datewithdeath – Thrush Urn

Artist: datewithdeath
Title: Thrush Urn
Keywords: electronic drag dub experimental hip hop industrial techno thrum United States
Label: Poverty Recordings

I wished that I had been drinking tons of  alcohol in order to see not one but two aphex twins. But sober and in full consciousness, I can conclude that I don’t see double and that even in singular vision there is no aphex twin in sight. That is nothing to worry about, as even if a single aphex twin was here I doubt that I could hold his hand and show him around the imagined booze garden. Not only because it is all imagined, but also because it’s those pandamic days in which holding hands is banned to flower circles deep down into the hippy age. Besides it must be a mutual thing, right? Fine! No intoxicating liquid, no holding hands with either one or two aphex twins… So what do we do now to kill the time, being all sober and all that? In any case it’s good to drop names, it is what proffesional critics do in the music buzz… Maybe this is a good moment to drop some other names too? Uh… Abba…?

Oh yes, I know what I could do instead! I could tell you about the epic twin that probably (not to my knowledge at least) isnt a real twin, but its skills definitely counts for two… The name?  datewithdeath. Yep. That is the name, one to remember and one that feels great enough to hold both hands with, even in these pandamic days, after all: it gets us closer to the experience of having a real date with death. And that might sound like gallows humor, it definitely is not. Or at least it isn’t intended as such… Let’s shake hands on that! So let’s wipe all nonsense aside, as I totally dig datewithdeath, an artist that has no problem to be approachable and one who makes very (how to the hipsters say it?) Sick music. So sick, it might fill up buckets!

When the popular twin is mostly all fancy with melodies and all that stuff, our down to earth datewithdeath focusses on the essential basics; rhythm and sound & the combination of them both. Think of dance material that is a bit more in the expert regions of experiment. Frankenstein in a down to earth music studio. if you might put it in a box, I would say it’s one that feels easy to understand, yet has that brainy bit that keeps itself naughty, adventurous and not really wanting to be contained in a box at all.. how naughty! Oh yes, people call it intelligent stuff probably too, although everyone clearly hates that word, so I should find a different one to replace it with. Let’s say we replace intelligent with wonkybonkyplonky.

Yes, datewithdeath makes great wonkybonkyplonky electronic music over here, stuff without all the fancy melodies, cause you know – sometimes less is more! Some people say that it’s not the size that matters, it is what you do with it… that kind of thing, eh? Maybe that sounds weird and random, but in the context of this release it means that with a few classy sounds you can create a very entertaining thing. And yes,  even though melodic material will make most geeks shit their pants from how incredibly well designed it all is, sometimes we just can’t deal with all those smells of shattered underpants… And then datewithdeath comes in handy .. besides it’s not that hard to understand, you don’t need to be a fanatic freak or a self hitting autechre fan to follow what this artist does & you know what? That makes a datewithdeath so comfortable and easy approachable. A low key choice that respects you no matter what your business is.

I mean melodies are our friehds, but you know sometimes it is more handy and dandy to just stick with the most needed basics, the act of not overdoing things, the decency of not fancying around in a flamboyant costume in a sparkling trail of ‘look I’m the modern flamingo of music composing’, but more diy hobo style without star allure & still being absolutely awesome. Yes, datewithdeath doesn’t come at us over in a suit stepping on the red carpet, but the artist  goes straight from the underclass bins of the poverty zone and turns the cards upside down in order to proof that you don’t need a lot to be epically awesome. In other words; to get the job done. Which job that is might be open for debate, but lets say that it works.

Making electronic music to dance upon, while also staying true to a playful authentic wonkybonkyplonky style, is simple and simply all you need to enjoy yourself. Crazy as that might be, I discovered that because the lack of melodies, the music has a much higher replay value than shitloads of other releases in the electronic world, as you maybe imagine melodies yourself, but also because the material keeps on changing enough to make you discover new things, even if that might sound weird, especially if you think of how stripped down and to the point it all should be ‘officially’.

In any case, while being sober and still having a mind open to hear some material on repeat, than this Thrust Urn by datewithdeath is the kind of thing that swings in the ear like the rightful recommendation for any electronic lover in drastic need for good things. You don’t want to think too much, but you still don’t want to be numb all the way too… The right candidate for all who is sick of all the unnecessary accessories and see through the non existent clothes of the emperor.

