Crown Larks – Population


artist: Crown Larks
title: Population
label: Already Dead Tapes + Satelltie Records
keywords: experimental,art,rock,drone,krautrock,maximal,minimal,no wav,noise,now wave,pain is luvv,postpunk,psych,space,Chicago

A hrm. A hem. I have returned out of the ether that is well ya know life and it’s supposed
wonders to come bring back a raucous rancor to the realm that is review. For it is I! If you can’t guess or can’t be bother to care, good for you cuz neither do I.

I was browsing upon some things and happened to myseriously come across this little release. Be warned, dear readers, for this shall probably have some sinister narrative woven throughout it.



Lighthearted tones and some fun times did I say weave? I meant complete domination. I’m not here to prattle about works but of this wondrous journey I had that most would call a walk. As the vocals hit, I suddenly felt inspiration drain from me. Vocals are a tricky thing to my ear, and apparently this voice did not have the trick. Alas, I am not everyone. As a result, this HEAVILY inspired photo resulted
Also a flute! Flutes are cool, so cool in fact that they are in this song. Rocking along, nice and peaceful and fun like. I would daresay that the flute Howls throughout. Ha. Ha. Ha.
There I go again with my clever little observations. Sigh, such a pitiable soul, but moving on!


Circus Luvv

Syncopating synths and some nasty growl before we get into the groove. Relaxing. Escapades into something of more psychedelia while funneling into a much more laid back and yet active mood that would derail me from potent meditation. Interesting.



More tones as the journey progresses. Darker tones as a slight descend into ritual madness but being right back up again. Lots of sounds with not too many notes continue throughout and bring a sense of security before being thrust back into the unknown with some more crunchy waves and an excitement and rush that I am receiving despite myself. I was wandering down roads that had less people so I could let all this wash over me. I had left earlier than I normally would, which meant more people about, and cars, which meant more distraction. I couldn’t help but feel the pace pick up as we tried to stay away from any form of sapien life. Except for my arachnid friends. I had to see if the pretty ladies were out and about.


TFZ Interlude

Truth be told I hadn’t even gotten to this song by the time I had taken this photo, but the time was nigh for photos. Couldn’t arose suspicion, couldn’t spark the curiosity of nosy minds. I was getting slightly bored. Sounded like the one continuous sounds sort of melding together, some slight reaction but nothing to write home to. A mental note of this not making it into my regular rotation of sound. I wanted something slightly darker and nastier, which I should never have expected this album to do, which is fine. I asked the impossible, since that is what my taste was at the moment.

An interlude indeed. Nice, soft, slow. Exactly what an interlude was meant to be. Ties the whole room together.


Lithops Life

I can’t say I know Lithop, or will every meant this assuredly divine creature, but I’m pretty sure this discared Cup Noodles, if not a very close cousin, was once favored by our dear Lithop here. Tingling and tinkering sounds sprinkle to and fro. I can’t help but think the style of these Crown Larks would lend itself quite well to a live performance, with all sorts of the crazy shit they feel like doing is all a happening and a wonder. Over before you know it.


Swoon (for Fred Hampton)

This thing reminds me or well would make me want to be in some form of hut, with a fire blazing in the center while everyone is drumming away and chanting away into the night, in thick robes, until the heat and sorceric nausea force me to break into the cool night air and vomit all over the dirt. Seems like the exact sound for that. Lost myself ah ha! A pretty lady! Seemingly much more camouflaged however the resolution is crap and I didn’t want to disturb her as much as I seemingly had. No need to have her scurry into the corners of her web. A few paces later and the gleam of a single strand also caught my eye, and another friend was to be seen. I was happy, for they had cut down the bushes where they gathered a plenty, and the maintenance person had used a hose to “clean” next to the compressors for the A/C. What a dastardly move, for all the spider friends vanished that day, never to be seen again to play a bit to this one. I felt it would dip lower but it kept up the pace. Still rather mesmerizing.

I was getting worried. I feared I was nowhere near the end of this album and therefore broke the magic of immersion and saw I had three tracks left. Time to take a detour. Extend the constitution. Visual recording of the venture was to be ceased, as per the council. They always knew best. At least that’s what Mother would say from time to time. I have no idea how to caption those two photos there, but the tiotle or this song is Burn It Down. Slight picked up pace, warmer tones, with some more ethereal notes extending into the nothingness and otherness. Solid.

“Watchful, Spellbound” starts of whimsical enough before engaging into some noise wallish stuff, to good effect. Completely switches the pace, almost as if we have been the watchers only to become hypnotized and lost to all that was seeeeeeeen, which isn’t very good because we’re supposed to be seeing it all, no? Well, hey, I don’t know how you watch but getting lost tends to well, I don’t know, maybe that’s what you do or like. Sounds good to me.

