Void Vertex – Distress Beacon

Artist: Void Vertex
Title: Distress Beacon
Keywords: experimental Lancashire
Label: Wormhole World

This is the album that people at the end of the century will talk about. They will say things like remember Wormhole World releasing the album that everyone had been talking about? The one in which blistering beats and octopus sex had gone in to make our ears red from sheer eclectic joy? That album in which excessive electric guitar riffs got spiked with extreme breakbeats! Who cares about politics of the year 2019? Nobody will talk about whatever happened to Brexit or wether or not the president of the US had turned into a carrot.. nope, everyone would just be talking about Void Vertex and the album ‘Distress Beacon’! For hours and end – and when they wouldn’t they would play the album on repeat.

From all corners of the world, all different ages and cultural backgrounds they would all come together to chat about how inventive & all over the place this release is. Sheer timeless bashing of hardcore noise, classical music, good humorous adventures for mind and feet. Sniffing up the old and the new in an excellent multi mix in which everyone could raise an eyebrow or too! Nobody would discuss the weather anymore as everyone simply would be occupied discussing how cool distress beacon was, how massive the impact it had, how powerful these tracks had been. How funny it was as the tracks instantly made heads explode upon their first time listen! Cleaners would talk about how much work it was to clean the left over bits of blown up minds all over the globe…

Wormhole World was right!

People would chat about how countries would forbid the release because it was simply too good! How embarrassing the commercial pop world was as nobody gave a toss about them anymore and instead only cared for Void Vertex who would never sold out to Babylon! People would all have that special sparkle in their eyes when they talk about Distress Beacon. The lucky few who had the only copies on CD, the very first print & how rare it was & how more worth it was than gold! How the melodies moved the masses into a perfect state of being happily flabbergasted.

Hot headed conversations would be allover the street, people all coming together thanks to this album. Nestling in people’s minds like a virus that they all wanted to have deeply nestled within them. This ratatouille of an strong album had gone through the roof, defied gravity, flown through walls of concrete and banning it made it even grow more! Yep, all people united just like the genres that it had brought together. From classical chamber music, acid,heavy metal, breakcore, noise, pop, industrial, experimental, comedy, big bangers – it defied the entire concept of musical boxes which makes it that prospected talk of the town, city, province, country, continent, the world – the entire universe! Even aliens might have come down just in order to check out what the fuzz is all about… one of the most dominant albums of the year!

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William Davison / Wilfried Hanrath / Glenn Sogge – Solos, Duos, Trio (Davison, Hanrath, Sogge)

Artists: William Davison / Wilfried Hanrath / Glenn Sogge
Title: Solos, Duos, Trio (Davison, Hanrath, Sogge)
Keywords: avant-garde experimental noise rock three way dance improvised music Toronto

William Davidson takes us seemingly down in some kind of old abandoned bunker, maybe it’s his basement, but it sounds quite cold, big and paved with cement. We can easily follow his footsteps as he leads us not into safety but actually into the far opposite of it. It is if he has in this basement a thing that is buzzing out nuclear waste of some kind. It’s easily contaminating the listening experience with a foul sound. It’s going through bones and meat as if we are the stuff going through a human sized grinder. It’s kind of freaky, especially when he seemingly slams the door behind us leaving us there with this noisy machinery. Thanks William! I shout as I hear his footsteps walking away..

Oh, but it must have been some kind of optic audio illusion as we might met this fellow abbot later again. But first it’s Wilfried Hanrath that seemingly has come to safe us. Bless you Wilfried, your atmospheric strokes of relaxing tones is as if you had been descended from the heavens to help us from the psychopathic moment that happened as we followed that stranger’s footsteps down into the underground. Your fourteen minutes of utter calmness really felt like an act of care, abolishing the possible inflicted trauma into the forgetful zones.

