Quimper – Two Magpies

Artist: Quimper
Title: Two Magpies
Keywords: experimental alternative ambient avant-garde dark experimental haunting pop strange wonky pop United Kingdom

The excitement is flying immediately in with the appearance of ‘Two Magpies’, a song that made me feel like falling into the middle of a magical ritual, one in which we run around the forest, hiding behind many trees followed by a haunting presence that is the wizardry music of Quimper. The active melodies of mystery have combined the vibe of a fluting fakir attempting to trick his snake to come out of its little basket & something that feels like a Grimm fairytale story actively transposed to a singing expression. It goes by quick and made me personally feel as if I just ate a bite of that poisonous apple and had to run to be gone before midnight, not to be transformed into a pumpkin that lost its shoe on the way out. It’s like listening and being a part of a actual folkish tale & in all honesty that’s quite the experience.

After it Quimper gives us more of this atmospheric allure, this time it’s the menacing sounding ‘Feline’ that does the trick, filled with a voice warm as cat’s fur and little cute bells that are going for a melodic mystery. It made me feel fairly drugged in a pleasant kind of way, as if the whole room had gone round in circles and little kitty cat eyes had been observing me from behind the flowers on the wallpaper.

Another song named ‘My Volunteer’ spikes up the highenergy levels, making it feel as if we are witnessing a frantically engaging musical, one that comes to me like a Mary Poppins of a alternative bewitching kind. The words and the music reconstruct a vibe that made me think of running around in a MC Escher drawing, one in which we can walk up and down the stairs all that we want & yet never really be able to reach a beginning or a ending.

The release goes on with ‘rictus’, a hot bed of a song that feels engaging with its triply jumpy rhythm & flute highlights. The lyrics are pronounced like a intimate story teller that are conditioned to wobble on the groove. It’s the happiest flow on the EP and if it would be a animal instead of a song it would probably be a purple rabbit, fluffy and excitedly hopping around from cloud to cloud!

At the end Quimper provides some time on The Balcony. The view seems to be woozy, blurry and nebulous. It’s here that the imagination of the listener can drift away into the far distance or stay closer to where the music is coming from. It’s the ideal dream zone to choose a direction in; shall we return to this so called reality or shall we stay here with Quimper in the engaging fairytale land? I’m sorry if you would miss me, but I’m going to stay here (for a bit!)

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Gifgrond #62 the legendary party report!

The impressive nights at the prestigious Dutch venue that is Gifgrond had another one to go down the history books. This was the 62 (!) ground breaking & shaking version of the legendary party and featured the return of classic friends like the classy Coolhaven , the widely known master of cultural freakiness Logosamphia and ofcourse super star DJ Bs! Next to these recognizable faces there had been plenty of new ones! Especially the girls of OSILASI (who stole the show (and later gave it back so the rest of the evening could continue enjoying it!) had been a great sight among the gifgrond newbies!
Looking at the flyers for the night, it was clear that it would be packed with fresh and old intoxicated faces!

But let me start this report from the very beginning as that’s a good begin. (Hooray for a ‘the sound of music’ reference!) …
As a lucrative member of the prominent press I headed down to the only party in Tillywood that is worth anyone’s attention. I was a bit too early, as apparently the doors would open at 21:00 and somehow I thought it was 9:00, but luckily (even though the doors had indeed been closed upon my arrival) the lovely gifgrond lady T opened the door as if she had been expecting me. Slowly but surely the artists & regulars of the night (The head of comment and head of gifgrond Cake ‘Linda Pinda’ was unfortunately absent *breaking legs on a pair of skis* but the lovely faithful “Irrlicht project” was there!) dropped in for a communion time of drinking, chatting, cooking and eating. The atmosphere was good & so was the toxic cauliflower!

It was here that I had a fine little reunion with Gifgrond’s mega sound engineer, he was in a delightful mood and I congratulated him for always creating the best possible sound! It’s a great indestructible sound system that he controls, sounding all very clear and loud; without over reacting it’s the best my ears had ever encountered! In my humble opinion it really elevated and still elevates the gifgrond parties to absolute the highest levels of notable frequencies, a kind that wouldn’t be reached without, in at least a billion years! Yes, I shook his hand and thanked him from the bottom of my heart!

I could understand his cheerful mood as next to both sides of him, the fun loving Léa Roger & Célia Jankowski had been on a roll. The good humored duo that together form OSILASI had been all smiles, super relaxed and clearly enjoying the spicy food as cooked up by Marcelle & Hans (Koks)!

