) but thankfully it got a brand new life with this limited rerelease on tape. It’s probably already sold out (almost!) while I’m penning up this review for you, but thanks to the option to be able to get a digital download; you could pay up for a never ending download experience! Isn’t it great to live in the future? You will simply have no reason to piss next to the pot!

Now you might say, why I Heart Noise goes to such far lengths to rerelease a golden oldie instead of the brand newest Boston thing in town? I guess it’s because the label loves Tommy Bell simply a hell of a lot, also the fact that searching for new blood (when your blood is already great) is a bit of a waste of time. But whatever the personal reasons for the rebirth; it was damn needed! I think we all could agree that with the arrival of this release all people that claim to have a nose for Boston music should be pleased & excited! It might be the right (and only!) time to stick our noses together!

So how does the music of Turkish Delight sound like on Tommy Bell? It sounds like a wild bunch of vixens, a troop of anti super heroes that gets their force from the music, throwing tight punches on the drum, slamming the guitars like it’s another bad man that needs to be punched in the face, making the ears ring with edgy vocals that feel as if they come out of the music like sharp cat claws! It makes the speakers blow out enough air to dry your wet hairs with, probably enough to make the members of the active Boston band fly like a free bird; perhaps in search for a cop to throw off the edge or perhaps to save a kitten entrapped in a tree!

The Turkish Delight sound is naughty, like they go against the stream and having fun playing along with it as well . They rather spin when the rest of the world sits down, they rather click their tap dance shoes and jump rope, than do what they are told. They seem like the group of friends you would like to hang out with for a authentic Boston party, one that your mum has warned you about. They simply come across as that band who has fun, but isn’t afraid to play the music that attracts the noses from true Bostonians.

They swing and sing, even able to add that precious sound of pleasant sing-a-long ramble pop; perfect to hold up your lighters in the air and feel united in. They live day by day and are seemingly very happy about that! Boston must be nice in the day, as it sounds sunny and edgy. Full on adventures awaits on every corner, rats in the sewer and hard-knocked freaks in every street. It’s like the sensation of a burned skin, something that is a bit of a pain at times, yet you want to experience it all over your whole body! It’s exciting!

To make this album even more enjoyable; the rerelease also comes with a brand new music video, one that is extremely packed with action, special effects and stunning visuals that you might tape your eyes open for with superglue, simply just to be sure that you won’t miss a second of it all:
So let’s check where your nose is heading and pointing towards when you read all this.. is your nose also in the same direction of I Heart Noise? If so, you might want to try clicking the following link with your nose… it might get you Turkish Delight; the best in the whole of Boston!


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Grey Pale Sinister – Blitzkrieg Panzer Art

Artist: Grey Pale Sinister
Title: Blitzkrieg Panzer Art
Keywords: experimental heavy metal lo-fi noise wtf? Champigny Sur Marne

The eccentric Grey Pale Sinister pointed out on a old school release of himself released in the past. One that deserves equals amount of love as the ones released in the later future. But maybe even a bit more as this one is kind of special in comparison, as even though with a title like ‘Blitzkrieg Panzer Art’ this one seems to be one of the most accessible ones done by the illustrious artist. Here you can hear Grey Pale Sinister play what seems like a children’s Casio keyboard, but he performs on it like only a full grown mental man could do.

He alternatively manages to create a catchable punk pop song on it, deliciously serves it up as the opener that will drag you in & even invited you to sing along with it. The others are a bit more dodgy, giving the entity that is Grey Pale Sinister a platform to showcase its distinctive self in all its glorious weird ways. He performs his melodies with middle fingers pressing down the keys of his keyboard and squeezing out his dominant noises coming out of the man’s throat.

