Spinosa(Spunosa) – Squitch EP

Artist: Spinosa(Spunosa)
Title: Squitch EP

With squishy like beats and sounds these tracks are coming across smooth, wet, cool and on top of their game. It’s like when you order a plate of seafood and the squid stands out, comes alive and shows of a very sexy cool-ruler dance with its body shiny from salad oil. There is something so squishy about these tracks that somehow water drips in my mouth upon hearing them. Perhaps it’s a automatic reflex to create a substantial swimming pool for a cool squid to live in, as who wouldn’t want to become a patron for such cool squidgy music?

With super tight sounding beats, lots of wet sounds, wickedly cool baselines and the additional well placed human samples you probably feel like you need a great looking hat and a pair of dark sunglasses to be able to listen in style. If you could grow yourself some extra squid arms it would be even more perfect; use them to swim around on these fine rhythms.

One of the lovelier fantasy tickling tracks on this release is the wonderful sounding ‘malachite’, the freshness of squid gets highlighted with a super sweet prettiness in mellow mellowness in melody form. It’s just so pretty, makes me feel like being a real life squid under water watching the sparkles of the sun clashing with the surface of the sea; magical!

The last track ‘Martian mantra’ was the tune that I accidentally stumbled upon & which made my enthusiasm as smooth and shiny as the whole squid reference. The groove here, with the nasty but yet pretty bad-ass electric bass material is something that could make a club bounce. For some reason I imagine a tiny squid on the deejay desk, playing these cool tunes and holds all its tentacles above his head to gets a well receiving enthusiastic response from the audience on the floor!

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Shane Morris – Equinox


Artist: Shane Morris
Title: Equinox
Keywords: Ambient Dream/Meditation
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

Re-Released around Spring Equinox is this newly mastered version of Shane Morris’ Equinox. A trip!

By the Fire’s Light – The first track on this 4 track EP is a really calming, hypnotizing drum-rich track. Starting with a mellow vibed didgeridoo swell and slowly building it up with more layers added/remove/transferred, this more than 13 minutes track sets the mood. It depicts the perfect sunrise from a place far away in space and time.

The Earth Speaks – unearth the internal rumblings of the earth within you as you’re being taken away on the wings of a large firebird. Or find yourself trapped in a cave with a a lot of fireflies around you. Eather way; the presence of the sun on your skin (yes, even in a cave) will slowly get you energy levels up and prepared for a brilliant day.

Twilight Returns – At the end of your day of meditation the sun will ultimatly set and the sungod will die. But before that, the most beautiful part of the day will come. Twilight; the moment birds wil sing their last chorus, lizards find their holes, flowers will close their sepals and acient humans went too their caves. The part where the sky turns red, purple or another mystical colour. It truly is the pinnacle of every cycle. This part is beautifully depicted in this 10 minute long piece which combines flutes, drums, chimes all blended together.

Equinox – or “the moment in which the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the Sun” and day and night are roughly the same all over the planet ends this really calming and chilling EP. Again a lot is done with the sounds and timbres of the used instruments and you’ll find yourself watching birds fly by ans waves rolling in.

The feeling the new mastering give you is one of space. The layers in the tracks are more/better panned and it feels much more spacious in compare with the 2011 version on Earth Mantra.

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The Monk by the Sea – LoFi Dreams

Artist: The Monk by the Sea
Title: LoFi Dreams
Keywords: ambient electronic ambient guitar atmosphericchill-out drone meditation noise soundscapes Zagreb

I’m so happy to be able to go to the LoFi Dreams of The Monk by the Sea, a place in which calm and peacefulness rule and you don’t need to do anything. Just float away on these precious sounding waves of friendly music, bathe in them if you will and feel the serene sounds rinsing your senses. Such a relieve and such a blessing this Sea Monk as wherever the stress comes hammering down his music is just around the corner like a Buddhist superman with the patience of a Sunday-hobby-fisher.

This album is so relaxing and pleasant, like passing through a curtain of peace in which you can hide away from hectic activities and drink tea with calm friends that take everything a bit slower & more graceful. It’s a humble exposure of music, not being thrown in your face or smothered in your ears but gradually filling up the room like s blissful dream that makes you invisible for a bit. It’s just as handy as the magical cloak of Harry Potter (not to be mistaken with Garry Potter) but much, much, much more music based.

