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Folded Grid – Refractions EP

Artist: Folded Grid title: Refractions EP keywords: techno, acid, electronic label: Nu-Logic Super robust synthesizer sounds emerging from this release, they sink into the hypnotic rhythm sections triggering the beat that will carry you away like strong ants carrying food … Continue reading

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Sertax – What Happened To Us EP

artist: Sertax title: What Happened To Us EP keywords: acid ambient experimental Port Talbot label: Transmos Records What Happend To Us? well here at the YIKIS office we all got a bit enthousiatic! You know, like a kid on its … Continue reading

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Bearded AmbroJah – Tijuana pudding Sweater

artist: Bearded AmbroJah title: Tijuana pudding Sweater keywords: acid dance deep house edm electronic house techno weird psychedelic weirdwave San Diego label: SHAFT records http://www.shaftrecords.com/ This album is a bit of an weird one; its mostly danceable material but it … Continue reading

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Microbit Project – In Acid

Artist: Microbit Project title: In-Acid keywords: acid, techno, rave, lobit, lowbit, rate, lofi, techno, dance, electronic, underground, free, netlabel, netrelease, raving, groove, psychedelic label: L0BIT https://l0bit.wordpress.com/ Evgenij V. Kharitonov is one person from Russia that single handedly changed the world … Continue reading

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CYBORGS ON CRACK – Industrial polka classics

artist: CYBORGS ON CRACK title: Industrial polka classics keywords: croatia electronic greece acid coldwave cyberpunk dark synth darkwave ebm electro experimental electronic industrial new beat post-punk retrosynth synthwave label: Werkstatt Recordings http://werkstattrecordings.blogspot.gr/ Cyborgs On Crack are at it by pretending … Continue reading

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Sentidos Apuestos – En Tus Cinco Sentidos

artist: Sentidos Apuestos title: En Tus Cinco Sentidos keywords:acid ambient drone mexico saturation post-vaporwave televisawave vaporwave Monterrey label: Σшρτγ http://www.facebook.com/emptymty Another day in vaporwave land, the shady side of the Mexican sun is well presented and without further pooh-hah let’s … Continue reading

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Unknown Artist – Actasomno

artist: Unknown Artist title: Actasomno keywords: acid ambient drone mexico saturation Monterrey label: Σшρτγ http://www.facebook.com/emptymty reviewer: Unknown The Unknown Artist strikes again! Unknown Artist has so many releases and tracks done in its name that it’s easy to get lost … Continue reading

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