Goodbye seems to start with some nostalgic sounds, from times long gone, before they settle back into their signature style. Also, dig the use of both vocalists here. A nice blend or clash or clashendb (yes, don’t worry about it, just gooooooooo with it, which is to say goo, of the most sucking you in variety). Then we get some more of that COOL FLUTE. But wait, this isn’t goodbye just yet.

Stranger (Unce Down to the New Store) seems to hearken in an upper pace, along with I feel tones closer to the opening. I feel they’re pretty close. Don’t know why. Circle doesn’t have The ending came so abruptly. I was not sure it had ended really. So many releases had done something similar. Not quite sure what the effect was. Not quite sure the meaning. An awakening back to mundane perhaps? But things tend to fade together in an almost imperceptible way and the shock only occurs once one has gotten a grasp of the amount of time that has passed and not the feeling of it. What was I to do? With a walk still to be had and earbuds poked snugly into their respective orifices, the only logical solution was to bring up the contents of the remaining musical library I had on my mobile. However, a fear stirred within. I might lose the inspiration due to this other music. How many reviews have gone unwritten or trashed or scrapped because I didn’t time the walk properly? Also, was I forcing this one because I hadn’t done one in a while and my own creative juices in a more permanent state of evaporated? Would this make things better? Only one way to find out. Despite the excitement and joy I derived from the additional tracks, I was focused. I would complete the task, but first to home. A man asked me for a cigarette, despite me not smoking one. I told him I didn’t have any and he then decided to walk down the same street as I. Shoulders and head turned more frequently due to lack of sound bringing me, what some might say, vital information. At least my body would be in a readier state, yet that sense was for all intents and purposes cut off. I began to sing louder and louder as I walked alone. Came upon a man digging into the curb and throwing the chipped rock he so earnestly freed into the surrounding sidewalk. I hoped he wouldn’t hit me. The journey came closer to the end, familiar gates, shrubbery and overall state of meh. Time to check the mail. Time to see what gifts were to be bestowed upon me by the United States Postal Service. A feeling began to drip down my brain and into my spine and from there into the nerves that ran throughout my entire body. The knowledge that something I had waited for and not known I had waited for it came to me, and I eagerly forced the metal into metal contact, the grinding a sweet song to my ears. A twist and I pulled the slotted door open. Ah ha, an envelope. One which I did not know. I held it up to the light and could only see that it held paper. I pinched the flap and tore. My destiny awaited, my prize to be given. Preapproved for 35,000. Yippee. an end type stuffs? Getting us back into the mood and getting into it.


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ASR28/29/30 – Jazz no Hope – Vol 1/2/3

Artist – ASR28/29/30
Title – Jazz no Hope – Vol 1/2/3
Release date – Sept 2017
Label – Al Sand Records
reviewer: Wayne Rex
Link –

I’m cold, really bloody cold. It’s only September and my circulation has ceased working properly and my hands and feet are as blue as the sky/sea combo screensaver on my phone that I have zero clue how to alter. There’s that lull in between summer and winter, that rather splendid season they call Autumn or if you are American, (or watch a lot of tv from the states) fall. It’s my favourite season. It doesn’t quite belong, it’s a misfit and odd. You either love it or hate it, like marmite, or, me. In my mind I am Autumn, in human form, but I’m also sporting long, wavy hair, a six pack and a good personality, in my mind too, so I wouldn’t take any notice.

Like the seasons, music is at that crossover period, when people are just getting back into making and releasing their work, after a long summer break and I am almost lost or should I say, bored with some of the stuff I have heard. What I need is a record that is like a UFO who has come to earth to take me away. A record that is outer-worldly and phantasmagorical! There’s many, many records out there that promise that but in truth, very few that truly and honestly deliver that bold promise.

That’s why I was so bowled away when I first came across the Jazz no Hope session recordings, from ASR28/29/30, live from Brazil. Three live albums from various righteous dudes, including sax genius André de Castro and Brazilian recording master, Al Sand. I was going to review all three as I know they all deserve a review and for you, the good readers to hear and experience these recording for yourselves. In the end I went for my fav recording, Vol 3 and hope that the other two recording get picked up and interpreted by someone else so you guys get a different perspective of these marvelous recordings.

