Coffee Or Suicide – Regular Weirdo

Artist:Coffee Or Suicide
Title: Regular Weirdo
Keywords: comedy experimental weirdo ambient bdsmchillout everyday things experimental rock food guitarlazy shoegaze weird weirdo pop weirdos Birmingham
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Hello,I’m your reviewer. Perfectly In the cuckoo mood as apparently I’m totally wasted in a happy little drunk way. It’s s miracle that I’m still able to write to you,but hell, the auto corrected digital dictionary is probably working over time. So, uh, what is this music? I haven’t a clue… I believe that I liked it, a man singing and music that he is singing upon; it might not be a world wonder, but it’s still pretty strong.

I believe the good man is singing songs that might make you want to rinse your ears… like the one in which he sings about nipple clamps and putting on a strap-on… whatever rows your boat,friends… it’s all fine with me… even the song in which the regular Weirdo Coffee Or Suicide drops the expression “you are Fucking gay…” over and over again seems to sound pretty much like repetitive compliments.

The music is chill, fun and pretty weird at the same time, like a improvisation that even has some surprisingly surreal solo riffs. The highlight on this drunken listening session must have been the ‘I ate too much food anthem’, somehow it made me feel singing-wise if that lead singer of Metallica & music-wise of a gigantic belly floating around in a rubber inflatable thingy somewhere in the tropical sea; bloated, full and pretty sunny. “I fell asleep on the loo” is pretty fun too… so passionate! I think I’ll join this example and sleep away the booze… but before we wave goodbye, may I recommend this link:

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Railroad Forests – A Short Demo

Artist: Railroad Forests
Title: A Short Demo
Keywords: Folk, Boston
Reviewer: Simon Hit

More folkier than the folk music by Railroad Forest will be like overdosing, that’s why Railroad Forest probably threw in this short demo to proof that a bit from the Railroad Forest folk is enough to ease your hunger for the genre. Not too little, not too much; exactly somewhere in the middle. You probably wouldn’t think of a forests doing this kind of thing, but I guess a forests has plenty of things to express & more inhibitors to help making it into music.

In any case if folk is your thing a firm folkloric bliss on your face from folkish satisfaction might simply appear, but do not worry, you won’t be lying in a corner with a needle in your arm and folk foam foaming out of your lips. It’s words, voice, acoustic material & the combination of them all’ that this short demo demonstrates to whoever decides to dip their ears in that this is the kind of folk that is just in the right dose. With just three compact songs the impression is given that the Railroad Forest might not be huge, but if you look through that, you just know that the Railroad Forest concentrated its brand of folk in such potent micro-doses that it’s powerful and yet safe enough folk material to dig into.

I wonder if anyone could survive a full album, or if the Railroad Forest would have a smart way to create a large album without making listeners fall dead like flies Squashed by a windshield of a folkish driving car. Too much good folk music can simply be deadly, but as provided here in this impressively short demo by Railroad Forests it’s just simply perfect. It makes me want to form the ‘perfect’ sign with one hand & the other do a firm ‘thumps up’… More short demos of this folkish sort delivered by forests please!

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Being impressed by Empress Akua 

Since the discovery of Empress Akua a couple of days ago, I’ve been on a Empress Akua binge. My medium supplier was YouTube and my main intake was through ears and eyes. The ears had been easily delighted, hearing her powerful voice saying powerful words & the eyes had been pleased with the visible bits. This was the first time a real empress appealed to me as she rules with her scepter of reggae vibes like a true warrior ready to slay with wisdom and talent.
The first tune I’ve heard was her resent tune ‘it’s cold out there’ which fitted perfectly with me experiencing the ‘English summer’. I’ve been living in the hot heath in which it had been 40 degrees everyday for about a year or so, so when I came to England a week ago I was freezing my eggs off… but with her words, Empress Akua warmed me up, suggesting to go inside and heating up with the knowledge of Jah…

I was just with my head in the smokey clouds, probably smoking a bit too much ganja, but in the end making those fine reggae tunes sound like they had a meaning of fine intelligence. It wasn’t only the ganja but most definitely Empress Akua with her fierce voice, strong wise words and Rastafarian powers by her side that made my world upside down.. she simply rides her music like a powerful entity who can lead the stars as if they were lions. Her seasoned sound makes her come across as if she had read the entire book of wisdom from back to forth… a rare thing to encounter, but that’s why some of us are singers and others are empresses and emperors…

It’s just that Empress Akua sings about the important things and let her voice move to the grooves like a hard battled unbeatable amazon. Her videos are a lot of fun, showcasing glimpses of how things are made and in which surroundings; its a nice peek into a studio full of dedicated admirers and musicians that throw in their full support.

I don’t know, maybe it’s the smokable herb, maybe it’s because the music of Empress Akua that had kept me warm when I was cold… but I pay my respect to her with thanks and praises… bless…

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Frank Stein – Alfresco

Artist: Frank Stein
Title: Alfresco
Keywords: ambient electronic experimental industrial outsiderAuckland

Nothing better than listening to a fresh amount of ‘piss bathwater’ organized by Frank Stein as findable on his ‘Alfresco’ album. It’s so nice to hear because it sounds so none liquidity, yet so fluent with cute sparkling bubbles to spice it up. Frank Stein makes it sound so moving and friendly; you probably wouldn’t want to flush it through and wouldn’t be alarmed to take a bath in it.

