Vr.EX01 – Vr.EX01


artist: Vr.EX01
title: Vr.EX01
tags: kids, France, pure, badassery

Oh, hell there. When did you get here? Are you well? I didn’t see you come in but make yourself at home. I just put on a pot of tea. What’s this? You don’t see a pot? You don’t see boiling? Well, my bad for trying to create some quaint little idyllic fantasy for you to enjoy. I’ll just go back and hide in my hidey hole. Sure, Ich habe meine Tassen nicht im Schrank but you don’t have to point it out. Good day.

Shattered dreams aside, I was perusing the book and it’s many Faces. The ones that are always watching and always asking, trying to get near and dear to our informations so they can sell them to well any bidder it seems really, but I digress. When lo and behold my eyes settled upon a little message that led me on a journey.

Truth be told I told the artist in question that it would take me some days to get this done (and this still might be the case I just wanted to get all the prevalent feels out before I lost them), but here I am foregoing sleep and embracing life and the passions within it. No more shall I live a slave to my corporate masters, or at least as fully as I was.

I do not know if they wish me to name them by name but they are a member of a group by the name of Eden Shoulders and this is their shoulder, I mean, it is their solo project but for whatever reason I typed out shoulder. Go figure. Immediate thoughts are a lament that I do not know most French, so I shall miss out on some potentially wonderful lyrics. Put that on another list of things that I’d like to do but don’t have much of a practical notion to go forward with. There are plenty of tracks with English lyrics but hey comprehension is nice. Maybe if I strike it rich I shall focus more on learning languages and not being a fettered American.

Wow, Caffeinate. You really have a knack for not reviewing, eh? Oh come on! I’m getting there. I’m setting the mood. FEEL MY JOURNEY. So, after some slight deliberation, I decided it would be perfect to go for a night drive whilst listening to this release. The road was already tough. A species of garden spider had made it’s web directly in the walkway. With a blinding LED I found the anchor strand and plucked it away. The poor creature can make more web though, and it scurried away once it’s net had been rent asunder. Off to the liquor store to pick up some cigarettes and away we were off.

So driving and smoking away I surrounded myself with Vr.EX01. A buzzing and wobbly stabs came in before it unleashed what I hope says “Wake up. Good morning.” It builds anticipation getting into this little groovy bass line. Then it gets into these guttural organ chords that me go unf unf unf into the night.

Vr.EX01 changes the pace many a time. It’s one of those weird and foolish dynamics one often looks for in a “successful” or “complete” artist. The ability to change (even if your fanbase doesn’t want you to) all while staying similar. Well, Vr.EX01 has that. In spades. All I can really say is that this album drips absolute badassery. From tracks that bob your head to more uplifting tones, the different moods and tones addressed are amazing, hitting all sorts of different zones. It’s also done in a way that I would describe as there’s not a lot there, it has only a few instruments per track it seems but it feels so full. Fulfilling, if I may so dare. The oxymorons are strong with this one.

Quirky, darkening, to downright sighs of contentment. I couldn’t help but think and to experience my own headspace in a much more lovely light. The duality of feeling alive whilst damaging my body with smoke. Fun times. Thinking of times and opportunities squandered but that it will all be ok as long as I stay creative and there are wonderfully creative people like Vr.EX01 about. Gives me hope, an inkling of timelessness in the morass of things having limits, and a spectre of time maybe being up for a lot of us.

A bit of a funny moment for me. There is an absolutely brilliant cover on this album. That being said, I nigh despise the original. I’ve been to a free concert in the park and they did a straight cover of the same song and well, it’s just I feel one of this bands overplayed songs. Despite my bias against the original, this cover is an incredible interpretation. There is a section where a flute comes in and my thoughts immediately went to that ukulele cover of the Imperial March, and I couldn’t help but start laughing and saying to myself in the car “I’m so sorry!” only because I am sure they put a lot of work into it and I doubt this was the intended reaction but I made the association and it was all too late.

