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Project Intonarumori – Exhibit A

Artist: Project Intonarumori Title: Exhibit A Keywords: experimental cats corpus kieff noise oegsgeest panther coat velvet Leiden Label: Smikkelbaard Hello again! Welcome back to the crazy place for mad people who do actually listen to music & do the silly … Continue reading

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Bloomtube on the Bloombox

I’ve always advocated throwing televisions out of the window, but somehow I thought it wasn’t really the television itself that I hated, but more the brainwashing and other nonsensical content that was broadcasted towards it. Lately I had been recovering … Continue reading

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Space Girls – wanna fuck

artist: Space Girls title: wanna fuck keywords: colchón devotional drum & bass fucking cats distorted fanatic fancy fans fantasy music fanáticos pop post-hardcore sex voicemail Madrid reviewer: Bolly Corgan Don’t waste your time and say what you want. It might … Continue reading

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The Kittens – The Kittens Christmas

Artist: The Kittens Title: The Kittens Christmas keywords: Christmas, kids, cats, deck the halls, holiday music, jingle bells, silent night, universal language, Los Angeles A fan of Christmas? Or perhaps not a fan of it at all? Try this lovely … Continue reading

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sylpheera – Crazy Cat Lady (short film / music video)

Artist: sylpheera title: Crazy Cat Lady (short film / music video) keywords: cats, crazy cat lady, hoarder, hit, pop, movie, video, electronic Single lady Laura has everything to become a singing super star, unfortunately she has also a bit of … Continue reading

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Sylpheera – Crazy Cat Lady (and other songs…)

artist: Sylpheera title: Crazy Cat Lady (and other songs…) keywords: electronic, experimental, dance, IDM, comedy, cats, dance, house, techno Sylpheera brings out the nightly warrior drums, smooth silver night lining melodies, retro house with electric dance beats with a sensual … Continue reading

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Bloom – Animal Spirit

Artist: Bloom title: Animal Spirit keywords: cats, analogue, dubstep, synth, trumpet,dreamstep,singer songwriter Reviewer: Diederik Jan Van Lolastein If you have been following this ‘place’ you might have heard of Bloom. Our delicious interviewer KN is still recovering from their beloved … Continue reading

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Bloom – Animal Spirit

Artist: Bloom Title: Animal Spirit Keywords: dreamstep, song, harmonium, brass, analogue, tape, synth, trumpet, cats, meow Sorry for disturbing your internet time watching cute cats and other furry friends. But there is this music that you simply need to hear: … Continue reading

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