I can’t say a lot more about this lovely music other then once you go into that audio cloud and leave all the outside pressure out of it; you might probably want to stay there or a lengthy period of time. Luckily the music on this album isn’t shortsighted, with each track perfectly sticking into each other like two hands at a wedding between people who are made for each other; it’s a gradual expanding place to feel safe and at ease in. Stressful job? Home situation or other shit? These dreams by the Monk by the Sea will take you out of it:

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Secret Salmon – Komputer Magick

Artist: Secret Salmon
Title: Komputer Magick
Keywords:electronic experimental south australia avant-garde dada free improvisation improv improvisationnoise outsider outsider music sci-fi soundscapesoundtrack weird Adelaide

Hi there! Isn’t it magical that thanks to computer magic you are here, able to read what I wrote? See the things that you see and be able to follow links that we provide? Don’t you love computer magic already? Yes, I bet you do! So this fine release by the very secretive trio ‘Secret Salmon’ is basically rubbing this computer magic onto you, delivering something that you love even if you didn’t really realized it before.

Like the sound of a trapped squirrel in a attic the music stumbles it’s way down the hallway. A great acoustic effect with enough space to suck you in only to be greeted by a mysterious voice that isn’t at all squirrel-like. Or perhaps it is as I believe not to have heard a talking squirrel before (with exception of the chipmunks but hell, they are as real as Santa Claus) what the hell is this magic? Oh yes it’s computer magic!

What is real and unreal anyway? The next track ‘not responding’ is pretty real to me, it’s a very calm electronic sounding work that feels a bit like listening to a assemblage of a drug inducing machinery that is performing special tones to throw your ears into a sound of hallucinative intoxication. How magical! It’s the place you want them to be, nicely swimming in spaced out fax machines, rattling riddles of a psychological seduction that slowly faps it’s psychedelic electric sperm deep into your ears, leaving your head all filled up and cozy with that special kind of love.

The computer magic moves along with a cute fascinating sounding ‘Temporal Replacement Therapy’ which is sounding a bit like a well talented goldfish singing a song underwater. In fact it’s probably a band made out of gold fishes one singing, a drumming one, one playing electricity (which is a risky thing to do underwater, so bravo!). The goldfish group bubbles their sounds out like big eyed friendly freaks with a short memory shortage. They are in the moment, hitting the right tones to cutely rock out in their tiny fishbowl; so lovely!

All the way at the end there is even more computer magic with the surprisingly named ‘computer magic’. This track is the perfect example of the future in which human and computer work together to do computer magic. In this case a solid mind drugging soundscape and a enthusiastic voice celebrating the fantastic computer magic. A salute to the amazing bleeps and the blobs, the bits and the bites that wobble hand in hand to do some loving piano emulation; such magic! Click the following link and feel it:

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‪Toxic Chicken Remix – Furchick – March of the Feathered Friends

‬When chicks meet up special things might happen. Like that time when a poisonous chicken found an egg laid by a furry chicken, the toxic one sat on it and reassembled it in the wait for the furry one to return & when she found it, she loved the new version of her egg so much; she laid spontaneously a complete new one!

This new egg took the sounds from the reassembled egg and when cracked open became a visual masterpiece with a release full of friends that the toxic one liked. That’s why they say that when chickens meet; miracles might happen!

The brand new egg hosted a gold fish, a wonderful diving dancer and our special music reviewer ‘Spicky Lee Jones’ the hamster! How they all could have been in the newly born egg is a wonder, but so is the whole concept of a furry chick and a poisonous one making eggs together & see & hear what happened!?

To capture this fine moment of birth and history making the lovely Furchick placed them all under a modern piece of technology named a ‘scanner’ and scanned them all in. Even the music of the first reassembled egg she scanned, merging the sound and content of the brand new egg together for a spectacular audio visual celebration! Something that makes you feel like ‘you won’t believe your ears and eyes’ and yet never say! Here have a look, have a listen:

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Harley Cream – absentia EP

Artist: Harley Cream
Title: absentia EP
Keywords: alternative alternative pop darkwave eclectic glitch pop lo-fi trippy witch house witch pop witchhousePoland

Ah dear people, welcome back at another new professional ‘review’. This time you could waste your time by reading my gibberish words about the Absentia EP by Harley Cream. I know this is fairly obvious from the info above this text, yet it feels good to make this post looks bigger. Let’s walk you through it;

Prelusion is giving me the shivers, banging into my hollow head from the inside out with industrial farts from cosmic robots infecting the membrane with a possible layer of hallucinogens. I think it’s the sound that we need to apply before diving into some superb digital witchcraft.

But instead of old school sparkles the release electrocutes the ears with a gritty noise before starting afresh showcasing a creepy melody with a weird voice who reminds me of the stepmother of Snow-white trying to sell a poisonous apple. The music gets a beat and electric bass that will lure costumers in a trance to become ready to bite those forbidden fruits voluntarily. Mm delicious!

Purgatory’ keeps it creepy, with an original take on the whole witch/house genre; a ecstatic voice on a crushing noise beat that hobbles slowly and efficiently before hinting at a quicker one. It’s solidified with odd sampled synth material to get you that ‘trapped’ feeling of despair. You might have took a bite of the apple, but now someone might want to take s bite out of you.