When we all had been severely calmed down by Wilfred a certain Glenn Sogge made its way in. Apparently Glenn is doing some preparations for the blood moon. Not sure what that means but I hope it doesn’t mean he is planning to sacrifice us to the moon. At this moment we probably till feel very chilled from Wilfried’s good care that if that was actually the case, Glenn could easily do it without any of us resisting. For now we just listen to what Glenn is doing… we could only guess, I guess. It’s utterly mysterious. Glenn doing things in the shadows, making shadowy busy things as if it’s talking to itself while gathering potions in the corner. It doesn’t sound terrifying, yet to fall asleep with it would be not an thing that comes to mind. You just simply never knows if the good Glenn would suddenly rise out of the shadows with a shiny blade.

…or worse! Yep, our tormenter William Davidson came back and this time he is with Wilfried Hanrath! Oh Wilfried are you alright? What did William do to you? Or wait… is this a mind f*ck? Are the two of you really working together? And why are you both shoveling glass? And what’s up about the exciting footsteps? I don’t know about you all, but I wished to be able to get out of here; it’s making me feel uneasy, uncomfortable and worried about the future. What are they doing? How is this going to end? Will they leave us alone if we politely beg them to do so? Hmm, suddenly they seem to have taken some kind of weird device and squirt out bladders full of indistinguishable slime. The stench, the structure, the horror! Oh good lord, please help us out of the evil hands of William and Wilfried!

Ah! There is Glenn again! So sorry Glenn, didn’t mean to offend you earlier on.. could you please help me and the listening listeners over here? We are about to (probably) die thanks to some occult ritual by William and Wilfried… oh, shit! Wilfried?! You are here too?! Oh shit! I think we are so deep in trouble right now. I knew Glenn’s sound was eerie, but now that it is teamed up with Wilfried who first so nicely gained our trust by caring for us – but than teamed up with the murderous William is like a case of utter trouble! But please gentle artists, I know somewhere within you – both of you are just here being held against your will by William, right? I mean I could clearly hear that both of you are the kinder and more sensible ones… could you please lead us all back out of this place and make it an happy ending for all of us? Wilfried? Where are you going?

Oh shit! Wilfried is gone but William Davidson is back and now teamed up with Glenn again. I better suggest we all should do a little prayer in the hope some kind of miracle happens and we can get out of this session alive and well. These two don’t seem to be up for good, I could hear them sharpening knifes. It sounds like a pretty haunting drone – but don’t let that fool ya! They must be generated by knives, no doubt about it! Perhaps a mix of knives and them breathing out poisonous gasses… it’s dark and eerie as eerie could be… Lets close our eyes and hope for the best…

Hmm. Let’s open our eyes again as someone just arrived… maybe it’s our savior? … oh no. It’s freaky Glenn again. Now it’s all three of them, going around with the sounds of an creepy horror flick. It might now be an excellent time to shit ourselves. Maybe the smell might keep William, Glenn and Wilfred away? They play some children friendly sounds which actually makes it all even more disturbing. Especially on this scary case of chains, foot steps, bouncing heartbeats and creepy sound effects. Odd thing is, none of them seemed to finish it off. Leaving us just there – waiting in uncertainty – probably continuing this game of freaking us out in a follow up album. In any case I’m
Still happy that nothing brutal happened at the end as it would have been a shame not to be able to report this all to you. Be aware of Glenn, William and Wilfried! They are out there somewhere and maybe might be up to freak you out!

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Closer Bones – The Destroying Angel

Artist: Closer Bones
Title: The Destroying Angel
Keywords: experimental jehovah anti-religious death industrial drone glitch harsh noise power electronics religious

We need to battle the silence. We can try to put some classical music on, perhaps some popular radio friendly music.. but, this release by Closer Bones actually works much more efficiently. It certainly gets the job done, making more noise than Beethoven and Britney Spears layered on top of each other . When writing this I understand that people might take this example literally; but that might just say more about the necrophilic thoughts of these people than anything else. I mean Beethoven must be so dead, it would be just a collection of bones by now.