To top it off, the colorful entourage of datewithdeath is also holding themselves strong in balance with their friend its wonkybonkyplonky style. Individuals with names like Teen Smoking, Jukka-Perka Kervinen, ‘all the stores are dead closed’ and the legendary mhzesent all play around with full on respect to the original  datewithdeath track. None of them steps in the unneeded realms of melodic baloney, all honor the tune and knit away in the fantastic style of freaking out with the material nearby at the hand that feeds them.

In the end it feels like a very fun collaborative ep that can be spinned for many hours on end & I’m not so sure if I would have that similar experience with material that is all out to impress in all its melodic musicology. So who needs twins or booze, when we can be drunk and happy on a stripped down to the point date with datewithdeath and friends? Proving that you don’t need much (the essential plus some creative friends) to make a really fun dance EP that can be played on repeat while not being bored, annoyed or displeased. Maybe this weird write up does all these things though, hitting all these boxes…but hey, that’s a whole new story: A good reason to listen to the music Instead!

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Cultum Draculesti – Antigone The Martyr

Artist: Cultum Draculesti
Title:  Antigone The Martyr
Keywords: black metal, doom, doom metal
Label: Grimalkin Records

Enter the darkness, duck down as flocks of hungry bats are flying low over your head while you toss away that garlic around your neck giving to you by your concerned friends… you don’t need this kind of smelly protection, because once you are in this atmosphere it is obvious that you want to be here, ready to ettle down into your own corpse and become one within the powers of a wonderful hell. In this underground state of mind you will not want to be unattractive for a possible encounter with the handsome sounding undead. They might come at you and you will want nothing more than having a bite mark in your neck instead of the standard artist autograph… it might be a ticket to long living, a life in the continued space of forever flowing around in the potent sound of death and decay, a place that you can rest in and live at the same time & find a acceptable home in with loving friends that just like you – can’t stand daylight.

The music fills up every night,  the smell of fresh moldy graveyards is like a parfume of beautiful doom that you love to sniff up, it generated a bleak fantastic space in which you wont have to protect your eyes from all the annoying rays of hurtful sunlight. As the wasted vocal chords, beautifully decaying in a living corpse of unbeatable energy, simply show us that this is our new home & here we can all be as one, together in a clouded fuzzy state of wonderful doom. You can hear the realness, the passion, the ultimate hellfire of creation burning. Each note, each voice burning into your soul as if it’s a twisted ear worm that will never let you go!

Here everyone is highly allergic to vitamin D, but no one is allergic to the powers of wild electrifying music.. With hard strikes similar as thunder, the electric gloom is being played here  like jimmy hendrix full of blood thirstiness. It might be weird to feel so much alive in this underworld of sound, but it comes over as one of the few spaces to lower your shields & just be free as a bat. There is no Ozzie here to bite your head off, this is a perfect safe space to seclude from the idiocy of everyday society.

Their individuality might be up for gothic galore, but trust me, when entering this realm of darkness you feel like a virgin that just wants to stay here and join the batcave crew forever until eternity. It is one of the few places you are welcome, as wherever you come from – all blood donations are equally welcome within this community stream of consciousness. Here we twirl around the pretty graveyard stones, admire eachothers coffins and get all hyped up as we fly up to scare the living shit out of anyone with bad minds and wrong hateful intentions.

This zone created here by Cultum Draculesti is one that you feel like its one to stick around in, a place of cold warmth and burning hellish flames and eternal living possibilities. Here we can totally be absorbed as new found children of the night, totally embrace a state of forever young and be totally respected among eachother. This is the sound of the graveyard in which it painfully underlines that in the end we are all wanted to be one, accepted and understood. Listening to Antigone The Martyr is like embracing the fact of you being different and having no problem at all with this fact, as here you are one as an individual, full of that glamorous vampire spirit and more importantly; one with the music!