It’s improvised psychedelica, jazz, folk, space rock, noise and honesty from the musicians soul all in 29.11 of music. From the moment you press play, you are transported into another dimension of space and time. It’s music not of this world. It’s the mirror image of this world but all the right whereas here and now is all the wrong. There’s some gut wrenching playing from both players here. It’s like they have to and need to do this or they will combust into flames. They are playing like their life depended on it and if they don’t then, well, you don’t want to know. From start to finish you are hooked. You’re almost scared in parts as it’s just so intense but at the same time, not intimidating. Three quarters of the way through when it sound like it’s about to finish, you genuinely feel exhausted but in a good way. Mind blow exhausted, not sport crap exhausted. Then slowly but surely and with some dark, spacey noise and guitar and effect it builds again. This time, a beautiful noise duel with the guitar and, I think voice? (Though could be wrong) sounding like a bird flying through a thunder and lightening storm, or Zeus, screaming or in this case, shredding his inner most feeling through a guitar. Then kicks in a tornado of sax or some other reed instrument, like an Asian or Arabic (even) tornado, mating with the storm to destroy everything in it’s path but with the ultimate goal of building a better world, out with the old and in with the new.

These guys, recorded a masterpiece here, I’d have loved to have seen in live as I think I would still be sat there in awe but I’m just grateful to modern technology that I can listen to it and experience the intensity myself via the internet. Check it out yourselves, you won’t be disappointed.

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Kyle Roberts – My Feisty Ruckus

Artist: Kyle Roberts
title: My Feisty Ruckus
keywords: rock, lo-fi

There is always a place for a singer songwriter that keeps its material as raw and real as it could be. In this case the time is reserved for this artist named Kyle Roberts. I haven’t heard of this person before, probably because he is totally new into music making, but after I heard a fair amount of short outtakes of the 11 songs on his very first album, I could say that I heard enough to pen up some kind of article. This is not that article, or perhaps it is; in any case the bits that I heard had convinced me that Kyle Roberts might be one of these musicians who are best enjoyed alive, live and on the spot. There is just something to it that makes me want to see him playing and performing these songs… him going out there and bring the music to the people… I just imagine how wonderful it would be to sit somewhere in the back with some binoculars, ready to witness songs like “show me your boobs” and “Well, Shit!” being performed in front of you. The price for the look of your witnessing face would be unpayable; you would enjoy it!

From what I could tell from the snippets, Kyle Roberts has a distinctive voice, very determent to penetrate the ears word for word. He himself claims to us that he can’t sing at all, but I beg to differ on this! I think he is that raw diamond vocal and music-wise that many might have been waiting for. Nobody likes a clean act, or a polished clean cut overproduced one-in-a-zillion singer songwriter & him being an enthusiastic unstoppable newbie certainly makes him sound fresh and honest. Music wise it goes apparently (from what I can tell from the snippets) from intimate lo-fi one-man rock, to a punkier sound & feel.

I really wanted to see and hear more of Kyle Roberts in action, an urge so high that I couldn’t resist that I had to go for the dangerous ‘search’ option on the video sharing site named Youtube, which was obviously a trap… apparently there are multiple Kyle Roberts out there & even though this Kyle Roberts is so distinctive, to find him among all the other Kyle Roberts is a bit like searching for a needle in a pile of hay. Of course this resulted in a Kyle Roberts video tour, a trip in which all kinds of Kyle Roberts passed the revue; this tour was a bit of a waste of time & that’s why I would like to share some of the Kyle Roberts out there, so we can at least say that we have both wasted some time together. Let’s call it ‘bonding’.

Here is an angry Kyle Roberts who is driving back to a McDonalds to apparently explain to the manager what the difference between a cow and a chicken is:

Did you enjoy that? Want some more? Here is Kyle Roberts throwing strikes because he is an amazing bowler:

Oh and (one of my favorite finds!) here is enough self-made cool photos of Kyle Roberts to get an idea of what Kyle Roberts looks like. Such an excellent poser!

Next to the good looks and the knowhow how to pose for pictures, Kyle Roberts is also a men’s fashion designer… I mean, wow! Kyle Roberts is pretty much anything and everything!

Apparently Kyle Roberts is also incredibly good at sports. Here you can watch Kyle Roberts doing an amazing touch down:

Kyle Roberts might be a great bowler, poser, designer and good at doing those touch downs… he is also a wrestler, here is an exciting game in which Kyle Roberts isn’t winning. A sign that he is still human!

If you wanted to see a more fun side of Kyle Roberts, why not watch this unofficial music video of Lil Wayne’s Song “Green and Yellow”, featuring (indeed!) Kyle Roberts and his friend Dillon Krentz.