What did we come here for again? Oh, yes: closer bones! Well what can I say? Closer Bones simply gets that job done to silence the silence with an enormous ear scraping set of volume, penetrating noise and piercing frequencies. Why does Broken Bones do such a thing? Well, who knows – nobody here at our offices have learned the profession of being a psychiatrist or a simple shrink. I think it was simply the angel of destruction calling the artist to take up this job. But please do not think that Broken Bones is simply all about nastiness.. it certainly isn’t that kind of Broken Bones, as there are lots of moments in which ambient could be heard, or simple sound experiments are passing the revue that are of an absolute tolerable kind.

where else could you find a cracking harsh noise wall accompanied with authentic voice of some kind of television retro thingy? Or where else could you hear a angry voice shouting spastically through the wall of sound? I thought that this was the kind of thing that was pretty original and special, making the torment of this harsh experimentation in audio form into something more listenable and (dare I say it?) enjoyable.

Every track on this release is featuring someone. If yikis wasn’t so sucky we would probably mentioned all their names and also the track titles; sadly we have to keep up our reputation of the suckiest music blog in town… that said, maybe because we are seemingly dealing with noise over here, maybe we can actually mention these featured artists, I mean their names are just too good not to be mentioned! Feedback queen, wormhoudt, swamp temple, fire-toolz, straight panic and probably the best one yet ‘peasant farm’. There are more, but hey let’s keep this space for original names. Speaking of the feedback queen; oh my goodness the track this queen is featured on (blood and fear) is pretty ear shredding material. It is also mixed with a vocal expression of someone who might be a listener of this track and than thoroughly expressing itself how these sounds make him or her feel. I’m not really sure if it’s a man or a woman or some special thing in between as through all the noise it’s hard to distinguish vocals.

How could I have not included ‘porcelain MagGot’ on the earlier mini list of strange sounding featured artists? Maybe it was a case of saving the best for last? Music wise the track that this maggot had been featured on does actually quite sound pretty maggotterisc. I mean, we can clearly hear the maggot doing its maggot sounds. So maggot lovers and fans will be superbly pleased with this one! In any case, every fan cheering on the sideline to battle silence will be having a good time in general; silence get a good kick up the butt throughout all the tracks. Not that we could hear actual kicks, it’s more as if there is a flamethrower of sound getting this job done. Burning silence until it just screams in there, in full panic mode – realizing that it simply can’t win this battle.

See it as if silence is that famous cathedral in Paris and Closer Bones and friends are the flames. It’s sad to say goodbye to silence but at least it went out in a way worth a billion of spectacular photographs. The whole world should be watching or actually better ‘hear’ this album as before you know it silence will no longer exist. Killed off by the warrior hired assassins of Closer Bones and the collection of collaborators. But at least you can be on the right side line of history, close to the noises in order to make pictures with the mind of this important act of global ear destruction. Play it loud and let silence burn. No mercy! The destroying angel had spoken!

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Duality Micro – batteries low ep

Artist: Duality Micro
Title: batteries low ep
Keywords: minimal, techno, lobit, experimental
Label: 20kbps http://www.20kbps.sofapause.ch/

Aaaiiiii! Oooohhh ouchhh!

Yep, Nothing is better than a start in which the creator captured the sound of someone shouting in pain. We might never know if it is the artist itself or someone else, but it doesn’t matter very much as long as it’s genuine. The latest release on prominent lobit label 20kbps by Duality Micro brings this shriek to the world, but don’t worry if the vocal chords of someone in pain isn’t your cup of tea, as it got nicely drowned out by the cuteness of chip music. Excellent! That’s all we need really. Let’s wrap it up and go home and fantasize about a ride on that little toadstool friend from Mario. Hmm, guess what? No time for that as there is more music to be explored!

Yep, Duality Micro doesn’t leave us to rest and comes up with a track that covers a problem that many in this day and age are dealing with: the sight of batteries running low. We don’t know if this also referred to the machine that is used to produce Duality Micro’s music while creating this tune, but bless the fact that the track got made and wasn’t deleted thanks to the heroic act of instant power failure. It’s a great and fluffy dance track with big basskicks, claps and hypnotizing pulsating minimalism. Actually we could wrap this review up now, as what else could we possibly wish for? More music perhaps? Oh good lord! Our mumbled praises are overheard as indeed there is much more!