‘I only wanna see you smile’ is to the point, featuring a crunchy voice pronouncing what it only wants to see. But somehow the music is creepy, making me doubt that this smile is a natural one and perhaps one that is carved into your face with a knife. Still i presume this tune can be romantic in a gothic-kind-of-way.

The last track reveals a hidden knowledge; bitches are witches too’. This brand new information is brought in a mystique fashion, with a slow beat and a moody warm mood it’s been delightfully delivered. I thought it was rather useful and in general this little EP flew by like a witch on a broomstick; pretty high and unpredictable and yet very concrete in which way it’s wanting to go! I’m not a witch or a wizard (neither a black cat or a fruit salesperson) but would love to hear more from where this has came from.. maybe it is the result of a black magic spell, or this EP might actually be good stuff! Find out for yourself at the following link:

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Morosity – Low Tide

Artist: Morosity
Title: Low Tide
Keywords: acoustic alternative darkart minneapolis, mn. rockartrock dark depressing grunge violin Minneapolis

Hello and good day to you dear reader. When you have a nice day ahead you might want to fly over this Low Tide as it’s apparently tagged with words like ‘depressing’ & ‘darkart’. But hey, if you hate sunshine or are simply too happy; this might be of help. In any case this release takes you somewhere, in fact it gets a bit magical and exotic so that might come as surprise in the darkness. Besides it’s more the kind of darkness that is lit with candlelight. I’m probably chatting away too much like a headless chicken so let’s just get to the tracks…

Mind Over Matter’ is like opening the curtains of a theatre and suddenly a middle eastern setting of belly dancers, carpets and decadent murals reveals itself. Some sassy throats singers in the corner, doodling away on violins for the right atmospheric atmospheres. It’s like the start of a folklorish story that you want to know more about.

But for the next scene the atmosphere changes more into a underground grotto in which robed men with black eye mascara on gather in search for important answers for probably important questions. It’s a bit of a grim sound as if daylight haven’t set a foot among those wise looking & sounding characters. The words that settles in this dramatic sounding music setting come across poetic, yet the conclusion of ‘everyone being all wrong’ makes me think of them going back to the drawing board to get it right.

The story location now seems to melt the eastern scene together with the mystical sound of the previous layers of underground wisdom within ‘Ouroboros’. With seemingly hand-played percussion the sound gets a nice slow rhythm that is giving power to the more flowing magical sounding melodic music. Material that feels like it’s a melt-pot between black magic humming wizards and a sultan’s adviser trying to rub a special oil lamp to get a genie out and about. Come on rub that lamp and get ready for a climax & some bonus wishes on top! The actual lyrics are reading away like some kind of century old spell; in this case I think it’s fine to mention that it is pure abracadabra to me.

‘Moon’ is sounding much more earthly and human; it actually comes across like a positive love letter to the thing in the sky that mostly comes out at night that we call ‘moon’. With a nice rocky vibe that could be slipping in a radio show at any time of the day & the vocalist singing in a more freedom kind of way the song swirls in like a rechargeable battery. When the singer sings that the moon not showed up you could feel its sincerest love and hunkering back for its return.

‘Smoke & Mirrors’ keeps the up-vibe like a sailor who went on land for a boozed up visit and a energizing session among sailor-friends. I can’t say a lot about it just that it makes me happy and jolly as a listener. If there is something dark about it, it might be the drought that they clearly should serve in this bar of bold heroes.

Death Grip’ is good fun too, with a lovely sounding violin and some amazing whistling. The song seems to be about the urge to ‘bang bang’ someone’s brain out, a nice tune for trigger happy killers who enjoy a good hunt on their human target. The song sounds so happy, like a cheerful murderer happily and excited to succeeds its goal of ‘helping’ someone to end its life.

‘Limbo’ might be my personal favorite on the release, with tickling melodic expression, a beautiful haunting background choir and the song is sung in a soulful bluesy way. It’s the perfect song for when you are caught and trapped in a limbo, inspiring to try to get out of it if you can catch the chance. With stimulating rhythm the song inspires to escape!

It’s a bit of a fight among personal favorites over here, as the album’s title track ‘Low Tide’ is not unpretentious too. The vocals and sound is more full as if Morosity comes out of the speakers to wrap its music around you; ready to capture you in its ride. With violin strings, slappy guitar playing and the voice that waves like a tormented soul who had seen it all and is ready to being washed away into the after life.

This washing away seems to happen literally with the last intensive song named ‘Adrift’ which is like a pretty sedation of a funeral; all warm and croaky with a blissful voice that had accepted that it’s the highest time to say goodbye and go embrace the waves. It’s an intensive album and much more interesting than ‘depressing’ and ‘darkart’ might tell you; also it sound so much more positive as wherever the low tide will bring Morosity; it’s not a place of eternal darkness but a place of peace with lots of birds and their lively calls… let me translate what they say:

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