In fact everyone enjoyed the cauliflower meal so much that it became a hot topic of the evening! The arms and hands of DJ Bs and front row singer/performer Peter Fengeler from Coolhaven had a busy time making the food disappear from the table!

When the time was ready the Gifgrond area was nicely packed with a fanatic crowd, clearly the kind of people that had no problem finding the proud barman at his base & brave enough to engage in the act of slurping the feel good liquids of beer and Gifgrond’s very own toxic poison! With unsuspected expectations the cauliflower powered spiced up girls from OSILASI started to immediately impress the crowd! It’s fair to say that there couldn’t be a more spectacular opening of the feast among feasts! They combined authenticity and on the spot playing as if it was a music action game! On one side everyone was instantly engaged by the exclusive percussion, banging wildly the rhythms of the night in a wildly positive upwards way!

And on the other side it was a mega harp and additional sounds that mesmerized the audience with great delight!

They sang, they created the noises, made the psychedelic tones that you could lose yourself into & the nicest thing was that they did this all with such a pleasant joyfulness! They had been obviously one with the music and for the entire time of their playfulness, it felt as if Gifgrond was their very own territory! Wonderful!

After OSILASI it was time for Peter Fengler, Lukas Simonis & Hajo Doorn to get the venue in their expressive claws! As Coolhaven they respected the viewing listeners by giving them a performance of a life time! They had grown their hair in French ways, put on their Sunday costumes on a Saturday and played a theatrical show that blended true punk with a nineties gabber twist! Peter really took the crowd by his balls, walking around with the strong charisma that could only be described as a modern day Tomata du Plenty!

With faces, styles of attitude, funny walks and elbow work he had taken the audience hostage for the full duration of the set! With his fanatic words on beeps and guitar roughness the gifgrond ground became hotter than hell!

This wasn’t your average dada-pop Coolhaven show, as tonight they had been presenting their brand new 10″ vinyl record named ‘Rode Pruik‘. The record sold like hot buns and it’s not difficult to understand why! With its appetizing comic style artwork by Johannes van de Weer it simply became the apple of anyone’s eye.

Johannes was a prominent comic artist roaming around the Rotterdam punk and squatter scene of 1980 & the prominent front man of the punk band De Rondos. This album seemed to be a tribute and a celebration as Coolhaven had put it full with covers and reworks of De Rondos and Tandstickorshock.

The slogan as found on the album’s artwork “please do not buy this album, it’s rubbish!” Says it all! Better get it before all of this extremely limited edition is gone!

There was no point in calling the fire brigade to cool it all down, as after Coolhaven it was time for the one and only Logosamphia to provide the party vibes! With his excellent into-it persona he went full Arabian with enough electric freaky breaks to blow up the roof and possibly the speakers from our favorite sound engineer!

With Wild roaming spasms he brought tune after tune, perfectly resonating the vibe to miraculously make all feet go up and down & down and up again! The many gifgrond-goers had become a massive glowing orb of blended auras, all dancing fanatically to spread love among each other unstoppable triggered by what Logosamphia had to offer!

His set was ace and good and many of his fans and new sound lovers hopped over to buy his beloved ‘Prince’ album. You have to hear it as even the legendary Vader Abraham had blessed it with his singing smurfs!

When Logosamphia made space for the world wide global phenomenon DJ Bs, the party was simply not only more than complete; it was on full stream!

People clapped, animals danced, Frank Janssens filmed and made the ultimate photos of the night! (Bless you Frank for all the hard visual work as seen on this report!) It was yet another unforgettable legal party at this prestigious venue that keeps music, performance and geniuses together in a wave of toxic fun!

After a night of partying hard we look at our frequent gifgrond going party friend ‘Irrlicht Project‘ who crashed on his own reserved mattress in a corner & can announce that he will wake up in March for the next gifgrond party among parties! Be there or be a hair!


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Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin – I Left My Heart In Uncanny Valley


artist: Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin
title: I Left My Heart In Uncanny Valley
keywords: experimental, art pop, electronic, lofi, lounge, no wave, outsider music, psychedelic, Gibsonton
label: Electric Phantom Productions

Greetings and salutations folks. I’ve been vacationing in the Realm of Bad Tidings & Red Linguine


Relaxing to the M  A  X

When, what to my very eyes, did an interdimensional distortion portal appear in front of my eyes, in forms of dazzling colored lights! Except, I can’t go through it. Annnnd I can’t really see into it either, but hey I sure can hear from it. An audio portal! What journey shall it take me on, I wonder…

Laughter and some tones to take a walk to. Hm, what’s this? Uncanny Valley? Sounds like a charming place. The person singing seems to think so, why else would they be spending a lot of time there? And not feel blue? Why, my initial charm sense was right on the mark. I do a little happy dance and wait for more.