I absolutely adore this release, so as with other ones, this is one you must experience yourself! Also, I feel I was being a bit too forced with the last few I did so decided to focus on my own feelings on this one, so there you have it. Link is down






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Jeroen Diepenmaat – Tak

Artist: Jeroen Diepenmaat
Title: Tak
Keywords: experimental adventurous Deventer
Label: esc.rechttp://www.escrec.com/

Jeroen Diepenmaat is one of the more hands on sound freaks that you could find in the backyard scraping trees with a microphone or trick knitting grannies to sit on stage as a grand performance. He sticks to his act and love & does not seem to get bored of exploring his ideas and making them into realities. On the legendary Dutch independent D.I.Y. Label esc.rec you could clearly find a whole array of his ideas that had come to life, lots of special one off trickeries with vinyl and audio experiments lay at your feet over there.

The one here named ‘tak’ is one of my favorites among the many. Not only because hoe the physical product had been released as a USB stick molded into a branch, but well.. the sound itself. Listening to it makes me appreciate nature even more than I already did, as somehow Jeroen gave it the aid to reveal that the grooves of wood are actually kind of groovy. Think of minimal dance music that is all warm and fuzzy, repetition is the key over here, yet minimal change over time is clearly generated enough to be able to be picked up by the human ear.

Apparently mister Diepenmaat leaves it up to the different branches to play actual vinyl records, things like polish nightingales are spun around at 33rpm as picked up by a reed & a piece of bamboo is recorded playing Greek folk music record at 45rpm. (These Greek folk artists will be so pleased!) It’s at times a bit like listening to window wipers from a car going up and down, yet the woody feeling sounds much more fragile to erosion, which makes it much more diversity and interesting.

I would say it’s good for a dance if you have a very particular way of dancing, or you are on the finest high quality speed in town, but in general it is possible more enjoyed as a relaxing soundtrack to fall asleep by or perhaps as a sound sculpture that people stroke their chins with as they witness it at a appropriate art place.
All in all ‘tak’ is a nice collaboration between nature and the human race & of course the audiophile that had made it all possible. My next forest walk will be me walking on potential record needles…

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mhz_ – Moments in Bits

Artist: mhz_
Title: Moments in Bits
Keywords: Lobit, 8kbps
Label: 8ravens https://8ravens.blogspot.com/
Reviewer: Leo Obit

Spending moments in bits can’t be compared to living a life that’s in shambles. It’s just so much more fun, it’s even danceable! It feels like a refreshing refresher , festive from origin without going for a high profile. It’s the moment in love, with the act of spending a favorable amount of moments within these cool bits.

These moments of spending time in bits are to me as if you are washing up your kitchen towels by hand, hanging them all wet and soggy near your ears, making rhythmic finger movements near your own fuzzy ears; while finding fulfillment and joy by listening to one of your most favorite and cherished synthesizer hits. Even the momentums of the wetted melodies that hum around in this bitsy blur feel like they have just come out from a happy cleaning session, all remade to get out as a new life that’s ready to be rediscovered and loved again.

It makes me (as a frequent visitor to these lower moments in bits) feel like I should hum and sing along in a humbling mumbling fashion. It can be felt all the way in my toes and all over the rest of my body; as if cleaning is the key to happiness and the activity to feel fulfilled in life with. Moments in love is one thing, but spending moments in bits that you love so much is simply bringing everything to a whole next level. It might be short lived, but can always be triggered for repeated hearing sessions!

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Fede Baronio – Espejo

Artist: Fede Baronio
Title: Espejo
Keywords: ambient electronic experimental Buenos Aires
Label: Nebular Silence

You have ambiance ambient and you have Espejo by Fede Baronio. In the case of the one mentioned as last, you are out to be set on compact journeys for the mind. Tripping respectively with sounds, that are mostly atmospheric but not confined to just sweeps and swoops; there are rattles, drums, rhythms, melodies and things that are more out of the box than in. It makes me happy to hear, as it has thrown away the boring stigma that comes with ‘listening music’ as it’s not scared to move into other terrains. Too bad it couldn’t be released in Braille as my fingers would be all over it.

I’m also happy that it is made by a artist with such a nice name, I mean who could top ‘Baronio’ in the name department? The good choice of beautifully naming of things must run in the Baronio family as the tracks on this release all are beautifully titled too. Balsamo must be my personal favorite titled track on this album, in sound form it’s nice and movie like. Very minimal and mysterious perhaps, but it somehow made me feel like I’ve been hearing the soundtrack of a mini thriller in which some kind of psycho in tutu had tip toed itself in a empty ballet school, playing some lonely playful keys on the piano while stretching itself out in front of a wall sized mirror.