But all the non-music making Kyle Roberts aside, there was also a whole lot of music making Kyle Roberts out there on Youtube… Here you have a music video of a 16 year old Kyle Roberts playing a guitar while Bree Morgan sings that we need to listen to the music and feel the song:

Of course we know that Kyle Roberts plays the guitar, but what really interests a real music lover must be the real Kyle Roberts’ voice. Here is something that I found that might give you some satisfaction in that sense. A video of Kyle Roberts playing live in the Loch Lomond House:

Kyle Roberts is also at home without the guitar… Here you can hear him doing a cover version of some song named ‘trumpets’:

…strangely, none of the sides of Kyle Roberts as seen above made me think that it was the same as the Kyle Roberts who is responsible for this album named ‘My Feisty Ruckus’. This makes Kyle Roberts really an interesting all round personality, artist, designer, musician, sportsman and man of multiple looks, talents and voices! And yes, you better believe in Kyle Roberts as he is obviously like a superman!

From a very good source (Kyle Roberts himself) we know that he had just begun recording his songs, is in the process of learning to do it all on his own. From learning how to play the guitar, writing songs and (not unimportant!) record it all. He might think that he has a lot to learn, but his unstoppable uncanniness of fun to create, express and face the challenge to do it all for real, is a sign that Kyle Roberts will grow like a very fruitful prolific artist. In all seriousness, I wouldn’t be able to tell that these are the baby steps in music making / song writing / singing and recording from Kyle Roberts. That might either mean that there is lots of bad music out there, or simply that indeed Kyle Roberts has unleashed its creativity in the right way! From the small amount that my ears could hear I can tell that Music is the thing for him!

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Lithal Li – Journeys Through Then & Now

Artist: Lithal Li
title: Journeys Through Then & Now
keywords: cape town, south africa, rap, hip hop, bass, soul, soulful, deep, conscious, girl, female, singer, rapper, bushmen records

It’s good to be funky & even better if you are feeling groovy. I mean when you don’t have any of these character trades it might be that you will be one of these people standing still when Lithal Li (and friends) pushing the funkily grooves out of your music system. But maybe, there might be a great possibility that her “Journeys Through Then & Now” is the album that will loosen you up! Lithal Li raps just as easy as she sings & the music swings like a rocking chair that can rock in every way possible. It will make you feel fresh even though this might have been out there for a bit…

I mean, this is one of these free downloadable / streaming gifts that had been hiding on the internet, an golden oldie from 2014 that you should hear, listen, obtain and get your dancing shoes out for. Something that has been created by multiple musicians who have so much funky grooves in their hearts that they can give you the ultimate best and pass it on… There is no stress here; every track is a perfect rolling piece of musicianship that flows into each other like something that you put on and let play to spice up your entire environment.

If the keywords are correct, this is excellent material is coming out of Cape Town, South Africa. A place where the music must flow well as all the things that my ears had heard from this area of the world (which is not a lot!) have been totally out there music-wise! It’s as if they have that extra little push to go the extra mile to get that musicianship covered till the maximum. When you hear this Lithal Li album you just know that you are in good hands, that nobody can knock on your back to tell you that you have horrible taste. In fact if someone knocks, there might be a huge possibility that this person does this to just congratulate you with your music choices & probably to find out what it is that you have been playing.

You could say ; Lithal Li, as recommended by the fabulous music site YIKIS (always pronounce it with those letters, as the name full on might make some questionable facial expressions…) And then I sleep well at night, knowing that sharing a golden oldie that didn’t age at all, still sounds as strong and great as today, as the same year it had been pumped up on the internet. Even the messages in these songs are just as important and relevant today; stop the fuzzing and the fighting and just try to get that groovy funk on that will unite the most loose with the tightest uptight. Hands in hands enjoying the loving music, cause music it is & no matter how many years will pass and how freely available it is; it is and will always stay good music! Ready to be played for years and years to come; a best friend on your own journey… I guess this ‘write up’ annex ‘review’ didn’t really go anywhere, other than that I’m very pleased to share this release sooner or later. Here is a groovy funky link, enjoy what’s behind it if you have the chance:!.mp3

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The Monk by the Sea – Ambient Meditations

Artist: The Monk by the Sea
Title: Ambient Meditations
Keywords: ambient ambient drone ambient guitar atmospheric drone electronic meditation new age soundscapes soundtrack space ambient Zagreb

Sitting on the toilet,while listening to the lovely atmospheric ambient music created by the monk by the sea is like a comfortable lubricant, making the body extraction goes as smooth as ass could be & let’s not forget; also as pleasurable! With warm lush drone arrangements that are surrealistic of nature, the ambient trend setter really has a way of creating a pleasant audio environment.