Slightly sinister keys and a tale of some Mr. Button Eyes. Oh and some puppet lips telling secrets. I know all about this. The red linguine has been non stop telling me bad tidings. Go figure. Alright, maybe it’s something similar. Hey, I use it to get away. To each their own. A creepy and crawl across my skin as I presume Button Eyes speaks to my very being! EGADS! What is this? It seems the portal is enacting things upon my very bodice. For my eyes have become buttons! Woo. Telepathic shenanigans commence and before I know it, another tale is being sung.


Apparently, these buttons determined I am part spider

A snap and a flash and my newly gained arachnid vision disappears. Yet, the portal seems to be buzzing, and something is coming through…WHAT COULD IT BE?!?!


I’m rather sore when it comes to dinosaurs, so I had to lay down

Ah yes, if it isn’t my good friend Puddles from the Devonian age. He has come to give me backaches and also to groove along to the briny deep tones. Loungey, loungey tones. I can’t help but get noodly. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten the linguine. This tale and it’s notes remind me heavily of a cinespatic spectacle I once watched called Liquid Sky. It brings about good memories of androgyny, excellent fashion, and an alien run amok. I start to slip beneath the waves as the portal snaps Puddles away from me.
Clickity clack. Tic toc? It must be a clock!


I guess my time is up

And so one appears! It started whispering me about sales going on in a department store, and I was grateful for the tip. One can never say no to being informed of a good deal. I’m afraid time must have brought my ears to a rather dilapidated state, and so all I hear are tidbits of machinery. The clock looks at me in disappointment as it heads back through the portal.
Those sweet riffs. A doctor. Toy. Happy. That makes me happy. It makes me feel sweet. Sweet as sugar.


As if the portal was reading my mind, sugar crystals spring up about me, along with some text. I take a bite out of the text and the sugar, and start getting down. And we dance, dance, dance and we dance, dance, dance. My sugar supply is doing well. But then, horror strikes. The sugar is gone! I ate it all up. Expect me to crash in five or so minutes.
Mad hatters. Oh, bats, eh? RIDDLE ME THIS, RIDDLE ME THAT, WHO IS AFRAID OF THE BIG BLACK BAT?!?! Excuse me some whimsical fancy has been brought up.


I’m the top of the hats

Jibber jabber, wocky wocky and parties. Lovely sights I have not due to lack of visual data being transmitted from the portal, but at least it got me this cool hat. I might be able to attend the ball at this point. Or well, maybe not. The hat went away. A sad time indeed.
I look behind me and start to see this city with bright lights force it’s way into the background! What happened to my sweet pecked darkness?


Had to make room for sick beats

Electric collagen was my forte when I was moonlighting as a wrinkle expert down by the docks. This seems a much more professional setting, so I kept my experience to myself. No doubt they would judge me for the heathen I am. That being said, doesn’t look like anybody else is really here, unless the whole place was taken over by a sentient race of street lamps hellbent on world domination. OH NO THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.
The city backed away and started feeling rather cramped.


Nice to meet you dirt

Oh no. Maybe I’m the one that’s breathing and making the bad noises in the crawlspace? I am in there. If so, my apologies. If anyone knows the value of having a good nights sleep, I sure as shit do not, but I know the sentiment and that’s what I’m adhering to right now. Crawl spaces in Uncanny Valley (at least I am assuming that this is one from there. perhaps it also ate the linguine and became rather canny, although I guess it would need to eat cans to get to that point). I’m scared. Maybe I’m in the crawlspace with the thing. MacReady save me! IT JUST SAID HELLO. GET ME OUT.
Thankfully, some helpful string decided to pull me out right quick.


I’m being held up. Explains why I gave the strings my wallet.

Being tossed and moved in all sorts of unholy positions like some marionnette. At least I’m pretty in my not very gracefulness. I dare not look up though. It might have just been the thing all along and now it’s just toying with my frail frame. But a few cuts and snips and I am free, free falling back to the typical blackscape of the Realm of Bad Tidings & Red Linguine.
Now believe you me, I am quite certain this realm cannot properly interpret the uncanniness that is Uncanny Valley, for the tale of Charles brought forth a cricket. I was besides myself, and that weas besides itself.