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Zack Dolin – Dawn of Claymation

Artist: Zack Dolin
Title: Dawn of Claymation
experimental ambient computer music drone electronic midi new age prog progressive progressive electronic progressive electronica synth vaporwave vgm videogame Fairfax
Label: Ingrown

Oh how cute, the spunkiness that this funk mini show of this album contains is simply coming out to greatly greet us like a mouse from the  eighties who is just too smart for the cat to be caught. You can just see it wiggle its tail happily in its tiny spandex costume, you can imagine its smile under a fashionable sweaty headband.  The mouse isnt there dancing for nothing, as it surely likes cheese and the music is pretty much the best cheese for the ears. It got that high retro feel as if it had been formenting for years in between the safe walls of a electronic synth producer’s hidden attic.

Who can resist squeezing it in the cheesy cheeks? Who doesn’t want to take out the video camera and tape it all onto a vhs tape? The retro sound is like a game for the heart in which fake trumpets are bringing a solid celebration, a place where cheekiness is good willed and well spirited. ‘Frank Zappa at its worst’ is taking notes as this music plays, scribbling it all down while obviously putting crumbs of this material into its mustache for later references. His face curiously red from potential jealousy.

With all the fade outs in this lethal production of cheese fun, we certainly get the idea of listening to multiple micro parties that will just go on and on behind many closed doors. To think of mice in the wall partying like musicology maniacs who dare to go a little berserk as they snort the festive feet-cheese through their tiny nose holes, really speeding the melodic madness up like the greatest form of classical middle finger music, but than with much more dare to just go quirky in all its berserk style of pure funniness.

It isn’t hard to imagine the parties, the wiggling whiskers and their tiny feet hopping over midi keyboards as they show off their beautiful wildly haired composer wigs. It is a feel good celebration and with all their energetic joy it is clear that there is enough of this jolliness to be shared with anyone.. even if you are a hungry cat, you might be dancing from one paw onto the next. I guess cheese-fest never sounded so good! Yum yum, big up for radical melodies!

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Myrtle / Mantle / Mathilde / Linder – Rush Hours (Oct – Jan)

Artist: Myrtle / Mantle / Mathilde / Linder
Title: Rush Hours (Oct – Jan)
Keywords: experimental chicken coop free improvisation harsh dad sound poetry suburban noise life Olympia WITCHFORK

Buck Buck Buck BUGGARCK!?! It’s an album made by chickens, which is right up our coop here at YIKIS. Dusty Mantle, purveyor of fine noise in the genre of #HarshDad, has been at it again. Recording every morning when the doors were opened and featuring a fancifowl collection of expressions utilising only such sound-making methods immediately available:

Myrtle (chicken): Vocals (high), percussion (feet)

Dusty Mantle (human): Vocals (low, sniffing), percussion (door locks, footsteps, water tin)

Mathilde (chicken): Vocals (guttural), percussion (feet), brass (October only)

Linder (chicken): Vocals (squawk), percussion (feet)

Also featuring: Rain (all); crows (all); W. Dog (January only).

For those of you city slickers trapped in your chicken coop apartments and in need of some howdys from your country cousins, give this EP a whirl! We especially love Mathilde’s death growl, it’s just what we need to get us out of bed in the morning and out into the yard.
It’s always RUSH HOUR when you’re listening to this peice of hen-picked joy! If you’re longing for some hustle and bustle, blast this in your headphones:


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Motor Combo – Polo

Artist: Motor Combo
Title: Polo
Keywords: experimental barcelona dada dadá electronic electropop eli gras experimental florenci salesas improvisation la olla express motor combo pop surrealismo Barcelona
Label: Ass. Cult. La Olla Express

Motor Combo’s Polo might be a album out of 2012, but if you had never heard it before (and you forget this information) it’s one that sound as good and freshly new as any flower that pops up out of the ground nowadays. But I wouldn’t write about any of these flowers, especially not when they are secretly a bit older and wiser than the absolute fresh ones if they aren’t really something special.

Polo by Motor Combo is that kind of flower that you really shouldn’t miss out on as it’s such a delightful melodic fun paradise, it has so much love and details without being fully stacked to make you feel all confused, dare I say that it’s kinda perfect?  It’s one of those fine balanced flowers that if you had been a fly in search for some nectar, you would have no problem to deeply stick your whole head in. Suck and sniff it up little winged friend, welcome to a worthwhile new addiction.