If you need more weirdness to fall in love with the bizarre case of Grey Pale Sinister it might be good to check out a couple of his uploaded music videos that are out there in the open on Youtube, they will astound you with their quality camera angles and the artist himself doing vogue-like movements while advertisement of the free softwares that he used to create them block your view.

it’s rather brilliant, strange and pretty much a case of an artist that is a one of a kind! He burps, he sings, he grunts and even seems to slip through occasionally his “normal’ voice & it’s pretty much unlike anything else that’s out there:

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Prana Crafter – MindStreamBlessing

Artist: Prana Crafter
Title: MindStreamBlessing
Keywords: experimental bliss cosmic drone guitar psychedelic woodsy Seattle
Label: Eiderdown Records

Prana Crafter seems to opt for the sound of cozy rock lullabies without the words and the singing, instead the music itself seems to do all the singing for us. The instruments tell their stories, making them the lead characters in some kind of chilled out zone in which we can fly through while being horizontally on a comfy flying sofa. There is no place for worry here, no need to click the back of our heels and wish to get magically beamed up to a place like Kansas. Instead the music by Prana Crafter just calms us down and makes the listener feel a bit at home. Not that my kind of home is so nicely chilled or contains any comfy flying sofa’s, but if it was; I didn’t need to hear this record, eh?

But now there isn’t even a need to have a home or a sofa, as this music could be the home to chill in. With its walls setup of rough or a nice sounding guitar, in order that no wolf or bed bug can come in on to distort the peacefulness. If I listen carefully it even contains a fridge packed with a couple of chilled out beers, all willingly flying into the hands of any of the visitors of this music. It makes the head bump up and down in agreement; all I need now is a cigarette & the entire experience is serving up the good state of a homely front in which all is provided to layback and do nothing. No wonder that this release is being supported by many and listened by even many more…

The guitar music by Prana Crafter covers that sensible snare, that feeling of not even having to go to the shop to get your daily amount of booze in your system, the handiness of not even a need to go out to hunt for something edible to eat; it’s the music of being contempt, one that makes you shrug your shoulders to all the wonders and problems of the world… listening to these tracks here, nothing else is worth the bothering! No matter how needed the case is, it simply doesn’t matter anymore. It probably still does, but temporarily speaking (as long as the music plays) it simply doesn’t…

Is this point loud and clear? I think it is… even if it isn’t, the music will make every point even pointless; just shimmer and slip away as it’s human playfulness goes on and do its kind thing. What more is needed to be said over here? That you can opt to buy it on a cozy tape perhaps? Yes, that might be a nice thing to mention, so i mention it right now; you can get this music of Prana Crafter on a tape. Perfect for if you have a tape player somewhere laying around, maybe you are the lucky owner of a Walkman, enabling you to create that state of comfort wherever you are. You can get it over here if you are interested:

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more eaze – unnatural​.​_light.

Artist: more eaze
Title: unnatural​.​_light.
Keywords: experimental punk improv jazz San Antonio
Reviewer: inspector Ketchup

Like a soft spoken psychopath the singer sings in my ears when I played the release. He does this with kind accompanying strokes on a guitar, one that is being played as if the strings had been the fur of a accomplish in cat form & the one stroking it is it’s best only comfy friend. The words as sung by the singer are tip toeing around like a soft ball smoothie, it’s not being whispered, but it’s on the edge of being whispered. Somehow the effect makes me feel a bit afraid, as if the artist is saving energy to lash out when you least expect it, throwing up the cat-guitar nails in your face and perhaps (out of the blue) sneaking in a loud scream to give you a nosebleed. It’s a bit of a sleaze in my ears, probably meant to sound soothing or sentimental, but it makes me feel a bit anxious and worried. Is this really the way people sing and perform songs like this? Is it sung to sleeping babies (which is understandable) or tied up ladies, while the artist prepares a chainsaw for soon-to-happen dismemberment?