No Time No Space’ is also something that Frank Stein had captured so neatly on this fine release of experimental audio. It’s fairly musical, keeping up the atmosphere of the piss bathwater with its sparkling bubbles, throwing in some atmosphere that feels like a mix between a Mary-go-round and a ice cream van that tumbles down the hills into a weird dimension between time and space.

Of course the album wouldn’t be the same if Frank Stein wouldn’t include the happening of a crying computer, an act he carefully depicts as a emotional kindness that makes me think that the computer is a actual baby-computer in the pram, playing so cutely with its little computer toys and putting it’s charming flavoring sounds to good use. How cute this crying computer is; you almost wish you could feed it milk and baby cookies. (If such a thing exist)

Of course it’s nice to hear the refreshing bathwater part, but pissing after midnight is something even more satisfying for the bladder & in this case of Frank Stein; the ears. He makes his happiness and satisfaction & love for it known by dedicating a really lovable and cute melodic moment to it; so sweet!

But it’s clear that sweetness is a thing with Frank Stein, as his audio adventure of a alien @ sea is not only a mind boggling scene of suspension, Space ship hovering and mysterious action, but he also makes it appear to be a alien that must be of a sweet and friendly origin. You should welcome it with open arms…

In fact you might get this Alfresco pretty quickly, as when it will reach its ‘boiling point’ it might become a little bit much. It will push to the limit, goes even over it and than gives you a reward for putting up with it; a nice relaxing session of ‘Sunday lawn’ time. Just sit back and let Frank Stein do it’s experimental sound business & dream of buzzy bees, soft grass and bumbling insects. It even gets better with Frank Stein washing out our ears with some soap, water and a fine calming musical momentum.

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Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo –  YA (Full Album)

Artist: Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo
Title: YA (Full Album)
Keywords: experimental, electronic, plunder phonic

It’s always fun with Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo, each and every time his name pops up into our mailbox it’s a bit like a mad scientist that just stepped out of a laboratory with lots of smoke, holding a brand new created invention proudly into his hands… the conceptual sound inventions have been just as weird and challenging as the formats that he had placed them on, so when Lorenzo came in with a full album that looks like it’s fully released as a single YouTube link it just got to tickle me with excitement.

Maybe we can hear YA the full album somewhere else too, but I truly hope that it’s just exclusively released as a still picture with the music underneath it in this YouTube format. The picture is neat too, probably depicting Lorenzo with his private mini black hole; how cool is that? Is that the secret place that he pulls out his seemingly limitless ideas out? But what about the music, does he pull it out of that black hole, a bit like a magician pulling a rabbit out of its hat? Or maybe it’s his sample storage place as Lorenzo seems to have the whole world as his music instrument – dancing at his fingertips like a puppeteer with plundered music bits as the willingly twisted puppets…

It doesn’t really matter how he made it, where he got his sounds from, it’s just a blessing that we are able to just go to that YouTube still and blast it out like a channeling sound adventure. It’s a nice experience and a wild experimental ride in which the inventor present a whole load of different energies towards our brains. From slow bits, to epic mental bits in which you just feel like going berserk destroying your newest dancing shoes, to shimmering out listening to the chilling channeling sides of relaxing sounds, audio hear-play-things and radio friendly compositions that boggles the mind in a channeling way… I really like this new invention of inventions by this Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo as it’s a nice mingling combo for the ears to be entertained by & you got to love it that the full album is out there for all of us to listen for free… here it is, just click play and you are settled:


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S. Pakhomov – Lo-Fi

Artist: S. Pakhomov
Title: Lo-Fi
Keywords: experimental avant-garde experimental electronicminimalism Elektrostal
Label: Minimalist Recs

S. Pakhomov had been inspired by another artist who had been experimenting with those noise walls and 8kbps Lobito encoding; I didn’t get the memo in what bitrate S. Pakhomov decided to experiment in to create this three hour long release named LO-Fi but it’s sounding pretty much around the 24kbps sound and feel; so cozy, so warm and muzzled in friendliness.

But it’s not just the sound encoding that makes this lengthy release so pretty and fine; of course it’s the audio creation itself!
A endless wonderful session of the finest sounding crackles on the planet. Think of nice noises like hearing the dust on a old vinyl record tickling the needle, or perhaps a sweet fireplace burning it’s wood for three hours in a slow but warm welcoming way; it’s a bit like that, but probably even nicer.

Can’t write a whole gigantic essay about it,but you would see that hearing it for three hours in a row is actually a very reasonable and doable option. S. Pakhomov simply managed to provide the right crackles in the right encoding that never seem to be able to become boring. It’s fascinating as even though it’s crackling crackles full stop, it’s so digestible that once you start you don’t want it to go away. It’s comparable to munching on the inside of a bag of crisps; once you pop, you won’t stop!