Motor Combo had simply everything and there is no need or possible urge to chew it all out for you and feed it with my spit as if you are a baby bird. It’s one of those ones that you just need to check out yourself, you just got to know it’s there and the music will do the rest. It’s like a honeytrap and you being the one seduced. Once you have one bit of it, it just goes from one perfect peddle into the next. The sounds and style hang together while each bit is absolutely unique and originally independent from each other.

I have a hard job saying what the style is, but let’s say it’s Motor Combo style. Can’t go wrong there, can we? There is a absolute fragrance of pop in there, which makes it very nice for when you are a sucker for pop. But it’s done in such a cool and lowbrow way that even though you never like those riff raff break rhyme bridge kind of concepts, you will be still be drawn in with all these fun freaky cute sounds that are executing them. Sometimes a synth farts lovelingly sweet and at other times you hear a string instrument to blend it all together.

Vocals, melodies, moods, trippy, fun, wobble bass and danceable rhythms are for sure a nice blend to keep you more entertained than any movie. Because of being so diverse and yet so together you almost feel like you have attended a carnaval parade in which every tune a contestant parades by you will be happily pleased to see and hear how well they did their best to shine. Motor Combo is one of those beauties that has managed to have no fillers and is yet absolutely filled with music. 23 songs, one hour long and 2 minutes of excellent entertainment.

Highly recommend material as even if you had sat through the entire bunch, relistening the whole thing over and over again will probably never hit that breaking point of ‘nah, I heard it before’ as each bit of detail, each Melody, sounds… it’s filled with attention and love that can clearly be heard, making this flower one that you might not need to give water and still will flourish, never dries out and light up your day – any day!

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Terbeschikkingstelling – Trøpix Döndûr

Artist: Terbeschikkingstelling
Title: Trøpix Döndûr
Keywords: experimental abstract improvisation avantgarde d.i.y. freak sousaphonics jazzpunk lo-fi noise non music tropical madness Groningen
Label: Kermesse Records

Terbeschikkingstelling starts this work like a bowel syndrome that is of the most wanted kind. You can hear the inner bubbles of its delighted oxygen intake and it’s ability to be blown out through ‘dikke bertha’ , a nice horn instrument that needs to be played by a real individual who is kind and close to its heart to deliver its candid sounds. Hear it toot, feel it gurgling and imagine the neighbors faces of pure delight when they hear this material coming loudly through their thin walls. Photo frames are falling down from their respective nails; do they want to break free and dance, or are they trying to end their lives as the loveless flies on a wonder wall?

And all these exciting miniature happenings aren’t surprising as when this turbulent air-play excursion hits you, it’s basically taking over the silence and you either go with it or are doomed to feel like you are on the love boat with a trigger happy captain who just can’t stop blowing the ship’s fog horn. Just imagine the madman grinning at the wheel. At times it’s for sure intimidating and at other times it feels definiatly as if it’s a jubilent party in which the horny player blows its generous sousaphone joyous and free. It is at those times that the horrid days of pandamic madness disappear like a tax invader who spots a tax collector at the door. Full passion the honking toots deliver an true escape, generating the best feast on the planet. But if you aren’t the party pooper, you surely will be met with caring kindness too. As somehow the tooting feels like an emotional rollercoaster that has a whole broadway show to execute in its wonderful lonely and unique ways.

Feel free to easily skip the festivities and be soaked into a intimate session of rattling anxious social frameworks performed by a performers passionate lung capacity and it’s beloved receiving and ever giving instrument. Terbeschikkingstelling simply doesn’t have a middle mode and easily jumps from freeing party vibe to the intimate zone, one that blows like an animal all out of breath, or comes across as if it’s a rare critter tip-towing it’s nails all over the linoleum of a family home that it somehow been misplaced in.

From right to left or left to right this elephant horn sound is coming at us, somehow comforting us with all its sensual breaks of honest lunacy. You might at times think that you are dealing with a elephant who is into playing the didgeridoo or simply just erase all your thoughts and go with the unusual but casual flow that Terbeschikkingstelling seems to have. Who needs books like Alice in wonderland if you can have this sousaphone to break through your personal looking glass? The magic of listening to a person who is truly letting go, who makes love with his instrument in the hand, against the mouth; blowing it full lust and dedicated passion.

