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Jointriders – shake it Mo Fo !

Artist: Jointriders title: shake it Mo Fo ! keywords: electronic, punk, video, animation, beats, words by: an obvious joint rider When tele-transporters from Startrek series are still not locally available for anyone, and flying broomsticks are outdated and the classic … Continue reading

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DJ Gymswap – Pearl Necklace / Velveteen Rub

Artist: DJ Gymswap title: Pearl Necklace / Velveteen Rub keywords: 90s, comedy, cover, mashup, vaporwave, breakcore, joke,jungle,remix,rave,soundclown,tekno,Netherlands DJ Gymswap is a bit like that French Chef from the muppet show without being French. He scoops his ingredients from all over … Continue reading

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Crooked Compass – As Low As You Are High

Artist: Crooked Compass Title: As Low As You Are High Label: None Cat#: None (Demo) Keywords: Chill, Acoustic, Downtempo, Breaks Reviewer: Alex Spalding Inhale deeply, and slowly. Concentrate on the feeling. The passing breathe moving between your lips, the air … Continue reading

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Robotic Joe – Best Of The Rest Album Bee

Artist: Robotic Joe title: Best Of The Rest Album Bee keywords: experimental, ghettotech, breakbeat, breakcore, breaks, electronica, gabber, industrial, techno, splatterbreak, trip hop, Toledo Robotic Joe is a phenomena, an experimental breakcore star from Toledo and most importantly born and … Continue reading

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Scared of Spiders / Tooth Eye / Koobaatoo Asparagus – Home Invasion

artist: Scared of Spiders / Tooth Eye / Koobaatoo Asparagus title: Home Invasion keywords: experimental, break, noise, a threesome has never sounded so rock hard and pounded more than the one here done by the illustrious trio ‘Scared of Spiders, … Continue reading

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extra-tourist – Adventure Time

Artist: extra-tourist title: Adventure Time keywords: breakbeat, Break-YodelOpéRap, electronic, experimental, fun, essential hit album label: Darling DaDa http://www.darlingdada.com/ The darlings under the record labels ‘Darling Dada’ have just released a number one hit wonder album by their favorite darlings ‘extra-tourist’. … Continue reading

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b-knox – say anything into your phone

Artist: b-knox title: say anything into your phone keywords: 420, alternative, chiptune, comedy, hip hop, idm, autorap, breakcore, breaks, dub, nerdcore, stoner, synth, synthpop, vocal, wonky, Austin reviewer: Willem van O. b-knox aka Baron Knoxburry is representing the random words … Continue reading

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Overthruster – Revursels

Artist: Overthruster title: Revursels keywords: lobit, breaks, electronic, experimental label: 20kbps  http://20kbps.sofapause.ch reviewer: Leo Obit Every world or scene has its own special roten fruit or perhaps their own fonzy. The one and only Overthruster is such a character who … Continue reading

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Weinberger – abundant emptiness

Artist: Weinberger title: abundant emptiness keywords: experimental, electronic, breaks, weird, alternative, singer songwriter, label: attenuation circuit http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/ The life of Weinberger must be fascinating. His latest album on the experimental label Attenuation circuit certainly is. The release might start a … Continue reading

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My Gloomy Machine – CSR 001

Artist: My Gloomy Machine title: – cat: CSR 001 format: 12” Vinyl (300 copies keywords: IDM, drill & bass, electronic, breaks, experimental, electronic label: Cosmik Scum Records reviewer: Willem van O. My Gloomy Machine is a project by ‘SeB Roy’ … Continue reading

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