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Hank the Think Thank – HAnK222

Artist: Hank the Think Thank title: HAnK222 keywords: breakcore, experimental, glitch, dunno label: MAV http://mavrecords.webs.com The religious and sportive man named Hank the Think Thank is at home in all kinds of things. In this fine release you can hear … Continue reading

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tooth_eye – Kiryu’s Internal Demise

artist: tooth_eye title: Kiryu’s Internal Demise keywords:breakcore experimental gdtk roborobotica sound collage breakcore chipbreak chiptune digital hardcore malaria labs plunderphonics tooth_eye Chicago This super cute happy chiptune breakcore release starts with the sound of a well thrown plasma-cum serenade grenade. … Continue reading

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Felix_Helix – Vibrations 1

artist: Felix_Helix title: Vibrations 1 keywords: experimental Minsk electronic IDM label: HAZE Netlabel http://www.h-a-z-e.org/ reviewer: Simon Hit Like a true pro this artist provides an intro to the EP. It is a short one as very long intros are a … Continue reading

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Retrigger – Pink violence (7inch)

artist: Retrigger title: Pink violence (7inch) keywords: 8bit electronic breakbeat breakcore electro punk surf Angers label: Ego Twister records http://www.egotwister.com/ Yesterday Retrigger triggered the party people at the legendary Gifgrond party into a dancing frenzy,and today (to celebrate!) we keep … Continue reading

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Logosamphia or sideproject?

Logosamphia might be better known for his side project as Paul McCartney, still his main act is definitely one that should steal the show. We understand that when people book Paul they want to hear the McCartney songs, but the … Continue reading

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Joseph Strength Audio – Room For More Sound

Artist: Joseph Strength Audio title: Room For More Sound format: CD / digital keywords: experimental everything w yrself in the middle    Breakcore, Drum n Bass, Gabber, Spoken Word, Power Electronics, Rhythmic Noise label: FUCK YR BODY UP https://fuckyrbodyup.bandcamp.com/ A … Continue reading

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Logosamphia – AZTEKDOT

Artist: Logosamphia title: AZTEKDOT keywords: experimental arabic breakcore chipcore circuit circuit bending eastern electroacoustic folk folktek logosamphia neopolka persian tar tekno Rotterdam reviewer: unpaid employee My boss at the Yeah I Know It Sucks office pre-ordered me to listen to … Continue reading

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