Like this other track that especially sounds nice in the lower bit encodings, it is the one (surprise, surprise) named ‘lo’. It is keeping itself formally dressed in a minimal style, but seems to float more in the chilling out mellow zones than in the buzzy underground club night experience. But don’t worry (again!) cause after a little rest we could be assured to dance on the cutest chiptune sounds with TI – move. It’s a beautiful electronic composition in which we could all could come together, hold hands, step around on our feet and pretend to be characters out of a successful gameboy franchise. Don’t chose the toadstool as I might want to sit on your head. Not that I’m heavy but you know: unsecured.

Do choose the cutest one as that would suit your dance moves probably the most over here. You could keep this persona up as a tune named wFRT brings in more lovely bitty beeps in the sweetest sense of the word. If this was a human activity, it would probably be best described as the people who stand next to the road at a hard running competition, all offering running runners a refreshing beverage. Throw it in and swallow it all in for a moment of fast wFRTness!

But before we can go all out in energetic forms as our pixel character we will be greeted in German by a voice who wishes us all a good evening. How nice is that? It’s day time over here – but hey it’s the thought that counts! Besides this German fellow brings in the kind of music that indeed fits a night out. A house vibration of music that will make you wish it’s actually night already. I tried once before to close all the curtains and block the reviewers room from any daylight in order to fake the night; but than I realized that actually closing the eyes is a much more easier, more efficient and reliable way to trick your own mind into thinking that it’s dark already. So please give that a go!

But don’t forget to open your eyes again to check out the next track. I mean not that you have to look at it to hear it, but Duality Micro didn’t give it a name for nothing. Or.. oh well.. I guess you could just read it over here and continue ‘faking’ the night. Maybe it is night over where you are.. I guess if that’s the case you might see no reason to close your eyes at all maybe. Anyway the tune is named ym2149 and is super cool and dignified. It got everything to be that underground hit, those nice flairs of bass, that rhythm that fits stepping or jumping around with rubber souls, music with a melody.

Shall we now wrap it all up? What else could we possible need? Oh yes! That’s right.. a little monobeat. One that seems to walk all over and in our ears like a collection of funky ants that wants to deliver joy to their queen, which somehow they think is hiding inside our heads. Yep, they think our brain is the Queen ant for some reason. Hope it hasn’t anytime do with the size… but than again; these funky music ants can come and bring their sounds all day and night long if it’s all sounding as pretty like this. I hope they will not be dueling with each other as they bring the sound of micro gratification. It makes us all feel good! If only they could bring in a toadstool for me to sit upon… all wrapped up in tinfoil! … in any case this free netrelease is waiting here and is as lovely as a pixelated bumblebee:

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Furchick – Corrugated at Volta

Artist: Furchick
Title: Corrugated at Volta
Keyword: metal

Metal, a genre of music filled with hairy people and band shirts. Fans of the genre usually use metal detectors to find the bands that they like, yet I have a feeling that non of their beloved metal bands do actually play real metal. They are all stuck with grotesque riffs on distorted guitars, muffled rattling drums and of course sincere head movements that seems to simulate a washing machine in full spin. It’s not hard to see that they have been so deluded throughout the years, not to have noticed that true metal music has been out there, but in a completely different way they thought it would be. I mean with all the hair in front of fans of the genre’s faces, a distraction of the always available whiplash from banging their heads and the pain coming from the casual possible broken bones gathered from the many moshpits that their metal detectors had brought them in.. it’s all stuff that might have blinded the metal heads to not see and hear the real thing.