He doesn’t have any antenna but that’s as close as the similarities get.

A fun tale, which someone made us ride the Charles crickets. My others selves rode off into the distance, and my mount followed suit. The damn insect bastard. I was going to have them over for tea.
Ha! I haven’t danced with a zombie since the hootenanny of XX77!


Death of the palatable palette

Sweet croons, reminding me of different places, as this representation of Charley swings me round and round in something akin to a waltz. The one I’m hearing about seems like a very kind person. Someone to share the moves with. Too bad I’m all out. Next turn.

“Now hey there whippersnapper…” he calls through the distance.
“You better bring that dancing over here.”




“Give me some fiisssshhh…”
I felt that was too intimate request to act upon so I looked at him kindly. I don’t know why my grandpa decided to ask for such at a thing at this time, but I feel the disconnect between my vacation realm and the other is too great, because I all hear about is fish, and about how someone doesn’t have a car. Ha! If only said person knew fish drove Edsels, then maybe he could borrow it.

He started to fade away with a cryptic whisper of advice: “Let the hair flow through you…”


Epic standoff

Oh how my eternal battle with those dame seals, those damn pinnipedia rages to this day. This is supposed to be a vacation! Stop trying to pounce me you jerk! If only I had gotten some fish from the last song, then maybe I could ward off this usurper. Well, maybe we can play a few games of backgammon and it will forget that it had an appointment at 2:30 with a dentist. Checkmate. Finito. I win. I think. Either way, get me away from this seal!
As if to answer my call, the whole area started spinning and I wound up in…


Isosawseles that coming

While I am certain Bermuda is beautiful, I do not need to get into yet another air transportation disaster. And this place is prone to this type of stuff! My bets on a magical vortex that sucks all power of all that goes against creation, BUT HEY, that’s just my theory. OH NO THE TRIANGLE AT THE LINGUINE. DUCK!!!



Now, I had always thought that a monad was one thing, ya know, like Elohim. Maybe they’re the same thing. I don’t know. Needless to say, finding out it had a sibling was, shocking. I was flustered and flabbergasted. Two what was one, blah, division, reflections. They sort of just stared at me and tried to bum a few smokes before settling on making a hat out of a grocery bag and sashaying away.

I have been spooked. For, I didn’t see the ghost hiding behing one of the monads.


“I wasn’t even in that corner you dolt.” “Yeah, well, you don’t shake four day old chocolate milk, if you know what I’m saying.”

I didn’t have a phone handy, so I couldn’t exactly call the Ghostbusters. I also didn’t have any peace left, so much for that. I decided to ask a question.

“Is there ghost toast?”
“Yes. It’s pretty good.”
“Do you cover it with ectoplasm instead of butter?”

It gave an offended hmph and went to bother someone else. Well, not it bothered me, I’ve never been dead and I really love toast. Oh I seem to have forgotten I was listening to something, though rest assured I’m sure I experienced something like it.

And such a something like it indeed. What a splendid collection of tracks. I think I’m tempted to leave my own heart in that place. Now where did I put it…?


Well…that’s uh…a problem…


Thank you for listening to my tales of relaxation while basking in the sounds of Uncanny Valley. I hoped you enjoyed them. And I hope you will check out the link below to at the very least listen BUT YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY PICK THIS ALBUM UP BECAUSE IT IS FANTASTIC AND FABULOUS AND GREAT AND I REALLY ENJOYED IT SO YOU SHOULD TOO.

To pick up this amazing release go here:



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Ivonne van Kleef – 6

Artist: Ivonne van Kleef
Title: 6
Keywords: experimental san jose ca santa fe bedroom recordings drone lo-fi rural psychedelia tascam San Jose

Let’s get some cozy time for yourself, snuggle up to your own aura, provide a cup of your favorite tea & settle down in a comfortable position of your liking. Why? Because you are worth it & because this is the ideal position to listen to the latest work (number 6!) by Ivonne Van Cleef. Personally I sat for this special occasion in the sun, sipping tea in a pleasant yoga position, ears wide open and hopelessly relaxed.