I wonder about the idea and conceptual thoughts behind these tracks, they would suit well for a experimental performance of dance. Some are dramatic and exciting and others have room for quite a lot of upbeat fun. Like the one nicely titled ‘Hormiga’ which comes across like someone hopping around on toes while celebrating the successful removal of a hemorrhoid. I don’t know if that sounds a bit disrespectful in my choice of words, but that’s not my intention at all; this release as adventurous (and short) as it is, feels like a creative discovery that easily triggers the mind to think of things that fits the audio moments. Compare it to a soundtrack episode from the kind of mini series that has everything included to keep you watching it. Bur in this case it’s watching with your eyes shut and your ears wide open. But before closing the shutters ( so your imagination can start the show), please do click the following link in order to start it all:

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MountainKing – MK

Artist: MountainKing
Title: MK
Keywords: alternative indie gay pop queer singer-songwriter Utrecht
reviewer: Willem van O.

Attracted to the cover artwork that represents to me a tasty ice cream laced with LSD. I clicked ‘play’ and instantly became a bit shimmery in the underwear department, it was me and my human body discovering the fact that behind this colorful picture had been music that is superbly smooth, sensual and let’s face it; kinda sexy.

With melodies unfolding and a unpretentious sounding vocalist that kept it all warmly cool and easygoing, it was a bit like finding some sensuality in music form that didn’t go for a dip and a lick of honey, but kept it more ballsy. Not to disrespect anyone without round hairy nuts, but just in a way of expression. It has a pop vibe that is laid back and nicely going down with the stereo effects and a attitude that’s not afraid to play with effects, experiments and new ideas.

This artist seems to have gone for something that created a mix that reminds of mirwais and Madonna, of a popular rock band without the big budget and still plenty of room to inject own personality. It’s if you drop the prejudices against music that you wouldn’t normally hear or go for, pretty much a nice little surprise. In this case I’m grateful for the artist’s choice of artwork, as otherwise I wouldn’t have clicked and discovered any of it.

This MountainKing debut made me happily pull up a lighter and hold it in the air for support. I simply love the details, the sincerity and attention that had gone into these tracks, you can easily hear that even though it’s minimal feel and vibe, there has been lots of thought and hours spend on these songs, making it a release in which quality stands firmly above quantity. I feel like a vacuum cleaner sales person throwing up a speech to sell something, but it is sincere and honest. Just like this cute little appearance of whatever this artist had to offer here:

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Army Of 2600 / D.R.E.A.M. Cancel / non-occupants – Cheap Heat Vol. 1 [FSCD33]

Artists: Army Of 2600 / D.R.E.A.M. Cancel / non-occupants
Title: Cheap Heat Vol. 1 [FSCD33]
Keywords: experimental avantgarde free improvisation noise Panama City
Label: Fork and Spoon Records

It’s a new day and time for a new walk through review for the masses. I could have stalked your day here with a chat about the weather, some nonsense about conversations between cows and seagulls, but I won’t want to waste your valuable time and chat about the music instead…

Army of 2600 starts this brand new Fork and Spoon release with the sounds of a apocalyptic arcade machine that had been facing the shockwaves at a beach while a all destroying windy storm had been going on. It sounds dramatic and satisfying at the same time. Could it be that I personally am not a big fan of arcade machine to explain why it sounds so nice to hear it being trapped in a brutal attack of bad weather? Still to my dissatisfaction the arcade machine seems to be the winner of this soundtrack, battling the storm as if it’s the aliens that had come down in a pixelated version of space invader.

The next track titled ‘The dark moon of Jupiter’ makes the lights go out, keeping the surroundings nicely dark and grim, but thanks to a buzzing bass it feels like it’s the place to be if you want to be touched with excitement. It’s not going on for a very long time, so it’s best to just hop in and enjoy it while it last. The lack of arcade beeps felt also satisfying to me; did someone or ‘something’ unplugged the electric?

What happens next is a track named MSD interlude, I don’t know what MSD stands for. My head thinks ‘massive dick’ but it’s probably more something like ms dos or some pretty bouncy game that is actually more fun to play for a nitwit that doesn’t know anything about games. It’s nice to hear as it’s all bouncy, with a bad ass bass that feels like a smooth hill that goes up and down on repeat in my stomach, making me feel funny inside my intestines.
I don’t know about you, but I enjoy this feeling.