There I sit and shat while being surrounded in complete audio bliss. Imagined whales and dolphins swimming in the sky, all coming together in that beautiful cloud full of amazing exotic looking sunsets. Even the odors of the little room had changed, to the contrary of the normal smell of terror, the place was suddenly filled with the sweet smells of honey and flowers. The visual colors became enjoyable in pastel, & life suddenly had a bit more sanity…

It all gave me the impression that The monk by the sea is not just a monk with ambient ambitions, but might be one equipped with magical and mystical knowledge, a kind of wisdom to make all kinds of situations more bearable and (simply said..) beautiful. All was good when this album played, nothing else could be such a relaxing atmosphere refresher than all that lived within this release.

When I looked up with a blissful face, feeling hopelessly relieved & joyfully entertained by these pretty tones as heard in the music, I knew that the monk had saved the day. Saving it with a wonderful amount of ambient meditations that would not be able to stress even the most easily stressed out person that you know ‘stressed’. ; This Monk by the Sea must be one fine humble human-being in order to create these soul-worthy compositions. If not, the monk surely tricked me! This is wonderful stuff, material to relax and be happy about. I need to do a wipe now and pull my trousers up, but for you I’ll hope you appreciate the following link (isn’t it) that I just placed over here…

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Apollo Architect – Bohemian Soul: EP

Artist: Apollo Architect
Title: Bohemian Soul: EP
Keywords: dream pop rock ambient rock classical dreampop instrumental instrumental rock neo-classical post-rock shoegaze Brampton

The love of the Apollo Architect is here, perfectly available in this showcasing Bohemian Soul EP. Everything that you could hear will do it’s ultimate best to warm your heart, make you close to the heart of this artist and fill it up with its love. Amazing guitar will be fed to you, as well as kind strings that has a high emotional value, material that gets to my throat, making me want to cry in a unstoppable way… Apollo Architect simply knows how to put its devotional music at work to get an listener completely into a emotional mess, crying like an unstoppable rainfall that has just been duped by the love of its life…

I feel it, it had no shame to nestle quickly within my heart, pulling the triggers of sentiment, making me feel like this Apollo Architect actually knows me personally & knows what to give me to make me cry like a obnoxious little baby of the world. Even the up going beats and the sweetness that surrounds it might not be enough to get the tears down: this maniac rules the devotional chapter and does this so well that it’s hard to imagine that Apollo Architect probably doesn’t know you (or me!) at all!

Four tracks on this EP before the album, all working hard to make you feel emotionally incompetent. Kicking the base-kicks like the stable counter parts of your sanity, making them stable within the ground while still straightforwardly tickling your emotions like its nothing. It’s hard for me to say anything else than this about the music, I’m just feeling it too much. Feeling it within my bones, meat, nerves and what’s left of my liver and brain. It just hits these emotional snares within my soul and does this in a way no other music had done before. It just doesn’t kick in softly or even sounding fragile; it is hard like a raw bolster but it somehow shows so much emotion and love that it’s going straight to my head, mind and soul. Damn, I’m screwed!

Last one in the row is ‘everlast’ and here the same vibe creeps on me; I’m lost in emotion! Uncontrollable devotion within this pretty music, humbling me down like a kind citizen of the emotional world, one in which nothing is taken for granted and life is a mysterious puzzle to solve in the mist loving kinds of ways. Everything is sounding so good, it makes me want to put on a beautiful gown, run up the hill with arms stretched into the sun and say; thank you for this wonderful music!


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‪Jules‬ – Say You Will

Artist: Jules
Title: Say You Will
Keywords: adult, contemporary smooth jazz
Reviewer: Willem van O.

Jules “Say You Will” is one of Jules Jewels that has that romantic vibe up and running. It leaves no time to grab your hands in able to drag you through your miserable life, straight into a unsuspected marriage with someone you never had heard off until a second ago. How romantically brave and adventurous. Jules brings your head in the pink clouds of love, gentle and tender with that sexiness of a sax that you always could rely on.

Somehow this music will make you feel dazed & when you wake up buying that diamond ring from your safety money; you just know that this must have been extremely powerful music in the seduction side of life. Jules jewel of a voice is smooth and plenty, sounding like a classic singer of the good old ballads days & with her video of her chilling out in the outside & behind the steer of car is simply a phenomenal combination. These might not be the visuals you would expect (no wedding gowns and grooms) but do bring a nice face to the favorable music.

What could a person say more, other than pointing towards the video, asking to open your ears and heart & let this love potion in for a nice little romantic ride… what can go wrong? Ending up happily married? That’s the risk you should simply take:

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