The music named ‘cattle tyrant’ only made this feeling better, pushed it to the pleasant limits, making me feel zoned out in a observing way. Thanks to Ivonne Van Cleef bringing a sweet endearing melody on guitar, but also rattling natural noises that even though they seemed excited and busy, really made me feel like the calmness itself. Thanks to the tea, I felt that the music slipped down my body even smoother than usual & that’s why my guru-like recommendations of taking this music in. Now go and find your position, your cup of tea and when ready; click the following link to proceed:

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Spank Hookers – Disturbing Deeds of a Dominatrix

Artist: Spank Hookers
Title: Disturbing Deeds of a Dominatrix
Keywords: ambient hnw. harshnoise dark ambient drone electronic erotic fetish meditation power electronics space music Corinth

I don’t know about you, but I feel like going into (to me) unknown territories, as apparently you and me are invited to visit some kind of Dominatrix at a fetish club. I don’t really know how to feel about this, I mean it isn’t my cup of tea and neither really rings a bell of excitement, yet I feel like approaching this as if we are louis theroux, the reporter who always manages to step into worlds with a open mind and just report it soberly as it comes across to him.

Don’t get me wrong, I think whatever people do in their private time is their own business, as long as things are done with mutual consent it’s (probably) fine with me. But that’s the thing, by inviting us it feels as if we are becoming a part of the fetish. We are obliged to turn into a peeking Tom, a thing that might excite the dominatrix and her clients more than it seems to appeal to me at this moment. Oh well, I guess for the sake of good reporting I’m taking the step to go inside, make myself as a fly on the wall and try to tell you what the ‘deal’ is over here.

Hmm, okay I’m in. Holy shit! I’m just in and already wanted to walk straight back out. You have to excuse my behavior, I’m just not used to this kind of fetish scene. Apparently the action over here is called ‘water bondage’ and geez, it sounds quite the painful sensation, even to me as a foreign not participating observer. It seems like the Dominatrix is spraying water around as if they are chains, I’m not sure about it, it looks like the receiver is somehow enjoying it, yet I cannot imagine it being pleasant. Especially when the dominatrix goes in full rampage mood. Is this really consensual?

Hmm, I’m so sorry but I had to walk out of the session. Now back inside to witness a fetish that surrounds a diaper. It’s pretty weird to me as I can’t conceive anyone receiving sexual joy from wearing a diaper. I worked with paralyzed people who had to wear diapers & let me tell you it might be better than shitting the bed, but the sight of a grown adult with a full nappy isn’t the most flattering appetizing one. So hmm, yeah… back to the dominatrix scene. So apparently she is wearing a nappy and pisses it full for a very long time. Now the submissive might clean the nappy and perhaps wears one as well.. I don’t know, it’s not painful to watch as the water bondage, but it just makes me feel a bit awkward. In fact it makes me want to laugh (nervously?) and yet I don’t want to destroy their play time… I guess I will just wait, check my phone until the scene is finished.

Uhm, well, I guess the nappy fetish wasn’t so bad after all, as the next scene makes me really uncomfortable. I have been informed that this fetish turns around on the act of forced breastfeeding. It’s honestly too much for me and my tender soul, so I decided to close my eyes and focus on the sounds instead. It’s better that way, as it makes the whole visualization of it all fade away for a bit. It’s a watery sensation, probably more milky than water, yet when imagining it being water it’s okay to sit through. I’m sorry if I can’t report on this properly, it’s just that I think that if this is your kind of fetish you might just come here and watch it with your very own eyes front-row style. I pass…

Next fetish is about being locked in rubber pants…? Well, I guess everyone got a thing, right? There seems to be lots of rubber pants rubbing going on, some kind of sensation play that seems to focus on the crotch of the pants wearer.. they seem happy about it & in that sense I’m happy for them. It reminds me of this guy on television who had a fetish for shiny pants. He would just keep on stroking his shiny pants and say things like ‘oh shiny pants’… I also remember another one in which a man had a bean bath fetish; he would fill up a whole bath with beans and sit in it..

Anyhow, the fetish scene over here seems to be now going on about orgasm denial. I must say that I’m happy about that, I mean I wouldn’t feel comfortable standing here reporting to you while these people here are having multiple orgasms. No, let them wear their rubber pants, their milkshakes and diapers! I’m absolutely fine with it! Thank you!

After all that the Dominatrix seems to provide aftercare, I guess that comes with the professional side of her profession. Apparently this is the most sexual part, but to me it feels as if they are rubbing and mopping the floor clean in order to have it all shiny for the next customer to come in. So yes, I don’t know. It was actually alright, I didn’t feel that strange or out of touch, yet I didn’t feel it was very sexually appealing to me personally. But hey, that doesn’t mean anything, I get wet by the thought of going to church and horny from sniffing flowers, so uh if this is something you crave for audio wise and sexually; you’ve got my blessing!

