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Marvin Ferguson – Shudder To Think

Artist: Marvin Ferguson title: Shudder To Think keywords: experimental new wave punk audio collage California Marvin Ferguson whips it all up by getting his Cool Whip out. He produced the nicest slaps for an upbeat joy of upbeat coolness. Mind … Continue reading

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FUN FAN FEST 2016 – Fun Fan Colaix

artist: FUN FAN FEST 2016 title: Fun Fan Colaix keywords: 2016 experimental colaix collage collagecore fabra i coats fan fest fun Manresa Fun Fan Fest is one of these remarkable recordings in which a threesome of the worlds finest sound … Continue reading

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Kapotte Muziek – The Malevolent Ear

Artist: Kapotte Muziek title: The Malevolent Ear keywords: electronic, experimental, Nijmegen label: Korm Digitaal http://kormdigitaal.bandcamp.com For the following album experience it is advised to connect your ears to the audio output of a track named ‘Disconnection’. When it makes contact … Continue reading

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Haiiyuuko – Post noise

Artist: Haiiyuuko Title: Post noise Cat: Plataforma 105 Keywords: noise, experimental Label: Plataforma Recs Haiiyuuko is from Japan, a country that revolutionized creativity into absurd proportions. It’s the land of game shows that you don’t want to be a contestant in.. I … Continue reading

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Various Artist – Midnight Radio Compilation 28.

artist: various title: Midnight Radio Compilation 28. keywords: ambient, alternative, electronic, indie, relaxing, drone, experimental, avantgarde, audio collage, soundscape, meditative, chill out, noise label: Midnight Radio compilation Cousin Silas is a bit of a underground Rockstar but than you should … Continue reading

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To-Bo – Industrial Field I

Artist: To-Bo Title: Industrial Field I Keywords: fieldrecording, experimental, audio scape label: Cajanegra The artist name ‘To-Bo’ always interested me. Is it perhaps the over extending phase of ‘To-Be’? Perhaps not, but still this logic might not be so far … Continue reading

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Flat Affect & Krll – Peeled Sessions

artists: Flat Affect & Krll Title: Peeled Sessions cat: FSN 07 Keywords: soundscape, experimental, gothic, horror,  audio collage Label: Fork & Spoon Records http://forkandspoonrecordings.bandcamp.com Flat Affect & Krll (formerly known as: maggot launcher) came together for some ‘peeled sessions’. Now … Continue reading

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Luxurious Dagger – Return to Willowbrook

artist: Luxurious Dagger title: Return to Willowbrook keywords: audio collage, experimental A particular release, filled up with four particular tracks, illustrated by particular cover photo.  It comes as no surprise that it’s the particular persona of the one and only … Continue reading

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Marvin Ferguson – Falling Down

artist: Marvin Ferguson title: Falling Down keywords: experimental, new wave, punk, audio collage I like pancakes. I think animals are better than people. I write punk, new wave and electronic music on a Korg 16 track workstation sequencer and, recently, … Continue reading

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Totalitny Rezim – Closed Ward Memories

Artist: Totalitny Rezim title: Closed Ward Memories cat: Siro682 keywords: Experimental / Industrial / Noise / Field Recordings / Other label: Sirona-Records http://sirona-records.com/ Totalitny Rezim is an anti-all dada industrial noise collective. The group consist of Adolf Hypnotic Jagelsson, Artmiso … Continue reading

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