I was probably right, as the last 15 minute track on this album goes into a completely different gear and direction. It opens with the experimental sound of squeezed out flesh being slashed (still gently though!) through a electric cheese grater. With some sweet piano tones playing on the background, computer awkwardness bleeping quietly along with it… Half way we can hear the artist rhythmically hammering some nails into a coffin, clearly cleaning up the evidence of a crime. We don’t know how many nails, but it sounds endless and the artist seems to breathe heavily as the job goes on. At the end he starts to sing, very softly and calm as if he is relieved that the psychopathic action had been done & there will be no proof for any wrongdoings at the end. As ask yourself; nobody would expect a soft spoken persona to chop people up in the basement, right?

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Phong Tran – Initiate

Artist: Phong Tran
Title: Initiate
Keywords: brooklyn contemporary electronic experimental experimental electronic noise synth New York

Cute bubbles bubbling nicely away when you sink yourself into the lovable debut album of Phong Tran. When you are into it, they happily team up with a firm amount of unexpected noises, roughing things up in a polite matter. With ‘get’ Phong Tran sets itself out at first into a grimy scene of ambient drone, it spreads out like a grey mass that becomes more and more electronic and freaky in its use of all the righteous bleeps.

It almost feels like a punk rock attitude that had come to life, one that is colorfully dressed in a electronica work, speeding things up for a melodic sickness (& with sickness I mean it in the most positive way of the word!) . The artist brings complete unexpectedness that is pretty, strange and original. It will hold your attention to the maximum, making you fall from one little interesting observation into another. It’s pretty cool! Not as cool as a ice cube, but let’s say hot enough to make one’s disinterest melt!

The album goes on with ‘Departure’ which takes us apparently into a kind of public transport system. One that sound like we go on the road, while having the other passenger seats filled with electric strangers. What follows is ‘Navel’ which opens up a sentimental intimacy with the warm personality coming in through a melodic form, with the additional experimental rhythmic noises as the easy going friendly backdrop.

Hu No is a work that captivates me personally more, it has that excellent buildup of emotion going on, making me think of a saddened old vampire, friendless and alone in its castle, feeling a bit empty but than falling in love with the sound that its organ produces. I’m not talking about his sausage, but you know something similar as a church organ lonely vampire-style. The album goes on with ‘Burn’ which feels as if Phong Tran has a buzzing fly trapped in the music studio. But somehow the artist can mold and transform the sound into a intriguing electric work, keeping the attention by giving it breaks at various moments, building up the tension like a true scientific maestro.

For the last part of the album Phong Tran takes us to the higher heights, all the way to the pretty roof tops. The sight is lovably praised and complimented by sweet sparkling electronica, making the vibe of sunshine and spare clouds glow all over the surface, glittering it up with a pleasant kind of love-sound. It’s a nice pretty ending of this ‘Initiate’ release, one that was a pretty lightweight bliss & a sweet way to get to known the sounds and music by the debutant.

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Michael Koleski – Somewhere the Angels are Screaming

Artist: Michael Koleski
Title: Somewhere the Angels are Screaming
Keywords: experimental punk acidrock lo-fi outsider music psycho-delic Detroit
Reviewer: Willem van O.

Michael Koleski doesn’t only smoke like a troubled poet, he actually sounds like he is actually one. Not a smoke, but indeed a poet. He informs that he doesn’t write while under influence, but he gets high after, as some kind of stress relief. Lets presume that it’s true (which he contradicts in most of his tracks), as the man sounds pretty much high on himself. It’s a cheap drug to be high on yourself, it takes lots of personality to make it consumable, but somehow with this album he presumably covers his own life on the corners of the self inflicted rock bottom life style.

With Micheal’s album it feels as if he takes you there with him in some kind of video vlog in audio form, one in which he puts himself upfront in the situations of his surroundings. It’s all about him, himself and he, or perhaps a fictional character he knows a hell of a lot about. He drops the themes ‘drugs’ , sex and alcoholism in many of his works, even though struggling with it, he clearly makes it sound somewhat cool to be in some kind of dazed drunken state. He or his conceptual character is obviously the middle point of his own attention, being his own muse, ready to jerk off to his own ego without the ability to get too hard from himself; if nobody puts you on a plate of adoration, you have to be your own fruitful admirer!

