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Funeral Art – La Belleza Oculta

artist: Funeral Art title: La Belleza Oculta format: tape / digital keywords: black metal, blackgaze, diy ,experimental ,ambient, avant-garde ,doom metal ,electro ,oustsider music ,poetry ,shoegaze ,singer-songwriter, Kraków label: Weakie Discs https://weakiediscs.bandcamp.com reviewer: WIllem van O. Funeral Art is an … Continue reading

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Ryyka – BLACK FRIDAY – Black Metal Parody Song

artist: Ryyka title: BLACK FRIDAY keywords: black metal, parody, video words by: A. Alien No, not green, not red, not blue and certainly not orange; it’s apparently Black Friday today. A day that in some Human civilizations (mainly the USA, … Continue reading

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Joey Molinaro

Artist: Joey Molinaro keywords: black metal, solo grind, violin meet and hear Joey Molinaro: Joey Molinaro is what members of the royal orchestra are wanting to be, but will never have the guts to be. Joey Molinaro’s violent violin black … Continue reading

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Moloch – Verwüstung

Artist: Moloch title: Verwüstung format: CD, tape, vinyl, digital keywords: ambient, black metal, Ukraine A dark but warm surrealistic glow shines of from ‘Todestille’, is slowly ebbs away in a ambient way that has a dark core, yet comes across … Continue reading

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a peek in a metal-scene by a metal-scene-insider (D.R.E.A.D. , Rottred & Kultivater)

keyword: metal words by: Nico Zwetsloot People compare the American heavy metalband  D.R.E.A.D. with Pantera, because of the region they are coming from.. They are quite sick of this comparison as D.R.E.A.D. sounds more like D.R.E.A.D. than Pantera. And unlike … Continue reading

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Satanatum – omniimpotentia dei

Artist: Satanatum title: omniimpotentia dei format: cassette / digital keywords: metal, black metal, experimental, electronic, noise, post-black metal, Krakow reviewer: Mark X The music of Satanatum is of an original and intriguing kind. This is the work of a character, … Continue reading

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prepare for the mindscan – Split Tape with Shitnoise Bastards

Artist: prepare for the mindscan title: Split Tape with Shitnoise Bastards cat: NA131 format: limited cassette tape (50 pieces!) keywords: punk, black metal, grindcore, hardcore, powerviolence, thrash, Buffalo label: Nuclear Alcoholocaust Records (France) / Third Eye Grind Records (USA) words … Continue reading

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Fekal Terror – Black Copro Noise

Artist: Fekal Terror title: Black Copro Noise cat: AAR0073 keywords: black metal, noisecore, goregrind label: Angry Arnold Records reviewer: Willem van O. Fekal Terror’s Black Copro Noise is something that might make some people think of a roaring animal with … Continue reading

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No Peafowls – Knowledge Is Power (Demo)

artist: No Peafowls title: Knowledge Is Power (Demo) keywords: metal, black metal, no wave, noise, rock, noise rock reviewer: White Rabbit Hello people. I’m like that white rabbit who doesn’t have time for anything. You know watching the old fashioned … Continue reading

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Artist: XZVLGHALOTH title: BEASTTONGUE-HAIL GHRGLVR keywords: Occult black metal, lobit format: floppy diskette label: Floppy Noise https://www.facebook.com/FloppyNoiseRecords?fref=ts reviewer: Leo Obit The black primitive metal sound of XZVLGHALOTH has been unleashed to the world on a cozy floppy diskette. The music … Continue reading

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