Metal as we knew it goes up in flames

But luckily we here at yikis are ready to help out, just on time before a certain David Hasselhoff will ruin all metal fans joy by bringing his version of the music.. trust me, when colonel Sanders is killing the hardcore scene by guest deejaying a commercial fry chicken set at the latest mysteryland, mister Hasselhoff will single handily end the age of ‘so called’ metal music. Maybe it’s okay, let’s give it to David as we now could easily move on to tell you about the real metal music…

Furchick! She is from Australia and offers the people genuine metal music. No bum fluff guitar riffs, no sweaty men or women in leather pants, no militant drum salvos, no bass wobbles performed by a dark clothed person in fishnet stockings; nope! Real, honest – true – metal! In fact it might be the only true metal music out there, so this might actually truly blow many metal headed minds! I could simply imagine the metal detectors beeping all over the place from sheer excitement when they come close to this amazing revelation. Rightly so! After checking out Furchick and her metal music they could simply toss them away as that’s it: more metal than Furchick’s metal music simply does not and will not exist. So please, jump out of your metal world before Hollywood completely pisses over it and an true identity crisis would kick in – hurry up and listen and watch Furchick performing metal music that is genuinely the real thing. Don’t worry you can still keep your long hair, but maybe the sweaty band shirts from fake metal bands could go in the bin? In any case here is the best metal (recorded at Volta) you will ever hear and see:

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Gel-Sol – Horse Head Bookends

Artist: Gel-Sol
Title: Horse Head Bookends
Keywords: electronic experimental ambient modular synth prog Washington
Label: Verses Records

I walked into the goldilocks zone and switched (as you do – it was pitch dark) on the light switch. Lights did go on but an whole ordeal came out of nowhere, things started to flash, sounds came in to riddle and big beats started to drum. I might have set something on beyond my knowledge or imagination.. I just wanted to go in and check if goldilocks had anything to eat, if I could try out a bed to sleep in for the night and perhaps a seat to temporarily sit upon; I didn’t expect at all this enormous unexpected multimedia show at the flick of a finger. I was solidly surprised and indeed shockingly impressed.

A voice came out of the corner, explaining that the show was unstoppable and I was named as the first space man. I felt honored, yet quite surprised as nobody ever tells me anything as life changing as this could be . Resisting was useless I got told, so I went with it. The music got to me through psychedelic grandness, threw me in some kind of space continuum in which gravity had lost its meaning and awesomeness was all that mattered. Maybe by entering goldilocks her place I had somehow invited a manic episode in? It was all alright though – With melodies they flirted me into this new position, one I gladly accepted even though it was not in my range of freedom to refuse this outstanding offer. The unexpected material made me fly around goldilocks her house, she seemingly wasn’t at home and somehow I expected that it might have just been some kind of quality decoy to entrap curious cats like me in to this trap setup by these incredible music loving aliens called Gel-Sol.

Before I knew exactly what was happening, the entire scene started to change. All the walls, the floor, the beds, the rooms – everything! It all got sucked into the floor. Bizarrely it all had become an heated melting pot that sucked everything in. The buzz that I felt was like an experienced panic attack mixed with the excitement of being in a next level computer game. My heart was racing like a formula one car when I noticed that my new life as a space man came with some seriously handy life-saving skills! Now that I could fly, I had the good old chance to simply jump up, flap my arms and escape the madness, so I flew out of this facade of terrific panic attacks, straight as an arrow without any harm done deeply into the next track.

A strange robotic voice spoke to me as if it was just a glitch in the matrix, nothing to worry about; just an awesome showcase of what they could do if people like me wouldn’t comply to whatever they wanted. Why wouldn’t I comply? It would be silly not to comply… They could melt the entire earth… It wasn’t bad at all; they fed me smokey Charbonneau as I floated in the sky of delusional dreams. I dreamt of Can’s ‘vitamin C’ while grooving out on Gel-Sol ‘s Horse Head Bookends. It made me tumble around like an astronaut on groovy funky vibes, nobody could stop me from enjoying the psychedelic audio tricks and basically my time as a newly created space person. When I was there doing backflips and testing out my newly given super powers, others of similar faith seemed to have joined me. Would this be you, dear reader? I couldn’t understand one word that you had been shouting; but I could hear you clearly even though rumor goes that in space nobody could hear you scream. Gosh, did this got proven all wrong?!

