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RK11111111111 – DnB Nova Fantasy

Artist: RK11111111111 title: DnB Nova Fantasy keywords: video, bass, drums, fantasy DnB Nova Fantasy is not a fantasy anymore but more a reality; you can plug in and watch and hear it with your own eyes and ears thanks to … Continue reading

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Black Rats live at the XYZ Gallery

artist: Black Rats title: live at the XYZ Gallery keywords: guitar, bass, Otamatone, jam, video, performance XYZ Gallery had a bit of a problem.. Or well they probably thought it was a bit of a problem at first.. They probably … Continue reading

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SIKSA interview (the Polish punk duo that you must hear & see!)

Hi SIKSA! Since I’ve seen a snippet of a live performance of you two on YouTube, you have been on my mind. You both have a lot of charisma and presence and infectious chemistry going on musically, but also energy … Continue reading

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SIKSA – Modelka

Artist: SIKSA title: Modelka cat: FNR152 format: Floppy Diskette keywords: punk, hardcore, rac, oi, other label: FLoppy Noise Records SIKSA is to me the discovery of the year; the music of this dynamic duo and the way how they deliver … Continue reading

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Bloom – The World For You

Artist: Bloom title: The World For You keywords: Dreamstep, pop, brass, bass, dance, beats A heart can be placed and kept in so many things; cupboards, a sock, a little fancy wooden box, or the more usual reserved place inside … Continue reading

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Evan Marien – Koslov Club

artist: Evan Marien title: Koslov Club keywords: electro jazz, jazz fusion, electronic, drun & bass, bass, drums, funk, fusion Evan Marien is a Brooklyn based bassist / producer, but thanks to the internet we can pick up the ‘vibes’ of … Continue reading

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The Eggman – Uncertain

Artist: The Eggman Title: Uncertain Keywords: binja, binja recordings, binja records, the eggman, sinka, urs trout, dimitri from russia, tahu dubs, knock shop, tropical, bass, bass music, trap, dubstep, 303, 808, 909, analogue, tribal, house, techno, breakbeat, indie dance, sativa … Continue reading

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Bindanox – Total Freedom

artist: Bindanox title: Total Freedom cat: Hfr042 keywords: electro, electronic, drum, bass, Ipswich, Binda, Housefly records label: Housefly Records http://houseflyrecords.yolasite.com/ reviewer: nobody Housefly has been emailing us. Check this release out by Bindanox. Housefly got no answer and mailed again. … Continue reading

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Sam from Sam and the Womp interviewed by KN

Today in this very special YIKIS post, we sit down for an unconventional little chat with Sam from ‘Sam and the Womp’. It doesn’t happen a lot that we have a real musician as a guest, so please keep your … Continue reading

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Warren Schoenbright – Plateaus EP

Artist: Warren Schoenbright Title: Plateaus EP Keywords: devotional, abstract, bass, electronic, noise, techno, London label: Vacant Fulfilment http://vacantfulfilment.blogspot.co.uk/ Plateaus by ‘Warren Schoenbright’ contains two tracks that are pretty special. In fact it feels a bit like something my ears not … Continue reading

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