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Hassan K. – Wahy

Artist: Hassan. K title: Wahy keywords: electronic, experimental, breakbeats, breakcore, weirdo, oriental, noise, surf, psychedelic, insanity, reviewer: your dope dealer Forget about that Special K that you do with your friends (or alone) to tranquilize that inner horse of yours; … Continue reading

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Sequentialwork – Monkey Say Monkey Doo EP

Artist: Sequentialwork Title: Monkey Say Monkey Doo Cat: bump198 Keywords: breakbeats, techno, minimal, house, electronic, Label: Bump Foot http://www.bumpfoot.net/ reviewer: Mark X Monkey Say Monkey Do is a fresh sounding breakbeat orientated track featuring funky beats and what sounds like … Continue reading

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mhzesent – in memory of ish

artist: mhzesent title: in memory of ish keywords: intertwined music genres, reviewer: Johan Nederpel This 27 track non-cd of undergrounds best hip-hop beat, experimental disc-juggling mastermind mhzesent kicks of with the first of only two remixes of other projects. Loop … Continue reading

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Origami Repetika – Lines

Artist: Origami Repetika Title: Lines cat: Siro328 keywords: electronica, alternative label: Sirona Records I swear that I didn’t register the title of this release in the membranes of my head, but when hearing the first track on this work by … Continue reading

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Kamikaze Ambulance – Exit

Artist: Kamikaze Ambulance title: Exit format: mp3 / FLAC 320 kbps keywords: ambientdroneelectronicexperimentalnoiseprogressivetrip hopalienbasschicagodnbhottestnoisethrobChicago wenbsite: https://soundcloud.com/kamikazeambulance123 Sometimes you come across music that you instantly fall in love with. Sometimes the voice over in your head will tell you “oh I … Continue reading

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