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Sam and the Womp – East Meets West

Artist: Sam and the Womp title: East Meets West keywords: dreamstep, brass, pop, party, anthem, video website: http://www.samandthewomp.com/ When actor Clint Eastwood meets up with fashion designer Vivienne Westwood what would they do? Would it turn into a cowboy movie … Continue reading

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artist: De Grote Anti title: PÁLINKA BEATS keywords: alternative oostblok beats balkan folk gypsy Tilburg Tilburg is a bit like that village of the Asterix stories; around it the music scene is defeated by total mainstream shit, while Tilburg has … Continue reading

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Djanan Turan kickstarting the MAZE EP

Djanan Turan kickstarting the MAZE EP What is a kickstarter? I guess a kickstarter is something that starts when you give it a good kick. It’s what you do when your motorcycle motor doesnt seem to work; you’ll kick it … Continue reading

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Sam and the Womp – Zeppelin (video)

Artists: Sam and the Womp Title: Zeppelin (video) Keywords: makes you feel like a zeppelin Happiness, joy, animals, trumpets, smiling faces, birthday and unbirthday parties. Oversized pants, no matching socks, eyes in your sockets, strong lemonade, fruitcakes, wiggling tails, glitter … Continue reading

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Sam And The Womp – Ravo

artist: Sam And The Womp title: Ravo keywords: electronic dance, drum n base, balkan, pop label: Stiff records http://www.stiff-records.com/ Please stop throwing apple pies in each other’s faces, just leave the dishes, the diapers, the anarchistic cookbook for what they … Continue reading

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Sam and the Womp – Bom Bom (remixes)

Artist: Sam and the Womp Title: Bom Bom (remixes) format: digital album keywords: pop,music,dance,electronic label: Stiff Records In case you have been living under a rock, some sand or where just too stoned to have noticed them, a new group … Continue reading

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