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The GUIGUISUISUI Show – Wu Xing《五行》

Artist: The GUIGUISUISUI Show title: Wu Xing《五行》 keywords: 8-bit devotional blues horror noise punk Beijing Easy meets West, Girl meets Boy, chip tune game boy galore meets guitar punk? This duo contains the best of both sides of a lot … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Interpretation Of Universal Transmissions – IOUT Open Mixtape 2015

Artists: Various title: Interpretation Of Universal Transmissions – IOUT Open Mixtape 2015 keywords: 8-bit chiptune electronic amiga chipmusic dance demoscene famitracker gameboy lsdj micromusic nintendo California label: Interpretation Of Universal Transmissions  https://iout.bandcamp.com/ reviewer: Sherlock Bolmes I just put on my … Continue reading

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MMMM – Your Reaction – 1.44MB Floppy single

artist: MMMM title: Your Reaction – 1.44MB Floppy single format: floppy disk keywords: electronic, electro, punk, retro, 8-bit, dance, riot grrrl, super heroes, catchy, pop, rebel music MMMM is an electro-clash duo from Rīga, Latvia. Its members are Mega Medniex … Continue reading

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BERTIN – mini

Artist: BERTIN title: mini format: cassette / digital keywords: 8-bit, electronic, casio, casiopop, lo-fi, radiophonic, Nijmegen, Stenze Quo label: Stenze Quo http://stenzequo.blogspot.com The easy going happy and friendly mini pop structures of Bertin’s Mini are like chilled up pieces of … Continue reading

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DogCookingEggs – Cat Pizza

Artist: DogCookingEggs title: Cat Pizza keywords: noise, chiptune, 8-bit, experimental cat: #127 label: Dramacore http://www.dramacore.com Dog Cooking Eggs has not only cooking egg skills, but also knows its way around with the chiptunish funk that makes Cat Pizza’s so great … Continue reading

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Bit Laden – PORN-OH-RAMA

artist: Bit Laden title: PORN-OH-RAMA keywords: 8-bit, afa, sound machine, bit laden, electronic, bitpop, clasiquelectronique, electroacoustique, Madrid label: AFA Sound Machine Bit Laden’s PORN-OH-RAMA is not banal or dirty as it may come across upon first impression, but it’s in … Continue reading

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irrlicht project – dat fuzz

artist: irrlicht project title: dat fuzz format: CD-r / digital keywords: 1-bit, 8-bit, electronic, beeper, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, chiptunes, chiptune, Z80, low-fi A selection of dark, speedy 1-bit works, written for and recorded from the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K home … Continue reading

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Various Artists – AFA presents… – My Invisible Friend Vol. 1

Artists: Various title: AFA presents… My Invisible Friend Vol. 1 keywords: compilation, 8-bit, alternative, experimental, acoustic, collaborative, electronic, world music label: Amalgamated Futureless Artists (AFA) https://afapresents.bandcamp.com What if you are as a music producer stuck half way a track that … Continue reading

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Gimcrack / Subversive Intentions – Trash Test Dummy EP

artists: Gimcrack / Subversive Intentions title: Trash Test Dummy EP keywords: noise, plunder phonics, sound collage, 8-bit, punk, glitch label: EAT-SOAP http://www.eatsoap.net/ Fasten your seat-belts as we might slip on a glitch or a banana peel! Hold on tight as … Continue reading

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