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Isidor Bobinec – Dark Knight Genesis

Artist: Isidor Bobinec Title: Dark Knight Genesis Keywords: 80s, electronic, synthwave, darksynth, eighties, retro, reviewer: Marty McFly Isidor Bobinec’s album is transporting us back in time; the eighties. Mullets and aerobics might have ruled life over there, but on the … Continue reading

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RGB – Uowis

artist: RGB title: Uowis keywords: 80s dark wave electronic future-80’s new wave pop analog synthesizer future jazz jazz minimal wave minimalwave synthpunk synthpunk pop garage euro New York label: http://www.afasoundmachine.com/ The big labels in the record business have been fighting … Continue reading

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Swin Deorin – Solipsism

Artist: Swin Deorin title: Solipsism cat: SDx23 keywords: 80’s, alternative, avant-garde, experimental, other, relaxation, weird, arpeggios, free download, free music, outsider music, remix, Scotland, synthesizer, United Kingdom With the latest album of Swin Deorin of the year you bet the … Continue reading

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Carol – for me

artist: Carol title: for me keywords: 80s, experimental, dance, moncore, pop, post-vaporwave, vaporware, New York Copyright of almost forgotten hits should be abolished, but as congress works on other things; new born vapor music people like Carol are already working … Continue reading

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Mitch Murder – Savage (None)

Artist: Mitch Murder Title: Savage Label: None Cat#: None Keywords: 80s, Electro, Funk Reviewer: Alex Spalding Dude. Welcome. I’m in the mood to splash your ears with a number of singles I’ve been browsing through on the interweb. To kick … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Creatures Vol. 2

Artists: Various Title: Creatures Vol. 2 Format: Mini CDr / digital Keywords: electronic Label: inverted Recordings http://invertedrecords.bandcamp.com/ reviewer: your narrator & guest Doctor Philll Creatures, creatures everywhere. They keep on crawling out of the speaker system since the release of Creatures … Continue reading

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The Wok – Golgotha with Zanussi

artist: The Wok title: Golgotha with Zanussi keywords: 80s, ambient, experimental, folk, industrial, jazz, rock, eighties, electronica, modern jazz, orchestral, pop, piano, synthesizer, synthpop, synthwave, Ireland reviewer: Mark X The Wok is back and improved! Listening to ‘Gogotha with Zanussi … Continue reading

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