He might be a narcissistic artist, but as his own subject in his artwork, (a self described low life that isn’t down to earth), he manages to give a great look inside his own troubled mind and the things that keeps it troubled. Music wise it isn’t a lot to write for; the guitar experiments are more backdrops dipped down to fill in the silence, it’s there, but not too loud as Michael Koleski’s voice and words are obviously the most important activities here. His mind is on his tongue and the artist’s self awareness is rolling out over it with a rapid uncensored speed.

It feels as if this concept album is actually a kind of self-help therapy, one in which he seem to try to analyze himself, to perhaps try to understand how he ended up in this mess & if there is perhaps a way to get out of it, or at least some way to get on. Elevating or even glamorizing the state of being fucked up might indeed be the way forward? In any case the album comes across as a very personal work & if it isn’t, if it’s purely a fictional work, channeling the mind of an vulgar sex obsessed drug-fueled own piss drinking artist… well… bravo, as it’s a job well done!

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Maria Afonso – Ecology

Artist: Maria Afonso
Title: Ecology
Keywords: acoustic experimental ambient The Hague

Maria Afonso might be the person to bring enough sweetness so you won’t need to add sugar in your tea or coffee, even honey can stay on the shelf. Her album is sweet, but not too much as she provides a cooler synth sound to balance it out, making the overall enjoyment of this Ecology release into one that can be enjoyed by all. It’s one that feels like it’s suitable for all ages; young, old and somewhere in the middle.

But how does sweetness in the ecological world of Maria Afonso sound like? It’s rather cute apparently! It made me quite happy when her tones sketched these clean places in which you can chill out and enjoy the environmental melodies. It starts
with a certain brightness named ‘The Millions’. She throws in a blissful rhythm along with a smooth melody and manages to make it a great starter to walk up front and set the trend.

The artist continues to set out a perfect world with a lovely “Sunday Afternoon In The Park”. It’s a time we’ll spend as everything is calm, loving and as far as music could be; it’s kind of cute. I try to avoid that word, but it’s the one that came strongly to my mind. It was here that I imagined a perfect cinematic scene in which a nice clean park set with nice colors had been laid out. Things like green grass, a beautiful tree, a view of calm nibbling waves from a pond, a comfy bench with a nice person seated on it, perhaps a colorful bird sitting in the tree… everything is perfect!

With Moon, moon Maria Afonso brought in more (there we go again!) cuteness! The whole vibe of this track felt like a feel good Japanese cartoon, together with a lovely melody that is by far a nicer experience to hear than eating candy, Moon, moon might be warm but the artist smartly added lush synth waves to cool it all nicely down.

Of course it’s only a guess with what Maria Afonso used to create these pieces, but her ‘A Bird In Flight’ felt as if the very lovely melody had been played out on a wooden xylophone; what a pleasant sound! With the drums in the track named ‘A Night In Weimar’ she gives the music a bit of a wonky jazz twist. With the melodies she clearly goes to set out a scene of a very special night to remember. One that sounded hot, even a bit sweaty, romantic and with a very humble sunny guitar to serenade the moon light. With Maria Afonso adding her field recordings to the music, she manages to really make it all come alive.

More calm wonderful stuff she made with ‘The Magpie Sings’ it’s a minimal work coming at us at a slow dedicated pace. It’s as if the artist made the connection with the magpie, letting it slowly come over to eat out of our hands!

My personal favorite one on this album is ‘To See’, which feels a bit more full, it simply brings out all the enjoyable sugary sounds to perform for the listeners & even the birds seem to be very happy about it, all singing their songs cheerfully from appropriate appreciation.

All the way at the end Maria Afonso features Nimbus 3000 on a track titled ‘The artist learns to speak’. Things gets lovingly loopy over here, with a cute vocal appearance that seemed so appropriate and well fitting with the music style . It lightens up the roads of possibilities within this music, making it grow into the greatness of the early music of Tujiko Noriko. So pretty, it reeks for more!

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