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Keywords: experimental hnw. harshnoise noise pedalcore Berlin

Communion sounds like a meeting out in the rain, not just a regular meeting but one that feels like we are meeting up with a charismatic cult leader and it’s truthful followers. It’s oddly fascinating as ‘will we blend in?’ and clap and cheer when others do? Will we panic as the voice of the male character lays out some crazy ideas & followers declare that it’s time to end it all? The drums of tension, of institutional brainwashing to the point of no return are being provided, ready to start the moment of truth! Will this be a normal day listening adventure or might we suddenly be tricked into death by this man and it’s group of nutcase believers? The noise will heat up the senses, spikes up the flames of hell and there seems to be no way out. You must come from a different planet to block out this incredible urge to resist this warrior path of total destruction.

Still after the smells of death are roaming around freely, the sounds reveal no expected silence at all. Instead loud shrieking noises might pop up, wobble around as if a lonely construction worker had come with a demolisher to crash and burn the proof of this cult’s existence. But after this significant cleanup the sound of emptiness finally occurs, a mourning moaning sadness that feels generated by ghosts captured on a low frequency radio. Probably not all the cult members had peace of mind when passing onto the other side. Maybe they had been even surprised, just like me and you. Feeling out of place and obliged to cheer and clap when the big man suggested us to do so. I’m glad this is just a release of audio, otherwise I would have probably drank that poison as if it was a wine! But thanks to the gift that is being alive, I’m able to share this experience here with you:

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Helena Celle – If I Can’t Handle Me at My Best, Then You Don’t Deserve You at Your Worst

Artist: Helena Celle
Title: If I Can’t Handle Me at My Best, Then You Don’t Deserve You at Your Worst
Keywords: Experimental, Glasgow
Label: Letter Mass

Ah this release gives me hope and pleasure. With its good crackling low fi electronic sounds, sweetly parading into the ears like a class act that hasn’t become stiff, but the polar opposite: it feels like a real relief! Something that had kept its limp action active to create a wobbly wonky freeing sensation. If you dig that, you will be banging your marbles with this creative outburst. It’s a bit as if the artist thought; there is no point in standing fierce in the sky, if you could rather use your flexibility to move around in order to express the great dirty pleasure that is freedom…. hmm, Big chance the artist didn’t think anything like that at all, more something along the line of it being ‘fun to make music that you enjoy to make and listen for yourself’ and it’s a plus if others would dig it too! That’s the main power I’m getting over here! Not giving a f*ck and by doing so, making everybody happy as that makes the music sound the most fun!

Still in its own (perhaps innocent) way this album’s music points a middle finger towards all the nitwits that swear for spending hours in the studio in search for the sound of crystal clearness. Don’t expect hygienic material over here, it’s here where you could feel free at home; no need to put off your shoes when entering this collection of music; any added dust between the bottom of your shoes would only add to the pleasurable warmth of this pleasant & fun freedom form of electric music.

It feels as if the producer just had a lot of fun, playing with patterns on the go, changing bits, removing things, adding other things, playing around with sounds, beats and cute melodies; all in order to make a lovely sensation that would keep a listener on its pleasurable toes (in shoes or without!). One of the highlights might be ‘I’m done with 666’ which sounds like a alien chicken tumbling down the stairs while having a electric case of fluidly diarrhea! Trust me, it sounds dirty in words, but when you hear it with the additional funky claps it’s actually a good time to swing your own bowels in a groovy way. Another personal highlight is the ‘what’s really going wrong 3D printer mix)’. It just sound so much like pure fun!

In any way it seems like we aren’t the only ones who are digging the album, this fact feels good as with the high fidelity ruling most music productions & with most producers forgetting the warmth that slight fuzziness, distortion or crackling wooziness could deliver to the all round sound; the love for this particular release is a real sign of hope. People digging music for the music, for the pleasure of sounds, rhythm, vibes… not because of it being mixed on a mega million system in which everything sounds like a clean bore. I mean it’s much more fun to roll in the mud than in your Sunday costume sitting upright at the family dinner, right?

This artist here is grooving around, enjoying the funkiness of experimentation like a cool rider who is into the music first and foremost & if you dig it too, it seems to be a plus. I mean you can hear that the producer is having fun with the music, is completely into it, playing around to make it a colorful groovy session… a work that is easy to slide in by a outsider as the creator’s heart has been fully into it. You can hear & feel it within great detail; bang: this music is keeping it low key, unpretentiously freeing and super real!

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