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Myriam Bleau – Soft Revolvers

Artist: Myriam Bleau title: Soft Revolvers keywords: experimental, electronic, live music, lights, video, performance website: http://www.myriambleau.com/ Modern deejays twirling discs or vinyl in round circles, twisting nobs on mixing desks and some play with effects on the side. The rich … Continue reading

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Reg Bloor – Theme from an Imaginary Slasher

artist: Reg Bloor title: Theme from an Imaginary Slasher keywords: Metal/Punk: Post-Punk artist website: http://www.regbloor.com/ Self-produced debut solo album by the underground guitarist and member of the Glenn Branca Ensemble and THE PARANOID CRITICAL REVOLUTION where she takes her experiments … Continue reading

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Weinberger – Loss And Vertigo (WOS012)

Artist: Weinberger Title: Loss And Vertigo Label: We Only Share Cat#: WOS012 Keywords: Electroacoustics Reviewer: Alex Spalding This is so good… … so… so… good… … gonna have to tell you about it. It’s like… I’m being transported to the … Continue reading

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Tonetta – Dominate (None)

Artist: Tonetta Title: Dominate Label: None Cat#: None Keywords: Rock, Erotic, Experimental, Pop Reviewers: KN, Alex Spalding Alex: Oh boy, oh gosh, oh gee! ;A; We here at YIKIS are simply gushing with infinite love for the now-pretty-well-known internet artist … Continue reading

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