I found you, (or at least I believe it was you) grabbed your hand and danced around bouncing away gravity as we had always had known it. We danced and danced like gorgeous space people all the way to Sweden. Why Sweden? Apparently that is where all the space people could go and not fall out of place – nobody of the Swedish people would even look up as we shot laser beams out of our eyes, tumbled around in the Swedish skyline and silently looked deep into each others eyes; it was our love for music and our curiosity that brought us here & now we got so high that we felt as if we didn’t need to do drugs to get fried; we were the drugs! Together we floated through the Swedish skyline on a bed of psychedelic weirdness, fully enhanced in the good times that might have come unexpected; they had been simply a gift that kept on giving.

When we opened our eyes to see where the music had taken us, it was clear that we had tumbled all the way into deep space, letting the lights of Star Ring Mi warm us both up with joyous sparkles that we could never experienced if we hadn’t been given our newly arrived super powers. Every light stream had a melodic kindness, romance was in the air and gentleness had taken over this part of the galaxy despite our arrival. It felt as we belonged here; you and me floating around in harmony; two lost souls grabbed by Gel-Sol on a mission of total space submission. It didn’t take long before we had been summoned to the space people headquarters, one in which our entrance was decorated with official sounding music of the grotesquely greatest order. Violins, space cadet drums, psychedelic melodies filling up the decorations as if we just arrived at the home of the wizard of Oz, but without the secret behind the curtain. Strangely we got moved all the way to the highest leader when a crazy battle fell down. We had to protect this identity, fighting like space warriors with the attitude that humans have… of course both of us did a great job saving the leader & all other space creatures gave us a happy applause.

Gel-Sol gave us a purpose in life and we happily got rewarded with a chilling vibe in which we got everything what our hearts deserved or had always wanted to have. I don’t know about your desires, but I finally had returned to the illusion of sleeping in Goldilocks her bed, nibbling her food, sitting on her chair and eventually even taking a bath with her. The bath was not too tight or small – it was the size of a entire ocean – nothing too extravagant for a space man like me! I wonder how you are doing? Fancy a swim later on too? There is plenty of room and even more bonus missions to go for! Such a trip! I never want to be an ordinary human ever again!

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Collections Of Dead Souls – No Love Just Art

Artist: Collections Of Dead Souls
Title: No Love Just Art
Keywords: experimental film , art, noise. Love,

People, young and old & all the ones in the middle probably are all fascinated by the view of an kaleidoscope. The tool itself is always some kind of oddity to look at but when you look through it everything turns into one big magical place. Colors, patterns equals mind blowing amazement. If you never have looked through a kaleidoscope you can assume that you haven’t properly lived! It’s one of those joyous inventions that nowadays you might not come across every day – but it certainly is one of them that delivers the joy of visual magic and instant escape.

In this modern day and age these things might be difficult to find, also with so much distractions like computers, iPads and fancy telephones it might be a step too difficult to set to even pick up a kaleidoscope and look through it with your very own eyes. But don’t worry, even though I have no idea how the artist named Collections Of Dead Souls had made it; but he brought kaleidoscope imagery into the new day and age. Bypassing the entire act of picking up a kaleidoscope and placing it in front of your eye, by giving you a full length visual trip that you could play by the never failing medium that is the DVD.

Don’t worry, it’s family friendly – there are no pictures of gruesome dead souls passing the revue, just pretty arty visuals that you could stare at, let it play in the back or simply overwhelm you as you sit through it like a true kaleidoscope fanatic! The format of it being on a DVD has brought an extra greatness to the whole visual situation as there is music! Music that goes on like a melting pot of LSD that drank a soft spot of lovely noise and spew it up smoothly for a rightful celebration to continuously compliment these pretty visuals. It’s a way to bring a bit of life from Collections Of Dead Souls into your own home – which in this case will colorize your place up and fills it up with an pretty art vibe that might not make the kaleidoscope redundant, but perhaps feed the whole spectacle something more life to it. After all a kaleidoscope won’t come with much sound at all & Collections Of Dead Souls’s visual version comes with lots of it! You can obtain a copy of this full length film over at the following link:

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