It seems at times that the horn is asking questions and at other times it’s fully confident honking away the answrs in a state of amazement and surprised surprise. It farts, it blows, it intimidates in all its epic ways of single handed entertainment. It kinda turns me on, making it difficult to type these words as the horny bit of horn sounds are simply bringing some kind of xtc to the listening brain that makes the blood flow down to the erogenic zones. No more need for viagra and all its health risks, but also no more need to go to see drama shows being performed, no more need to play music if you have the luck to live to generous music listeners who blast out this Trøpix Döndûr through their sound systems, also no more need for expensive and dangerous holidays – as this tropical mix of Volker making love to Dikke Bertha is simply the one way ticket to horny bliss with all its multiple chapters of lives guilty pleasures.

Don’t want to blow too much Terbeschikkingstelling’s horn, but sometimes you got to do what you got to do! Toot toot pep pep!

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Clara Engel – We are not here

Artist: Clara Engel
Title: We are not here
Keywords: listening music, modern classical, ambient, singer songwriter

I was going for a night walk with the music of Clara Engel’s ‘We are not here’ on my ears. I’m sure I did it before and have a feeling I even wrote something about it on this media somewhere, but hey, here I am doing it again if it isn’t the first time. In any case I was so glad that I did that, as somehow it fitted everything perfectly. Making the street lights a little bit more intense, a bit more dreamy and sparkling than without. At first Clara Engel hit the guitar strokes like a messenger, lighting up a path in front of me with each and every string being strummed. Somehow I imagined fumes of cigarette smoke in the air, clouds coming out of the mouth reflecting nicely with the vibe coming from the street lamps. The mellowness of rough rawness had a certain calm and decorating effect, if any stranger would have cone out of the shadows it would be immediately be made invisible and powerless just by the powers of this music. It opened up the road and made sure that there would nothing nasty in the way. It made me believe I was wearing comfy boots that could kick if needed. Strong music that made the evening a better looking one.

This was certainly a continuous vibe as after it decorating my evening street walk, it someone made a wonderful appearance of a shed… I don’t know where it came from but it was an old fashioned one. One that was rather lonely, standing on its own with a roof made out of hay. It seemed like the place in which something holy and pure must have been glowing inside. The music by Clara Engel steamed around it like a glow of light that would made an unreligious person become aware that there might be something more to it than what meets the eye.

A thing that got more confirmed as the evening walk went on as I stumbled  upon the sight of an unexpected lake. Clara Engel made it clearly look appealing, it’s cool surface, the flatline of the water, the calm surrounding of nothing else around and the curious curiosity of the vibe that there would be millions of simple forms of life swimming underneath it’s surface, just waiting to be discovered one day… I started to wonder off with my thoughts… Did I really had been gone for an evening walk while listening to this music by Clara Engel, or had i been still at home with my eyes closed as the music had the power to take me out without even the need for any movement of the legs?

But as thoughts drifted away, the sceneries changed again and suddenly Clara Engel made an entire gorgeous forest appear. With trees waving politely in a warm breeze, it’s green and red hairs twinkling like light-breakers that would let the beams of the stars and the moon shine through on all the right occasions. It was beautiful and wonderous & suddenly it just didn’t matter much if this was real, imagination or simply a visionary dream as created by this album. All that I wanted was here, placing me under a nice spell that had all the warmth of the world in one, clearly a place without any other strangers around, making it one to lower the shields of self protection, ready to enjoy and observe anything that had gone in front of me.

And what had appeared eventually was Clara Engel herself, like a angel with a voice that silenced me and all of my thoughts,  making me completely in awe of Clara singing in such a crystal clear voice a warning what would happen when the spell of this all would break. With a shimmering drone on the back her warning shined like a sorcerer into my head, slight panic in the back of my brain as she announced that she was a pretender and only real in my eyes, a thing that I simply refuse to believe, but something that intrigued me and kept me on my toes nonetheless. Thing is, I didn’t wanted this spell to break, I did not wanted this evening walk (real or not!) To end .. I just wanted this realm of Clara Engel to be here, real and freely available  to roam around in forever. If this spell would break I would immediately grab the rolls of tape and super glue to mend it!

