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Various Artists – E-Con Records – Project Stardust

artists: Various Title: E-Con Records – Project Stardust keywords: ambient e-con records ebm edm electronic electronica melbourne Australia Project Stardust is a huge compilation full of electronic – synthesize-friendly dance able music with a continues space theme in mind. Next … Continue reading

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The Animals of the Magical Mountains – The Animals of the Magical Mountains

artist: The Animals of the Magical Mountains title: The Animals of the Magical Mountains keywords: australian kids animals educational fun singalong Australia Lately we have been bombarded with music from Australia, but we didn’t really have had the time to … Continue reading

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The First Baboon Civilization – The First Baboon Civilization

artist: The First Baboon Civilization title: The First Baboon Civilization keywords: melbourne world beautiful freejazz record tape weird Australia label: Moontown Records http://www.moontown-records.com/ The First Baboon Civilization’s The First Baboon Civilization is kinda weird. But how could someone expect differently … Continue reading

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Dreamin’ Wild – Dreamin’ Wild 7″

artist: Dreamin’ Wild title: Dreamin’ Wild 7″ format: 7″ vinyl / digital keywords: world balearic beach beautiful bossa nova cool jazz pop record tape Australia label: Moontown Records Sitting next to my cat, her tail wrapped around my neck and … Continue reading

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Corey B. – The Guitar Hero Sessions II

Artist: Corey B. title: The Guitar Hero Sessions II keywords: boogie-woogie, comedy, funk, funny, rock, rock & roll, scooby doo, stupid, Australia reviewer: Simon Cowbell First some lies: ‘Corey B’ the hottest and funkiest rock star on everyone’s notes to … Continue reading

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Like Junk – Faceache floppy disc single

Artist: Like Junk title: Faceache floppy disc single keywords: Australian, punk, cellar sessions, feedback, perth, piano, post-punk, reviewer: Fred Oppy Like Junk? Like ‘Like Junk’! And especially like the Like Junk’s limited edition floppy disc single ‘faceache’ from the album, … Continue reading

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Norwood Grimes -Trying To Reason With You

Artist: Norwood Grimes title: Trying To Reason With You keywords: Adelaide, experimental, avant-garde, electronic, slack, Australia Norwood Grimes opens the door to reveal a psychedelic world in which sounds crawl sideways over the walls, percussion is hanging upside down from … Continue reading

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Stinky Picnic – Hamster World

artist: Stinky Picnic title: Hamster World keywords: experimental, children’s music, improvisation, loops, outsider, weird, Australia reviewer: Spicki Lee Jones (the hamster) Eep eep eep, eep eep eep eep. Eep eep eep eep eep. Eep eep eep; eep eep eep. Eep … Continue reading

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