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Various Artists – Seippelabel Vol. 6

Artist: Various title: Seippelabel Vol. 6 keywords: electronic experimental bass drone Beijing label: Seippelabel https://seippelabel.com/ GOOOOOSE gooses around with a nice stable beat that has the possibility to make a person feel like they are a sportive character with the … Continue reading

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Gorilla Complex (the interview)

Good day dear readers and bananas at home, we have a surprise for you as out of nowhere we are blessed with a visiting guest named Gorilla Complex. You might have (or haven’t) heard of him, he is a young … Continue reading

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Marrach / Bad Poet / Chtin Mara – Opus Oratorium

Artists: Marrach / Bad Poet / Chtin Mara Title: Opus Oratorium Keywords: raw, dark schizoid off-beats, robotic voodoo, autistic terror, animal instincts, etc. label: Enough Records http://enoughrecords.scene.org/ If there was a recipe for a dream team then the ingredients would … Continue reading

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tont – Rändurvaim

artist: tont title: Rändurvaim keywords: experimental bass dub experimental electronic feedback psychedelic rock soundsystem travels Estonia Dark growling whispers and deep layers of bad breathe & Barking dogs crawl through the shadows, ghostly crisper sounds of old fashioned cash machines … Continue reading

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Precursor – Wanderlust

Artist: Precursor Title: Wanderlust keywrods: bass basserk electro electronic idm ambient ambient electronic bass electronica idm street trap weird Amsterdam label: Basserk http://www.basserk.com/ Oh dear wanderlust inside of me and inside of you dear reader… Wandering about and all over … Continue reading

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Charlotte Bendiks – Aurora EP

Charlotte Bendiks Artist: Charlotte Bendiks title: Aurora EP keywords: electronic house minimal tech house bass music electronica house techno Tromsø label: Love OD Communications http://loveod.com/ Tomorrow we will be covering the activities at the ‘TodaysArt 2016’ festival in Den Haag, … Continue reading

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Sam and the Womp – Fireflies (EP)

artist: Sam and the Womp title: Fireflies (EP) keywords: pop, brass, ska, dream, positivism, electronic, trumpets label: Womp Records website: http://www.samandthewomp.com/ We have been to the premiere of Sam and the Womp’s Fireflies single, (lots of free booze, trumpets trumpeting … Continue reading

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