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Darling Dada – Various Artists – 0.1

Artists: various artists
Title: 0.1
Label: Darling Dada

Oh Darling DaDa, who doesn’t know about you? I certainly hope only a few have this dishonor, as in my micro world your touch of bringing great music out and about has been more known than the origins of the shiny stolen stuff on the english Queens crown. But let’s not talk about the queen, as it’s better to talk about something that gives than anything that just takes, right? so yeah… Darling DaDa! The givers of free music that has been always a success at parties and co. In fact I had been deejaying this stuff, not like deejay triesto, the dead mouse and the nerdy goth guy with the funny haircut, but you know… Like a descent person for nice people on a small scale that appreciate anything Darling DaDa! Although I would never tell… It’s like a good cook who never tells it’s eaters the family recipe.

Now… With the pandemic roaming around like a tropical forest going up in a blaze, I sit at my place and recall those memories of spreading Darling DaDa sounds to the world… And while doing this a strange thing doomed upon me… I never wrote about it, did I?! What’s wrong with me? I even write about the sound that a fresh turd makes when it falls into the toilet bowl… How can I have not written about Darling DaDa?! I guess because I was dancing too much? Spreading the word in a different way? Oh no… It was ofcourse that it wasy little secret… But as most of us are social distancing and there is no place to spin some free mp3 files, why not spoil the beans?

In any case… I found one of the classic Darling DaDa compilations on my craptop and wow… It’s a messy one! Not like a turd messy… but differently messy… The craptop sure is chaotic trash bin in itself with its troubled nonsensical folders in folders in folders in folders non-system and its surface covered with plenty of food stains… But the folder containing the contents of this compilation seems to be a freak show too.. I’m not sure if it’s even complete. It seems that when I downloaded this compilation I was less of a picky person to notice the severely odd way of numbering tracks on this release. I’m sure there is some kind of system behind it, but it certainly seems equally unpractical as the chaos I’m usually capable of creating myself. But I guess that all this has a high charming dada feel and vibe over it. Isn’t that what Dada is all about?

I probably could go online somewhere and maybe download it again, see if my stash had been complete and check if there had been some stuff missing… Or I could just stirr around in this unconventional mess like a true crocodile dundee out to go down in a treasure full of interesting Darling DaDa stuff! Yep… I’ll stick my hand straight in… Oh and I got myself some Bitcrusher, one that crushes the bits as if it’s the bad ass person’s theme music in a gameboy saga. Things are groovy, fancy and dancy as I jump along while pretending to hit my head on the brick ceiling in the hope some magical mushrooms will drop down.. than I fished up another track up, this time I couldn’t see any name or title… I guess I can make one up. I call it Misses Frisky as why the hell not. It has those nice electro rhythm sounds, a bit of acid to bubble around and yeah whatever it is, it certainly falls into my liking to get a proper name tag in the nearby future.

The next thing I dug up was apparently something by Clotaire 1er. A strange name and I fairly doubt if this is rightly written, but what I do not doubt at all is that the thematic music here is awesome. Very lush, synthesizer material that could fit in easily on one of those ‘synthesizer’ hit compilations, while also standing with its head high above all others for being the odd duck out there. I mean it got those fanatical raving beats and even some speedy rap that Mike Oldfield and Vangelis would probably become very uncomfortable with, if it would sit next to their classic materials they would probably puke from jealousy. Oh well, I guess that’s why it’s on Darling DaDa and not on some kind of sell out product of consumerism. Tucked in a Hallmark card.

