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Nefasto Celiba – Midi Noise Wall

Artist: Nefasto Celiba title: Midi Noise Wall format: floppy diskette keywords: noise, HNW, 8bit, midi, drone, ambient, experimental label: Floppy Noise https://www.facebook.com/FloppyNoiseRecords/?fref=ts The release will not only impress you with its lengthy audio content, it will also blow you away … Continue reading

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Miss Cutter – Four​-​dimensional dance floor

Artist: Miss Cutter title: Four-dimensional dance floor keywords: 8bit acoustic experimental glich industrial lo-fi outsider Buenos Aires Miss Cutter throws in some excellent awesomeness; thick dark matter in rhythmic form, growling synth material that goes under the skin and makes … Continue reading

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Retrigger – Pink violence (7inch)

artist: Retrigger title: Pink violence (7inch) keywords: 8bit electronic breakbeat breakcore electro punk surf Angers label: Ego Twister records http://www.egotwister.com/ Yesterday Retrigger triggered the party people at the legendary Gifgrond party into a dancing frenzy,and today (to celebrate!) we keep … Continue reading

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Captive Portal – Bloke Sitting EP

artist: Captive Portal title: Bloke Sitting EP keywords:8bit,experimental,electronica,hip-hop,instrumental, label: AFA Sound Machine http://www.afasoundmachine.com/ ‘Hey Guys’ is the first wicked tune that will meet and greet your ears in a positive way when you decide to play this EP by Captive … Continue reading

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Payaso Cagar Trompada – Let’s try

Artist: Payaso Cagar Trompada title: Let’s try keywords: 8bit, alternative, electropunk, la plata, indie, post-internet, Argentina, video label: Tuamalanpak Records words by: Juses With a hand raised forwards the hero of this story scans the surroundings for spiritually connected souls. … Continue reading

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Payaso Cagar Trompada – Prosper

Artist: Payaso Cagar Trompada title: Prosper keywords: 8bit, alternative, electropunk, la plata, indie, post-internet, webpunk, Argentina Children holding hands while they delightfully jump over the hills, happy faces tattooed on air balloons; this is the kind of feeling I get … Continue reading

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artist: WITO title: VyVa cat: MNMN150 keywords: 8bit, micro funk, label: MNMN Records Netlabel http://mnmn-rec.ru/main/ reviewer: Mark X WITO’s VyVa is like a little rodeo ride after swallowing a power pack pacman magical pill. It’s super slick starting with ‘Nine’ , … Continue reading

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Logosamphia : Unmasked!

There are very few producers out there who have such a massive impact on popular culture like the one named ‘Logosamphia’. He stands proudly in the Guinness Book of records as producer with the biggest shadow, and with this shadow … Continue reading

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Aaron Cooper – Electronic Frown//Tibetan Buddha Jukebox Circuit Bent Blues

Artist: Aaron Cooper title: Electronic Frown//Tibetan Buddha Jukebox Circuit Bent Blues keywords: 8bit, electronic, folk, chiptune, circuit bent, instrumental, Chicago Hello and welcome back on the internet and most particular; thank you for seeing you here on Yeah I Know … Continue reading

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Le Leprechaune – Kitsch Adventure

Artist: Le Leprechaune title: Kitsch Adventure cat: DDD003 keywords: 8bit, DIY, electronic, bass musci, bassline, booty bass, breakcore, chiptune, club, experimental, electronic, glitch, maxmsp, Paris label: Darling DaDa reviewer: Repelsteeltje An golden oldie released back in the days on the … Continue reading

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