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s o u L O f m y S h o E s – Imaginary 7”

artist: s o u L O f m y S h o E s title: Imaginary 7” keywords: alternative bedroom bedroom pop indie pop indie rock lo fi Torino As you know, we here at YIKIS are deeply into pretty … Continue reading

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Atariame – Weirdo Goes to the Disco

artist: Atariame title: Weirdo Goes to the Disco keywords: experimental, avant-pop, electronic, bedroom pop, outsider To have a certain Morrissey as a flatmate, someone who played in a band you listen to, is what you could say a bit of … Continue reading

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poppy nogood – moment of truth

artist: poppy nogood title: moment of truth keywords: expérimental, avant, bedroom, bedroom pop, electronic,emotional,house,emotive,laptop,lo-fi,sad,soul, California The truth with poppy nogood’s moment of truth is that it’s bloody good. I mean bloody good as in it being perfect. (suddenly the red … Continue reading

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blessa – 1998 EP

Artist: blessa title: 1998 EP keywords: alternative, experimental, bedroom, bedroom pop, EP, lo-fi, Carolina, electronic Bless you for arriving at another post on YIKIS. Within this collection of words I would love to inform you about a short, but pleasant … Continue reading

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Depression at Denny’s – The Underwear Grrrls

artist: Depression at Denny’s title: The Underwear Grrrls keywords: acoustic, bedroom pop, indi, lo-fi, poop, pop, queer, sad, sloppy, San Diego Depression at Denny’s is a bedroom pop project by some kid named Annie. It isn’t clear if it is … Continue reading

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Reed Burnam – To The Gates

Artist: Reed Burnam title: To The Gates keyword: experimental , bedroom pop, psych, game-music, lo-fi, casio, childrens music Come and go out with the sound of Reed Burnam. His album ‘To The Gates’ will be perfect companionship.. Listening to his … Continue reading

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Remedies – Trap

Artist: Remedies title: Trap keywords: experimental, bedroom pop, dream pop, indie, psych pop, reviewer: A. Believer Justin Bieber destroyed the meaning of the word ‘Believers’ by merging his sure name to this normally meaningful word that stands for ‘believing in … Continue reading

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