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HOT MT – AU (Alternative Universe)

Artist – HOT MT
Album title – AU (Alternative Universe)
Release date – May 2017
Label – Doom Trip Records
Link –
Reviewer: Wayne Rex

Where am I? I’ve woken up, it’s hot and sunny. The atmosphere feels peaceful and happy. Every person who has passed me has said hi and smiled. This isn’t earth.. It’s like a utopian separate, mirrored dimension to my own life but with all the hate, misery and darkness taken out. I don’t ever want to leave here!! It’s how life should be, beautiful and full of joy and love.

They were the last thoughts I was having, laying on the settee, nursing a hangover from a Thursday night alone, drinking rum. This wasn’t just a pleasant dream though. I was listening to AU (alternative Universe) by HOT MT and their glorious, dreamlike, perfect pop influenced my dreams like listening to Coltrane made me want to become a jazz head.

The album kicks of with a fairy tale of sonic beauty with darkness repeats, the first track on this 15 track record. With it’s high production value and perfectly crafted pop instrumental track driving the song like a unicorn train on acid and accompanied by a hypnotic and charming vocal track this already has meditated me into relaxation and OM.

A night in china town is the second song. I have already come across this before, on a Doom Trip compilation and was a stand out track for me then and now I think I dig it even more. This is literally better than anything in the top 100 charts in any country around the world and should be a massive hit. It’s like German engineering, as in everything works perfectly.

Queen of shapes is up next. It’s a cracking rock track. Still with it’s roots in pop but nonetheless a rock track with hints of influence from Kate Bush and 90’s British Rock/Pop sounds from the North.

Next up is a track that has a distinctively darker feel and edge to the others that have come before. With a Portishead style vocal and some superb synth work going on. Then as the drums kick in it’s like The Sunday’s have reformed and gained a killer songwriting edge like never before. I shouldn’t make comparisons as it’s lazy and this is truly a unique band and a unique song that is 100% HOT MT. With a third change in gearing and feel this is like a pop opera!! Superb!

The fifth track is Ivory Tower. This has a late 60’s vibe to it. Still dreamy pop track but with an almost garage atmosphere to it. This would make a great driving track. Even in my little Suzuki, I’d feel like Face from The A Team driving a white corvette.

Tournament I is the next song. Folk pop as it’s finest. Where is the campfire to dance around when you need one? What I like about this album is that every track is different and even the vocal is unique to each track. It’s obviously the same voice but it’s not lazy and explores a range of feelings to fit each song perfectly without getting boring or repetitive. This song kicks arse by the way!

Tournament II is next. Another folk pop vibe but with a darker and harder edge. I can hear this being played in Glastonbury town, in a Green Man shop and people just randomly stopping to listen to it and get on down in a hippy love-in!!

Dead Man I. Xayide is in at eight. This is like a wonderfully intense (in a good way) duet, with both the regular female vocal track and a male too, both singing the same lyrics, it’s 3D-pop! There’s a killer backing track going on too. With a vibe akin to British bands of the 90’s that were influenced from the teaching of India.

Then as soon as the last track ended there is part two, entitled, Dead Man II. The Starcluster – A slowly building up kick arse space track, with dreamy and haunting vocals and a backing track rumbling until an electronic crescendo of lovely chaos.

Then.. Dead Man III. Battle – A triptych of pop wonder. All similar but totally different and that is hard to accomplish, especially done as well as this. It kinda reminds me of the flaming lips.

Old Emperors is in at eleven. This is again, totally different in vibe and vocal style to the others. I’m loving the flat detuned snare sound and orchestral, brass background arrangements that then morph into a synth piece and then flute!! It truly is a gorgeous  track and I think it’s a fav of mine. Just so happy and uplifting.

Ready to feel good again is up next. It’s a track that whether be-known to them or not has a welsh folk progression to it as well as strut yo ass funk to it too. Yes, yes I am ready to feel good again and mainly it’s thanks to your great music!

Tranceforming is the thirteenth track on this amazing record. Dreamy west cost synth-pop and a powerful beauty to it that could make you want to cry or to feel elated, depending on ones mood. Tranceforming is a musical tonic and should be taken liberally.

The penultimate track is Starheart and from the moment the choir sample kicks in you know you’re about to embark on a musical journey that you don’t want to end. This is a perfect pop track. Well written, brilliantly produced, easily accessible to people who really dig music and for those who just listen to music when in the car on the radio. People talk about U2 make great pop music but they don’t. These guys do however and they will be a force to be reckoned with soon and you will be their new no.1 fan.

Alas we have come to the last track. This one is called 24 Hour. This has a potential soundtrack to an American / Danish movie collaboration written all over it. Some wonderful melodic guitar and confident but vulnerable vocal performances on this track. This track, like the other fourteen are so well produced and put together. There haven’t been many acts over the years that make genuine and brilliant pop music. Abba, Prince, The Beatles obviously spring to mind but in recent times not that many. Things are about to change though and another name will be added to the list. HOT MT, a name to remember and look out for.

I think I shall drink another dark rum, kick back on the settee and play this album again and meditate away to pop brilliance and I suggest everyone who reads this does the same (dark rum and settee relaxing, optional)

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