Next up I fished up ‘The Legend Of Poute’ by Gagoug. Gagoug… It sounds very french, but it would probably sounds even more french if it had an extreme extra e at the end: Gagouge. But I guess that’s not the point. The music goes by as quickly as possible, like a quirky click track  that is happy to be around, giving some extra joyful adventure vibes to whatever you had been feeling previously. A very favorite thing popped up on my next dive in the Darling DaDa realm, nobody less than Gangpol und Mit. I guess Darling DaDa was the actual one that set me on to Gangpol und Mit and since that discovery I had gone on a journey in search for alot more Gangpol und Mit material. Oh I searched and found so much Gangpol und Mit that I doubt humanity could handle it all in a row.  Luckily there is lots around and all are happy, playful and good to enjoy with young kids around while still not feeling like it’s children’s stuff. I don’t feel the need to say alot more as just like Darling DaDa itself, Gangpol und Mit had grown into large legendary proportions in my book. Giants, even! No need to talk much about them as you could see them from miles away! The eiffel tower seems peanuts compared to them.

A new hand in the hat comes out with ‘Don’t Forget Never Me’ which might or might not be from someone named GNG. It’s quirky and fun, sunny and filled with happy loveliness. If this doesn’t make you joyful than I doubt that anything else could do the trick. I mean there is even some kind of funky trumpeter who is clearly feeling it. Pep pep toot toot honk honk…
Next my fingers came out with a track by another one of those fine legends Hassan K. The tune in question is named Xsaitah and has a high arrival kind of theme going on for itself. As if it’s made to be the soundtrack for Hassan k gloriously entering the scene on a enormous horse that might of might not be depicted on the front cover of this compilation. Let’s hope he stays in the saddle and doesn’t end up being trembled by the hooves of this glorious beast.

After this it’s definiatly a random dip in the mixed bag of Darling DaDa goodies, but it certainly is a delicious one. I mean this is one of those tracks that I liked to spin in often as it has those silly irresistibly acid vibes that it would make everyone instantly move and bounce in a way that it’s clearly clear that everybody is enjoying it. Even now, all alone – I could hear my own multiple personalities partying hard with this on. I’d reckon that it’s made by Johnnt Superglue and yes it’s very infectious and once it’s in your ears it probably gonna be stuck there forever! Nicely bubbling and bobbling around …

Suddenly I hold up a shorty by Kania Tieffer, one named Malaise Vagal. Which got the casio scratch pads rocking like a beloved itchy and scratchy show. It has that to the point low fidelity funk mixed with belgian frenchiness that would instantly make you smile like a young puppy. It’s muscular and sweet, like a continuous binge eat season of all that’s good and quirky. I don’t need anybody when listening to this time and strangely it made me stop and rewind this one over and over again. I looked at the gigantic mess of the Darling Dada folder and thought… To be continued in private, over and over again, like a secret stash of goodies that will be forever played when it’s party time, making the party people curious about what this music is and I would never tell… Unless they are readers here, who now know that the best kept secret for a good adventurous time is darling Dada and all its illustrious colorful artists… to be continued at your place?

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Erin Demastes – Thing Music

Artist: Erin Demastes
Title: Thing Music
Keywords: experimental
Label: Public Eyesore Records

Oh the pretty colours, who doesn’t love or at least doesn’t adore them? There are so many colours available to stare at and be fascinated by. Luckily Erin Demastes chose the best ones over here and made them all into hearable things that the artist than so kindly recorded for pleasure. And what pleasure it is to not just see colour but also to imagine how it looks like as an sound source.

With Pink for example I clearly imagine a crippled strange formed shape that is made out of all kind of forms. Something to really bend your mind on and be bewildered by. Of course these forms  are painted in different shades of  pink teints, but the strange object is of the most intriguing kind in audio form. It clearly is being semi rolled and tossed over the floor while an inner squeek pulls it’s strings like a heartbeat in its inner core. The pink over here is not round even though the artist tries to roll it, creating an vibe of ‘what if the wheels are square’ kind of vibe. It made me happy and I think that is a common thing for all Pink exposures!

Orange purrs in the world of Erin Demastes like a wild happy cat, maybe even perhaps a lioness, as it sounds kinda big. Even though it’s bigness it seems to wade around with its whiskered whiskers in the pipework behind the kitchen sink. A place where surprised orange frogs and buzzing bright orange bugs flap their tiny wiggly asses in the drain, as if it’s a party for warmth and excitement and our feline character simply does not want to miss out on any of it.

