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Madder Red – Reveal the Rebel

Artist: Madder Red title: Reveal the Rebel keywords: funk, spooky, beats, beatstrumental, funkadelic, instrumental, piano, retro, synth, weird, Arizona reviewer: Willem van O. Let’s go out with a bang, by revealing the rebel electro sound of Madder Red. But Does … Continue reading

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Maxime Robin – the Lo-fi grandeur deluxe edition of DIY swag

Artist: Maxime Robin Title: the Lo-fi grandeur deluxe edition of DIY swag Keywords: beats, grooves, fun, melodies, samples, rap, hip hop, happy, melodic reviewer: Fred Oppy The following release is the low bit version of a full length CD release, … Continue reading

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Indifferent Spaces – IS9.ADHD

Artist: Indifferent Spaces title: IS9.ADHD keywords: diy,experimental, outsider, music, singer songwriter, Krakow label: Weakie Discs https://www.weakiediscs.yolasite.com/ ADHD friends who are easily bored will dig running into the following release of Indifferent Spaces; It’s one blast of hyper hyperactive material to … Continue reading

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BUG – sediment

artist: BUG title: sediment format: CD / digital keywords: experimental, industrial, noise, uplifting, beats, drone, ambient, label: Attenuation Circuit http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/ Are you ready to fly? To lift off? To engage in an upwards moment just by fueling your senses up … Continue reading

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The Big Drum In The Sky Religion – Songs The Ineffable Taught Us

Artist: The Big Drum In The Sky Religion title: Songs The Ineffable Taught Us keywords: electronic, experimental, iowa, shamanic, ambient, beats, lo-fi, noise, psychedelic, xtortion, Des Moines label: Centipede farm reviewer: Willem van O. The Big Drum In The Sky … Continue reading

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Golden Leap – Preludium Nuit EP

artist: Golden Leap title: Preludium Nuit EP keywords: electronic, beats, dance, electronica, Electronic music really starts to live a life on its own when you have passed a near dead experience. That’s the feeling that I get when hearing the … Continue reading

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Selma Raziel – Ontologia I

Artist: Selma Raziel title: Ontologia I format: cassette / digital keywords: alternative, experimental, binaural, beats, ritual, spoken word, Krakow, Poland The first track on this album is named ‘parasomnie’ and transports us instantly inside a boiler room in which an … Continue reading

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artist: WITO title: VyVa cat: MNMN150 keywords: 8bit, micro funk, label: MNMN Records Netlabel http://mnmn-rec.ru/main/ reviewer: Mark X WITO’s VyVa is like a little rodeo ride after swallowing a power pack pacman magical pill. It’s super slick starting with ‘Nine’ , … Continue reading

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Artist: SSELLF title: SSELLF keywords: alternative, avant-garde, beats, electronic, experimental, glistening, naan, introspective, noise, post-punk, Auckland reviewer: Willem van O. SSELLF by SSELLF (aka Christoph El Truento) is selling like hot baked cookies, and you might wonder what it is … Continue reading

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Bloom – The World For You

Artist: Bloom title: The World For You keywords: Dreamstep, pop, brass, bass, dance, beats A heart can be placed and kept in so many things; cupboards, a sock, a little fancy wooden box, or the more usual reserved place inside … Continue reading

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