What’s next? More personal enjoyment from my part? The tune here is called ‘heavy petting’ and is the one that will make the sound of pixel game tunes worth your and even my time. It’s as if punk has come to chiptune land to kick all the casual cheese a injection of speed and all the other happy tunes a fine run for their money. This stuff swings, is actively active in a way that it made me want to pogo around the room; that’s s good thing. I wanted to write that it’s the soundtrack to tournament super nerds with, but than again I don’t advocate violence among them.

The last Army of 2600 track feels like a gift, a flag on the pile, the cream on top of the cake. It’s loud, hissy, fuzzy, bombastic and probably comparable to a case of violent astral vomit after drinking a whole collection of toilet cleaner liquids. It’s effectively deafening, rinsing out all the stuff that had gone on before. A proper cleaning experience.

Up next is a lengthy work of D.R.E.A.M. Cancel, which might need your personal action of turning up the volume. It comes across like a sensation that feels like a relaxed avant-garde session of dreamy sparkles, lounge bits on Casio keys and a electrified wind machine that made me think of the sucking tool of a dentist hanging in someone else their mouth. There is a fluffy hint of a beat as well, all very laid back as if it’s the soundtrack used to stimulate deep concentration. Nicely relaxed while holding on to a controller and win gamer points in a machine somewhere in a seedy hotel lobby. It’s rather cute and even might make non occupiers sleep like a toddler at nap time.

Speaking about non occupants, the last track available is actually made by them. Going for a triply dose of noise music that keeps itself quite gentle, almost melodic while keeping an eye on the in-grab-able. It feels like a space trip while crawling inside the backside of another arcade machine. Stuck around the wires, electric cables and chip boards it becomes more and more abstract, as if every crawl destroys something of the machine it’s inner workings & this somehow sounds not only intriguing but also pretty much satisfying to me. It’s as if the thing itself had been reworked to gain a soul, to leave the click and shoot scenes behind and becomes all mindful and kind. Better than listening to a speech of Gandhi I believe…

In any case, this new release on Fork and Spoon is a good one, especially if you like game sounds facing the storm, becoming the soundtrack for a revolting action and a trip sensation that sounds better than the boring crap at the fancy bar with pillows on the floor. Give it a spin as it’s diversity speaks louder than my words & you probably enjoy every second of it.

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Title: split
Keywords: experimental ambient drone noise Augsburg
Label: attenuation circuit http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/

People who love to hear dark soundscapes might know about the works of German producer ‘Emerge’ (if you haven’t you might be in need to check it out…) , normally this artist riddles its listeners with cold emerging worlds that are pretty much of the shimmering kind , but as it’s evil side project ‘Exedo’ the creator uses this temporarily soundtrack setup only as its atmospheric base, something to lure someone in before sprouting out the non communicative exercise of a splash of hissy noise.

It still has that long livery vibe, but takes the coldness and replaces it with a vast amount of stale grayness that feels as if we just got surprised by a heavy rainfall coming out of a surprisingly dark sky. There is no love there, just sound that flushes itself out like a concept-less shower that has no option to provide warm water. It’s refreshing and yet provides the body a reason to get the shivers. Even so much that it somehow might provide you with a ghost version of ‘the cold’, so better prepare yourself with some tissue in case you need to blow your nose and sneeze.

I’m not really familiar with the works of Alexander Adams, but on this split (as teamed up with Exedo) he provides a lot of sounds that are quite busy and somehow pretty talkative. I can’t seem to understand what they are saying, but it comes across as if they are communicating some kind of data expression. High beeps, tonal freaky stuff, noisy noises, hissy hiss, squirting splatter electrics… you name it. It feels as if it’s sending out its signals into the ether for some kind of semi advanced alien nation to be picked up, perhaps a data stream describing a warning not to visit planet earth as its inhabitants are just too crazy to handle.

After a while Alexander Adams changes gear and actually sends us out on a more active kind of journey, one that shoots us out with our ears clenched onto a rocket engine that has gone full force into space. The whole thing is shaking, gruesomely growling like a rusty thing that is all fired up to go to great heights in quite a loud time period. It feels like it is rumbling in such a way that screws might get unscrewed and the whole thing is going to collapse any minute, but somehow it is holding on for its life quite miraculously. Once there we can enjoy a bit of stability, nice and fluffy without too much density to the ears.

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