Yellow rattles on the ice like . It flushes itseifs down like a fresh coke fountain. It’s all semi attached to a chain that captures a sweet inner voice. If non of this makes any sense to you, you might open up your mind a little wider as apparantly Yellow is more comfortable in complicatedness than you would originally think. Yellow will take a pair of sciccors to make a pretty cut out DIY piece that would even tickle the fancy of a stern art museum visitor. Yellow becomes  abstract and gassy, rattling itself like a snake that will lovingly urinate all over your preconceived ideas of what yellow had been about.

Green is a favorite of mine, especially the green that Erin Demastes cooks up here as it is a colour of fun. It might sound a bit more distant, but imagine  it like some bright green shovels that will dig up a party, full of playgul toots and clown horns. Green is a feast that feels like a birthday of the happily asthmatic kind. Expect no green bogeys here, but lots of joy.

The Blue over here rattles around and around. It does this so well that it simply makes my head go in a nice splendid spin. Everything turnd in fascinating circles, it makes blue into a phenomenon close to the feeling of   rollerblades around on  a turntable. Things are warm and snorting like a excited blue painted piglet that loves to see tape spin. It sure is a thing that you might enjoy.

Purple is in the hands of  Erin Demastes a bit like  drilling a hole with a faithful handdrill in solid hard wood, the kind of material that is simply not made to be penetrated. Things start to be shaken up, brushed like teeth full of purple raisins as other bits and bulbs  rattle and wiggle in this colour spectrum. You will never think of purple ever the same again.

The same with Red, as red here  is like the perfect sound moment of a squeeky bed spring but than underlined for grotesque pleasure. But it doesn’t stop there as Things get more funky and alive, as if the color invited over a great troupe of  tapdancers that meet up with micro bugs that learned how to play their own invented horns as they greatly rattle their  rattles. Eventually Red becomes the thing of Zen, even though it might be hard to imagine if you read this colorful micro report. In any case, if you feel like expanding your mind and view these colors with a complete different perspective: this is the thing for you!

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Furchick – Morning Call

Artist: Furchick
Title: Morning Call
Keywords: experimental, love,

The feeling of opening the door on a pleasant  calm warm day… One with a sunny breeze in which vibrant magpies are gathered for kind chats as they  inspect their own feathers. The kind of morning in which you immediately know that you can keep your slippers on all day, that everything will be okay and that today there will be no worries to wonder about. There is no clock ticking away or a buzzing agenda that tells you to hurry. This is the moment that the world stands still for a bit and you are able to take a break from hectiness, one in which you can breath in and out more love than air. A generous exchange for your lungs, ears and general wellbeing. This kind of feeling is the one we all need to wake up with. It might be not possible all the time, but it is highly recommended to have these morning calls often, even becoming a life goal in which we should do our best in trying to sort out life so much that one day, each and every day could be as soothing and relaxed like this moment in time.

Here in the ray of easiness and no stress it’s a blessing to begin and end the day with. It cures anxious feelings and let us connect to what is really important: nature and us being part of it. Disconnect from all the paperwork hassle that human beings are forcing up to eachother. Here things bling between with a peaceful head among healing gongs, a secret zone in which the eyes are pleasantly pleased with the feathered friends who are gathered in front of your doorstep. In this case the magpies did not come to collect your blinking jewelry as they decided that you, yourself are the shiny wonder that they like to be around by.

With a morning call like this, it’s not a surprise if you started to feel all warm and glowing from the inner core all the way to the outer  ones. Humming humanity sings a song at you in all its personal glory, definiatly wishing you all the special best, as it is calmly setting the mood in which every worry slips and slides off a persons shoulder, just as if it had been a duck with a protective feather coat in which no tear drop could ever get stuck upon.  This feeling, this beautiful morning call is here for you.

It doesn’t matter what time of the day or wether or not the outside world reveals a bleak sky or gloomy snow set; as thanks to Furchick’s love and dedication we can teleport instantly to this calm and kind natural state of mindfulness. There is no harm here, everything is in perfect balance, in a naturally soothing timeless bubble in which you can feel safe and loved in. Here you can lower your shields, switch off your and other people’s egos, take a break from exhaustion and societies expectatioms and just be one in a perfect state of caring healing natural harmony. I wish for the world and all its inhabitants that all mornings would be like this… Life would be so much better!

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